Headstone Inscriptions, RC Graveyard, Dungloe, Co Donegal


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(Photograph by John Mac)

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Photographs submitted by John Sean O'Donnell and Joe Ryan

Peter Sharkey - see 1911 census Meenmore
Alice Mary Sweeney - see 1911 census Leckbeg
Margaret Sweeney d 1906 - see 1901 census Leckbeg
Mary Sweeney b 1823 etc - see 1901 census Dungloe Town (hotel)
James Sweeney d 18 May 1895 - see 1901 census Dungloe Town (Daniel Sweeney and Mary Gildea)





Pray for the Souls of

James Campbell

Died on Good Friday 1955

His Wife Mary

Died 17 Nov 1973

Their Son Edward

Died in Infancy

Grandson Michael

Died in Infancy

Their Son Bernard T

Died Aug 1988

Aged 63 Years

Their Daughter

Anna Marguerite Boyce

Died Dec 1993




Grandson Michael is Michael O'Neill



Erected by Hugh Dugan

In Memory of his Father

John Dugan

Who died March 1879

And his Mother

Ellen Dugan

Whose remains are interred in

Holy Cross Cemetery, New Jersey, USA

Same Grave

In Loving Memory of

Hannah Doogan, Cullian

Who died 1914

Also her Husband Phil

Who died 1928

Their Children Mary & Maggie

Who died 1917

And Nora Doogan, Aunt

Died 1917

Phily O'Donnell, Grandson

Died 1932 aged 2 years

Also Hugh, their Son

Died 10 May 1962



See 1901 census Roshin South



McCole, Bunawack Headstone

Patrick McCole

Died Jun 1950 Aged 72 Years

His Daughter Madge O'Donnell, Oilean Treora

Died Aug 1959 Aged 45 Years

Her Son James O'Donnell

Died Feb 1968 Aged 18 Years

Her Husband Anthony O'Donnell

Died Dec 1982 Aged 61 Years

John Sharkey, Bunawack

Died Feb 1975 Aged 63 Years



McCole, Sheskinerone Headstone

James Sharkey

Died 14 Jun 1882 Aged 72

His Daughter Ellen Sharkey

Died Jan 1870



In Loving Memory of

Hugh O'Donnell, Dungloe

Died 23 Oct 1910

His Wife Bridget

Died 29 Feb 1956

Their Children

James Died Nov 1919

Patrick Sara Margaret - Ann & Hugh

Died in Infancy

Rest in Peace

Erected by B Carr

Detroit USA



Hugh O'Donnell & Bridget O'Donnell family

See 1901 census Dungloe

The family shares the plot with dau Margaret Maggie Biddy & her husband John Ward, below

Researcher : Mary - Email




O'Donnell, Tubberkeen Headstone

Bridget Sharkey

Died 31 Dec 1956



In Loving Memory of

The Venerable

James Canon Scanlan

Archdeacon of Raphoe

Parish Priest of Upper Templecrone

Who Died 3 Sep 1941

Aged 88 Years




The Sharkey Family



In Loving Memory of

Annie Sharkey, Sheskinerone

Who Died 10 May 1955

Aged 70 Years

Also Her Daughter Annie Forker

Who Died 26 Aug 1955

Aged 40 Years

Also Her Husband Francis Sharkey

Who Died 24 May 1956

Aged 80 Years

(three more lines, unreadable in photo)



In Loving Memory of

Anthony Sharkey


And His Wife




Kathleen Bonner, Sheskinerone

Died 29 Nov 1974 Aged 55 Years

Dennis Bonner

Died 10 Jul 1988 Aged 67 Years



In Loving Memory of

Denis Sharkey


Died 11 Feb 1958 Aged 85 Years

His Wife Sheila

Died 24 May 1970 Aged 81 Years




In Loving Memory of

Hugh Sharkey, Stranarva

Died 5 Nov 1939 Aged 74 years

His Wife Mary

Died 15 Jan 1972 Aged 87 Years

His Daughter Mary McManus

Died 1 Jun 1943 Aged 51? Years




Erected in Memory of

James Sharkey

Who Died 14 Jun 1882

Aged 72 Years

Also His Daughter


Died Jan 1870

Pray for the Souls of

Rose McCole


Died 16 Jul 1948 aged 73 Years

Her Husband Patrick

Died 10 Feb 1953 Aged 84 Years

Their Son Anthony McCole

Died 7 Dec 1970 Aged 67 Years

His Wife Brigid

Died 24 Feb 1995 Aged 93 Years



In Loving Memory of

John Sharkey, Main St, Dungloe

Died 1981

Also His Wife Gracie

Died 7 Jul 1992



In Loving memory of

Mary Sharkey


Died 1927

Conal Sharkey Died 1928

And Great Grandson

James Roarty Died 1962

Michael Roarty Died 1923

Susan Roarty Died 1930

Mary Cronin Died 1939

Lawrence Griffin, Dungloe

Died 6 Mar 1996



Sharkey, Milton, Headstone

James Gallagher, Sheskinerone

Died 22 Jun 1946 Aged 65 Years

Mary Gallagher, Sheskinerone

Died 31 Aug 1963

Mary, Willie, Hugh and Annie Sharkey



In Loving Memory of

Peter Sharkey

Died 29 Oct 1900 Aged 83 Years

Also His Wife Bridget

Died 24 May 1921 Aged 78 Years

And Their Son Edward

Died 28 Dec 1921 Aged 40 years

Also Their Son James

Died 26 Oct 1959 Aged 80 Years

And His Wife Annie

Died 4 Apr 1969 Aged 82 years


Erected by His Wife, Bridget



In Loving Memory of

Sarah Sharkey, Mill Rd

Died 17 Apr 1957

Her Daughter Mary Philomena

Died in Infancy 25 Nov 1956

Her Parents

Charles Bonner

Died Jan 1963

Hannah Bonner

Died 28 Mar 1946

Her Husband John Sharkey

Died 16 Apr 1993



In Loving Memory of

Susan Sharkey, Diamond, Dungloe

Died Aug 1935

Neil Sharkey Died Jan 1939

Denis Sharkey Died Dec 1943

Also Ellen Bonnar, ?

Died Nov 1961

And Kate Brennan

Died Mar 1955

Also Her Husband John Brennan

Died 14 May 1966




(blank stone)



In Loving Memory of

Hugh Slevan (Dungloe)

Who Died Apr 1879

Aged 51 Years

Also his wife Unity

Whose remains are interred

In St Patrick's Cemetery

James Ferry, Cruickamore

Died 16 Mar 1963

His Wife Briget

Died 22 Jan 1987

Aged 67? Years




In Loving Memory of

Charles Solan, Derrydruel

Died 25 Oct 1954

His Wife Anna

Died 17 Jan 1955

Their Daughters

Margaret Died 16 Jul 1929

Mary Died 29 Jul 1969

Their Grandchild

Mary Helen

Died 8 Nov 1946

His sister Nellie Ward

Died 12 Sep 1938

Sarah Ward died 17 May 1978




In Loving Memory of

Nancy Solan


Died 30 May 1993

Aged 48 Years

Rest In Peace



(metal plaque on metal cross)

Sweeney, Saltpans

John? Sweeney

Mary? Sweeney

Owen Sweeney

Baby Edward Sweeney



In Loving Memory of

Alice Mary Sweeney

Beloved Wife of

John Sweeney

Who Died 26 Jul 1993

In her 108th Year




In Loving Memory of

Anthony Sweeney


And His Wife Sally

Patrick Sweeney

His Wife Mary

And Their Son Patrick

James Connaghan

His Wife Bridget

And Their Son Owen

Ned Sweeney


His Wife Lily

Their Daughter Sissy

And Son Michael

Eddied Sweeney Died in Dublin

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Barney Sweeney


Died 28 Jul 1912

His Wife Mary

Died 15 Nov 1943

Willie Bonner, Burtonport

Died 15 Apr 1952

His Wife Mary Ellen

Died 25 Nov 1985

Josie Sweeney


Died 15 Jan 1973

His Parents Neil and Mary

Died 31 Oct 1945

And 25 Oct 1941


(plaque in front)

In Loving Meory of

Josie Sweeney


Died 15 Jan 1973

Aged 67 Years

Always Remembered

By His Wife & Son



In Loving Memory of

Brien Sweeney


Died 22 Apr 1941

His Mother Peggy

Died 7 Aug 1880

Her Husband John

Died 16 Mar 1937

His Wife Bridget

Died 2 Dec 1988

Aged 90 Years



Ardveen = Ardmeen



In Loving Memory of

Catherine Sweeny


Died 13 Oct 1967

Her Husband

Dominic Sweeney

Died 25 Mar 1974


Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Pray For Her



In Loving Memory of

Charles Sweeney


Died 25 May 1925

His Wife Fannie

Died 13 Jun 1945

Their Son James

Died 11 Aug 1963

Their Daughter In Law Ellen

Died 15 Aug 1979

Their Daughter Rose

Died 1 Jun 1984



In Loving Memory of

Condy Sweeney


Died 19 Apr 1929

His Wife Bridget

Died 30 Aug 1943

Their Family

Kathleen, Annie Murray

And Grand Child

Anne Marie Sweeney

17 Sep 1957 - 13 May 1958

Andrew Died 10 Feb 1989



In Loving Memory of

Dessie Sweeney

Sweeney's Hotel Dungloe

Died 18 Mar 1972 Aged 63 years

His Beloved Wife Kathleen

Died 29 Oct 1997 Aged 89 Years

And His Brothers


Died 15 Dec 1991 Aged 84 years


Died 10 Nov 1992 Aged 81 Years

Remembered Also

Other Family Members

Willie, Died 1968

Father Derry, CM, Died 1971

Madeline McGinley

Died 1991

Mary C Day, Died 1995

Rest in Peace



In Memory of

Frank Jim Sweeney

Died Dungloe 1935

And His Wife


Died 1954




In Loving Memory of

Hugh Sweeney, Cronashallog

Died 4 Oct 1952

His Wife Anne, Died 12 Oct 1972

His Daughters

Mary Died 11 Jul 1923

Bella Died 20 Nov 1930

His Sons

Michael Died 17 Jul 1926

Denis Died 14 Dec 1958



In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney

Died 3 Aug 2003

Aged 84 Years

Dan Sweeney

Died 4 Aug 2003

Aged 86 Years

His Wife Mary Sweeney

(Nee Boyle)

Died 23 Sep 1974

Aged 57 years

Their Daughter Teresa

Died 9 Jul 1959

Aged 3 Months

Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney

Chapel Road

Died 13 Dec 1941

Aged 67 Years

Also His Wife Ann

Died 21 Mar 1936

?7 Years

Erected by their son James?



Thy Will Be Done

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

James Sweeney


Died 26 Nov 1949 Aged 23 Years

His Father David

Died 18 Feb 1965 Aged 79 Years

His Mother Bridget

Died 24 Jan 1973 Aged 82 Years

His Brother Paddy

Died 28 Feb 1999, Aged 77 Years

May They Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney, Caravan Rd

Who Died 19 Mar 1919

Also His Children

Murray Died 15 Aug 1904

Edward Died 10 Feb 1919

James Died 25 Oct 1904?

Thomas Died 21 Dec 1935

Mary Died 7 Oct 1904

Annie Died 6 Nov 1912

Also His Wife Hannah

Who Died 23 Jun 1939

Also Their Grandson

Con Patrick Sweeney

Died in Infancy

Their Son Patrick

Died 23 Oct 1954

Also John, Their Son

Died 23 Apr 1959

And His Wife Winnie

Died 29 Mar 1991



In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney


Died 4 Apr 1973 Aged 76 Years




In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney

Died 18 May 1895

Margaret, His Wife

Died 17 May 1875

Their Children

Catherine, Anne, Mary

Also Their Gradchildren

Peter Anthony

Died 20 Jul 1914

Bridget Annie

Died 5 Apr 1919

Teresa Catherine

Died 26 Sep 1921

Elizabeth Frances

Died 5 Jan 1925




Pray for the Souls of

Jim Sweeney

Who died 24 Oct 1902

Sarah Sweeney, His Wife

Who died 3 Mar 1905

Dr H Eardley, Son-in-law

Who died 8 Apr 1911

Daisey Eardley, Daughter

Who Died 4 Apr 1913



In Loving Memory of

John Sweeney, Saltpans

Died 18 May 1968 Aged 67 Years

Also His Parents Owen & Anne

And His brother Edward

Also His Wife Mary

Died 8 Sep 1974 Aged 59 years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

John P Sweeney


Died 19 Oct 1965

Aged 75 Years

His Wife Madge Sweeney

Died 28 Jul 1979




(plaque at base of Joseph McCarry headstone)

In Loving Memory of

Mae Sweeney

Quay Rd, Dungloe

Died 15 Oct 1970

Rest in Peace



Pray for the Soul of

Maggie, Beloved Wife of

Charles McSweeney (Texas)

Who Died in Dungloe on 31 May 1906

Also the Above

Charles McSweeney

Died in Houston, Texas, USA

1 Jan 1992



Maggie nee Sweeney, dau of John Sweeney (Hotel) and Mary Sweeney

See 1901 census Dungloe Town



In Loving Memory of

My Beloved Wife

Margaret Sweeney

Who died on 19 May 1906

Also Her Husband

John Sweeney

Who died 19 Mar 1939

Capt DG Sweeney

Died 26 Apr 1957

Comdt B Sweeney

Died 26 Jan 1972

Maj Gen Joseph A Sweeney, TD

GPO Garrison 1916

Died 25 Nov 1980



(small book plaque)

Major General

Joseph A Sweeney


Born 13 Jun 1897

Died 25 Nov 1980


Member of GPO Garrison 1916

TD For West Donegal

In First Dail Eireann




In Memory of

Mary Sweeney

Born Apr 1823

Died May 1873

And of her Husband John

Who died 24 Feb 1909

Aged 100 Years

And Bryan, Their Son

Who died 12 Dec 1891

Aged 40 Years

Also the Son Murray Sweeney

Who died 12 Jul 1931

Aged 63 Years

Their Daughter Bridget Sweeney

Who died 24 Jun 1936

Aged 78 Years

And Annie C Sweeney

Died 29 Nov 1954



In Memory of

Mary Sweeney


Died Jun 1912

James Gallagher

Died May 1926

Dom Gallagher

Died Jun 1947

Frank O'Donnell

Died Apr 1953

Grace McCauley

Died Dec 1954

Madge O'Donnell

Died Aug 1955

And Her Infant Grandson

Fritz O'Donnell

Died Jun 1956




Erected by Patrick Sweeney


In Memory of his Daughter

Mary Sweeney

Who died 16 Jun 1915

Aged 26 Years

His Wife Kitty

Died 17 Mar 1916

His Daughter Bridget

His Son Patrick

Died 3 Mar 1980

Their Father Patrick

His Grandson Jim

Died 22 Nov 1879


Smaller headstone in same grave

In Loving Memory of

James Sweeney


Died 4 Apr 1973 aged 76 years



Family of Patrick Sweeney and Kate Boyle

See 1901 census Meenmore


(select to view enlargement)


In Loving Memory of

Mary Sweeney, Meenmore

Died 16 Jul 1915

Aged 3 Years

Her Sister Rose

Died 18 Jan 1965

Joseph E Sweeney

Died 10 Mar 1979

Anthony Sweeney

Died 2 Apr 1981

(in same grave)

M Molly O'Connell

April 19? - Jul 1986



In Loving Memory of

Mary Sweeney


Died Jun 1930

Her Husband Dan

Died Jul 1941

Grand-Son John

Died Aug 1949 Aged 15 Years

His Father Dan

Died 30 Mar 1987

Aged 87 Years

His Mother Sarah

Died 25 Apr 1998

Aged 94 years




Pray for the Souls of

Mary Sweeney, Chapel Road

Died 20 Oct 1955 Aged 62 Years

Bridget Sweeney

Died 5 Apr 1948 Aged 19 Years

Patrick Joseph Sweeney

Died 20 May 1951 Aged 23 Years

Patrick Sweeney

Died 22 Jul 1958 Aged 7? Years

Anthony Sweeney

Died 26 Jul 1958 Aged ? Years

Madge Brown (nee Sweeey)


Died 9 Feb 2003 Aged 72 years




In Loving Memory of

Mary Sweeney (Caravan Rd)

Died 27 Dec 1961

Her Husband Owen Sweeney

Died 29 Jan 1965

Also Their Children

Brigid Died 8 Nov 1909

Owen Died 25 Jul 1911

Denis Died 8 Mar 1918

Sarah Died 29 Mar 1919

James Died 28 Dec 1970

Owen Died 1 Sep 1993




In Loving Memory of

Michael Sweeney

Meenmore, Dungloe

Who died 5 Jan 1946

Aged 79 Years



Neil Sweeney

His Daughter

Mary (Nannie)




In Memoriam

Neil Sweeney

Died 12 Jul 1944 Aged 79

His Wife Brigid

Died 27 Mar 1962 Aged 82

Their Daughter Winnie

Died 30 Mar 1924 Aged 14

Their Children

Joseph, Ellen & Susan

Died in Infancy

Patrick Sweeney

Died 11 Apr 1913 Aged 91

His Wife Catherine

Died 13 Mar 1900 Aged 79





Erected in Memory of

Pat? Sweeney

Who died ? ? 1882

Aged 82 Years

Also His Wife

Mary Sweeney

Who Died 31 ? 1897?

Aged ? Years


Neil Do?

Who died ??

(this is a mottled orange headstone - inscription will be redone later)



In Loving Memory of

Patrick Sweeney

Died 13 Mar 1955 Aged 83? Years

His Wife Sheila

Died 1 Feb 1948? Aged 70 Years

Their Sons John

Died 14 Jul 1922 Aged 6 Years


Died 7 Feb 1992 Aged 79 Years

Their Daughters Cissie

Died 27 May 19? Aged 68 Years

Bridget O'Donnell

Died 10 Jun 1983 Aged 76 Years

Her Husband Eddie O'Donnell

Died 13 Nov 1967 Aged 67 Years

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Tommy Sweeney

Quay Road

Died ?

And His Daughter

Anne Marie

Died ?




In Loving Memory of

Hugh Walsh died 1920

Con Walsh died 1920

Rose Walsh died 1920

Hugh Gallagher (Baby) died 1921

Thomas Walsh died 1951

Charles Boyle died 1962

Ellen Walsh died 1970





In Loving Memory of

John Ward

Main St Dungloe

Died 6 Jul 1985

Aged 77 years

And His Wife


Maggie Biddy

Died 23 Mar 1989



Margaret (Maggie Biddy) dau of Hugh O'Donnell & Bridget O'Donnell

See 1901 census Dungloe

The family shares the plot with Bridget's parents & siblings, above



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