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CLERGY Very Rev. Seamus Gallagher PP.
The Parochial House, Glenswilly, Newmills, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Ph 074-37020


Catholic Population 1,100 -  280 families


Parish Records 

Baptismal records 1874 

Confirmation records 1907 

Marriage records 1877 

Death Register 1916




Attention pay, my countrymen, and hear my native news
Although my song is sorrowful, I hope you¼ll me excuse
I left my peaceful residence a foreign land to see
And I bid farewell to Donegal, likewise to Glenswilly

Some stalwart men around me stood, each comrade loyal and true
And as I grasped each well-known hand to bid a last adieu
I said, My fellow countrymen, I hope you'll soon be free
To raise the flag more proudly oer the hills of Glenswilly

It is these cruel English laws, they curse our native isle
Must Irishmen always live like slaves or else die in exile?
There's not a man to strike a blow or to keep down tyranny
Since Lord Leitrim like a dog was shot not far from Glenswilly

No more beside the sycamore I'll hear the blackbird sing
No more to meet the blithe cuckoo to welcome back the spring
No more I'll plow your fertile fields, a chuisle geal mo chroÌdhe
On foreign soil I'm doomed to toil far, far from Glenswilly

God bless you, dark old Donegal, my own dear native land
In dreams I've often seen your hills and your towering mountains grand
But the last three thousand miles of life separates these hills from me
I'm a poor forlorn exile cast far, far from Glenswilly
I'm a poor forlorn exile cast far, far from Glenswilly




In Loving Memory of

Alice Doherty


Died 6 Jan 1946

Rest in Peace



Alice was aged 69 years, death registered Letterkenny Jan-Mar 1946, vol 2 pg 57

See 1901 census Killymasney




In Loving Memory of

Hugh Doherty, Craghey

died 15. Sept 1938 aged 74 years

Andrew Patrick Doherty

died 8th May 1969 aged 35 years

Rose Doherty

died 23 March 1970 aged 76 years

John Doherty

died 28th Feb 1974 aged 85 years



In Loving Memory of

John Doherty


died 19th Oct 1990 aged 74 years



In Loving Memory of

Michael Doherty, Killymasney

died 20th April 1956 aged 85 years

His daughter - in - law

Molly Doherty

died 29th March 1945 aged 30 years

Richard Doherty

died 21 Jan 1985 aged 76 years

Erected by John Doherty of Philadelphia



Molly is the wife of Richard, who in turn is a brother of John Doherty, above

Researcher: Joe Dougherty Jr - Email





In Loving Memory of

Sally Doherty, Breenagh

died 6th Sept 1941 aged 70 years

Eamon Gallagher

died 1st June 1945 aged 9 ½ years

Edward Doherty

died 25. 4. 1961 aged 92 years

Mary Alice Doherty died 8th May 1980 aged 80 years

Maire Gallagher

died 1st Dec 1964 aged 27 years

Annie Gallagher

died 5th August 1976 aged 74 years

Jim Ned Gallagher died 12th Feb 1987 aged 100 years





In Loving Memory of

James Doherty, Killymasney

died 7th Jan 1965

His wife Anne

Died 17th March 1956

John Kennedy (no date)



James is a brother to Michael, above

Researcher: Joe Dougherty Jr - Email




In Loving Memory of

Ann Gallagher, Altadush

died 21. July 1949 aged 80 years

Her husband James died 7th Jan 1952 aged 85 years

Charles Gallagher

died 10th Nov 1974 aged 71 years



In Loving memory of

Conal Gallagher, Meencarragh

died 8 March 1957 aged 74 years

His wife Bridget

died 10. 1. 1970 aged 60 years



*In Loving Memory of

Bridget Gallagher, Tullyhoner

who died 12 Dec 1947 aged 74 years



*In Loving Memory of

Rose A Gallagher


died 31st October 1957 aged 49 years

Her husband John

Died 5th March 1965 aged 58 years

Mary Doherty died 22nd Feb 1992

aged 84 years.

(these two graves in same plot)



In Loving Memory of

John Gallagher, Meencarragh

died 30th May 1970 aged 93 years

His wife Katie

died 18th November 1971 aged 83 years

Son William

died 5th May 1944 aged 9 years



In Loving Memory of

Michael Gallagher

died 1st Sept 1959 aged 77 years


And his wife Rose

died 22nd October 1992

aged 91 years

His Brother Peter

died 24 March 1960 aged 84 years



In Loving Memory of

Annie Gallagher


died 4th April 1965

Michael Gallagher

died 28th Dec 1972



In Loving Memory of

Cormack Gallagher


died 12th May 1957 aged 77 years

His wife Mary Ann

died 1st March 1977 aged 78 years

Their grandchild Susan Brigid ( no date)





In Loving Memory of

John O'Donnell


Died Feb 1945

Aged 80 Years

His Wife Rose

Died Feb 1954

Aged 85 Years

Their Son Anthony

Died 1? Feb 1993

Aged 82? Years



See 1901 census Killymasney




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