Death Notices, Fahan Upper Parish, Co Donegal

Transcribed from the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69

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January 2 1830  

At Fahan on Friday the 1st inst., in the 40th year of his age, the REV FRANCIS O’FLAGHERTY, Catholic Pastor, in the united Parishes of Fahan and Desertegney


March 6 1830  

On Friday, the 26th ult., at his residence, in Bishop Street, MR DANIEL O’DOHERTY, aged 48 years. His remains were accompanied to the burying ground at Fahan, by a large assemblage of his friends and citizens


January 22 1831  

At Fahan, at an advanced age, ANNE, second daughter of the late REV THOMAS NORMAN, of Lagore, county of Meath


May 26 1832 

On Saturday, the 19th inst., at Fahan, MRS HEATHE, relict of the late ADMIRAL HEATHE


April 12 1834  

At Fahan, on the 6th inst., aged 72 years, GEORGE McCONNELL, ESQ., formerly of this City [Londonderry], merchant


August 26 1837  

At Fahan, at the advanced age of 88, MR HUGH MAGORDY, gardener to the REV W. HAWKSHAW 


September 1 1838 

At his residence, at Griesloughmore, near Fahan, on the 17th ult., MR JOSEPH COCHRAN, at the advanced age of 85 years


July 13 1839 

On Wednesday 10th inst., at Rose Hill, Fahan, CATHARINE, wife of the REV HENRY SCOTT


April 18 1840 

On the 14th inst., in Kilmacrenan, where he went on a visit to his brother, DOCTOR MOLLOY, FRANCIS LUCAS, the youngest son of the REV F.L. MOLLOY, of Fahan, aged 21 years


 November 14 1840 

At his residence, Fahan, on the 1st inst., the REV DAVID HAMILTON, in the 62nd year of his age, and 42nd of his ministry


May 8 1841 

On the 26th ult., ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR JOHN MORTON, the Gort, Fahan


November 6 1841   

On the 29th ult., at the residence of her father, Chrislaghmore, Fahan, after a severe and protracted illness, MARGARET, the beloved wife of MR SAMUEL SHAW, of this City [Londonderry]


April 12 1845 

On the 27th ult., at 9 Harley Place, Clifton [Bristol], aged 73 years, JOSIAH MARSHALL, ESQ., Major General in the Hon. East India Company's Service, which he entered in the year 1790, and youngest son of the late REV JOSIAH MARSHALL, many years Rector of the Parish of Fahan, county Donegal, and latterly of Maghera, in the Diocese of Derry


August 16 1845 

At Fahan, on the 9th inst., after a short illness, in the 16th year of her age MARY JANE McCLELLAND  


April 4 1846  

At his residence, Castletown, Fahan, on the 27th ult., MR SAMUEL SHAW, formerly of this City [Londonderry]


July 11 1846  

On Friday evening, the 3rd inst., at Fahan Cottage, CATHERINE, wife of MICAH HAMILTON, ESQ


January 8 1848 

At Fahan, on the 3rd inst., at an advanced age, MISS CATHARINE SCHOALES


April 8 1848 

In this City, on the 25th March, ELIZA, third daughter of the late REV RICHARD HAWKSHAW, formerly Rector of Fahan, in the county Donegal


May 27 1848 

At Derry, on the 26th inst., MARGARET, relict of the late REV RICHARD HAWKSHAW, sometime Rector of Fahan


January 18 1850 

On the 10th inst., at her father's residence, at Millbrook, Fahan, MARY JANE, eldest daughter of MR WILLIAM BEATTY


February 1 1850 

On the 25th ult., at his residence, Letter, Fahan, MR ARCHIBALD BEATTY, aged 61 years


March 15 1850 

On the 7th inst, at his residence, Millbrook, Fahan, MR WILLIAM BEATTY, aged 63 years


September 13 1850 

On Wednesday, the 10th inst., at Fahan, MRS COWARD, widow of the late FLEMING COWARD, ESQ., of Her Majesty's Customs Londonderry


June 6 1851 

On Sabbath morning last, at his residence, Rosehill, Fahan, MR JOSEPH ALEXANDER, formerly of this City [Londonderry], aged 42 years


On Saturday, the 31st ult., at Lisfannon, near Fahan, county Donegal, after a protracted illness, MR CHARLES VANCE, aged 55 years


June 13 1851 

On Monday, the 9th inst., at Lisfannon, near Fahan, JANE, youngest daughter of MR ROBERT LONGWILL 


January 30 1852  

On the 29th inst., at Buncrana, MR HECTOR BEATTY, aged 49 years. His remains will be interred in Fahan churchyard at eleven o'clock on Saturday morning, the 31st instant


July 16 1852  

On the 8th inst., at Fahan, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, JOSEPH DENHAM, youngest son of DR CORBETT, Ship Quay Street [Londonderry], in the 13th year of his age


January 14 1853  

On Sunday, the 9th inst., at her late residence, Lisfannan, near Fahan, MRS VANCE, at the advanced age of 86 years


February 25 1853 

On 21st inst., JANE, the beloved wife of MR JAMES TODD, Ficary, Fahan


May 27 1853 

May 19th, at 5, Herbert Place, Dublin, in her 87th year, MISS CHARITY SCHOALES, late of Fahan


July 29 1853 

On Saturday, the 23rd inst., MISS GILLICHAN, of Fahan


December 23 1853  

On the 30th November, at Fahan, MR DANIEL McDONALD, aged 82 years


September 8 1854  

On the 2nd inst., in the 64th year of her age, SOPHIA, wife of MR CUNNINGHAM, of Toobin, Parish of Fahan, county Donegal


February 2 1855 

On the 25th ult., at Creeslaughkeil, Fahan, MRS ELIZABETH BARNES, aged 73 years


January 18 1856 

On the 14th inst., at Millbrook, Fahan, EMILY, daughter of the late MR WILLIAM BEATTY, aged 20 years


February 19 1858 

On Wednesday, the 27th ult., at her residence, Great James Street [Londonderry], LOUISA, sister of the late REV WILLIAM HAWKSHAW, Rector of Fahan


June 20 1856 

At her residence, Lisfannan, near Fahan, on the 17th inst., MRS MARY ANN CLARK, in her 41st year


December 12 1856 

At Kentucky, U.S., on the 20th October, ROBERT, eldest son of the late MR WILLIAM BEATTY, Millbrook, Fahan


June 26 1857  

On Wednesday, the 24th inst., ELIZA, the beloved wife of the REV JAMES DENHAM, D.D. Her remains will be removed from Fahan, on Monday morning, at seven o'clock


October 16 1857  

On the 15th inst., at his residence, Crescent, Derry, the REV ROBERT HIGINBOTHAM, aged 33 years. His remains will be removed for interment in Fahan Church yard, on Saturday morning, the 17th inst., at the hour of eleven o'clock


January 22 1858 

At Fahan, on the 18th inst., MR PATRICK McCRORY, for many years a member of the Revenue Police Force


March 19 1858 

On the 14th inst., at Lisfannon, Fahan, MRS ROBERT LONGWILL, aged 68 years


April 2 1858  

On the 24th ult., at Rosehill, Fahan, JAMES BROWN, aged two years and nine months, third son of the REV DAVID HANSON 


July 30 1858 

On the 24th inst., JANE, relict of the late MR JOHN ALEXANDER, Castleton, Fahan


April 15 1859  

April 11, at Rose Hill, Fahan, of whooping cough, the infant son of the REV DAVID HANSON


April 27 1860 

April 21, MRS WILLIAM BEATTY, of Millbrook, Fahan, aged 68 years


August 3 1860 

July 31, at her residence, Gort House, JANE, relict of the late REV DAVID HAMILTON, of Fahan, aged 78 years


September 28 1860 

September 23, at Castletown, Fahan, MISS PRISCILLA GILLIHAN, aged 50 years


December 14 1860 

December 13, at her residence, Castletown, Fahan, MARY RAMSEY, aged 78 years


September 27 1861  

September 18, MR DANIEL O’BRIEN, Tooban, Fahan, in the 77th year of his age


December 19 1862  

December 16, at his residence, Fahan Street [Londonderry], SERGEANT MAJOR JAMES GOARING, in the 59th year of his age


February 20 1863  

February 14, at Blessington Street, Dublin, KATE, third and youngest daughter of MICAH HAMILTON, ESQ., late of Fahan Cottage, county Donegal, aged 12 years and 7 months


July 21 1863  

July 19, at Fahan, MR DANIEL WATSON, aged 72 years. His remains will arrive for interment in the Cathedral burying-ground [Londonderry], on Thursday morning, at half-past ten o'clock


January 19 1864 

January 17, at Castletown, Fahan, MR JOSEPH GILLICHAN, aged 68 years


February 26 1864  

February 19, GEORGE, son of MR WILLIAM McCLAY, Creeslaghkeel, Fahan, aged 8 years and 9 months


March 18 1864  

On the 15th February, at Buncrana, THOMAS BENJAMIN, aged 5 years and 4 months, son of MR THOMAS BROWN, of the coast guard station, Fahan


On the 14th March, at Buncrana, HARRIET ELIZABETH, aged six months, the daughter of MR THOMAS BROWN, of the coast guard station, Fahan


August 9 1864  

On the 3rd August, at his residence, Fahan, MR MOSES GRAHAM, aged 53 years


August 19 1864  

August 12, at Castletown, Fahan, MISS ELIZABETH McCLELLAND, in the 68th year of her age


December 16 1864 

December 14, at 19 Brougham Street, Belfast, WILLIAM O’DONNELL DOHERTY, eldest son of MR WILLIAM J. DOHERTY, C.E., aged one year and eleven months. His remains will be conveyed to the Roman Catholic Burying ground, Fahan, by the 9.30 train from Belfast on the 16th inst., arriving at Derry at 2.30p.m.


May 2 1865  

May 1, at 4 London Street, Derry, ISABELLA WILLIAMS, aged 23 years, after a protracted illness. Her remains will be removed for interment in the burying ground of Fahan, on Thursday morning, the 4th inst


September 12 1865 

September 7, at her residence, Fahan, ANNE, relict of the late MR MOSES GRAHAM, aged 53 years


May 1 1866  

April 27, at Fahan, MARY DEAN, relict of the late MR SAMUEL DEAN, Burnfoot, aged 80 years


June 29 1866 

June 27, at Castletown, Fahan, MR ROBERT McCLELLAND, in the 68 year of his age


January 15 1867  

January 11, at Fahan, JANE, eldest daughter of the late RICHARD MORTON, ESQ., of this City


January 22 1867  

On Thursday, an inquest was held in the County Infirmary, before MINCHIN LLOYD, ESQ., Coroner, into the death of ROBERT NICHOLS, who had been admitted the previous evening. It appears that Nichols who lived at Craigtown, near Fahan, was returning from Derry on a cart accompanied by a MARY ADAMS, when he fell off the cart. A subsequent examination by DR HAMILTON found that he had injured his spine, who conveyed him to the Infirmary. DR WILLIAM MATURIN, House Surgeon in his evidence stated that Nichols had died from a fracture of the spine near the neck. The jury found a verdict of Accidental death


February 12 1867 

On the 10th February, at Fahan, MR WILLIAM DOHERTY, Surveyor. His remains will be removed for interment in the Roman Catholic Burying Ground, Fahan, on this, Tuesday, morning, the 12th inst., at ten o'clock


March 15 1867 

March 12, at Fahan House, SELINA, daughter of the late THOMAS HUDDLESTON, ESQ., Dublin


June 26 1868 

June 19, at his residence, Cashel, Parish of Upper Fahan, MR PATRICK LYNCH, aged 72 years


April 9 1869

April 5, at his father's residence, Castletown, Fahan, JOSEPH COCHRANE, the infant son of JAMES F. LAMBERTON, aged 1 year


July 16 1869 

July 9, at Craigtown, Fahan, suddenly, of apoplexy, ELIZABETH MULHOLLAND, aged 32 years


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