List of Electors 1919 - Gartan Parish Townlands

Division I: The names of those persons who are entitled to vote both as parliamentary and as local government electors

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Thanks to Bernadette, the Donegal County Library and Donegal County Archives.


Abbreviations: R = Residence qualification, O = Occupational qualification, HO = qualification through husband's occupation

Surname First Townland Nature of Qualification
    Parliamentary Local Govt
Reilly Philip Altinadague R O
Reilly Susan Altinadague HO HO
Gallagher Charles Ardachrin R O
Gallagher John Ardachrin R O
Gallagher Bridget Ardachrin HO HO
Harley Charles Ardachrin R O
Harley Mary Ardachrin HO HO
Harley Ellen Ardachrin O O
McCormack Daniel Ardachrin R O
McGlynn John Ardachrin R O
McGlynn Rose Ardachrin HO HO
Boyle John Ballynascall R O
Boyle Bridget Ballynascall HO HO
Brennan Mary Ballynascall O O
Gallagher Patrick Ballynascall R O
Gallagher Rose Ballynascall HO HO
Kelly Edward Ballynascall R O
Kelly Mary Ballynascall HO HO
Johnstone Kitty E.H. Belville or Gartan O O
McCormick James Bingorms R O
McCormick Mary Bingorms HO HO
Curran Mary Carrickatimpan O O
Curran Patrick Carrickatimpan R O
Curran Catherine Carrickatimpan HO HO
Doherty James Carrickatimpan R O
Doherty William Carrickatimpan R O
Gallagher Charles Carrickatimpan R O
Gallagher Bridget Carrickatimpan HO HO
Gallagher Daniel Carrickatimpan R O
Gallagher Rose Carrickatimpan HO HO
Gallagher Edward Carrickatimpan R O
Gallagher John Carrickatimpan R O
Gallagher Anne Carrickatimpan O O
Mullan James Carrickatimpan R O
Mullan Isabella Carrickatimpan HO HO
O'Donnell Margery Carrickatimpan O O
O'Donnell Mary Carrickatimpan O O
Armour Joseph Carrowtrasna R O
Armour Mary Jane Carrowtrasna HO HO
Bovaird John Carrowtrasna R O
Bovaird Sarah Carrowtrasna HO HO
Conaghan Bernard Carrowtrasna R O
Conaghan Patrick Carrowtrasna R O
Conaghan Isabella Carrowtrasna HO HO
Conaghan William Carrowtrasna R O
Conaghan John Carrowtrasna R O
Duggan Patrick Carrowtrasna R O
Gamble James Carrowtrasna R O
Gamble Margaret Carrowtrasna HO HO
Neely William Carrowtrasna R O
Neely Isabella Carrowtrasna HO HO
Russell Charles Carrowtrasna R O
Wilkie John Carrowtrasna R O
Wilkie Fanny Jane Carrowtrasna O O
Duddy Mary Churchhill O O
Duggan Bartholomew, Rev Churchhill R O
Harvey James Gerlad, Rev Churchhill R O
Hay Hugh Churchhill R O
Hay Annie Churchhill HO HO
Maguire Maggie Churchhill O O
Melly Denis Churchhill R O
McCay Hugh Churchhill R O
McCay Mary Churchhill HO HO
McCay Patrick Churchhill R O
McCay Kate Churchhill HO HO
McClafferty Hugh Churchhill R O
McClafferty Sarah Churchhill HO HO
O'Donnell Daniel Churchhill R O
O'Donnell Mary Churchhill HO HO
O'Leary Timothy Churchhill R O
O'Leary Winifred Churchhill HO HO
Ryan Bella Churchhill O O
Stafford Thomas Churchhill R O
Wilkie William Churchhill R O
Wilkie Rebecca Churchhill HO HO
Wilkin Robert Churchhill R O
Doherty Patrick Churchtown R O
Russell George Churchtown R O
Stafford James Churchtown R O
Tease Samson Churchtown R O
Buchanan Matthew Claggan South R O
McCay George Claggan South R O
McCay Bridget Claggan South O O
Stewart William Claggan South R O
Stewart Fanny Claggan South HO HO
Curran Charles Clondavaddog R O
Curran Bernard Clondavaddog R O
Gallagher Hugh Clondavaddog R O
Gallagher Alice Clondavaddog HO HO
McBride Sarah Clondavaddog O O
McCay Bridget Clondavaddog O O
McCay Patrick Clondavaddog R O
McCay Bridget Clondavaddog HO HO
McCay John Clondavaddog R O
McCay Mary Anne Corderry HO HO
Duffy Daniel Corderry R O
Duffy Rose Corderry HO HO
Ferry Daniel Corderry R O
Ferry Mary Corderry O O
Ferry Michael Corderry R O
Harkin Bernard Corderry R O
Harkin Fanny Corderry HO HO
McCay James Corderry R O
McCay Ellen Corderry HO HO
McGinley Daniel Corderry R O
McGinley Ellen Cornagullion HO HO
Duddy Neal Cornagullion R O
Duddy Susan Cornagullion HO HO
Gallagher Edward Cornagullion R O
Gallagher Sarah Cornagullion HO HO
McMonagle James Cornagullion R O
McMonagle Alice Cornagullion HO HO
McMonagle Manus Cornagullion R O
McMonagle Mary Cornagullion HO HO
O'Donnell Margaret Cornagullion O O
Ferry Patrick Crockraw R O
Frize Patrick Crockraw R O
Frize Fanny Crockraw HO HO
Long William Crockraw R O
Toner James Crockraw R O
Toner Annie Crockraw HO HO
Gallagher Hugh Drumnasharagh R O
Gallagher Grace Drumnasharagh HO HO
Gallagher Catherine Drumnasharagh O O
McCormack Charles Drumnasharagh R O
McCormack John Drumnasharagh R O
McDevitt Anne Drumnasharagh HO HO
McDevitt John Drumnasharagh R O
McKelvey Mary Drumnasharagh HO HO
McKelvey Edward Drumnasharagh R O
Ward Grace Drumnasharagh HO HO
Ward James Drumnasharagh R O
Duddy Neal Drumnawooa R O
McGroarty John Drumnawooa R O
McGroarty Anne Drumnawooa HO HO
McLaughlin James Drumnawooa R O
McLaughlin Manus Drumnawooa R O
McLaughlin Susanna Drumnawooa HO HO
Boyle Charles Drumsallagh R O
Boyle John Drumsallagh R O
Boyle Susan Drumsallagh HO HO
Boyle Mary (Daniel) Drumsallagh O O
Boyle Mary (James) Drumsallagh O O
Herron Lawrence Drumsallagh R O
Herron Susan Drumsallagh HO HO
Herron Patrick Drumsallagh R O
Herron Kate Drumsallagh HO HO
Mullan Mary Drumsallagh O O
McConnell John Drumsallagh R O
McConnell Hannah Drumsallagh HO HO
McFadden Margery Drumsallagh O O
Sweeney James Drumsallagh R O
Sweeney Bridget Drumsallagh HO HO
Doherty Mary Falbane O O
Duddy James Falbane R O
Duddy John Falbane R O
Duddy Mary Falbane HO HO
Frize Margaret Falbane O O
Kelly Anne Falbane O O
Kelly Patrick Falbane R O
Kelly Bridget Falbane HO HO
McMonagle James Falbane R O
McMonagle Anne Falbane HO HO
Ward Hannah Falbane O O
Anderson John Glebe R O
Anderson Mary Anne Glebe HO HO
Johnstone Kitty E.H. Glebe (Abode - Bellville) O O
Murray John Glebehill R O
Murray Mary Glebehill HO HO
Adair Cornelia Glenbeagh O O
Brady James Glenbeagh R O
Brady Bridget Glenbeagh HO HO
Gamble James Glenbeagh R O
Gamble Elizabeth Glenbeagh HO HO
McDonnell Alister Glenbeagh R O
McDonnell Katherine Glenbeagh HO HO
McDonald Donald Glenbeagh R O
Nolan Mary Glenbeagh O O
Rainey John Glenbeagh R O
Curran Henry Glendowanbeg R O
Kerr Hugh Glendowanbeg R O
Kerr Anne Glendowanbeg HO HO
Boyle Anne Iniskill O O
Boyle James Iniskill R O
Durneen Grace Iniskill O O
Gallagher John (James) Iniskill R O
Gallagher John Iniskill R O
Gallagher Bridget Iniskill HO HO
Gallagher Charles Iniskill R O
Gallagher Anne Iniskill HO HO
McCormack Patrick Iniskill R O
McCormack Jane Iniskill HO HO
Boyle Charles Kilmore R O
Boyle Margaret Kilmore HO HO
Boyle John Kilmore R O
Conaghan Thomas Kilmore R O
Crossan John Kilmore R O
McDevitt Stephen Kilmore R O
Neely James Kilmore R O
Neely Jane Kilmore HO HO
Doherty William Lacknacoo R O
Doherty Annie Lacknacoo HO HO
Gallagher John Lacknacoo R O
Gallagher Catherine Lacknacoo HO HO
Gallagher Susan Lacknacoo O O
O'Donnell John Lacknacoo R O
O'Donnell Bridget Lacknacoo HO HO
Neely Margaret Lacknacoo O O
Stafford Margaret Lacknacoo O O
Ward Charles Lacknacoo R O
Ward Fanny Lacknacoo HO HO
Boyle John Losset R O
Bradley Michael Losset R O
Conaghan Hugh Losset R O
Conaghan Catherine Losset HO HO
Conaghan Ferdy Losset R O
Conaghan John Losset NM O
Conaghan Rose Losset O O
Conaghan Fanny Losset O O
Doherty John Losset R O
Duggan Michael Losset R O
Duggan Jane Losset HO HO
Gallagher Bryan Losset R O
Gallagher Mary Losset HO HO
Hanlon Bridget Losset O O
Kerr Anne Losset O O
Kerr James Losset R O
Kerr Rose Losset HO HO
Kerr Stephen Losset R O
Kerr Teresa Losset HO HO
Murray Patrick Losset R O
McConnell Mary Losset O O
McLaughlin James Losset R O
McLaughlin William Losset R O
O'Donnell Bridget Losset O O
O'Donnell Edward Losset R O
O'Donnell Margery Losset HO HO
Rodden Hugh Losset R O
Ryan William Losset R O
McHugh Neal Loughbarra or Croagheen R O
McElhinney Patrick Loughbarra or Croagheen R O
Doohan Charles Maghernashangan R O
Doohan James Maghernashangan R O
Kelly James Maghernashangan R O
Kelly Maggie Maghernashangan HO HO
Gallagher John Meenawilligan R O
Gallagher Sarah Meenawilligan O O
Frize Michael Meenawilligan R O
Smith James sen Meenawilligan R O
Smith Jane Meenawilligan O O
Smith James jnr Meenawilligan R O
Smith Margaret Meenawilligan HO HO
Duffy John Mossfield R O
Duddy Michael Mountpleasure R O
Frize Denis Mountpleasure R O
Frize Sarah Mountpleasure HO HO
McCormack James Mountpleasure R O
McCormack Rose Mountpleasure HO HO
Toner Patrick Mountpleasure R O
Buchanan Alexander Roshin R O
Forrest James Roshin R O
Forrest Maggie Roshin HO HO
Forrest William Roshin R O
Moore James Roshin R O
Moore Anne Jane Roshin HO HO
O'Donnell Stephen Roshin R O
O'Donnell Annie Roshin HO HO
Gallagher William Staghall R O
Boyle John Stramore R O
Callaghan Anne Stramore HO HO
Callaghan John Stramore R O
Coll Teague Stramore R O
Coll Mary Stramore HO HO
Crossan Rose Stramore O O
Gallagher Charles Stramore R O
Gallagher Joseph Stramore R O
Gallagher Giley Stramore O O
Gallagher Mary Stramore O O
Gallagher Edward Stramore R O
McMonagle James Stramore R O
Sweeney Grace Stramore HO HO
Sweeney Edward Stramore R O
Murray James Whitehill R O
McDermott Neal Whitehill R O
McDermott Bridget Whitehill HO HO
Kerr Bernard Whitehill R O
Rodden Margaret Whitehill O O
Ryan Patrick Whitehill R O
Wasson Sarah Jane Whitehill O O


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