RC Marriages from the Register of St Columbas Church Drumoghill, Raymoghy, Co Donegal



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Date Name of Bride and Groom Townlands Fathers Names Witnesses
15th Sept 1900 Hugh Tourish Tullyrap James Not Recorded
Anne Coyle Carnshanagh James
24th Sept 1900 Edward Gillespie Belleghan Robert Patrick Keeve
Susan Bradley Castleblaugh James Lizzie Boyle
13th Nov 1900 William Curran Tullybogley John John Rorty
Anne Brogan Tullybogley James Aine Rorty
17th Nov 1900 Bernard Cullen Ballyboe Mauice James McElwaine
Ellen O’Donnell Tullybogley Neil Maggie McElwaine
4th Dec 1900 William Devenney Pluck James James Tourish
Mary Sweeney Pluck James Mary Tourish
3rd Jan 1901 Joe O’Hagan Raphoe Owen John McShane
Minnie Flannagan Raphoe Mick Mary Coll
5th Feb 1901 James McCool Raphoe Darby Eugene Gilna
Jane Lynch St Johnston Richard Mrs Lynch
7th April 1901 James O’Donnell Castleforward James Wm McGlinchey
Maggie Dorrian Carrigans James Lizzie Hanna
14th May 1901 Richard Neely Drumcairn Richard James Shiels
Mary McFadden Kenneghan Bernard Mary McFadden
14th May 1901 Edward Sweeney Kilgort John Hugh McQuilkin
Grace Ferry Ryelands Neil Kate Trearty
14th May 1901 Edward Callaghan Moneymore Edward Philip and Bridget Doherty
Ellen McGeehan Veagh Daniel
14th Nov 1901 John Doran Carrigans James Wm Doran
Mary Gallagher Castletown Manus Bridget Curran
18th Nov 1901 William Burke Moneymore Thomas Edward Rogers
Annie McGeehan Drumbarnett Robert Anne Wilky
2nd Feb 1902 Pat Devenney Ballylennon Pat Samuel Evans
Mary Coll Inishboffin Maurice Sarah Harkin
15th May 1902 James Crossan Manor James Bernard O’Donnell
Eileen McGettigan Ray James Mary Gallagher
28th July 1902 Pat Monaghan Drumlogher Edward Henry Patton
Rachel Roulston Drumlogher John Maggie Patton
13th Nov 1902 John Cairns Ruskey (NYC)   Joe Craig
Mary McGee Killult James Jane Curran
3rd Nov 1902 William McLauhglin Pluck James John McLaughlin
  Maggie Quinn Drumoghill Edward Martha Quinn
7th Jan 1903 Aloysius Morrison Port Glasgow Samuel Philip Boyle
Maggie Rodgers Moneyhaugley Edward Annie Rodgers
14th May 1903 Robert Porter Dunduffsfort Samuel James Heeney
Agnes Henney Dunduffsfort James Susan Gildea
16th September 1903 Pat Meehan Lisclamerty Neil Margaret Tinney
Mary Gillen Lisclamerty Francis Thomas Quinn
6th Oct 1907 James Brogan     William J Quinn
Mary McLaughlin Bridget McMenamin
12th Nov 1907 John Toorish     Charles Meehan
Maggie Doogan Kate Rodgers
12th Nov 1907 Tom McGinty     Francis Gillen
Kate Toorish Maggie Gillen
12th Nov 1907 Denis McGeehan     George Doherty
Mary McGonagle Rose Doherty
31st December 1907 Charles Meehan     Joseph O’Donnell
Susan O’Donnell Mary H Patton
9th May 1909 Darby Toye     John Maguire
Maggie McMenamin Sarah McMenamin
19th May 1909 Denis Crumlish      
Mary Quinn
28th Oct 1909 William Coyle     William Smyth
Eliza Boyle Annie Bonnar
16th Nov 1909 Charles McBride     Bernard McBride
Sarah Quinn Mary McBride
18th Nov 1909 James Gillen     James Campbell
Eliza Conaghan Susan Conaghan
28th Jan 1910 Bernard O’Donnell     Alex Carlin
Maggie Carlin Cassie Rodgers
8th Feb 1910 Charles Doherty     James Semple
Ellen Dowds Ellen Doherty
7th June 1910 Pat McLaughlin      
Sarah Ann Peoples
7th June 1910 Charles Duffy      
Mary McGee
6th Oct 1910 Robert Gallagher      
Annie McClintock
6th Oct 1910 James Doohan      
Annie McMenamin
30th July 1910 Neil McCloskey      
Annie McFadden
30th Jan 1912 Thomas Meehan     John Brogan
Annie Brogan Sarah Patton
15th Nov 1912 John Gillin     James McConnell
Eliza O’Donnell Margaret Austin
15th Nov 1912 Andrew O’Donnell     William O’Brien
Annie O’Brien Mary Gallagher
17th May 1913 Hugh Patton     James Sweeney
Annie McDaid H Patton
1st July 1913 Dan McGeehan     William Conaghan
Mary Conaghan Jane Conaghan
12th Nov 1913 Tom Divir     John Bonner
Annie McAuley Bella McAuley
20th Feb 1914 Francis Kernan     James Friel
Sarah Patton Ellen McAuley
17th Sept  1914 Philip Gallagher     James McFadden
Mary E Friel Mary Gallagher
15th Nov 1914 John O’Connor     William and Mary O’Donnell
Annie O’Donnell
31st Jan 1915 Thomas McCarron     Dan McDaid
Jane Gallagher Margaret McGeehan
18th Jan 1909 Alex Carlin These two entries are dated and appears in this sequence in the register.   Bernard O’Donnell
  Cath Rodgers Maggie Carlin
13th Sept 1913 Charles Boyle     Denis and Catherine Boyle
Magaret Doherty
1st June 1915 James Morgan Derry Edward Charles McArt
Margaret McArt Kincraigy Philip Margaret McAuley
21st July 1915 Michael Feeney Woodhill John James Friel
Margaret Igoe Lanesboro Thomas Mary Patton
  Co Roscommon    
10th Aug 1915 John Patton Listicall Henry Pat Houston
Margaret Houston Carrigans John Joan Patton
14th Nov 1915 Mathew Austin Drumcairn James Bernard McLaughlin
Margaret McGinley Derryreel Falcaragh James Bridget McGinley
23rd Nov 1915 Thomas Duffy Tullyannon William Edward Curran
Joan Curren Drumboy Edward Margaret Lochrie
9th January 1916 John Ponsonby Convoy William James McGinty
Sara McGinty Glenmaquin Pat Catherine McConalogue
1st March 1916 John McArt Kincraigy Philip James Morgan
Margaret McAuley Ruskey Pat Catherine McAuley
3rd July 1917 Thomas Patton Manor Thomas Edward Quinn
Rebecca Jane McLaughlin Manor William Margaret Gillen
24th May 1917 Joe Gallagher Churchill Dan William Gallagher
Isabella Donaghey Strabane David Margaret Gillen
26th July 1917 William Toorish Tullyrap William Thomas Quinn
Anna Lynch Drumbeg William Catherine Lynch
6th Aug 1917 Pat Hugo McMahon Maybologue(Co Cavan) Philip Peter Gallagher
Maria Reilly (alias Feeney) Woodhill John Margaret Gillen
1st Nov 1917 James McGinty Glenmaquin Pat Dionysius McConallogue
Mary McConalogue Glencairn Daniel Maria Maguire
21st Nov 1917 Samuel Gallagher Drumcro Catherine Joe McElhinney
Margaret Coyle Carrickadawson Michael Maria McElhinney
9th April 1918 William Lynch Ballindrait John James Coyle
Anna Coyle Tullyrap Edward Catherine Lynch
21st April  1919 Joe Douglas Legnatraw John Thomas McMenamin
Anna Doherty Kinnycally William Maria Doherty
21st April 1919 James Anderson Monreagh John John Anderson
Margaret Doherty Kinnycally William Joan Anderson
24th April 1919 Thomas Coyle Carrickadawson Edward John Kelly
Maria Kelly Dromore John Sara McGill
8th October 1919 Peter O’Donnell Port Glasgow William James Boyle
Grace Austin Drumcairn James Anna Doherty
11th Nov 1919 William Rogers Dunduffsfort Pat Charles Flood
Eliza McKinley Moneyhaughley Robert Maria McKeever
20th Nov 1919 Hugo McAuley Carrickadawson Peter Edward Coyle
Helen McMenamin Ardagh Robert Eliza McMenamin
30th Dec 1919 William Logue Derry William Joe Wilson
Anna Wilson St Johnston James Helen Begley
5th Feb 1920 Pat McGinty Tullyrap Robert James Clay
Helen Gallagher Mondooey Charles Susan Gallagher
13th April 1920 Michael Coyle Carrickadawson Michael Thomas Coyle
Sara Hillsop Carrickadawson James Margaret Lynch
17th May 1920 Samuel Curran Raphoe Samuel James McElhinney
Mary A McElhinney Dromore William Margaret McElhinney
27th May 1920 Thomas McMenamin Ardagh Robert Bernard Coyle
Sara Sweeney Magheracloy John Helen Gallagher
20th Aug 1920 William McCarron Castleblaugh Michael James Roarty
Catherine Bradley Drumbarnett James Mona Gillespie
17th Oct 1920 Phil Connolly Drumbarnett Mathew James and Ann
Helena Maguire Kincraigy James Doogan
11th Nov 1920 Charles Flood Magheramore Charles Charles Doherty
Anna Kelly Balleghan James Anna Flood
2nd December 1920 Samuel McAuley Drumatoland Hugo  
Eliza Coyle Ballinalecky Edward
23rd June 1921 James Sweeney Pluck James Edward Lynch
Maria Hanna Holmes Mondooey Samuel Sara Holmes
30th June 1921 James McCloskey Castlefin Neil  
Susanna Gallagher Mondooey Charles
14th July 1921 James Clay Woodhill Pat John McCollum
Margaret McDermott Woodhill James Eliza O’Brien
22nd Sept  1921 Thomas McElhinney Dromore William James
Frances Donaghey Mondooey Edward Mary
1st Jan 1922 Pat Devenney Ruskey Neil Anthony Kerr
Sarah Agnes Maguire Ruskey and Dooballagh James Bella O’Donnell
22nd Feb 1922 James Dolan St Johnston James Edward Dolan
Anna Bovaird Churchtown Samuel Margaret Bovaird
27th April 1922 Pat Ponsonby Convoy William John Ponsonby
Joan McKnight Convoy Richard Sara Cullen
16th May 1922 Pat Gallagher Mondooey Charles Pat O’Brien
Sara A Cullen Galdonagh Bernard Maria Gallagher
25th Oct 1922 Edward Quigley Carndonagh Pat William O’Donnell
Sara O’Donnell Lisclamerty James Elizabeth O’Donnell
17th May 1922 Andrew Gibson Ballyholey Alex  Pat Gallagher
Susanna Gallagher Ballyholey Margaret Margaret Gillen
27th Aug 1922 Joe McGeever Drumcairn Charles Henry O’Brien
Eliza O’Brien Drumcairn William Catherine Maguire
19th Sept 1922 Alex Peoples Ruskey Alex Neil Devenney
Cecelia Devenney Ruskey Neil Sara Peoples
26th Sept 1922  George Devenney Moness George John O’Donnell
Margaret O’Donnell Trensallagh John Frances Wilson
18th Oct 1922 Charles Doherty Manorcunningham Charles John McLaughlin
Catherine Gallagher Ballylawn Pat Anna Doran
23rd Oct 1922 James Crumlish Drumoghill Pat Charles Crumlish
Maria E Gorman Ballintra Pat Letitia Gorman
28th Nov 1922 James McGranaghan Kinnycally William Edward Kennedy
Bridget Kennedy Kinnycally William Susanna Tourish
28th Dec 1922 John McArt Kincraigy Philip Charles McArt
Catherine Gallagher Gartan Pat Maria O’Donnell
28th Dec 1922 Michael Lynch Galdonagh Charles Hugo McFadden
Maria Cullen Galdonagh Bernard Catherine Lynch
15th January 1923 William Arthur Mondooey William Charles Holmes
Bridget Gallagher Drumoghill and Glasgow William Hanna Hamil
8th February 1923 John Gallagher Ramelton John Agnes Kernan
Maria Patton Magherabeg Neil Francis Kernan
19th April 1923 John Kelly Balleghan James James Carlin
Maria Hegarty Balleghan and Carrigart John Winifred Kelly
2nd April 1923 Charles Sweeney Castledooey Charles Hugo Sweeney
Bridget O’Donnell Castledooey Joe Maria Devine
14th May 1923 Edward Dolan St Johnston James Charles Dillon
Margaret McCausland St Johnston Thomas Margaret McCausland
31st May 1923 Hugo Helferty Galdonagh David Dionysius Helferty
Catherine Gallagher Moneyhaughley John  Maria McKeever
29th October 1923 Robert Holmes Mondooey Samuel Dionysius Brannigan
Maria Cullen Drumoghill Daniel Catherine Helferty
14th November 1923 Andrew Gibson Momeen Alex Joe McElhinney
Margaret McElhinney Dromore William Joan Porter
16th November 1923 Thomas Shiels Grawkey James Thomas Keane
Bridget Crerand Tullybogley William Margaret Gillen
2nd February 1924 William Austin Drumcairn James Thomas and Maria Quinn
Maria McElwaine St Rocks Glasgow John
28th February 1924 John O Donnell Trensallagh John John Browne
Anna Wilson St Johnston Hugo Frances Wilson
28th February 1924 Robert McBrearty Drumucklagh Pat Charles Gormley
Maria Quinn Drumoghill Edward Sara Quinn
21st April 1924 John McDaid Manorcunningham William James Kernan
Maria McKeever Moneyhaughley Bernard Maria McKay
2nd October, 1924 Pat McCollum Pluck James Philip Doherty
Helen O’Connor Monfad John Maria Quinn
16th November, 1924 Robert Tinney Drumbarnett David William Doran
Susanna Doran Veagh James Alicia Doherty
27th November, 1924 Charles McCarron Castletown Charles John and Frances O’Donnell
Maria Gormley Castletown James
23rd February, 1925 James Boyle Drumoghill Philip William Holmes
Eleanora Cullen Drumoghill Daniel Marai Diver
16th April, 1925 James Conaghan Drumatoland Thomas Hugo Sweeney
Eliza Rogers Ballinaleckey John Frances Meehan
29th June, 1925 John O’Kane Ardagh    
Anna Bonner Ardagh
16th July, 1925 Dionysius Kelly Carrickmore Thomas  
Maria McDaid Monfad Neil
9th September, 1925 James O’Hara Newtown John Thomas Heaney
Maria Curran Moneyhaughley Edward Sara Curran
8th November, 1925 Arthur Quinn Drumoghill Edward  
Maria Patton Corkey & Raphoe Thomas
13th November 1925 Robert Burke Moneymore William Joe McConalogue
Catherine Cannon Balleghan Manus Sarah McKeever
20th November, 1925 Charles McGeehan Moneyhaughley Charles Joe McBrearty
Maria McMenamin Veagh James McMenamin Anna McMenamin
9th November, 1925 William McAuley St Johnston Andrew Galbraith Pat Mooney
Margaret Devenney St Johnston Bernard McAuley Margaret Gillen
25th December, 1925 Daniel Gillen Knockbrack Thomas Pat Gillen
Sara Quinn Drumoghill Edward Maria McBrearty
15th February, 1926 John Conaghan Ballyholey John James McGroarty
Margaret McGroarty Tullyrap Hugo Maria Hall
13th May, 1926 William O’Brien Drumcairn William James Tinney
Hanna Tinney Lisbernan William Catherine McHugh
14th May, 1926 Daniel Coyle Carricknamart James Hugo McGuigan
Margaret Neely Ray Richard Maria Neely
21st July, 1926 Bernard McFadden Grawkey Bernard Pat McCrossan
Maria McGrath Burt John Elizabeth Martin
23rd July, 1926 Edward McElwaine Lisclamerty James Daniel Gillen
Susana Harvey Clydebank Thomas Sara Gillen
4th August, 1926 John McCrossan Clady Hugo Edward Harrigan
Rosa Rodden Feddyglass John Elizabeth Rodden
4th August, 1926 Joe Quinn Drumkeen Daniel John Rodden
Elizabeth Rodden Feddyglass John Catherine Rodden
6th August, 1926 Hugo Meehan Aughliard James  Francis Gallagher
Matilda Gallagher Lisclamerty Francis Susanna O’Donnell
26st September, 1926 Alex Doherty Moness Alex Doherty Charles Roarty
Maria Joan Wray Porthall Thomas Wray Anna Gallagher
18th October, 1926 John Bonner Plaster Bernard James Bonner
Grace Devenney Newtown William Mary Devenney
28th October, 1926 Bernard McAuley St Johnston Hugo John Peoples
Maria Cath Toland Derry John Hanora Toland
14th November, 1926 John McAuley Trimragh Pat Pat McAuley
Margaret Doohan Galdonagh John Maria Quinn
16th November, 1926 Pat McAuley Trimragh Pat William McAuley
Helen Quinn Drumoghill Edward Maria Quinn
17th November, 1926 Michael McFadden Grawkey Bernard  
Isabella Taylor Veagh & Burt Margaret Gillen
1st February, 1927 James Toye Raphoe James Hugo McDermott
Maria McDaid Momeen Pat Helen Friel
7th February, 1927 James McGroarty Tullyrap Hugo Joseph and Mary McElhinney
Anna Hall Tullyrap John
8th February, 1927 Bernard Lawn Ballyshannon William James and Maria McCollum
Helena McCollum Dunduffsfort James
18th April, 1927 William Toye Ruskey Edward Edward Toye
Joanna Hetherington Mondooey James Helena Doogan
26th April, 1927 William Holmes Mondooey Samuel Charles Holmes
Helena Gallagher Ardagh Daniel Maria Gallagher
17th May, 1927 John Wilson Grawkey James Pat and Teresa Crossan
Agnes Patton Errity Thomas
23rd June, 1927 John Carlin Moneyhaughley George John Kelly
Bridget McDaid Castleblaugh Pat Mary Burke
4th August, 1927 Pat Matthewson Coolaghey Robert James McCay
Anna Quinn Drumbeg Daniel Letitia Quinn
23rd August, 1927 John McGinley Inch John John Dorrian
Anna McGeehan Veagh James Maria Bourke
25th August, 1927 Arthur Peoples Rockfield John Robert Doherty
Rosahina Curran Castlethird Charles Mary Duffy
23rd November, 1927 Eugene O’Donnell Bellaghy Derry Alex Peter O’Reilly
Maria Kernan Manorcunningham James Agnes Kernan
27th December, 1927 Pat McDaid Castleblaugh Pat James McClintock
Maria McClintock Castleblaugh James Susan Sweeney
21st February, 1928 Dionysius Brannigan Mondooey & Donegal Michael Hugo Holmes
Joanna Gallagher Ray Charles Margaret Gallagher
27th June, 1928 Edward Kerr Drumcairn John William McElwaine
Susan McElwaine Lisclamerty James Helen McDevitt
28th June, 1928 Alex Mattewson Tullyowen David James Crawford
Agnes Browne Mongavlin Andrew Honora Browne
4th July, 1928 Dionysius Toland Derry James Michael Kelly
Lucinda Kelly Dromore John Maria Coyle
2nd August 1928 William Coll Craghadooes William Neil Coll
Maria Green Tyrrddy Daniel Bridget Green
28th August, 1928 Anthony Burke Plaster Leslie Alex McClintock
Bridget Bonner Plaster Bernard Catherine McDaid
29th August, 1928 Alex McClintock Moyle Alex Francis McGinty
Helen McGinty Plaster Francis Catherine McDaid
1st November, 1928 Patrick McLaughlin Ray John John Ponsonby
Helena Killen Dromore Charles Sara Ponsonby
7th November, 1928 John Porter Ballyhaskey James John Patton
Margaret Morrison Newtown Alex Catherine Gillespie
8th November, 1928 Pat McWilliams Dungiven James Bernard McWilliams
Joan Tourish Drumbeg Charles Anna Tourish
12th February, 1929 James McCollum Dunduffsfort James James Shiels
Catherine Lynch Galdonagh Charles Annie Lynch
9th April, 1929 James Crossan Manorcunningham James William Coyle
Catherine Coyle Castlefin James Helen Campbell
14th May, 1929 Hugo Sweeney Lismoghry Dionysius John Shiels
Margaret Shiels Galdonagh Thomas Mary Crawford
16th May, 1929 Pat McRory Inch Thomas William Green
Catherine McMenamin Ardagh Robert Anna McMenamin
11th June, 1929 James Carlin Moneyhaughley Neil Thomas Burke
Maria Burke Moneymore William Rose Collins
12th November, 1929 Charles Lynch Burt Edward Pat Boyle
Martha Rodgers Dunduffsfort Pat Bridget Rodgers
21st November, 1929 James Morgan Manorcunningham Edward Bernard McLaughlin
Teresa McLaughlin Grawkey Pat Teresa McCrossan
12th July, 1930 Neil Coll Port Glasgow William and Bridget Coll Frank McBrearty
Annie Jane Blee St Johnston Daniel and Mary Blee Mary Blee
4th February, 1931 John Murphy Monaghan Hugo Murphy and Anna Boyle Leo McDermott
Maria McKenna Monaghan Joseph Doyle and Maria Doyle Anna Casey
25th June, 1931 Pat O’Brien Mondooey Pat O’Brien and Susan Andrew O’Brien
Maria Golden Drumoghill and Templeboy John Golden and Catherine Greer Catherine Hamil
21st July, 1931 Pat McMenamin Blairstown and Donaghmore Pat McMenamin and Mary Mahon James McMenamin 
Maria Devine Castledooey and Drumoghill Edward Devine and Susan Sweeney Helen Devine
24th September, 1931 Pat O’Brien Drumcairn William John McCollum
Maria Helen Toye Ruskey Edward Toye Teresa Quinn
12th November, 1931 Pat McCrossan Grawkey John McCrossan and Bridget McLaughlin John Joe McCrossan
Catherine McMonagle Mondooey Pat McMonagle Teresa McCrossan
18th November, 1931 Pat Burns Castledooey Michael Burns Thomas McMenamin
Mary O’Donnell Grawkey Honora O’Donnell Eliza McMenamin
8th February, 1932 Pat McFeely Bonagee James George Devenney
Maria Devenney Drumcairn William Maud McFeely
28th March, 1932 Robert Toorish White Cross Charles and Helena Toorish  
Bridget Green Carnshanagh Daniel and Hanora Green
9th August, 1932 Peter Duffy Cashelshanagh Richard Duffy and Helena McGee Hugo Quinn
Teresa Quinn Drumcairn Hugo Quinn and Joan McKeown Margaret Quinn
19th June, 1933 Charles Roarty Drumcairn William Pat Roarty
Anne Gallagher Kenneghan Charles Greta Gallagher
26th July, 1933 Joe McElwaine Lisclamerty James William McElwaine
Maria Kernan Manorcunningham Frank Agnes Kernan
4th August, 1933 Joe Hunter Coshquin Demense Edward William Holmes
Margaret Brogan Coshquin Demense John Helena Holmes
18th October, 1933 Bernard Daly Letterkenny Thomas Hugo Roarty
Annabella Roarty Ray  Hugo Susanna Brown
27th October, 1933 Neil Meehan Lisclamerty Charles William Doherty
Annie Lynch Galdonagh Charles Maria Gallagher
17th May 1934 William Doogan Ruskey James Doogan and Catherine Doherty Manus Gallagher
Frances Gallagher Mongorry and Gweedore Manus Gallagher and Maria Doohan Helena Doogan
28th June 1934 William Doherty Raphoe Pat  Pat O’Kane
Margaret O’Kane Ardagh John Maria Sweeney
15th July, 1935 James Shiels Ray James John Doherty
Catherine McGinley Ray James Maria Lynch
12th August, 1935 Edward Roarty Ray  Hugo Roarty and Mary Quinn John Doran
Honora Gallagher Veagh Dionysisus Gallagher and Anne Duffy
2nd September, 1935 Pat Doherty Pluck John John Doherty
Margaret Gallagher Ray Charles Eileen Glenn
10th October, 1935 Bernard Baxter Ardee Alex Hugo Roarty
Helena Roarty Ray Hugo Margaret Quigg
13th November, 1935 Bernard O’Donnell Galdonagh Bernard Pat Martin
Maria McGill Galdonagh Neil Margaret McGill
19th November, 1935 William Devenney Kenneghan James Pat Crumlish
Ellen Brogan Drumoghill James Mollie Boyle
18th February, 1936 Hugo McBrearty Drumoclagh Pat McBrearty and Anne Gormley John Brennan
Frances McMenamin Fintown Pat McMenamin and Anna McGlynn Nellie Patton
13th April, 1936 William McConnell Doorable Alex Daniel Lynch
Maria Gormley Craigadooes Hugo Catherine Bovaird
14th April, 1936 Francis Greensides Aldershot Walter and Isabella Greensides Willie Higgins
Catherine Higgins Manorcunningham Peter Higgins and Bella Henry Annie Higgins
28th December, 1936 Charles Heron Ardara John and Bridget Kelly Neil Heron
Bridget McMonagle Mountcharles Charles and Mary Heron Mary McGoldrick
30th December, 1936 John Mulreany Killybegs John Mulreany and Mary Ward  
Maria Doherty Manorcunningham Charles Doherty and Catherine McDaid
21st January, 1937 John Mitchell Carrickdawson John Joe Mitchell
Martha Douglas St Johnston Joseph Maggie Douglas
4th February, 1937 Michael Gibson Lettergull Edward Gibson and Sara Shiels Edward Gibson
Maggie McElhinney Castletown Dan McElhinney and Mary Mathewson Nora McElhinney
7th April, 1937 Thomas Dillon Strabane Thomas Dillon and Susan Diamond Pat McNichol
Grace Gallagher Kenaghan Charles Gallagher and Mary Bonner Maggie Doherty
6th May, 1937 Hugh McGuigan Pluck Catherine McGuigan Willie Crawford
Mary Neely Kenneghan Richard Neely and Mary McFadden Jennie Coll
11th May 1937 William Rodgers Bellighan Anton Rodgers and Anna McDaid  
Anna McCollum Bellighan Catherine McCollum
18th May , 1937 James Doran Veagh James Pat and Ellen Keeve
Sarah Keeve Belleighan Pat
27th June, 1937 John Sweeney Lismochry Dionysius Edward White
Maria Sweeney Ardagh William Agnes McDaid
24th July, 1937 John Doherty Ray Charles  Joe Flood
Maria McGeehan Magherabeg Dionysius Isabella McGeehan
2nd August, 1937 James Neely Kenneghan Richard Neely and Maria McFadden William Doherty
Maria Tourish Kenneghan John Tourish and Maggie Doogan Greta Tourish
12th November, 1937 John McFadden Grawkey Bernard John Burke
Helen O’Donnell Galdonagh Bernard Catherine Shiels
17th November, 1937 John Toye Carricknamart Edward William Toye
Sara Doherty Common Raphoe Pat Maria Doherty
19th November, 1937 John McFadden Veagh Catherien McFadden James Kelly
Margaret McCollum Bellighan James McCollum Isabella McFadden
24th November, 1937 William McIntyre St Pats Belfast John Edward Roarty
Rose Roarty Drumcairn William Anna Roarty
25th December, 1937 John Duffy Castleforward Edward Edward McBrearty and
Martha McBrearty Clasygowan Francis Maria Houston
8th February, 1938 John Burke Castleblaugh William Leslie Burke
Catherine Shiels Ray James Margaret Toner
22nd February, 1938 Bernard Doherty Letterkenny Michael John Doherty
Isabella Doherty Ray Charles Helena McGinley
17th April, 1938 Joe Gormley Waterside John Charles Barron
Agnes Quinn Whitecross Daniel Martha Quinn
12th May 1938 Daniel Coyle Trentagh William James and Anna Coyle
Frances O’Donnell Ardagh Michael
19th May, 1938 Daniel McDaid Newtowncunningham James Edward Coll
Maria Catherine Crawford Porthall James Maria McDonald
28th June, 1938 Edward McBrearty Drumucklagh Pat James and Maria Tourish
Helena Patton Raphoe James
30th July, 1938 Hugo McElhinney Dromore William William McElhinney
Helena Brennan Drumucklagh Andrew Anna Curran
29th December, 1938 Charles Tourish Carricknamart John James McGinty
Mary Meehan Carricknamart Pat Catherine Meehan
12th January, 1939 James McNulty Coolaghey William William and Hannah McDaid
Catherine McElhinney Castletown Dan
9th May, 1939 Alex Friel Urney Pat John Carlin
Mary Ann Lynch Drumatoland Dan Bridget Lynch
28th May, 1939 Hugh Walsh Drumkeen   James Ponsonby and Cassie Crawford
Ena Ponsonby Letterkenny John Ponsonby

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