Devlin Gravestone Inscriptions in the Clonmany Area


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St. Mary’s RC Church ~ St. Michael’s Church, Urris ~ Lenan Church ~ New Graveyard, Buncranna Road



St. Mary’s RC Church


Bridget Devlin

23 September 1975

Age 84

Husband Michael

23 March 1977

Age 89

Infant Grandchild Gerard

July 1966

Erected by their son Michael



Michael b 1888



Owen Devlin (Tullagh)

4 November 1975

His son Patrick Joseph

Died in London 16 May 1972

Wife Bridget 9 November 1989



Charles Devlin (Tullagh)

18 March 1945

Wife Mary

21 December 1982

Daughter Margaret Theresa

15 February 1987



Michael Devlin (Glebe)

Died 7 July 1954

Age 83

Wife Margaret

21 November 1965

Age 76

Daughter Maryann

9 April 1992

Age 68



Michael b 1871



 Michael Devlin (Boherna)

Died 1912

Wife Unity

Died 1934

Also their family:                   

Mary Ann died 1907                

Arthur died 1960

Bernard died 6 April 1975

Bernard’s wife Ellen died 17 December 1991



Wife Unity probably Unity Waters according to marriage records

 Daughter Sarah moved to Boston and married

Bernard Devlin (her 2nd marriage) 2/13/1918



Michael Devlin

24 February 1925

Wife Ellen

4 May 1925



Wife Ellen probably nee Ellen Devlin




Frances Ann Devlin

Died 20 May 1944 Age 60

Charles Devlin

 13 September 1981 Age 97



Catherine Devlin

19 September 1960  Age 61

Husband Charles

5 August 1963 Age 60



John Devlin (Glen House)

17 December 1976

Wife Mary

2 December 1982



George Devlin (Altahala)

12 December 1976 Age 55



Michael and Sarah Devlin (Altahalla)

Daughter Bridget

Son John

Son Edward (Minaduff)

And his wife Mary Ann and Son James

(No dates given)



Fanny Devlin (Altahalla)

24 April 1966

Husband Neil

3 December 1974



Michael Devlin

Died September 1935

Wife Bridgid

September 1946

Son Patrick April 1975



Wife Bridgid probably nee Bridget Devlin – married 1/1/1899



Daniel and Susan Devlin

Died 1923

From their sons Bernard and Joseph



Bernard Devlin (Altahalla)

Died 30 November 1970

Age 86

Son Patrick

Died 4 February 1980

Age 50

Daughter May Ann

Died 12 October 1985

Age 88



Charles Devlin (Tullagh)

Died 5 October 1878

Wife Mary 21 February 1872

Daughter Grace

15 March 1885

Mrs. Charles Devlin Junior

7 March 1912



Erected by Mary Devlin

In Loving Memory

Of her Father

Neil Doherty who died 1899

Also her Mother Unie Doherty who died 1888

And her Brother Con Doherty who died 1887

Also her Husband James Devlin who died

5 June 1948



St. Michael’s Church, Urris


Patrick Devlin (Letter)

24 November 1960

Wife Margaret

26 February 1987



Neil Devlin

31 December 1962



Grave marked “Devlins Roxtown”

(No dates given)



Lenan Church


Grace Devlin (Leenen)

6 January 1926

Husband Peter 19 September 1946

Daughter Brigid 18 June 1926

Son Joseph 26 April 1929

Son Patrick 8 June 1933

Erected by their son Anthony



New Graveyard, Buncranna Road


In Loving Memory:

Frank Devlin


Died 3rd November 1982



In Loving Memory:

Grace Devlin


Died 16th October 1994

Aged 58 yrs

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory:

John Devlin


Died 26th Nov 1995

Aged 71 years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory:

James Devlin (Jimmy) Glebe

Died 11th August 1997

Aged 77 years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory:

George Devlin


Died 30th January 1999

Aged 67 years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory:

Philip Devlin

Shore Road, Ballyliffin

Died 31st May 1995

Aged 54 years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory:

Neil Devlin


Died 1st Dec 1994

Aged 53 years

Rest in Peace



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of 

Hugh J. Devlin


And his wife UNA (Lily)

Died 15th June 1998

Rest in Peace