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A List of Persons to whom Premiums for sowing Flax-seed in the Year 1796 have been adjudged by the Trustees of the Linen Maunfacture.

Pursuant to the Scheme offered by them for encouraging the Growth of Flax throughout the Kingdom, vis. "To the Person who should sow between the 10th Day of March and the 1st Day of June 1796, with a sufficient Quantity of good sound Flax-seed, any Quantity of Land, well prepared and fit for the purpose, not less than 1 Acre - 4 Spinning Wheels, - 3 Roods 3 Ditto - 2 Roods 2 Ditto, - 1 Rood 1 Ditto. And to the Person who should sow in like Manner any Quantity of like Land, not less than 5 Acres, a Loom, or Wheels, Reels, or Hatchells to the Value of 50 shillings, and for every 5 Acres over and above the first five a like Premium.

The Claimants for one Rood, who are entitled to one Wheel each, are requested to apply to the County Inspector, Mr William Boyd for their Wheels, there being a sufficient Number ready to distribute among them. The other Premiums will be discharged in Rotation as the Wheels can be made, of which due Notice shall be given.

Every Person preferring Reels may have two of them in lieu of a Spinning Wheel.

The Scheme of Premiums offered by the Board for the Year 1796 has had so extensive an Effect that it will require 37,135 Wheels to discharge the One Rood Claimants, and not less than 88,719 Wheels, together with 227 Looms, to discharge the whole, which necessarily produces much delay in delivering.

As the highest Price is paid for the Wheels in order to have them of the best Fabric, of seasoned Timbers, and of full Size, no Claimant is to receive any Wheel deficient, in any respect: They are all to be stamped with the Board Seal before delivery, and with the Maker's Name.

And in order to render the national benefit proposed by the Trustees as effacious as possible, they request that any neglect of the Inspector in delivering Wheels of the best quality and equal excellence to the Pattern deposited with him, be instantly made known to them by information to any Trustees, or to the Inspector General, or by Letter to their Secretary, at the Linen Office, Dublin.

N.B. Any Inspector, Deputy Inspector, or Surveyor, or other Person acting under him or them who shall directly or indirectly receive any Fee, Gratuity, or Reward for the performance of his duty, becomes by such offence, disqualified by Act of Parliament to hold any Employment under the Linen Board.

Surname First No of Wheels
Actor John 3
Barr Robert 1
Birn Charles 1
Blackburn Samuel 1
Bogan Hugh 2
Bogan John 4
Bogan Luke 2
Bogan Neal 2
Bogan Owen 2
Bogan William 1
Bogan William 1
Boyle John 1
Breighan Andrew 3
Brown James 2
Brown John 1
Brown Joseph 1
Brown Joseph 2
Brown Samuel Esq 4
Burns John 2
Carland Michael 1
Coleman Isaac 4
Conaghlin Patrick 1
Conaglan James 1
Conaglin Bryan 4
Coningham John 2
Conniglan Edward 3
Cooper James 3
Cooper William 3
Cowan James 3
Creran Charles 2
Cunningham Robert 3
Donaghey Matthew 1
Donnell Charles 1
Doragh Matthew 1
Dorragh John 1
Dougherty Hugh 2
Dougherty James 1
Elliott John 4
Fleming Joseph 4
Flinn John 1
Friel Hugh 1
Galaugher Daniel 4
Garner Samuel 4
Graham John 4
Griffith John 1
Hamilton James 2
Hannah Thomas 1
Hannigan Bryan 2
Henderson Joseph 4
Higgarty Patrick 1
Higgarty Patrick 2
Higgins Michael 1
Holmes Charles 4
Holmes Gabriel 2
Jack Peter 4
Jack Robert 4
Janes Joseph 1
Janes Thomas 1
Johnston William 4
Keenan Charles 2
Keenan Neil 2
Kelly Denis 2
Kelly Hugh 1
Kelly James 2
Kilgrace James 2
Kilgrace John 1
Kilgrace William 2
Kirgant Charles 3
Kirgant John 1
Lafferty Catherine 1
Lafferty Michael 1
Lafforty Manus 2
Lafforty Murty 1
Leech John 1
Liddle John 2
Loughrey Andrew 4
Lyon Joseph 3
Lyon Nathan 2
Lyon Robert 2
Magill Henry 1
Mathews James 4
Mathews Samuel 4
McAntire James 1
McBraharty Thomas 2
McBreatry Thomas 1
McClure Robert 4
McCormack Hugh 2
McCormack James 2
McDevitt Hugh 1
McDevitt Patrick 1
McDonnel Robert 1
McGinlay Edward 2
McGinlay Edward 4
McIntire Aaron 3
McIntire Andrew 1
McKinney Francis 1
McKinney William 1
McLaughlin Hugh 1
McLaughlin James 2
McNulty Felix 1
McTeague John 1
Miller John 1
Moor Elizabeth 4
Neilson William 3
Nelson James 4
Nelson Joseph 3
O'Hara James 1
Orison Samuel 1
Potts John 1
Purveyance Samuel 3
Purveyance Samuel 4
Rogan Daniel 1
Rogan John 1
Rogan John 1
Rush William 2
Scandlon John 1
Scanlon Hugh 1
Simpson Henry 1
Sims James 3
Sims Robert 1
Smily William 2
Speer James 4
Spowl Robert 4
Toodey John 1
Wachob Thomas 3
Wachub Andrew 4
Wardlaw Samuel 2
Welsh Widow 1
White William 2
Wilkey Alexander 4
Wilson James 1
Wilson James 1
Wilson Robert 2


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