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The following marriages and baptisms were collected by Muriel Sherlock. 

Note 1: This is not a complete listing from the register.

Note 2: Where a name is in green, it is linked to the email address of a descendant.





Headings :-  Bride/Groom  Place of Residence - Parents - Place of Residence


1.   2. 1880

Daniel Doherty, Clooncarney - John Doherty, Clooncarney

Cecilia Brennan, Clooncarney - Hugonis Brennan, Clooncarney

Wit:-Jacobus Murray and Anna McBride - both from Kilpheak


11. 6. 1880

Francisus Gallagher, Kilgoneaney - Jacobus & Grace Gallagher, Craghey

Eleanor O’Donnell, Barrick - Hugonis & Frances O’Donnell, Barrick

Wit:- Hugh O’Donnell of Kilpheak & Carolus Kennedy of Barrick



Eduardus Gallagher, Altadish - Patricus & Brigid Gallagher, Altadish

Anna McGinley, Brogagh - Michael & Susan McGinley, Brogagh

Wit:- Edwardius McDaid of Carrick & Brigida McGinley, Brogagh


9.   1. 1881

Nigelus Brown Kask? - Nigellus & Margaret Brown, Kask ?

Anna Gallagher, Ballystrong - Daniel & Maria Gallagher, Ballystrong

Wit:-  Eduardus Kelly of Kilpheak and Rosa Brown of Ballystrong.     


15. 2. 1881

Mam—asso ? Kelly, Breenagh - Jacobus & Maria Kelly, Breenagh

Maria Doherty, Breenagh - Jamius & Alice Doherty,  Breenagh

Wit:- Eduardo Kelly of Milltown and Maria Doherty of Breenagh.



Patricus McNamee, Cloughfin - Gulielmus McNamee, Glenfin

Catherina Gallagher, Tullyhoner - Conrnelius Gallagher, Tullyhoner

Wit:- Patricus McNamee and Anna Sweeney. Both of Glenfin.


Feb 1877

Denis Curran, Clondavadoc - Patricus Curran, Clondavadoc

Brigid Doherty, Kilpheak - Carolus Doherty, Kilpheak

Wit:-  Patricus Frize and Maria McDade



BAPTISMS 1874 - 1880


Born 24. 12. 1880  baptised 25 Dec

Joseph Gallagher to James Gallagher and Catherine Mullan of Rosheen

God-parents John Gallagher & Susanna Gallagher.


Born 17 July 1880 baptised 18th July

Anna Daly, to Bernard Daly and Elinor Gallagher of Cabra

God parents Hugh Doherty and Elinor Doherty


Born 23. 8. 1880 baptised 29 August

James Doherty to Richard Doherty and Margarita McDaid of Killymasney

God parents Patrick McLaughlin & Maria McLaughlin


Born 22. 9. 1880  baptised 25th Sept

Maria Eleaonara Devenny  to Patrick Devenny and Mabia Gallagher of Crossogs ?

God parents John Cashery and Maria Gallagher.


Born 11.11.1880  baptised 11. Nov.

Jacobus Doherty to Patrick Doherty and Brigid McCafferty of Derora

God parents Bernard Harkin and Winifred Harkin


Born 8. 5. 1880  baptised 11th May

Daniel Doherty  to Daniel Doherty and Julia Mulloy of Barrick

God parents Carolus Doherty and Brigida Martin.


Born 25. 5. 1880  baptised 25 May

Anna Gallagher to Dyionysis Gallagher and Eleanora Toner of Blackfalls

God parents Petro Toner and Catherina Toner.


Born 28. 5. 1880 Baptised 30th May

Michael Doherty to Michael Doherty & Winifreda Kelly of Breenagh

God parents Patricus Doherty & Mabia Doherty


Born 25. 10. 1879  baptised 26 Oct.

Sarah Diver to Dyionysius Diver and Margarita Doherty of Pollins

God parents - Cornelius Gallagher and Eleanor Gallagher


born 11.11.1879  baptised 13. Nov

Maria Doherty to Jacobus Doherty and Maria McMonagle of Derora

God parents Patricus Toner and Brigida Doherty


Born 20.11.1879   baptised 23 Nov

Jacobus Daly to Hugone Daly and Brigida Sweeney  of Derora

God parents Hugone Doherty and Anna Doherty


Born 25. 7. 1879  baptised  27 July

Jacobus Callaghan to Joanes Callagher & Honora Sweeney of Tullynas--- ?

God parents Carolus Patten and Anna Patten


Born 23. 3. 1879  Baptised 26 Mar

Patrictus Boyle to Bernardo Boyle & Maria Gallagher of Glendone

God parents Carolus Gallagher and Brigida Gallagher.


Born 6. 4. 1879  Baptised 7th April

Patrictus Gallagher to Edwardo Gallagher and Honora Boner of Treankeel

God parents Dyonysis  McDevitt and Brigida Gallagher


Born 25. 4. 1879  Baptised 27 April

Joannes Curran  to Jacobus Curran and Elleanor Gallagher of Stackernagh

Wit:-  Hugone McMonagle and Rosa McMonagle


Born 6. 5. 1879  baptised  8th May

Susanna McGrenera to Gulielms McGrenra and Cecilia Gallagher  of Keelogs

God parents Gulielmus Gallagher and Anna Gallagher


Born 15.12.1879  Baptised  17 Dec

Eleanora McMonagle  to Andreas McMonagle and Winifreda Gallagher of Drimenaught

God parents Andreas Friel and Maria Friel


Born 18. 1. 1878  Baptised 20 Jan

Jacobus Friel to Hugoni Friel and Maria Gallagher of Tullyhoner

God parents Daniel Gallagher and Maria McFadden


Born 16. 2. 1878  Baptised  16 Feb

Fredricus McNamee to Carolus McNamee and Maria Gallagher of Carrickalongan

God parents  Patro McGlinchey and Brigida McGlinchey


Born 16. 3. 1878  Baptised  18 Mar

Margarita Herron to Patrictus Herron and Margarita Gallagher of Carrickkilongan

God parents Susanna McMenamin and Maria Marley


Born 18. 7. 1878  Baptised 18 July

Jacobus Doherty to Nealus ? / Nygela ? Doherty and Maria Harkin of Legnahoory

God parents Columbanus Frize and Winifreda McDaid

(Legnahoory Parish of Kilmacrennan)


Born August 1878  ( no day recorded )  Baptised 4 August

Patricus Doherty to Michaels Doherty and ?   Kelly  of Breenagh

God parents Thomas McFadden and Brigida McGlinchey


Born August 1878  Baptised 4 August

Daniel Daly to Bernard Daly and Ellenora Gallagher of Cabra

God parents Daniel Gallagher and Rosa Gallagher


Born 14. 3. 1878  baptised 17th March

Sara Doherty to Bernardo Doherty and Maria Diver Townland indecipherable

God parents Nigellus Diver and Sarah Diver


Born 13. 4. 1878  Baptised 15 April

Eduardus Butler to Eduardus Butler and Brigida Gallagher of Tullyhullion

God parents  Henricus Butler and Maria Butler


Born 15. 4. 1878  baptised 16 April

Frances McGurkan to Jacobus McGurkan & Maria Gallagher of Glenkernagh ?

God parents Samuel Gallagher and Brigida Gallagher


Born 4 May 1878  Baptised 5th May

Franciscus McFadden to Thadores McFadden and Maria Gallagher of Altaurran ?

God Parents - ? Gallagher and Brigida Gallagher.


Born 4., 7. 1878   Baptism no date given

Gulielms Gallagher to Joannus Gallagher and Maria Russell of Tully -  ultin ?

God parents not recorded.


Born 28. 6. 1877   Baptised 1 July

Elizabeth Daly to Hugonis Daly and Brigida Sweeney of Derora

God parents Jerimus Crossan and Honora McDaid


Born 31. 7. 1877  Baptised  1 August

Eduardus Doherty to Eduardus Doherty and Brigida McCormic of Craghey

God parents Jacobus Callaghan / Gallagher ? and Catherine Gallagher. 


Born 8. 2. 1877  Baptised 11 Feb

Eleanora Doherty to Patrictus Doherty & Brigida McCafferty of Derora

God parents Jacobus Doherty and Maria Doherty


Born 15. 2. 1877  Baptised 18 Feb

Jacobus Gallagher to Jacobus Gallagher and Brigida Callaghan of Keelogs

God parents Francis Callaghan and Isabella Gallagher


Born 20. 2. 1877  Baptised 21 Feb

Joannes Diver to Dionysis Diver and Margaret Doherty  of Rollins

God parents Nugalls Gallagher and Margaret Gallagher


Born 12. 3. 1877  Baptised 13 Mar

Brigida Gallagher to Joanns Gallagher and Catherine ( Nelson  ? )  of Baughan

God parents Jacobus Gallagher and Susanna Gallagher.


Born 21. 4. 1877  Baptised April ( no day recorded )

Hugo Doherty to Daniel Doherty & Joann ( Joan ? ) Mulloy of Barrack

God parents Michael Doherty and Brigid McDevitt


Born 6. 2. 1876  Baptised 22 Feb

Margarita Gallagher to Dionysis Gallagher and Maria Toner of Killymasney

God parents Eduardo McMonigle and Brigida McMonigle


Born 20. 9. 1876  Baptised 23 Sept

Bartholomanus Doherty to Jacobus Doherty and Anna MacLaughlin of Altanerin

God parents Eduardo Sheils and Francisca Sheils


Born  20.10.1876  Baptised 22 October

Jacobus Doherty  to Michael Doherty and Winifreda Kelly of Breenagh

God parents Jacobus  Kelly and Helena Kelly


Born  23.10.1876  Baptised 24 Oct

Sarah Devine to Hugone Devine and  Hanna Gallagher of Kirkneady

God Parents Carolus Harran and Catherine Harron

(Sarah was married 25 June or Jan  1910 to Michael O’Kane Templemore Londonderry )


Born 7. 6. 1876  Baptised 11 June

Catherine McFaddin to Thadaillac MacFaddin and Maria Gallagher of Altanerin

God parents Hugone Gallagher and Anna Gallagher


Born 22. 6. 1876  Baptised 25 June

Patricius MacDevitt to Eugenis MacDevitt and Gratis Gallagher of Ballystrong

God parents Bernardo MacDevitt and Sarah MacDevitt


Born 8. 9. 1876  Baptised Sept ( no day given)

Brigida MacMonagle to Andreas MacMonagle and Winifrieda Gallagher of Drumanagh

God parents Henricus Buttler and Maria Buttler.


Born 6. 4. 1876  Baptised 7 April

Brigida Doherty to Patricius Doherty and Maria Kelly of Pollins

God parents Michael Doherty and Winifreda Doherty


Born 9. 4. 1876  Baptised 11 April

Carolus Doherty to Eduardo Doherty and Brigeda MacCormick of Craghey

God parents Patricius Cunnihan and Sara Cunnihan

Cunnihan now spelt Conaghan


Born 18. 4. 1876  Bapt 20 April

Jacobus Gallagher  to Joannes Gallagher and Maria Russell of Tullyhoner

God parents Eduardo Gallagher & Hanna Bonner.


Born 22. 4. 1876  Baptised 22 April

Bernardus Daly to Brnardus Daly and Helena Gallagher Cabrey ( Cabra ? )

God parents Guilielme Gallagher and Maria Daly.


Born 1.12.1875   Baptised 2 Dec

Susanna Boyle to Jacobus Boyle and Maria Gallagher of Drumbolg ?

God parents Joanns Gallagher and Anna Gallagher.


Born 16.12.1875  Baptised 19 Dec

Joannes Gallagher to Rogeris Gallagher and Margarita Carbery of Kilpheak

God parents Joannes MacLaughlin and Hanna Maclaughlin


Born 2. 2. 1875  Baptised 6 Feb

Catherine Devanney  to Patricius Devanney and Cecilia Gallagher of Killymasney

God parents Nigells Devanny and Brigida Devanny


Born 13. 2. 1875  Baptised  13 Feb

Michael Duddy to Patricius Duddy and Margarita McDevitt of Prucklish

God parents Gulielme Doherty and Hanna Doherty


Born 19. 2. 1875  Baptised  23 Feb

Alicia Doherty to Recardo Doherty and Margarita MacDevitt of Killymasney

God parents Carolos  Kelly and Maria Kelly


Born 10. 8. 1875  Baptised  12 August

Joseph Hearkin to Jacobus Hearkin and Maria Doherty of Tullyhullion

God parents Antonis Gallagher and Helena Gallagher


Born 15. 8. 1875  Baptised 16 August

Gratia Gallagher to Joannes Gallagher and Cecilia McFadden of Altadish

God parents Manasse Cunnihan and Maria Cunnihan


Born 16. 10. 1875  Baptised   October ( No date) but probably with a couple of days

Catherina Doherty to Bernardo Doherty and Maria Doherty of Fahykeen

God parents  Daniel MacDevitt and Maria MacDevitt


Born 6.11.1875  Baptised  Nov

Maria Anne MacDevitt to Patricus MacDevitt and Gratia Kennedy of Ballybeg

God parents Dionysis MacDevitt and Helena MacDevitt


Born 3.11.1875  Baptised  Nov

Maria Bradley to Joannes Bradley and Alicia Duddy of Prucklish

God Parents Jeanne Carbery and Maria Carbery

( above Joannes is written Carolus )  So was the PP not sure or was he John Charles ?


Born 12. 6. 1875  Baptised  13th June

Petrius Gallagher  to Michael Gallagher and Hanna McGinley of Vagi ? 

God Parents Euginis McGinley and Catherina McGinley

( This townland is anyone’s guess - it isn’t in the  Topographical )


Born 26. 6. 1875  Baptised  27 June

Hugo Devine to Hugone Devine and Hanna Gallagher  Kirkneady

God Parents Hugone Hegarty and Sarah Hegarty


Born 26. 6. 1875  Baptised  27 June

Sara Devine to Hugone Devine and Hanna Gallagher of Kirkneady

God parents - Jeanne Devine and Maria Devine

·      Sara & Hugo obviously twins.


Born 25. 7. 1875  Baptised 26 July

Maria Gallagher to Fedlemins Gallagher and Maria Curran  Derora

God parents Guluilms  Ward and Catherine Harkin


Born 16. 1. 1875  Baptised  17 January

Helina Buttler to Eduardo Buttler and Brigida Gallagher  Tullyhullion

God parents Andres MacMonagle and Winifreda Gallagher.


Born 16. 1. 1875  Baptised 17 Jan

Anna Daly to Bernardo Daly and Helena Gallagher of Cabrey

God parents Eduardo  Ward and Maria Gallagher


Born 29. 1. 1875  Baptised 31 Jan

Hugo Callaghan to Joanne Callaghan  and Hanna  Sweeney  Tullynascreen

God parents Bernardo McMonagle and Anna McMonagle


Born 13. 4. 1874/5 Baptised 15 April

Jacobus Gallagher to Eduardo Gallagher and Hanna Bonner  Trankeel

God parents  Jacobus Boyle and Maria Boyle

( Jacobus married Catherine McFadden in the Cathedral Letterkenny 16. 4. 1941 )


Born 5. 12. 1874/5  Baptised 6 December

Helena Gallagher to Hugone Gallagher and Margarita Doherty  Kirkneady

God parents Cornelis MacDevitt and Letitia MacDevitt.


Born  27.10.1874  Baptised 29th November

Anna Doherty to Michael Doherty and Winifreda Kelly of Breenagh

God parents Patricus Doherty and Maria Doherty


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