Hearth Money Rolls - 1665 - Gartan

A RETURN of the several HEARTHS firing places and stoves within the county aforesaid by virtue of an Act of Parliament for establishing an additional revenue upon his Majesty his heirs and successors for ever for the better support of his and their honour and dignity to us and others his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in the said County directed.


Hugh o'Dogherty of Ballymaquin
Neale o'Donell of Ballymaquin
Owen o'Donell of Ballymaquin


Torlagh m'Manumy of Carowtresna
Loram Spance of Carowtresna


Edmund o'Diver of Carrowfurt
Owen o'Dogherty of Carrowfurt

Art o'Dougherty of Carrowfurt
Bryan o'Dougherty of Carrowfurt
William o'Dougherty of Carrowfurt

Hugh o'Duffy of Carrowfurt


Owen o'Kerran of Carrowreagh
Tegg o'Meghan of Carrowreagh


Donnagh m'Roddy of Deriveagh


Dualtagh o'Dogherty of Glendone
James o'Gillerone of Glendone


Donell Campble of Kilmore
James Knox of Kilmore


Gilmurry o'Deneer of Lossett
Dermund o'Fyell of Lossett