Deaths Registered in Dungloe, Templecrone


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Date Name Surname Cond. Age P.O.D Notes/informant
14-Nov-68 William Alcorn W 96y Carrickfin John Alcorn, occupier
12-Aug-66 Isabella Allen M 34y Dungloe Head Constable's wife, Robert Allen, present
24-Dec-66 Anne Bonner S 1d Derlaght Condy Bonner, Galbolie, present
11-Jun-65 Anne Bonner M 35y Meencarn Wife of Edward, Hugh Bonner, son, occupier
19-Dec-67 Bryan Bonner M 50y Ballinacarrick Mary Bonner, present
28-May-65 Catherine Bonner M 70y Leckenagh Wife of John, John Bonner, present
7-Apr-69 Charles Bonner M 55y Toome Sophia Bonner, occupier
12-Nov-66 Condy Bonner B 11y Derryhenny Son of Daniel
2-Sep-70 Condy Bonner M 50y Drumlaghdrid Sarah Bonner, present
25-Jun-68 Connell Bonner M 50y Madavagh Sophia Bonner, present
11-Oct-67 Dennis Bonner W 80y Meenmore Pat Bonner, occupier
23-Jun-65 Dennis Bonner M 60y Roshin S. Bridget Bonner, present
4-Jul-69 Dominick Bonner M 50y Galbolie Madge Bonner, present
27-Jun-70 Edward Bonner W 50y Meenacarn Hugh Bonner, present
12-May-70 Elizabeth Bonner M 29y Derrynamansher Neil Bonner, occupier
1-Jun-67 Giley(f) Bonner S 5y Derryleconnell James Bonner, occupier
4-Jun-67 Hannah Bonner S 9m Derryleconnell James Bonner, occupier
21-Sep-68 Hugh Bonner M 30y Glenahilt Kate Sharkey, present
23-Feb-65 James Bonner B 3d Galbolie Son of John
31-Mar-69 John Bonner W 60y Arlands Mary Bonner, present
8-Apr-69 John Bonner B 1.5y Cloghbolie Pat Bonner, occupier
20-Dec-64 John Bonner B 0 Derryleconnell Son of James
15-Jul-67 Kate Bonner W 82y Leckenagh Charles Bonner, occupier
28-Dec-64 Madgie Bonner S 28y Ballinacarrick Patrick Bonner, bro, occupier
25-Oct-67 Magie Bonner M 35y Meendernasloe James Bonner, occupier
16-Nov-67 Mary Bonner S 0 Drumlaghdrid Hugh Bonner, occupier
27-Jan-65 Mary Bonner S 6m Keadue Dau of Bryan
10-Dec-66 Nelly Bonner S 18y Galbolie Peasant's dau, scarletina
25-Sep-65 Pat Bonner M 60y Drumlaghdrid Hugh Bonner, present
24-Jun-70 Peter Bonner B 1.5y Cloghbolie Peter Bonner, occupier
5-Apr-70 Sally Bonner W 60y Derryleconnell nee McGeehan, Owen Bonner, occupier
26-Jan-64 Sarah Bonner S 3m Derryleconnell Dau of Condy
31-Mar-67 Angel Boyd M 42y Carnboy Hugh Boyd, present
27-Feb-65 Hugh Boyd B 65y Carnboy Hugh Boyd, nephew, occupier
1-Jul-68 Sarah Boyd M 60y Carrickfin Hugh Boyd, occupier
13-Jan-64 Thomas Boyd B 13y Carrickfin Son of John
24-Dec-67 Agnes Boyle W 100y Dungloe Tailor's widow, John McShea, occupier
20-Sep-64 Anne Boyle M 41y Annagry Margaret Boyle, present
26-Apr-65 Anne Boyle W 84y Derrydruel Widow of Hugh, Mary Boyle, dau, present
16-May-67 Anne Boyle W 40y Dungloe Bridget Gallagher, present
29-Mar-67 Anne Boyle S 3y Meenagowan Daniel Boyle, occupier
30-Jun-69 Anne Boyle S 4d Meenagowan Daniel Boyle, occupier
23-Nov-66 Bartholomew Boyle B 14y Milltown Biddy Boyle, present
24-Dec-65 Bernard Boyle B 0 Clogherdillure Bernard Boyle, occupier
13-Dec-66 Bridget Boyle S 12y Ballinacarrick Pat Boyle, present
10-Jul-69 Bridget Boyle M 43y Burtonport John Boyle, occupier
5-Oct-69 Bridget Boyle S 16d Dooey Servant's child, Catherine Boyle, present
28-Apr-67 Bridget Boyle M 48y Falmore Manus Boyle, occupier
7-May-68 Bridget Boyle S 4y Gortgar Owen Boyle, occupier
7-Apr-66 Bridget Boyle M 65y Leckenagh Charles Boyle, occupier
12-Oct-69 Bridget Boyle M 24y Leckenagh Pat Sharkey, occupier
29-Dec-68 Bridget Boyle M 48y Meenmore Michael Boyle, occupier
22-Apr-69 Catherine Boyle W 76y Braade Daniel Boyle, occupier
7-Oct-66 Catherine Boyle W 80y Calhame Patrick Boyle, occupier
23-Jan-67 Catherine Boyle W 72y Leabgarrow William Boyle, occupier
28-Oct-65 Catherine Boyle M 59y Loughanure Patrick McGarvey, present
3-Apr-65 Charles Boyle W 60y Augullies Nancy Boyle, dau, present
23-Nov-66 Charles Boyle M 27y Glenahilt Paddy Boyle, present
16-Dec-65 Charles Boyle B 40y Owey Hannah McGonagle, occupier
10-Jan-64 Condy Boyle B 2y Acres Son of John, Neil Boyle, present
25-Sep-69 Condy Boyle B 16y Braade Ulceration of the stomach
26-May-64 Daniel Boyle W 68y Loughanure Dennis Boyle, son, present
20-Sep-64 Daniel Boyle B 6y Mullaghduff Son of John
24-Mar-66 Dennis Boyle W 60y Ballintra Hugh O'Donnell, Cloghcor, present
15-Dec-65 Edward Boyle B 28y Augullies Anne Boyle, occupier
18-Jan-64 Edward Boyle M 48y Falcorrib Patrick Boyle, bro, present
5-Feb-65 Ellen Boyle M 51y Brockagh Wife of Connell, John Sweeney, bro, Meenacross, present
1-Jun-66 Ellen Boyle S 9y Derlaght Magie Gallagher, occupier
19-Apr-69 Ellen Boyle S 2y Derrydruel Mary Boyle, present
15-Dec-66 Frank Boyle M 30y Leabgarrow Hugh Boyle, present
24-Jan-64 Grace Boyle S 4y Acres Dau of John
26-Mar-64 Hanna Boyle S 1y 6m Loughanure Dau of Charles
22-Jun-66 Hannah Boyle M 70y Dungloe Cicely Boyle, occupier
14-Mar-70 Hannah Boyle M 50y Leckenagh Paddy Boyle, occupier
26-Mar-66 Hannah Boyle S 7y Oughtmeen Roger Boyle, occupier
22-Jan-66 Hugh Boyle M 96y Aboligan James Boyle, Meenaboligan, occupier
18-Sep-65 Hugh Boyle W 98y Ballinacarrick Pat Boyle, present
6-Jun-64 Hugh Boyle M 84y Derrydruel Ellen Boyle, dau, present
24-Apr-64 Hugh Boyle W 65y Gortgar Michael Boyle, son, occupier
15-Jan-67 Hugh Boyle B 40y Leabgarrow William Boyle, occupier
23-Feb-68 Hugh Boyle B 30y Mullaghderg Lake Drowning
2-Jan-65 James Boyle B 3d Derryleconnell Son of Patrick
14-Mar-70 James Boyle B 1.5y Dungloe Blacksmith's son, Condy Boyle, occupier
5-Dec-67 James Boyle M 60y Falcorrib Patrick Boyle, present
7-Jun-64 James Boyle M 37y Inniskeeragh Condy Gallagher, present, accidental drowning
17-Sep-67 James Boyle B 18y Keadue Mary Boyle, present
25-Dec-65 James Boyle B 2y Saltpans Mary Boyle, occupier
7-Jun-64 James Boyle M 32y Sea Accidental drowning
13-Jan-64 John Boyle M 80y Acres Mary Boyle, dau, present
17-Apr-70 John Boyle B 5y Derrydruel Sally Boyle, present
16-Feb-66 John Boyle M 66y Dungloe Grocer, Joseph Boyle, occupier
23-Mar-68 John Boyle B 0 Dungloe Joseph Boyle, occupier
14-Dec-69 John Boyle B 4y Falcorrib Michael Boyle, occupier
19-May-64 John Boyle B 15y Gortnasade Son of Condy & Margaret
19-Jan-69 John Boyle B 0 Leabgarrow Joseph Boyle, occupier
25-Nov-68 John Boyle M 33y Meendrain James Boyle, occupier
30-Nov-66 Joseph Boyle M 50y Derrydruel Mary Boyle, present
15-Nov-70 Magie Boyle S 2.5y Sheskinarone Michael Boyle, occupier
29-Feb-64 Manus Boyle B 9m Farrigans Son of Joseph, Charles Boyle, Ranney, uncle, present
16-Jun-66 Margaret Boyle S 3d Boyoughter Margaret Boyle, occupier
16-May-64 Margaret Boyle M 37y Loughanure Wife of Charles, Nappy Conaghan, present
5-Dec-66 Mary Boyle S 9y Ballinacarrick Patrick Boyle, present
25-Jul-64 Mary Boyle M 60y Belcruit Wife of Donald, Hugh Boyle, son, Cruit, present
29-Jun-70 Mary Boyle S 2y Braade Fanny Boyle, present
1-Jun-69 Mary Boyle S 0 Croaghnashallog Elizabeth Davies, Aboligan, present
16-Oct-68 Mary Boyle S 0 Dooey Anne Gallagher, present
27-Jan-69 Mary Boyle S 12y Gortgar Grace Boyle, present
11-Oct-69 Mary Boyle S 0 Leckenagh Pat Sharkey, occupier
12-Jan-64 Mary Boyle M 37y Meenmore Wife of John
11-Apr-68 Michael Boyle W 85y Crickamore Fanny Gallagher, occupier
16-Feb-69 Michael Boyle B 4d Crohey Head Hugh Boyle, occupier
17-May-67 Michael Boyle B 23y Leckenagh Hannah Boyle, present
26-Oct-68 Michael Boyle B 16y Marameelan Patrick Boyle, occupier
8-May-66 Michael Boyle M 68y Meenmore John Boyle, occupier
15-Oct-67 Neil Boyle M 60y Dunmore Hugh Sharkey, present
1-Sep-64 Nora Boyle M 24y Leabgarrow nee Gallagher, wife of Francis, Catherine Boyle, mother-in-law
1-Dec-66 Owen Boyle B 5y Ballinacarrick Patrick Boyle, occupier
26-Dec-64 Owen Boyle B 4y Rannafast Son of Owen, Denis Boyle, uncle, present
29-Dec-64 Owen Boyle B 4y Rannafast Son of Owen
9-Mar-70 Pat Boyle M 50y Calhame Biddy Duffy, present
26-Feb-69 Pat Boyle M 40y Derryleconnell Edward McGeehan, present
17-Nov-70 Pat Boyle B 6y Keadue Ellen Boyle, present
13-Mar-67 Pat Boyle B 27y Leckenagh Patrick Boyle, occupier
20-Dec-67 Pat Boyle W 90y Leckenagh Bartholomew Boyle, occupier
21-Apr-65 Pat Boyle M 45y Mullaghduff Husband of Hannah
3-Nov-66 Pat Boyle B 2.5y Toome Charles Boyle, occupier
18-Jul-65 Patrick Boyle M 56y Loughanure Fanny Boyle, occupier
24-Feb-66 Patrick Boyle B 45y Mullaghderg Beggar
8-May-66 Peter Boyle B 80y Meenmore John Boyle, occupier
7-Dec-66 Phil Boyle B 6y Ballinacarrick Patrick Boyle, present
18-Oct-67 Philip Boyle B 24y Calhame Patrick Boyle, occupier
22-Sep-66 Philip Boyle B 24y Dungloe Tailor, James Boyle, present
8-Nov-69 Philip Boyle W 80y Dungloe Cicely Ward, present
1-Mar-64 Sarah Boyle S 3d Dooey Twin dau of Daniel, Falmore
6-Dec-69 Sarah Boyle S 4.5m Falcorrib Michael Boyle, occupier
26-Apr-66 Sarah Boyle W 75y Saltpans Dennis Boyle, occupier
6-Sep-70 Shane Boyle M 80y Acres John Boyle, present
14-May-64 Sophia Boyle S 0 Sheskinarone Dau of Hugh
17-Dec-67 Susan Boyle S 0 Ballintra Patrick Gallagher, occupier
1-May-65 Sydney (f) Boyle S 18y Eighter Dau of John(decd.), Teague Boyle, occupier
9-Feb-67 William Boyle B 9y Dungloe Publican's son, John Boyle, present
30-Dec-67 Hannah Brady M 40y Annagry Mendicant's wife, Thomas Brady, present
24-Jan-64 Catherine Brennan S 2y Meenacross Dau of Cormack, James Brennan, bro, present
24-Jan-64 Catherine Brennan S 2y Meenacross Dau of Cormack & Ellen
23-Mar-64 Catherine Brennan S 2y Oughtmeen Dau of Edward
19-Aug-65 Cicely Brennan S 2y Doochary Dau of Jack, Ellen Brennan, present
21-Mar-67 Daniel Brennan B 2y Meenacross Hannah O'Donnell, present
30-Jun-67 Grace Brennan W 80y Meenaboligan Bridget O'Donnell, present
20-Jan-66 Hannah Brennan M 55y Oughtmeen Patrick Brennan, occupier
5-Jun-66 John Brennan M 60y Dungloe Andrew Brennan, present
8-Aug-64 John Brennan B 3y Meenacross Son of Cormack & Hannah
2-Feb-69 John Brennan M 80y Meenacross Daniel Brennan, occupier
13-Aug-64 Mary Brennan W 78y Tubberkeen Widow of Patrick, Neil Brennan, son, occupier
15-Jan-64 Patrick Brennan B 2y Marameelan Son of Francis
16-May-69 Peter Brennan M 90y Marameelan Catherine Brennan, present
28-Aug-67 Anne Breslin M 40y Boyoughter Pat Breslin, occupier
10-Feb-70 Hugh Patrick Breslin B 2y Dungloe Tailor's Son, Catherine Breslin, present
16-Jan-70 Nappy Breslin W 96y Boyoughter James Breslin, occupier
7-Dec-66 Patrick Breslin B 2y Derlaght Connell Breslin, occupier
22-Feb-64 Catherine Byrne S 45y Corr Corneilus Byrne, bro, occupier
19-Apr-65 Pat Byrne M 43y Corr John McCauley, occupier
19-Apr-69 Patrick Byrne B 23y Meenacrieve John Byrne, present
23-Sep-64 Alice/Ealse Campbell S 1m Dungloe Dau of Patrick
26-Apr-66 Anne Campbell S 8d Commeen Francis Campbell, occupier
30-Apr-68 Anne Campbell S 1w Doochary Mary Campbell, Commeen, present
11-May-68 Connell Campbell M 65y Rannafast Bridget Campbell, present
5-Sep-69 Daniel Campbell B 0 Meenmore Bridget Campbell, present
27-Feb-70 Ellen Campbell W 70y Commeen William Campbell, present
6-Sep-65 Frank Campbell B 4d Innisfree Frank Campbell, Acres, present
19-Nov-69 Jane Campbell M 65y Gortgar Wiliam Campbell, occupier
24-Jan-66 John Campbell M 78y Acres Margaret Campbell, occupier
5-Feb-69 John Campbell B 35y Acres Hannah Gallagher, present
5-Aug-64 John Campbell W 50y Maghery James Campbell, son, occupier
28-Jan-68 John Campbell B 0 Meenmore Smith's son, John Campbell, present
22-Mar-70 Mary Campbell S 6m Oughtmeen David Campbell, occupier
11-Apr-70 Pat Campbell M 60y Dungloe Pat Campbell, present
4-Apr-66 Patrick Campbell B 1y Derrydruel Sarah Campbell, occupier
20-Oct-68 Patrick Campbell W 60y Milltown Naos Campbell, Craghy, present
14-May-70 Rose Campbell S 1.5y Crickamore Bridget Campbell, present
2-Sep-65 Sophia Campbell M 30y Innisfree Frank Campbell, Acres, present
28-Feb-65 Bridget Cannon S 9d Meenacarn Dau of Cormack
12-Jan-68 Elizabeth Cannon S 1w Dooey Patrick Cannon, occupier,
1-Jun-67 Fanny Cannon S 3m Derlaght Corneilus Cannon, occupier
30-May-69 John Cannon M 40y Meendrain Margaret Cannon, present
26-Oct-65 Joseph Cannon B 1.5y Dooey Anthony Cannon, occupier
5-Oct-66 Mary Cannon M 50y Derlaght Cormack Cannon, occupier
26-Feb-65 Mary Cannon S 7d Meenacarn Dau of Cormack
8-Apr-70 Sally Cannon W 110y Corr Pat Mulhern, occupier
26-Feb-69 Sarah Cannon S 5d Dooey Pat Cannon, occupier
11-Mar-68 Anne Carr S 0 Cleendra Charles Carr, Derrydruel, present
20-Jun-67 Daniel Carr M 25y Cloghbolie Mary Carr, present
6-Jun-68 Pat Carr B 2y Derrydruel Fanny O'Donnell, present
25-Feb-69 Margaret Clancy M 35y Belcruit Rag gatherer, James Boyle, occupier
1-Nov-69 Anthony Coll B 21y Crickamore Catherine Coll, present
19-Feb-65 Bridget Coll M 79y Crickamore Wife of Anthony
16-Feb-66 Catherine Coll W 90y Madavagh Morgan Coll, Cullion, present
16-Jun-69 Dennis Coll M 68y Sheskinarone Dennis Coll, present
21-Apr-65 John Coll M 52y Aboligan Husband of Jane
18-Mar-66 Neil Coll B 22y Meenmore Bryan Coll, occupier
7-Oct-66 Anne Conaghan M 25y Crickamore Anthony O'Donnell, occupier
28-Nov-70 Dennis Conaghan W 60y Ardmeen James Conaghan, present
27-Aug-64 Manus Conaghan B 4y 6m Cloghglass Son of Patrick & Bridget
4-Jul-64 Thomas Conaghan B 15y Ballintra Son of Charles, carpenter
15-Aug-64 Thomas Conaghan B 2y Sheskinarone Son of Patrick, Bridget Conaghan, gmother, present
17-Dec-65 Fanny Dee S 4d Dungloe Police Constable's dau, Patrick Dee, occupier
18-Dec-65 Margaret Dee S 8d Dungloe Police Constable's dau, Patrick Dee, occupier
13-Jan-70 Catherine Deery S 5y Meenmore Miller's dau, William Deery, occupier
21-Jan-70 James Deery B 1y 4m Meenmore Miller's son, William Deery, occupier
25-Aug-64 Condy Devenney B 30y Roshin S. Mary Devenney, sister, present
20-Apr-67 Elizabeth Devenney M 31y Crohey Head John Devenney, occupier
24-Sep-67 John Devenney B 18y Boyoughter Ellen Devenney, present
30-Apr-67 Mary Devenney M 55y Calhame Bridget Devenney, present
22-May-64 Mary Devenney S 9y Maghery Dau of Edward
16-Mar-69 Nogher Devenney M 60y Maghery Mary Devenney, occupier
7-Sep-65 Sally Devenney W 70y Maghery nee Rogers, John Devenney, present
12-Apr-67 Thomas Devenney B 5y Crohey Head John Devenney, occupier
26-Feb-69 Jane DeWard S 60y Tubberkeen Grace DeWard, occupier
9-Oct-67 Hugh Doherty B 0 Belcruit Magie Doherty, present
29-Apr-65 James Doherty M 33y Belcruit Owen Doherty, Dungloe, present
31-Aug-70 James Doherty B 7y Meenmore Bridget Doherty, present
1-Mar-67 John Doherty W 67y Meenbannad Margaret Doherty, present
3-Jun-67 John Doherty B 25y Meenderryhirk Pat Doherty, occupier
15-Feb-68 John Doherty M 80y Meenmore Carman, Neil Doherty, occupier
23-Jan-70 Mary Doherty M 60y Doochary Publican's wife, Biddy Doherty, present
15-Feb-64 Neil Doherty B 11m Meenderryhirk Son of Patrick
5-Apr-64 Neil Doherty B 5m Meenmore Son of John
12-Jun-68 Owen Doherty M 83y Belcruit Owen Doherty, Dungloe, present
17-Jun-70 Owen Doherty B 20y Sea Drowning
9-Sep-70 John Donegan M 54y Sea Accidental drowning
8-Oct-68 Connell Donnelly B 6d Dungloe Butcher's son, Pat Donnelly, occupier
21-Mar-65 Daniel Donnelly M 50y Dungloe Butcher
27-Nov-64 Anne Doogan M 30y Annagry Wife of Nogher Doogan, weaver, Francis Devenney, bro, present
4-Mar-67 Condy Doogan B 23y Gortnasade Ealse Doogan, occupier
11-Nov-69 Edward Doogan M 60y Dungloe Smith, Mary Donnelly, present
4-Jun-70 Farrigle Doogan B 8y Loughanure John Doogan, occupier
28-May-70 Margaret Doogan S 6m Innisaille Thomas Doogan, occupier
25-Apr-70 Mary Doogan S 11y Meendernasloe Charles Doogan, occupier
13-Sep-66 Mary Doogan M 40 Mullaghduff Condy Doogan, occupier
26-Sep-67 Rose Doogan W 60y Roshin N. Kate Gillespie, Loughsalt, present
26-Apr-69 Sheila Doogan W 80y Calhame Rose Duffy, occupier
23-May-66 Susan Doogan W 90y Drumlaghdrid Hugh Doogan, occupier
19-Feb-66 Condy Doran M 56y Dooey Condy Doran Jnr., occupier
28-Aug-69 Fanny Doran M 25y Dungloe William Boyle, occupier
26-Aug-67 Fanny Anne Dudgeon S 1m Mullaghderg William Dudgeon, occupier
24-Feb-70 James Dudgeon B 2.5y Mullaghderg William Dudgeon, occupier
3-Feb-65 Charles Duffy B 2y 6m Annagry Son of Frank
2-Nov-69 Edward Duffy M 65y Annagry James Duffy, Annagry, present
2-Jan-65 Fanny Duffy M 26y Meendernasloe Wife of Michael
2-Mar-69 Grace Duffy S 0 Annagry Michael Duffy, occupier
28-Jun-70 Grace Duffy S 2y Braade Nappy Duffy, present
19-Feb-65 Hugh Duffy B 23y Ardmeen Son of Philip, Thomas Duffy, bro, present
19-Dec-65 Mary Duffy M 33y Annagry Charles Duffy, occupier
9-Dec-67 Mary Duffy S 3m Crickamore Biddy Duffy, present
9-Jun-69 Mary Duffy S 0 Crucknageeragh Hugh Duffy, present
19-Aug-70 Neil Duffy M 60y Annagry Grace Duffy, present
13-Jan-65 Patrick Duffy M 30y Annagry Patrick Gallagher, present
6-Jan-66 Patrick Duffy B 9m Annagry Peter Duffy, occupier
28-Jul-64 Catherine Dunleavy S 27y Corr Sarah Dunleavey, sister, present
18-May-67 William Durnion B 10y Croveigh William Durnion, occupier
8-Mar-64 Hugh Early B 1y Leabgarrow Son of Manus
26-Feb-64 Mary Early S 5y Leabgarrow Dau of Manus
21-Jan-66 Andrew Elliott B 60y Farrigans Charles Morrogh, occupier
26-May-65 Betty Elliott S 7y Toome Dau of Simon, Simon Elliott, present
17-May-67 Catherine Elliott S 4y Farrigans Anne Elliott, present
26-Jun-70 Mary Elliott S 35y Farrigans Andrew Elliott, occupier
4-Jun-64 Sarah Elliott S 6m Farrigans Dau of John
28-Nov-70 Susanna Elliott M 32y Meenagowan William Elliott, occupier
17-Mar-70 Richard Ellis W 40y Tubberkeen Sarah Ellis, present
25-Dec-65 Catherine Ferry W 82y Crickamore Denis Ferry, occupier
25-Mar-64 Ealse Ferry W 65y Innisfree nee Sweeney, John O'Donnell, son-in-law, occupier, 
18-Nov-69 Gotty Ferry B 25y Dungloe Hugh Slevin, occupier
11-Jun-70 John Ferry B 3y Rannafast Anne Ferry, present
18-Oct-67 Margaret Ferry W 40y Crickamore Unity Slevin, Dungloe, present
7-Mar-66 Michael Ferry M 60y Crickamore Gotty Ferry, occupier
16-May-69 Thomas Ferry M 90y Loughagher Fanny Gallagher, present
5-Apr-67 Bridget Forker W 90y Dunmore nee Doherty, William Forker, present
15-Jul-70 Anne Gallagher S 1y 3m Aphort Anne Gallagher, present
28-Oct-65 Anne Gallagher S 7y Ballintra Anthony Gallagher, occupier
12-Apr-65 Anne Gallagher S 26y Boyoughter Dau of Peter, Charles Gallagher, bro, present
25-Jul-66 Anne Gallagher S 20y Croveigh David Gallagher, occupier
24-Jul-68 Anne Gallagher W 49y Cullion Patrick Hanlon, Meenagowan, present
19-Jan-66 Anne Gallagher S 10d Farrigans Dennis Gallagher, occupier
8-Feb-69 Anne Gallagher W 70y Leffin Pat Gallagher, occupier
29-Dec-65 Anne Gallagher W 82y Mullaghduff Mary Gallagher, occupier
26-Dec-64 Anne Gallagher S 3y Roshin N. Dau of Feargal, John Gallagher, bro, present
22-Sep-68 Anthony Gallagher B 23y Aphort Madge Gallagher, present
18-Jul-70 Anthony Gallagher M 60y Augullies Coroner, Ardara
29-Nov-68 Anthony Gallagher B 3d Roshin N. Peter Gallagher, occupier
3-Sep-69 Bella Gallagher M 30y Inniskeeragh Manus Gallagher, occupier
21-Jan-68 Bernard Gallagher B 23y Maghery Michael Gallagher, occupier
12-Jan-70 Bridget Gallagher M 61y Ballinacarrick Pat Gallagher, present
13-Apr-68 Bridget Gallagher S 3w Cloghcor Corneilus Gallagher, present
27-Jun-70 Bridget Gallagher W 60y Gortgar Condy Gallagher, Illion, present
5-Mar-67 Bridget Gallagher W 55y Leabgarrow Hugh Gallagher, present
6-Mar-69 Bridget Gallagher S 80y Maghery Stocking knitter, Ellen Sweeney, occupier
15-Jan-69 Bridget Gallagher S 14d Meenagowan Bridget Gallagher, present
25-May-68 Bridget Gallagher S 3y Owey Anne Gallagher, present
5-Feb-66 Bridget Gallagher W 70y Ranney Owen Breslin, occupier
16-Dec-67 Catherine Gallagher M 25y Inniskeeragh Edward Gallagher, present
9-May-70 Catherine Gallagher W 85y Owey Mary Gallagher, present
6-Dec-65 Charles Gallagher B 2.5y Acres John Gallagher, occupier
31-Dec-64 Charles Gallagher B 9m Meendrain Son of Shane & Anne
13-Oct-66 Charles Gallagher M 68y Owey Sarah McGonagle, present
12-Nov-69 Charles Gallagher W 63y Rannafast Dennis Green, occupier
26-Mar-70 Condy Gallagher M 32y Cloghcor Hugh O'Donnell, present
20-Jul-67 Connell Gallagher M 72y Dunmore Condy Gallagher, occupier
21-Dec-67 Daniel Gallagher W 30y Inniskeeragh Edward Gallagher, present
3-Jan-68 Dennis Gallagher W 63y Commeen Dennis Gallagher, present
29-Feb-64 Dennis Gallagher B 6y Gortgar Son of John, Michael Boyle, present
21-Jan-65 Dominick Gallagher B 13y Gortgar Son of John, Dominick Gallagher, gfather, occupier
1-Apr-65 Edward Gallagher M 70y Maghery Blacksmith, husband of Sally
1-Apr-68 Ellen Gallagher S 2y Drumlaghdrid Daniel Gallagher, occupier
17-Mar-70 Ellen Gallagher S 1y 3m Torries Ned? Gallagher, occupier
12-Feb-69 Fanny Gallagher S 17y Cloghcor Sarah Gallagher, present
9-Feb-68 Fanny Gallagher S 19y Gortgar Patrick Gallagher, occupier
31-Oct-65 Grace Gallagher S 4y Ballintra Anthony Gallagher, occupier
9-Feb-67 Grace Gallagher S 25y Dooey Dressmaker, Anne Gallagher, present
19-Aug-67 Grace Gallagher S 16y Rannafast Philip Gallagher, occupier
17-Apr-65 Hannah Gallagher W 80y Aphort nee Gillespie, widow of Michael, Ellen Gallagher, present
10-Jun-70 Hannah Gallagher S 3y Crickamore John Gallagher, occupier
1-Jul-67 Hannah Gallagher W 80y Cruit Shane Gallagher, occupier
2-Sep-66 Hannah Gallagher M 42y Meendernasloe Michael Gallagher, occupier
27-May-68 Hannah Gallagher S 3y Owey Charles Gallagher, occupier
20-Dec-67 Hugh Gallagher B 2m Arlands Neil Gallagher, occupier
26-Sep-69 Hugh Gallagher B 70y Carrickfin Susan Gallagher present
24-Jan-66 Hugh Gallagher W 80y Dooey Charles Gallagher, occupier
7-Jul-67 Hugh Gallagher M 40y Gweebarra River Drowning
20-Jul-68 Hugh Gallagher B 7y Inniskeeragh Isabella Gallagher, present
23-Jul-70 Hugh Gallagher B 15y Sea Accidental drowning
26-Oct-65 James Gallagher M 43y Acres Madge Gallagher, present
7-Oct-70 James Gallagher B 5d Croveigh Anthony Gallagher, occupier
30-Jan-65 James Gallagher M 33y Leabgarrow Hugh Gallagher, bro, present
10-Apr-68 James Gallagher W 70y Meenacarn Bridget Gallagher, present
26-Jul-66 James Gallagher M 65y Poolawaddy Drowning, Neil Gallagher, occupier
26-Feb-68 John Gallagher B 10y Ballintra Edward Gallagher, occupier
16-Feb-66 John Gallagher B 10y Crickamore Manus Gallagher, occupier
27-May-64 John Gallagher M 60y Inniskeeragh Condy Gallagher, son, present
31-Jul-64 John Gallagher B 50y Leabgarrow Mary O'Hara, occupier
23-Apr-70 John Gallagher B 1d Maghery John Gallagher, occupier
3-Jan-64 John Gallagher M 65y Meenagowan Lanty Hanlon, present
13-Mar-69 Madge Gallagher M 49y Clogherdillure James Gallagher, occupier
4-May-64 Maggie Gallagher W 70y Leabgarrow Widow of Hugh, Bridget Gallagher, dau-in-law, present
15-Apr-69 Magie Gallagher M 32y Gortgar Pat Gallagher, present
25-Dec-68 Magie Gallagher M 30y Leabrannagh Mary Sweeney, present
9-May-70 Manus Gallagher B 13y Derlaght Charles Gallagher, occupier
15-Aug-69 Manus Gallagher B 10y Sea Accidental drowning
1-May-69 Margaret Gallagher W 60y Dunmore Condy Gallagher, present
4-Jan-69 Margery Gallagher S 20y Cloghcor Accidental burning
4-Aug-67 Mary Gallagher M 32y Ballintra Michael Gallagher, occupier
7-Aug-68 Mary Gallagher S 21y Cullion Patrick Hanlon, Meenagowan, present
25-Apr-68 Mary Gallagher S 1y Farrigans Annabella Gallagher, present
14-Dec-68 Mary Gallagher M 80y Gortgar Paddy Gallagher, present
29-Jun-70 Mary Gallagher M 63y Illion Condy Gallagher, occupier
22-Feb-68 Mary Gallagher S 2y Leabgarrow Susan Gallagher, Fallagowan, present
3-Mar-67 Mary Gallagher S 1m 11d Leabrannagh Magie Gallagher, Leabgarrow, present
3-Feb-06 Mary Gallagher W 80y Leckenagh Anne Gallagher, occupier
5-Apr-69 Mary Gallagher S 4y Loughanure Hannah Gallagher, present
12-Apr-70 Mary Gallagher S 6m Roshin N. Hannah Gallagher, present
28-Mar-69 Maurice Gallagher B 1y Loughanure Hannah Gallagher, present
10-Oct-69 Michael Gallagher M 36y Cleendra Tully Gallagher, present
24-Jan-64 Michael Gallagher B 7y Illion Son of Hugh & Mary
16-Feb-64 Michael Gallagher M 58y Leabgarrow William Boyle, present
12-Jan-68 Michael Gallagher M 39y Leckenagh Margaret Gallagher, occupier
1-Jan-68 Michael Gallagher B 23y Maghery Ellen Gallagher, occupier
21-Dec-66 Neil Gallagher B 20y Ballintra Anthony Gallagher, occupier
16-Feb-64 Neil Gallagher B 11m Croveigh Son of John
26-Apr-70 Neil Gallagher B 3m Loughanure Frank Gallagher, occupier
29-Apr-64 Pat Gallagher B 11m Ballintra Son of Daniel & Maggie
31-Mar-70 Pat Gallagher B 9m Belcruit Mary Gallagher, present
22-Jan-70 Pat Gallagher B 2y Croveigh Hannah Gallagher, present
1-Mar-68 Pat Gallagher B 40y Dooey Charles Gallagher, present
6-Feb-69 Pat Gallagher B 7y Gortgar Hannah O'Donnell, present
18-Nov-64 Pat Gallagher B 11m Lettercagh Son of Anthony
22-Aug-69 Peter Gallagher B 18y Innisfree Pat Gallagher, occupier
8-Nov-67 Sally Gallagher W 60y Dooey Anne Gallagher, present
21-Dec-64 Sarah Gallagher S 3d Maghery Dau of John
8-Jun-66 Timothy Gallagher W 90y Innisfree Mary Gallagher, occupier
13-Jan-65 Unity Gallagher M 25y Boyoughter Wife of Patrick
13-Nov-65 Unity Gallagher M 69y Meenacarn Carpenter's wife, James Gallagher, present
4-Sep-67 Marian Gear S 1.5y Dungloe Police Constable's dau, Patrick Gear, occupier
9-Mar-65 James Gethins B 23y Corr Anne Gethins, present
29-Feb-64 Bryan Gillespie B 9m Meenacross Son of Bryan, John Gillespie, uncle, Marameelan, present
7-May-65 Ellen Gillespie S 3y Rannafast Dau of Daniel
1-Feb-66 Grace Gillespie W 81y Maghery Daniel Roarty, occupier
5-Nov-69 James Gillespie B 0 Meenaboligan John Gillespie, occupier
10-Mar-67 John Gillespie M 40y Drumlaghdrid Magie Melly, present
11-Apr-65 John Gillespie M 60y Dungloe Ellen Boyle, occupier
19-Sep-68 Magie Gillespie W 60y Aphort James Gillespie, occupier
29-Nov-68 Margaret Gillespie W 85y Marameelan Peter Gillespie, occupier
6-Jun-70 Mary Gillespie W 60y Meenacross Dominick Gillespie, occupier
28-Mar-70 Michael James Gillespie B 4.5y Mullaghduff Bridget Gillespie, present
28-Sep-66 Pat Gillespie M 67y Aphort Mary Gillespie, present
6-Jan-64 Pat Gillespie B 2y Meenacross Son of Bryan & Mary
26-Jan-69 John Given B 0 Meendrain William Given, occupier
6-Sep-66 Bridget Green M 19y Rannafast Daniel Green, occupier
24-Jan-70 Fanny Green M 60y Scraigathoke Pat Lyons, Poolawaddy, present
25-Feb-66 Mary Green W 60y Ballintra Bridget Green, occupier
26-Jan-65 Mary Green M 41y Dungloe Wife of John
11-Dec-64 Morris Green B 60y Sea Drowning
25-Jan-66 Mary Griffith S 8d Termon Dennis Gallagher, Dungloe, present
7-Nov-64 Alexander Hamilton M 65y Tubberkeen Robert Hamilton, son, occupier
1-Jul-66 Ellen Hamilton W 87y Meenaboligan Jane Coll, occupier
17-Feb-64 Andrew Hanlon M 53y Tubberkeen Husband of Elizabeth
4-Jun-70 Elizabeth Hanlon S 30y Crucknageeragh Servant, John Hanlon, present
11-Nov-65 George Hanlon B 22y Meenaboligan Isabella Hanlon, occupier
22-Jun-67 James Hanlon B 2.5y Crucknageeragh Madge Hanlon, present
30-Jan-70 James Hanlon M 60y Dooey Anthony Hanlon, present
11-Feb-70 James Hanlon B 3m Meenaboligan Madge Hanlon, present
7-Apr-70 James Hanlon M 41y Meenagowan Bridget Hanlon, occupier
1-May-69 James Hanlon M 60y Tubberkeen William Hanlon, occupier
6-Dec-69 Lanty Hanlon M 33y Dooey Charles Dunleavy, present
2-Sep-65 Martha Hanlon M 70y Tubberkeen John Hanlon, present
17-Apr-70 Patrick Hanlon W 72y Meenagowan Bridget Hanlon, occupier
20-Mar-66 Rebecca Hanlon M 40y Tubberkeen William Hanlon, occupier
20-May-67 Redmond Hanlon B 70y Tubberkeen Thomas Hanlon, present
27-Oct-68 Robert Hanlon B 22y Dungloe Machinist, Patrick Hanlon, occupier
18-Apr-65 Rose Hanlon M 65y Meenagowan Wife of Patrick, James Hanlon, present
14-Mar-68 Rose Hanlon M 34y Tubberkeen James Hanlon, occupier
5-Jan-70 Rose Anne Hanlon S 6m Meenagowan Bridget Hanlon, occupier
16-Jan-68 Susan Hanlon S 75y Saltpans Dennis Boyle, occupier
28-Jul-66 Thomas Hanlon M 63y Aboligan Daniel Hanlon, occupier
22-Feb-67 William Hanlon M 70y Aboligan Anne Hanlon, present
4-Nov-64 William Hanlon M 70y Meenmore Part of Church in Dungloe fell on him
13-Mar-67 William Hanlon M 94y Tubberkeen Patrick Hanlon, present
31-Jan-64 Nancy Harkin S 3y Marameelan Dau of Frank
8-Jan-66 Anne Harley W 90y Annagry Owen Boyle, occupier
18-Oct-65 Hugh Harley M 80y Rannafast Hannah Harley, occupier
7-Jan-65 Bridget Healy S 18y Brockagh Dau of Frank Healy, Bunnawick
27-Mar-64 Bridget Healy S 3m 10d Bunnawick Dau of Francis
10-Feb-68 Frank Healy M 60y Bunnawick Francis Healy, occupier
7-Mar-70 Frank Healy M 30y Bunnawick Con Gallagher, present
15-Sep-64 George Healy B 23y Bunnawick Son of Frank
18-Feb-70 Grace Healy W 60y Bunnawick Con Gallagher, present
14-Sep-68 Nancy Healy M 50y Meenacrieve James Healy, occupier
1-Sep-69 Sally Hilliard S 9y Inniskeeragh Betty Hilliard, present
4-May-68 John Robert Holmes B 27y Dungloe Inspector of Constabulary, William Livingstone, present
14-Aug-64 Alice L. Hood S 5y Crohey Head Dau of William, coastguard
22-Apr-68 Anne Houston S 10y Leckenagh Shane Houston, occupier
18-Apr-68 Bridget Houston S 7y Leckenagh Shane Houston, occupier
14-Aug-66 Donald Houston M 100y Derryleconnell Grace McGeehan, occupier
23-Apr-68 Hugh Houston B 3m Cleendra Sophia Houston, present
6-Oct-66 Sarah Houston W 66y Derryleconnell Dennis Houston, occupier
13-Dec-68 Noble Hunter M 60y Maghery Weaver, Anne Hunter, present
20-Feb-64 Richard Hunter B 23y Crickamore Son of Richard
20-Apr-64 Alicia Jebb M 40y Mullagh Wife of Rev J.H.Jebb, Elizabeth Elliott, present
21-Sep-68 Andrew Kelly B 9m Derrynanaspol Ellen Kelly, present
16-May-68 Anne Kelly S 1.5y Derrynanaspol Owen Kelly, occupier
25-Nov-68 Grace Kennedy S 75y Cleendra Hugh O'Donnell, occupier
22-Dec-70 Ellen Kenny W 85y Meenmore Thomas Kenny, occupier
4-May-70 Thomas Kenny B 1y 1m Meenmore Margaret Kenny, present
22-Jul-68 Jessy Keown S 11m Burtonport Merchant's dau, Anne Allen, Dungloe, present
16-Aug-69 Robert Daniel Keown B 1m 11d Burtonport Merchant's son, Anne Allen, Dungloe, present
1-Feb-65 Edward Lawn B 46y Cullion R.C. curate, Charles Gallagher, present
7-Dec-66 Bridget Lee W 46y Dungloe Policeman's widow, Hannah McBride, present
26-Sep-69 Grace Leonard W 70y Inniskeeragh Dennis Leonard, occupier
24-Jun-70 Edmund Peter Martin B 7m Dungloe Police Constable's son, Winnie? Martin, present
29-Mar-68 Annabella McBride S 3y Meendernasloe Mason's dau, Timothy McBride, present
13-Dec-66 Charles McBride W 60y Belcruit Publican, Maurice McBride, Dungloe, present
29-Sep-66 Manus McBride M 83y Meendernasloe Bridget McBride, present
28-Mar-68 Maurice McBride M 23y Gortnasade Thomas McBride, occupier
26-Dec-66 Roderick McBride B 0 Dungloe Publican's son, Maurice McBride, occupier
29-Feb-68 Pat McCabe B 4.5y Leabgarrow Stonecutter's son, Rose Gallagher, present
26-Sep-68 Cicely McCafferty M 50y Leabrannagh Condy McCafferty, occupier
10-Dec-67 John McCafferty M 40y Derrynamansher Neil McBride, present
8-Mar-64 Magie McCafferty W 70y Leabrannagh nee Molloy, widow of John, John O'Donnell, occupier
12-Jul-68 Magie McCafferty S 11y Leabrannagh Condy McCafferty, occupier
19-Aug-64 Hugh McCahill B 1y 3m Aphort Son of Hugh & Sophia
21-Aug-70 Pat McCahill M 65y Dooey Bridget McCahill, present
19-Oct-66 Anne McCarron M 35y Saltpans Philip McCarron, occupier
19-Jun-69 Bryan McCarron M 80y Oughtmeen Mary McCarron, present
18-Dec-70 Mary McCarron W 95y Saltpans Philip McCarron, occupier
17-Jan-64 Biddy McCarry M 63y Dungloe Wife of John, Martin Quigley, son-in-law, present
14-Jan-68 Daniel McCarthy B 4.5y Crohey Head Coastguard's son, M. McCarthy, present
16-Sep-67 Bella McCauley S 21y Cloghcor Bella McGee, present
7-Apr-66 Bridget McCauley S 20y Cloghcor Hugh O'Donnell, present
8-Mar-69 Bridget McCauley W 67y Roshin S. Neil Molloy, occupier
9-May-66 Connell McCauley