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Early Census Data


1841 - 20 people and 3 houses

1851 - 22 people and 3 houses

1861 - 7 people (7 males) and 3 houses


Population evicted by Landlord in April 1861 - Nil return in census 1871 - 1911





3 tenants

Daniel Callaghan

Hugh Rodden

Edward Sweeney



Landlord James Johnston


1 Edward Sweeney & Hannah Callaghan, 177 0 20 mountain land, Manus Rodden, 1 1 5 arp land

2 Edward Sweeney, 18 0 30 arp land

3 Hannah Callaghan. house, outbuildings and 27 0 22 arp land

4 Manus Rodden, house and 25 0 5 arp land


1851 Census Return


No Surname First Relationship Occupation
1 Rodden Hugh Head Farmer
  Rodden Betty Wife  
  Rodden Manus Son Labourer
  Rodden Bridget Dau Not at school
  Rodden Edward Son Not at school
  Rodden Mary Dau Not at school
  Rodden Betty Dau Not at school
  Rodden Hugh Dau Not at school


Absent - daughter, Susan, Servant

Died bef 1851 - Son, John

2 Callaghan Hannah Head Holds land
  Callaghan Miles Son Labourer
  Callaghan Bryan Son Labourer
  Callaghan Charles Son Labourer
  Callaghan Hugh Son Labourer
  Callaghan Hannah Dau Servant
  Callaghan Catherine Dau Servant


Died bef 1851 - Son, John

3 Sweeney Edward Head Farmer
  Sweeney Susey Wife  
  Sweeney Miles Son Labourer
  Sweeney Daniel Son Labourer
  Sweeney Alexander Son Not at school
  Sweeney Mary Dau Not at school
  Sweeney Ambrose Son Not at school


Absent - daughters Bridget, Mary & Nancy



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