Outrages in the Barony of Kilmacrenan 1851-61 

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A list of names compiled from "A return of outrages specially reported by the Constabulary as committed within the Barony of Kilmacrenan, County Donegal, during the last ten years",

from the British House of Commons Sessional Papers, 1861, vol LII, pp. 568ff


This report gives the names of the injured parties, by date of occurrence and some details of the offence reported, the number of accused parties (no names, unfortunately) and often the

outcome of any action taken by the authorities against the accused. The total number of "outrages" reported to the constabulary, in the period between the 1st of January 1851 and the

30th of April 1861, was 388. The Barony of Kilmacrenan, in North-western Donegal was composed of the parishes of Tullaghobegley, Gartan, Raymunterdoney, Clondahorky,

Conwal, Kilmacrenan, Mevagh, Clondavaddog, Kilygarvan, Tullyfern, Aughnish, and Aghanunshin


The order of this list, compiled from the report, is: Name, occupation, Townland, Parish and the year of the event. In a few cases there was no occupation reported


(I hope this list is of use to genealogists. If anyone has an interest in the Peoples family of Gweedore, please let me (Tim O'Sullivan) know <osullivanpeoples@hotmail.com> Thanks)


Injured Party - Surname Injured Party - First Class of Injured Person Townland Parish Date of Offence Conviction
Adair John S., J.P.   Runatrushrubbin Gartan 1860  
Anderson James Farmer Gortcross Killygarvan 1856  
Anderson William Farmer High Cairne Tullyfern 1855  
Armstrong William Farmer Warrentown Gartan 1852  
Baillie William jun.   Kildrum Clondavaddog 1858  
Baird John Farmer Ballyraine Conwal 1858  
Baird William Caretaker Newtownfore Aughnish 1853  
Batt Thomas Esq., J.P. Rathmullen Killygarvin   1858  
Baxter David Farmer Ballybolader Conwal 1856  
Beatty Samuel Cooper Letterkenny Conwal 1855  
Benson John Bailiff Falcarragh Tullaghobegley 1853  
Benson John Sheriff's bailiff Kerrykeel Clondavaddog 1858  
Black Alexander Farmer Drumcaveny Gartan 1861  
Blaney Hugh Bailiff Ballykinard Clondavaddog died 13-12-1857
Boreland Michael Farmer Cloghfin Clondavadogg 1851  
Boner James Servant Killielug Conwal 1853  
Boyce Edward Farmer Arryheernabin Clondavaddog 1855  
Boyce James Farmer Aghalenty Aghanunshin 1851  
Boyce James Farmer Cool Upper Kilmacrenan 1860  
Boyce William, F. Farmer Booragh Conwal 1851  
Boyd John, R., Esq., J.P. Gentleman Ballymacool Conwal 1851&1853
Boyd Rev. N.   Kiltoy Conwal 1856  
Boyle Brian Farmer Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1854  
Boyle Brian Farmer Aughanriny(?) Kilmacrenan 1857  
Boyle Charles   Ballymore Clondahorky 1861  
Boyle Farrell Bailiff Dunlewy Tullaghobegley 1851  
Boyle J Farmer Tullaghobegley Irish Tullaghobegley 1861  
Boyle James Small Farmer Carrick Tullaghobegley 1861  
Boyle Shane Servant Derryart Clondahorky 1853  
Bradley John Labourer Portleen Kilmacrenan 1860  
Bradley J          
Bradley Mary Farmer's daughter Magherashaugan Gartan 1859  
Breen   Sub-Constable Highglen Mevagh 1855  
Brogan Grace Servant Cloneymore Tully 1860  
Brogan James Bailiff Derryherriff Raymunterdoney 1859  
Broughton Rev. J. Clerk Moyra Glebe Raymunterdoney 1859  
Brown   Servant of Rev. Richard Smyth   1858  
Buchanan Alex          
Buchanan John Farmer Gortmacall Kilmacrenan 1854  
Buchanan John Farmer Sockar Kilmacrenan 1851  
Burns Margaret Married woman Arneyportbane Killygarvin 1860  
Calhoun John C. Farmer Moyle Tullyfern 1854  
Calhoun Thomas Small Farmer Knockabrin Conwal 1856  
Campbell   Sub constable Rathmelton Aughnish 1853  
Campbell Archibald Scotch Shepherd Meenagappage Tullaghobegley 1861  
Campbell William Farmer Letter(?) Kilmacrenan 1854  
Cannon Daniel Small Farmer Carrowcannon Raymunterdoney 1859  
Cathcart William Labourer Gortaway Aughnish 1854  
Chambers J. J.P. Foxhall Conwal 1860  
Cheatly John Farmer Carrick Kilmacrenan 1854  
Cleaveland Mary         Coastgurard's wife Carrowcancum Raymunterdoney 1854  
Cochrane J. Sub-constable Letterkenny Conwal 1861  
Coll Anthony Farmer Carland Clondavaddog 1857  
Coll Daniel Butcher Rathmullen Killygarvin 1861  
Coll James Farmer Magheragallow Tullaghobegley 1861  
Coll Stephen Farmer Arryheernabin Clondavaddog 1857  
Conaghan John             Bailiff to Mr Adair Churchill Gartan 1861  
Connaughton J. Sub-constable Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1861  
Cowan Robert Scotch Shepherd Tor Tullaghobegley 1857  
Coyle Hugh Farmer Oughterlin Killygarvin 1859  
Coyle John Farmer Aughterlin Killygarvan 1853  
Coyle Patrick Farmer Socker Conwal 1855  
Coyle Sophia   Lurgandyen Clondavaddog 1855  
Crerand John Farmer Letterkenny Conwal 1857  
Curran John Shoemaker Glenkeeragh Conwal 1857  
Curran William Esq. S[ub]I[nspector] Revenue Police Moross Clondavaddog 1854  
Currin John Farmer Cashelnagor Tullaghobegley 1855  
Davis James Farmer Letterkenny Conwal 1861  
Dawson   Constable Drum Clondavaddog 1853  
Deeny Denis Farmer Bunnaton Clondavaddog 1852  
Deery James Farmer Graig Killygarvan 1851  
Devir Edward Pound keeper Ardnagapery Tullaghobegley 1857  
Diner Ellen   Magherablad Clondahorkey 1856  
Diver E. Bailiff Dunlewy Tullaghobegley 1851  
Diver Edward John Gamekeeper Moneybeg Tullaghobegley 1856  
Dixon John Small Farmer Meenlara Tullaghobegley 1857  
Dixon Samuel   Ballymore Clondahorky 1861  
Doherty Anthony Rate Collector Drumfad Clondavaddog 1853  
Doherty Arthur Bailiff Glashagh Tullaghobegley 1856  
Doherty Brian Labourer Devlinmore Mevagh 1858  
Doherty Edward Bailiff Iniskil Gartan 1852  
Doherty John Farmer Kill Mevagh 1861  
Doherty Michael Farmer Drumatrasnan Clondavaddog 1860  
Doherty Michael Farmer Aghaowoney Kilmacrenan 1852  
Doherty Michael Small Farmer Carnagarrow Killygarvan 1856  
Doherty Patrick Farmer Craigmadyroe Killygarvan 1853  
Doherty Widow Farmer Gortnataragh Kilmacrenan 1859  
Doherty W Farmer Gortnalabbin Kilmacrenan 1861  
Donan Michael Farmer Urbalshinny Tullyfern 1860  
Dornan John Servant Letterkenny Conwal 1857  
Dougherty Mary Poor woman Carrownagarn Clondavaddog 1856  
Duffy Hugh Farmer Carnagarnagh Kilmacrenan 1855  
Dunion James Farmer Ards Little Conwall 1852  
Dunion Joseph Farmer Carrowkeel Killygarvan 1852  
Elliot James Sawyer Drumman Tullyfern 1854  
Elliot Matthew Farmer Rathgorey Clondavaddog 1857  
Elliot William Grocer Letterkenny Conwall 1852  
Ferry Biddy Poor Woman Crenary Clondavaddog 1855  
Ferry Daniel Small Farmer Kildrum Upper Tullaghobegley 1858  
Fleming John Miller Letterkenny Conwal 1860  
Forster Francis J.P.   Meenderrygamph Tullaghobegley 1857  
Forster Francis J.P.   Glenveagh Gartan 1857  
Friel Charles Farmer Ballymagowan Clondavaddog 1855  
Friel Daniel Bailiff Drumatrumman Tullyfern 1851  
Friel Edward Farmer Kerrykeel Clondavaddog 1861  
Friel James Bailiff Coolderry Clondavaddog 1857  
Friel John Farmer Urbalshinny Tully 1855  
Friel Patrick Farmer Urbalshinny Tully 1855  
Gallagher Dolty Farmer Magheraclogher Tullaghobegley 1855  
Gallagher Edward Labourer Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1855  
Gallagher Francis Bailiff Calrabrook Conwal 1851  
Gallagher J. Farmer Tullaghobegley Irish Tullaghobegley 1861  
Gallagher James Farmer Bunnaton Clondavaddog 1853  
Gallagher James Farmer Ardanagapper Tullaghobegley 1858  
Gallagher Jane Shopkeeper Rathmelton Aughnish 1854  
Gallagher Rev. J.J. Parish Priest Fanavolty Clondavaddog 1855  
Gallagher Hugh Farmer Derryhassin Mevagh 1857  
Gallagher N Bailiff Glenleary Aughnish 1854  
Gallagher Pat Small Farmer Meenlara Tullaghobegley 1857  
Gallagher Patrick Farmer Drumnagohy Clondavaddog 1854  
Gallagher Thomas Farmer Balloor Clondavaddog 1854  
Gamble Charles Farmer Cratlagh Kilmacrenan 1860  
Gobin Charles Servant Keelogen Conwal 1853  
Gordon Nathaniel Servant Moyle Tullyfern 1853  
Green Edward Farmer Kinletteragh Killygarvin 1851  
Green Hugh Farmer Meenreagh Killygarvan 1852  
Greer James   Glenlomer Tully 1860  
Greer Jos.   Glenlomer Tully 1860  
Grierson Adam Manager for Mr Adair   1861  
Gunn William Scotch Shepherd Drumnatuny Bar Raymunterdoney 1858  
Halberty Michael & family   Cossett Gartan 1860  
Haliry Thomas Land Steward Glenalla Aughnish 1858  
Hamilton James Receiver under Court of Chancery Drumenan Conwal    1855  
Hamilton Mr Poor Law Inspector      
Harken Denis Farmer Raf Raymunterdoney 1859  
Harken Patrick Farmer Massiness Clondahorkey 1859  
Harkin Denis & A.   Ray Raymunterdoney 1860  
Harkin Hugh Farmer Dunmore Raymunterdoney 1854  
Harkin Patrick Merchant Massiness Clondahorkey 1860  
Harkin Pat Farmer Toragh Mevagh 1860  
Hay John Servant Lurgabrack Clondahorky 1815  
Hayden Eliza Spinster Letterkenny Conwal 1854  
Heal Thomas Excise Officer Ballycallon Clondavaddog 1861  
Hegarty William Hotel Keeper Letterkenny Conwal 1852  
Hill Lord G. A.   Meenderrygamph Tullaghobegley 1855 & 1858
Hood Robert Farmer Aghalenty Aghanunshin 1851 & 1852
Huggus James Esq. English Settler Meenderrygamph, Kildrum Upper Tullaghobegley 1857  
Hughes   Constable Highglen Mevagh 1855  
Hughes George Teacher Ardarawer Aghanunshin 1852  
Hunter Edward, Esq. English Settler Tullaghobegley Irish Tullaghobegley 1861  
Hunter John Farmer Rossgarrow Tullyfern 1861  
Hunter William Esq. English Settler Upper Kildrum, Tor Tullaghobegley 1857 & 1858
Hunter William Esq. English Settler Devlin Raymunterdoney 1857  
Huston Edward Shopkeeper Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan 1856  
Ingram Thomas Farmer Clonmore Clondahorky 1852  
James Henry Farmer Trentagh Kilmacrenan 1855  
James (widow) Farmer Drumbologe Gartan 1851  
Jameson John Servant Fawninoughan Tullyfern 1856  
Kane J Sub constable Kill Mevagh 1858  
Kelly Charles Merchant Letterkenny Conwal 1855  
Kelly Hugh Farmer Creeveoughter Killygarvan 1854  
Kelly James Farmer Meenacung Conwal 1851  
Kelso John Farmer Tullygay Conwal 1851  
Kemps Samuel Farmer Glenear Conwal 1852  
Kerr Charles Farmer Doaghbed Clondavaddog 1851  
Kerr James Farmer Ballyhonsky Clondavaddog 1860  
Kerr Michael Farmer Kerrykeel Glebe Tullyfern 1861  
Kilden Patrick Farmer Ballymacool Conwal 1852  
Kinnear Rev. Mr.   Presbyterian Minister Letterkenny Conwal 1861  
Kinnelly   Sub constable Ardsberg Tullaghobegley 1860  
Kyle Thomas Farmer Magheradrumman Tullyfern 1854  
Lafferty Charles Farmer Faugher Clondahorkey 1861  
Laydon Patrick Scripture Reader Letterkenny Conwal 1852  
Leathem H J.P. Carland Clondavaddog 1860  
Leitrim Earl of   Milford, Glasnante Tullyfern 1858 & 1859
Leitrim Earl of   Ballyheerin Clondavaddog 1859  
Letham Capt., J.P. Donegal Militia Knockbrack Clondavaddog 1855  
Letham H., Esq., J.P. Gentleman Drumfad Clondavaddog 1851  
Levins Thomas Farmer Drumeavany Conwal 1851  
Lillicoe James Scotch Shepherd Alton Tullaghobegley 1856  
Logue Michael Farmer Cratlagh Kilmacrenan 1861  
Loughhead Rose An old woman Drumherrive Aughnish 1853  
Love Alexander Farmer Glenleary Aughnish 1852  
Lowe Mrs Mary Housekeeper Letterkenny Conwal 1855  
Lucas Henry Farmer Letterkenny Conwal 1851  
Lynagh John Farmer Aghaowoney Kilmacrenan 1856  
McAdoo Charles Shopkeeper Ramelton Aughnish 1861  
McAdoo Thomas Farmer Claggan Tully 1856  
McAdoo William Farmer Garrygort Tullyfern 1854 & 1855
McAdor James Farmer Drumatrasnan Clondavaddog 1860  
Mcauley Edward Farmer Letterkenny Conwal 1860  
McAward Hugh Farmer Low Glen Aughnish 1857  
McBride Denis Farmer Carrick Tullaghobegley 1856  
McBride Edward Small Farmer Windyhall Conwal 1859  
McBride Hannah Farmer Stragraddy Kilmacrenan 1854  
McBride John Farmer Magheraclogher Tullaghobegley 1855  
McBride John Farmer Castledoe Clondahorkey 1859  
McBride Thomas Farmer Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1859  
McCabe   Sub constable Drum Clondavaddog 1853  
McCaffry   Sub-constable Drumsallagh Gartan 1861  
McCallion Daniel Constable Ballyhoriskey Clondavaddog 1858  
McCallion John Private in the Revenue Police Magherawarden Clondavaddog 1856  
McCarron John Farmer Carnamuggah Conwal 1856  
McClafferty Charles Farmer Dunmore Raymunterdoney 1854  
McClafferty Hugh Small Farmer Meenlara Tullaghobegley 1857  
McClafferty John Farmer Doagh Mevagh 1854  
McClure Francis Presbyterian Minister Dunmore Mevagh 1857  
McConnell William Farmer Turloughan Mevagh 1852  
McCouch James Farmer Drumaghy Clondavaddog 1861  
McDaid Bryan Small Farmer Doon Glebe Conwal 1859  
McDaid Hugh Farmer Rathmelton Aughnish 1853  
McDaid John Farmer Sockar Kilmacrenan 1856  
McDaid Michael Farmer Cumrick Conwal 1851 & 1852
McDaid Sarah Servant Glentidaly Tullyfern 1853  
McDermott George Farmer Culhame Conwal 1853  
McDermott John Collector for Loan Fund Carnamogagh Conwal 1853  
McDevitt Michael Farmer Cumrick Conwal 1851  
McDonald Catherine   Gortnatraw Clondavaddog 1856  
McDonough Rev James Clerk Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan 1856  
McElbare John Farmer Kinnalargy Clondavaddog 1855  
McElhinny John Farmer Ballyscadden Kilmacrenan 1856  
McElhinny Mary Farmer Ballyscadden Kilmacrenan 1856  
McElrath Rebecca Servant Drumnasharra Aughnish 1852  
McElwain Robert Farmer High-Leairne Clondavaddog 1854  
McElwain Robert Farmer Gortnatraw Clondavaddog 1855  
McFadden Daniel Bailiff   Kilmacarenan 1856  
McFadden Edward Farmer Meenbarra Tullaghobegley 1857  
McFadden John Farmer Derryreel Raymunterdoney 1859  
McFadden Mary Poor Woman Creeslough Clondahorky 1855  
McGaddy Mandy Farmer Moyle Tullyfern 1854  
McGarney Cormick Labourer Tullaghobegley Irish Tullaghobegley 1858  
McGarney Dolty Farmer Cratlagh Kilmacrenan 1861  
McGarvey James Labourer Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1855 (Sentenced to 16 yrs transportation for murder.)
McGarvey Michael Farmer Golan Kilmacrenan 1851  
McGee Daniel   Kildarra Clondahorkey 1859  
McGeehan Widow Mary Farmer Glenkeeragh Conwal 1857  
McGerney John Farmer Tamney Clondavaddog 1860  
McGettigan Farigle Farmer Glenveagh Mevagh 1860  
McGettigan J.  accused of stealing Farigle McGettigan's sheep; has left the country. 1860  
McGinley Charles Farmer Ardsmore Tullaghobegley 1858  
McGinley Michael Farmer Faymore Clondahorky 1851  
McGreneragh Patrick Farmer Carrickmiltown Conwal 1860  
McGrenra Cornelius Farmer Drumnashammar Conwal 1851  
McHugh Brian Farmer Derryart Clondahorky 1856  
McHugh John Farmer Derryart Clondahorky 1856  
McIntyre Jane   Aghadachon Mevagh 1861  
McIvers Hugh Small Farmer Carnagarry Kilmacrenan 1858  
McKay Henry, Esq. Attorney at Law Letterkenny Conwal 1852  
McKay William Farmer Tullygay Conwal 1856  
McLoughlin Hugh Farmer and moneylender Cloncullybeg Kilmacrenan 1859  
McLoughlin Richard Bog Bailiff Gortnacorrib Kilmacrenan 1861  
McLoughlin Hugh Labourer Killyelling Conwal 1852  
McMenamin William Farmer Dumdarin Kilmacrenan 1855  
McMonagle Charles Farmer Glenkeo Conwal 1856  
McMonagle Michael Farmer Carnaganagh Kilmacrenan 1857  
McTeague James Bailiff Sallaghagrane Conwal 1858  
Maddock Simon Clerk of Petty Sessions Letterkenny Conwal 1859  
Malseed James Farmer Aughnish Aughnish 1858  
Malseed John Cess Collector Carnamogagh Conwal 1852  
Marshall Samuel Gentleman Farmer Carrowtrasna Gartan 1861  
Martin Cathrine Servant Ballyheerin Clondavaddog 1855  
Martin Michael Farmer Kerrykeel Clondavaddog 1855  
Marton Darby Farmer Doaghbeg Clondavaddog 1854  
Masson John Publican, Baker Derrybeg, Magheraclogher Tullaghobegley 1854 & 1861
Mateer Charles Bailiff Rathgorey Clondavaddog 1860  
Mateer Daniel Bailiff Rathgorey Clondavaddog 1860  
Matson Robert Farmer Drumfad Clondavaddog 1853  
Matson Robert Farmer Kerrykul Clondavaddog 1853  
Maturin Rev. H. Rector Glebe Gartan 1860  
Meenan Widow C.   Aughadrennin Clondavaddog 1860  
Mitchell Charles Farmer Doon Glebe Conwal 1854  
Molonghney(?) Sub constable   Ardsberg Tullaghobegley 1860  
Moore Benjamin Extra-sub-constable Sackagh Mevagh 1861  
Moore John Farmer Carrowcashel Augnish 1851  
Moore Richard Farmer Carrowcashel Augnish 1851  
Moore Thomas Servant Ballymaleel Aughannishin 1858  
Morron William Carter Letterkenny Conwal 1861  
Murray James Scotch manager and agent for Mr Adair, murdered during the dispossession of tenants on the Derryveagh Estate 1860  
Neely J. Servant Conwal Conwal 1860  
Newman Thomas Watchmaker Letterkenny Conwal 1857  
Nixon Rev. A. J.P. and Clerk Glashagh Tullaghobegley 1852  
Nixon Rev. A. J.P. and Clerk, Gentleman Ray & Ballyboes Raymunterdoney 1854 & 1858
O'Brien John Taylor Carlin Killygarvin 1860  
O'Connor Acting Commissioner, Constabulary Rosnakil Clondavaddog 1856  
O'Donnell Daniel Farmer Goldrum Kilmacrenan 1851  
O'Donnell John Farmer Ramelton Aughnish 1858  
O'Donnell Mary Farmer Oghill Tullyfern 1854  
O'Rourke Hugh Farmer Rakin Aughnish 1853  
Owens Neal Farmer Meenaduff Tullaghobegley 1854  
Park John Being prosecuted at Quarter sessions   1851  
Patterson David Farmer Cashelshanaghan Aughnish 1853  
Patterson John Farmer Urbalshinny Tullyfern 1855 & 1858 & 1859
Patterson Rebecca Peasant Glencar Conwal 1851 (Wife of William Patterson.)
Patterson Samuel Farmer Portleen Kilmacrenan 1851  
Patterson William Peasant Glencar Conwal 1851 (Husband of Rebecca Patterson)
Patton Head Constable   Drummacanow Conwal 1854  
Patton Scott Farmer Glenlaur Tullyaughnish 1853  
Peoples Francis Farmer Magheradrumman Tully 1855  
Peoples Francis Farmer Oughil Kilmacrenan 1856  
Peoples Francis Farmer Tawney Kilmacrenan 1861  
Peoples H.E. Esq. Head Stamp Distributor Carnamuggah Conwal 1856  
Porter Charles Blacksmith Gortlee Conwal 1858  
Porter Charles Farmer Tully Tullyfern 1852  
Porter John Farmer Rameltown Aughnish 1859  
Porter William Farmer Ballyarr, Tully Tullyfern 1851 (twice), 1857
Quinn Dominick Farmer Dunmore Raymunterdoney 1857  
Reid Samuel Farmer   Kilmacrenan 1856  
Reilly J Sub-constable Drumsallagh Gartan 1861  
Reilly Walter Nailer Rosnakill Clondavaddog 1853  
Reynolds John Private in Revenue Police Magherawarden Clondavaddog 1856  
Robertson William Agriculturist Glashagh Tullaghobegley 1854  
Rodden Edward Farmer Lossett Gartan 1860  
Rogers Rev. Nathaniel Presbyterian Minister Gortnavern Conwal 1851  
Rogers William Poor man Tory Island Tullaghobegley 1860  
Russell Alexander Bailiff Milford Tullyfern 1857  
Russell Finlay Farmer Legnahoory Kilmacrenan 1851  
Russell Mrs Jane   Dunlewey Tullaghobegley 1856  
Russell William Farmer Drumbarren Tullyfern 1858  
Scott Charles Farmer Edushariun Conwal 1852  
Shawn James Farmer Loughaskerry Kilmacrenan 1853  
Sheridan John Farmer Newtown Carradoon Killygarvan 1852  
Sheskin John Caretaker Meenabol Conwal 1856  
Shiell Denis Farmer Melmore Mevagh 1860  
Shiells Humphrey Farmer Rinboy Clondavaddog 1855  
Shiells John Publican Rathmelton Aughnish 1852  
Smith   Sub constable Rathmelton Aughnish 1853  
Smith Redmond Farmer Drumaskea Aghanunshin 1851  
Smyth Rev. Richard Clerk Letterkenny Conwal 1858  
Spencer John Shopkeeper Carn Tully 1855  
Starrett William Farmer Lishenan(?) Conwall 1854  
Starrett William Farmer Portleen Kilmacrenan 1851  
Stevenson James Farmer Dromore Kilmacrenan 1855  
Stevenson J. Sub-constable Bridgend Tullyfern 1860  
Stewart John, Esq., J.P. Gentleman Loughveagh Gartan 1852  
Stewart John Farmer Coolboy Conwal 1857  
Stewart John Merchant Milford Tullyfern 1860  
Sweeny Charles Farmer Ballymaghey North Clondavaddog 1855  
Sweeny Edward Farmer Glenleary Aughnish 1860  
Sweeny Hugh Bailiff Knockastoller Tullaghobegley 1855  
Sweeny Hugh Farmer Moyra Clondavaddog 1858  
Sweeny John Farmer Moyle Tullyfern 1851  
Sweeny John Pound keeper Gortahork Tullaghobegley 1857  
Sweeny Samuel Farmer Moyle Tullyfern 1856  
Talbot Wm. H. Supervisor of Excise Ramelton Aughnish 1858  
Torrens William Farmer Grovehall Tullyaughnish 1851  
Trotter C.B. Esq. English Settler Attatantee Kildrum Tullaghobegley 1860  
Trouton Lieut. Revenue Police Rathmullan Killygarvan 1852  
Turner Hugh Teacher Letterkenny Conwal 1851  
Ward John Farmer Carrickascanlan Conwal 1859  
Ware Lieut. H. Revenue Police Arryheernabin Clondavaddog 1854  
Watt James Esq. Gentleman Farmer Claragh Tullyfern 1857  
White Henry Merchant Ramelton Aughnish 1861  
Wilkins W Farmer Ummerafad Clondahorkey 1860  
Wilkins W Farmer Conwal Conwal 1860  
Williamson Wm Farmer Cratlagh Tullyfern 1851 & 1853
Wray G.C.G. J.P. Currin Tully 1857  
Wright Gabriel Excise Officer Moyra Raymunterdoney 1853  
Wright Joseph Esq. Scotch Settler Alton Tullaghobegley 1857  


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