Gartan Family Photographs

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Carr of Glendowanbeg


These photographs were submitted by Connie Carr Comte


Great grandfather Hugh Carr

Great grandmother Anne Coll

Grandfather Hugh Carr abt 1907

Granduncle Daniel Carr

Hugh Carr, Annie Carr Lennon and Patrick A. Carr

Apr 1963

Granduncle John Carr

Hugh Gene Carr (her father), Darrell, Margaret, Sharon,

Hugh, Patrick and Lyle James (Jim)


Mary Carr daughter of Hugh and Anne Carr

Margaret Holcomb Carr

Annie & Cassie Coll, wife and daughter of Patrick Coll,

who was a nephew of Anne Coll

Granny Rose Quinn, mother-in-law of Patrick Coll

Cassie Carr holding a flower


Connaghan/Kerr of Losset


These photographs were submitted by Robert Small


Great grandmother Rose Kerr (nee Connaghan), to her right is Mary Connaghan

Tthe little girl is Nan Connaghan and the young boy is Charles Connaghan (his grandfather)

The two men are her son Dennis Kerr and her nephew Paddy Connaghan (not known which is which)

Great grandmother Rose Kerr (nee Connaghan)



Doherty/Duddy of Killymasny/Mountpleasure


These photographs were submitted by Joe Dougherty



Sarah Frize & Joe 'The Post' Duddy

Mass Cards for Joseph & Sarah Duddy

Wedding of John Doherty & Annie Duddy 3 Jul 1935

John Doherty, Annie Duddy, & John Jnr 1936

Patrick Duddy, Tony Callaghan, Margaret Duddy Noone, Joe 'The Post' Duddy, Michael Duddy,

John Noone, Mayme, Joe & Josie Duddy 1953


Gallagher of Carrickatimpan


These photographs were submitted by Jerry Lou Gallagher


John Ban Gallagher & sons, James, Patrick, John, Hugh, Ned, Daniel, & Timothy 

(James is next to his father and Timothy is the youngest boy)

The Gallagher family singing & playing tunes. ca. 1940's

Bridgit Harley, daughter of James Harley & Mary Ellen Carr

She married James Gallagher of The Lodge, Carrickatimpan

Bridgit Harley Gallagher & husband James Gallagher


James Gallagher, b. 1911

Ellen "Nellie" Harley Gallagher, b. 1885, dau of James Harley & Ellen Carr

Married John Gallagher, brother to James who married Bridgit Harley

Mary Coll Harley, and Patrick & his mother Bridget Harley Gallagher

Bridgit Harley Gallagher and her 10 children at The Lodge, 1964


Gallagher of Drumnasharragh


This photograph was submitted by Brendan O'Dwyer


Bridget McGinley, wife of Charles Gallagher


Gallagher of Stramore


These photographs were submitted by Lindel Buckley


John O'Donnell, b 1839 in Augullies, Templecrone & Fanny Gallagher b Stramore abt 1850, a daughter of Hugh Gallagher & Anne Doherty

(Gr gr grandparents)

  Children of John and Fanny  

Hugh O'Donnell (no enlargement)

Hugh & his wife Mary Lucy (Garrett) O'Donnell

John Francis & Mary (Troy) O'Donnell

Anne O'Donnell (Rev Mother Obiessance)


James Arthur & Margaret Josephine (Troy) O'Donnell & children


Sylvester & Sylverta (Pope) O'Donnell

with Walter & Sylvester Henry John (my grandfather)

  Family of Fanny's brother, James Gallagher  

James Joseph Gallagher & Myrtle Mary Gilling

Dec 1909

Kitty & Biddy Gallagher (back)

Maggie & Fanny Gallagher (front), friend (far right)

Mary Ann Gallagher (Sister Mary St Rita)


Mullan of Drumsallagh


This photograph was submitted by Peter Sherry


Hugh Mullan and daughter Mary c 1890



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