Deaths Registered in the Superintendent Registrar's District of Dunfanaghy

Jan - Mar 1865

Registrar's District of Dunfanaghy


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Yr Date Place of Death Surname Given Age Occupation Cause of Death Informant Informant Residence
1865 24-Feb Rockhill Algoe Samuel 100 Widower, farmer Old age Thomas Algoe, son-in-law Rockhill
1865 16-Feb Dunfanaghy Workhouse Collins Kate 75 Widow of Thomas Collins, pensioner, Dunfanaghy Old age Patrick Coll, Master Dunfanaghy Workhouse
1865 12-Feb Devlin Dogherty Patrick 35 Bachelor, farmer Murdered Dr G Long, Coroner Co Donegal
1865 22-Feb Glack Ferry Edward 60 Married, farmer Not Known Nelly Ferry, wife Glack
1865 23-Mar Dunfanaghy Ferry Michael 73 Married, labourer Not Known Caty Ferry, dau Dunfanaghy
1865 21-Feb Dunfanaghy Workhouse Gallagher Daniel 70 Bachelor, beggar Old age Patrick Coll, Master Dunfanaghy Workhouse
1864 21-Dec Grogagh Gallagher Mary 16 Dau of Daniel Gallagher, farmer, Grogagh Not Known Daniel Gallagher, father Grogagh
1865 17-Jan Pulsanna? Gallagher Mary 5 mths Dau of Charles Gallagher, farmer, Pulsanna Not Known Mary Stewart, nurse Pulsanna
1865 9-Mar Clonmass Jacob Catherine 93 Widow of William Jacob, farmer, Clonmass Old age Thomas Jacob, grandson Clonmass
1865 25-Feb Parkmore McBride Anne 6 hrs Dau of John McBride, Kilmacrenan Not Known Anne McColgan, grandaunt Parkmore
1865 25-Feb Dunfanaghy McCausland Sarah 78 Wife of James McCausland, fisherman, Dunfanaghy Old age James McCausland, husband Dunfanaghy
1865 6-Mar Tullybrin McFadden Farrigle 20 Son of John McFadden, farmer, Tullybrin Consumption John McFadden, father Tullybrin
1865 5-Mar Dunfanaghy Workhouse McFadden Nancy 75 Widow, mendicant Old age Patrick Coll, Master Dunfanaghy Workhouse
1865 10-Mar Cloone McGee Ellen 85 Widow, beggar Old age Andrew Grier, son-in-law Cloone
1865 21-Mar Murroe McGee John 90 Widower, herd and caretaker of cattle Old age Madgy McGee, dau Murroe
1865 21-Feb Glack McGinley Anne 80 Widow of Michael McGinley, farmer, Glack Old age John Brogan, 2nd cousin Glack
1865 24-Jan Gortnaleck McGinley Joseph 7 days Infant Natural causes, found dead Dr G Long, Coroner Co Donegal
1865 24-Mar Dunfanaghy Workhouse McGinley Madgy 82 Spinster, mendicant Old age Patrick Coll, Master Dunfanaghy Workhouse
1865 13-Jan Carrownamaddy McGinley Patrick 62 Widower, farmer fever 14 days Owen McGinley, cousin Tullybrin?
1865 15-Feb Carrownamaddy McGinley Rose 35 Wife of Neal McGinley, farmer, Carrownamaddy Fever Simon Diver, cousin Kildarragh
1865 7-Feb Creeslough McKim William 6 mths Son of Robert McKim, labourer, Creeslough Not Known Robert McKim, father Creeslough
1865 13-Feb Greenhill McKinlay Martha 6 Dau of William McKinlay, farmer, Greenhill Not Known William McKinlay, father Greenhill
1865 3-Jan Dunfanaghy Milligan William 45 Married, Carter Cancer of stomach Margery Milligan, wife Dunfanaghy
1865 29-Jan Glassin Murray Sarah 73 Widow of John Murray, farmer, Glassin Old age Edward Murray, son Glassin
1865 20-Feb Dunfanaghy Nixon Fanny 4 Dau of late James Nixon, postmaster, Dunfanaghy Bronchitis, 3 days Eliza Nixon, mother Dunfanaghy
1865 5-Mar Cashelmore Ross Mary 6 mths Infant Bronchitis William Ross, father Cashelmore
1865 19-Jan Glack Toner James 80 Widower, farmer Old age Mary Brogan, dau Glack

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