Gartan Parish House Books

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House Books

The House Books, together with the Field Books and Tenure Books were the original notebooks recorded by the surveyors when compiling the Valuation of Ireland. Field Books give details on the amount and the value of the land, House Books record the occupier's name and the measurement and use of any building on the holdings, and Tenure Books again record the occupier's name, the annual rent paid and the legal basis on which the holding was held i.e. at will or by lease.

The three above mentioned records are available to view at the National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 and also kept at the Valuation Office,

Irish Life Centre, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin


Surveyed August - September 1855 by Michael Deering, Surveyor




Bellville or Gartan




Church Hill








Lindel Buckley

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