The Family of Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan

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Baptisms transcribed from the Register of Baptisms for the Parish of Leck by Michael Meehan Manorcunningham during June, 2010


Great Grandson of Charles Meehan and Susan O’Donnell

Great Great Grandson of Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan (from Gartan)(Edward and Annie are buried in Old Leck Graveyard, Letterkenny).


Edward is a brother of Robert O’Donnell (son of Robert) married Sarah Henderson (from Strabane), Robert and Sarah can be found in the 1901 census Carrickballydooey, Manorcunningham.

Person Baptised

Date Born

Date Baptised



At time of Baptism


Remarks Provided by Annie Doherty Kenneghan

Robert O’Donnell’s Daughter.

Margaret O’Donnell

Data from Familysearch


21st June 1868

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan



Married James McElwaine

(Jimmy) of Lisclamerty (Farmer) 18/11/1898 at St Johnston.


Willie, Bob, Dan, Joe, Annie, Susan.

Joe Married Molly Kernan.

Annie married Hugh Doherty (Inishowen).

Susan married Eddie Carr (Kerr) from Rathmullan. 

Charles O’Donnell

5th March 1870

9th March 1870

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


William O’Donnell and Cecillia O’Donnell

Never married lived at Lisclamerty.  Buried in old Leck Graveyard (With His Parents)

John O’Donnell

Data from Familysearch 


7th December, 1871


Edward Donnell and Ann Conaghin



John lived in England.

His daughter is called Violet Longster.

Hugh O’Donnell

3rd January 1874

6th January 1874

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


William O’Donnell and Sarah Harold


Neil O’Donnell

7th November 1875

14th November, 1875

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


Neil O’Donnell and Margaret O’Donnell

Never married lived along with Charles and Willie. Buried in Drumoghill Cemetery.

William James O’Donnell

2nd August 1877

5th August 1877

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


Edward Breslin and Hannah Breslin

Never married. Lived along with Charles and Neil.

Edward O’Donnell

31st November 1878

1st December 1878

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


Richard Harold and Margaret Harold

Moved to Scotland. Married Maggie ?.

Robert O’Donnell

25th December 1880

26th December 1880

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


James Meehan and Margaret Harold

Lived at Ruskey (farmer and Scutcher) married Bella McDermott from Glencairn near Glenmaquin.

Robert was the seventh son of a seventh son.


Annie, Eddie, John, Mae, Isobel, Bob.

Annie married Harry Doherty.

Eddie married Katie Devine.

John never married.

Mae married ? Wilson.

Isobel married ? Sweeney.

Bob never married.


Joseph O’Donnell

15th June 1882

18th June 1882

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


William Bonner and Rebecca Bonner

Married Susan Gourley (She was from Co. Tyrone) lived in the Corkey Row.


Eddie, Bobby, Willie, Joe, Frank, John, Cissy, Tina, Celine.

Eddie married Molly Lynch from St Johnston.

Bobby married Nellie Duffy.

Cissy married ? Boyle.

Celine married ? Morrison.

Packie married Margaret Browne.

John married Anne Burke.

Sussanna O’Donnell

14th April 1885

16th April 1885

Edward O’Donnell and Annie Connaghan


James Meehan and Margaret Strain

Married Charles Meehan son of Neil Meehan and Sarah Doherty of Lisclamerty.


Neal married Annie Lynch Galdonagh, Eddie , Mickey, Willie married Susan Brennan, Jimmy married Winifred Toye, Sarah married Charles McKelvey, Mary married Willie McKelvey, Margaret, Annie, John.








Willie Conaghan of Gartan was a nephew of Annie Conaghan, his daughter is married to Harry Blaney former TD and Councillor.

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