"John Doherty - Farewell to Ireland"

John Doherty was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 08/20/06. His parents, Michael and Mary (Carberry) Doherty were working in Scotland at the time of his birth. They soon went back to Donegal were they purchased land in Killymasney, Conwal, and raised their family. John immigrated on April 16th, 1929, arriving in New York on the ship, Caledonia. He was the second oldest in the family and the eldest son. A photograph of John Doherty and Annie Duddy on their wedding day in 1935 can be viewed HERE.

They had a big party when he left and his uncle, Jimmy Doherty of Killymasney, wrote him a song..................

     "John Doherty - Farewell to Ireland"
It was twenty-nine at the Eastertime
when hearts were young and free
This cheery lad had left us sad
here in Glenswilly.
He was so good and kind
he left his friends behind to mourn
and comrades one and all.
He's sailing to America
far away from Donegal. 
His age was scarcely twenty
and O'Doherty was his name
and he left Tirconnail
that county of great fame.
We hope God will protect him
when he is far away
and keep him from all danger
while on the raging seas.
On the Bonnie Banks of Scotland
where he first drew his breath
but he spent his school boy days
in the land that St. Patrick blest.
He was strong and tall and handsome
and free from earthly care
They were few on Swilly waters
with him could compare.
The night before he went away
the gathering did not fail
They were from the Banks of Lenn on
 to the Banks of Burndale
and from the Banks of Glassagh
where ancient water falls
Likewise the banks of Swilly
the fairest of them all.
The music it was well supplied
by Kennedy and McDaid
they were reels sets and dances
likewise the white Cockaid.
Songs were sung by old and young
by Curran and young Brown
they took the sway that night away
from Killymasney Town.
Times are bad in Ireland
and they call it the Freestate
which causes our young Irish Boys
once more to emigrate
and leave old Ireland behind
and wander far away
to earn an honest livelihood
in the land of America.
Now he is in America
and hopes he will return to see
his friends and comrades
He left behind to mourn
We hope we are all alive
and able far to go
and give him a hearty welcome
to Erin green shamrock shore.
This song was written for the grandfather of Joe Dougherty Jr, who has this to add:
My Grandfather eventually worked his way to Philadelphia where he met my Grandmother, Anna Duddy. She was born June 10th, 1911 in Mount Pleasure, Church Hill, Donegal. Her father was Joseph "Joe the Post" Duddy, who was a Postman, and her mother was Sarah (Frize). John and Anna were married on July 3rd, 1935 in Philadelphia and had two sons - John and my father, Joseph Sr., who was born in 1939.
Anna died several days after giving birth to my father. Anna's sister Margaret Noone raised my father and his brother John until my grandfather remarried. My grandfather married Annie O'Donnell, from Glendowan. She was born on February 12th, 1904. She entered New York,
August 28th, 1926. Her father was John O'Donnell and mother was Mary (nee Gallagher).

The Frize farm was in Falbane, down the road from Mount Pleasure, where the Duddy farm is located. Both of these townlands are located in Gartan parish.
Thankyou to Joe for sharing this song and the family information!