Doe Castle Graveyard, Clondahorky, Co Donegal


(Photograph by Bernie)


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In Loving Memory of

Andrew Baird, Creeslough

Who died 2nd Sept 1937

His father John Baird

Who died 12th October 1909

Also his mother Jane Baird

Who died 12th Sept 1912

Daniel Baird

Died 2nd Sept 1937




In Loving Memory of

Aunt Margaret Baird

Died 16th Nov 1972 aged 88 years

Safe in the Arms of Jesus

Erected by her niece

Annie Stewart Jacob, Port Na Blagh




Here lyeth the body of

Ann Best

Who departed this life

Nov the 26th 1794 aged ? years

As also the body of

Andrew Best

Who died Jan? 18? 1790.aged ?




In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth A. Boyle

Died 15th April 1984 aged 72 yrs

Husband Charles

Died 2 Oct 1992 aged 87 yrs


Erected by her husband and family



In Loving Memory of

Mary Boyle, Cashel

Died 17th Jan 1973




In Loving Memory of

James Brennan

Died Dec 9th 1892

Also his wife Madge

Died June 26th 1908


(biblical verse)



Erected in Memory of

Finlay Campbell

Who departed this life

On the 18th of September 1869 aged 45 years




In Memory of

M. Sophia Collins

Who departed this life

April the 6, 1821 aged 19 years



In Loving Memory of

John Gillespie

Died 28th Aug 1933 aged 42 years

His wife Catherine

Interred in Derby

Died 28th June 1968 aged 68 years

Also parents

Mary Gillespie

Died 10th Nov 1906 aged 44 years

Anthony Gillespie

Died ??? 1933 aged 82 years




In Loving Memory of

Peter Gillespie

Died 15th July 1942 aged 77 years

His wife Mary

Died 20th August 1932 aged 65 years



In Memory of

Naomi Hay, Aughadahor

who died 23rd February 1880 aged 43 years

Her husband James Hay

Who died 18th February 1911

Aged 80 years

And their children




Erected by W.L?? Kearney in Memory of

His loving parents

Nancy Kearny

Died December the 19th 1876 aged 62 years

Jesus died for me

William Kearney

Died March the 11th 1890 aged 77 years

(both Kearny and Kearney spelling used on headstone)



Erected by ? Kearney in Memory of

Willie Kearney

Died March 16th 1892 aged 17 years and eight months

This dear boy was once our pleasure soon

Was taken from our care he has left this

World of sorrow Christs inheretance to share




In Loving Memory of

William Kearney, Ummerafad, Creeslough

Born 25th July 1894, died 28th Nov 1965

Catherine Kearney

Born 27th Feb 1896, died 29th April 1979

Robert James Kearney

Born 5th May 1889, died 5th March 1970

William James Kearney

Born 25th Jan 1927, died 8th Nov 2001

William James Wilkin

Born 16th Aug 1902, died 9th March 1985

Safe in the Arms of Jesus



In Memory of

James .eny

Who departed this life

Augst the 20th 1814 aged 17 years

Also Andw McElheny

Who depd this life

Jan the 10th 1814aged 12 years

Also Andw McElheny, Sen

Who departed this life

Jany the 20th AD 1828 aged 73 yrs

And Mary McElhiney

Who departed this life

the 28th of May 18?? Aged 77 years

Also Eliza McElheny

Who departed this life

May the 7th 1859 aged 59 years

Also her beloved husband

..m McElheny

Who departed this life

Decenber 29th 1881 aged 90 years



In Loving Memory of

Edward Moore, Cashel

Died 3rd January 1922 aged 27 years

His father Samuel Moore

Died 25th February 1930

His mother Eliza Ann Moore

Died 27th January 1933

Their son Samuel J.

Died 22nd Oct 1963

His wife Mary Elizabeth

Died 22nd April 1970




In Loving Memory of

Edward Moore

Died 6th Dec 1970 aged 68 years

Loving Husband, Father and Grandfather

His wife Catherine M. Moore

Died 16th July 1998 aged 87 years

Loving Mother, Gran and Great Gran

The Lord is my Shepherd



In Loving Memory of

Our dear sister Margaret Moore

Died July 1915 aged 7 years

Our mother Elizabeth Moore

Died 3 Dec 1921 aged 34 years

Our father William John Moore

Died 1 Aug 1970 aged 87 years

For if we believe that Jesus died

And rose again even so them

Also which sleep in Jesus

Will god bring with him




In Memory of

Mary Moore

Died march 9th 184? aged 40 years

Also her beloved daughter

Catherine Kearney

Died May 15th 1873 aged 35 years




Mortimer, Cashel

In Loving Memory of

Tommie 1896 1978

Jennie 1903 1980

Until we meet again



Here Lyeth the body of

Thomas O Connor

Who died March the 10th 1806 aged 63 years



In Loving Memory of

Samuel Patterson

Who died 16th October 1915 aged 56 years

Also his daughter Lizzie

Who died 14th July 1906 aged 18 years




In Memory of Speer, Aughadahor

Andrew died (no date on stone)

Annie 1872

Alexander 1890

Annie 1894

Annie Jane 1903

Andrew 1933

Margaret R. 1937

David 1938

Annie Jane 1955



In Memory of

George Speers

Who died 16th June 1870 aged 45 years

Also his daughter Elizabeth

Who died 7th September 1871 aged 11 years

Also his wife Martha

Who died 2nd November 1904 aged 70 years




In Loving Memory of

Margaret Speers

Wife of John Moore

Who fell asleep in Jesus

2nd December 1893 aged 36 years

Also their infant daughter

Margaret Elizabeth

Who passed away

20th December 1893 aged 18 days

For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again

even so them also which sleep in Jesus will

God bring with him1st Thess. 4.14




In Memory of

Margery Starrett

Who departed this life

The 28th Apr 1880 aged ?



Wilkin, Magheroarty

In Loving Memory of

James Wilkin

Who died 4th Sept 1930

Margaret Wilkin

Who died 26th March 1934

John Wilkin

Who died 27th August 1945

Eliza Jane Wilkin

Who died 16th March 1948




The Richard Wilkin Family

Isabella 1882 1938

Richard 1868 1962

Richard 1904 1972

Annie Jemima 1915 1974

Their lives a beautiful memory

Their absence a silent grief




In Memory of

Anthony Wilkinson of Creenesmare?

Who died 14th June 1873 aged 84 years

Also his wife Annie

Who died 3rd March 1888 aged 92 years



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