Glenswilly RC Marriages 1868 - 1903 (not complete)

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Please note that this is not a complete listing from the register and that even though I have been as careful as possible, there may be some errors, due to the original handwriting being very difficult to read in places.

Date Groom Townland Groom Parent/s Bride Townland Bride Parent/s Witnesses Chapel
5 Feb 1888  Boyle, Donald Carrick Boyle, Patrick, Drumsallagh, Gartan Curran, Mary Drumsallagh, Gartan Curren, John   Termon & Gartan
9 Jan 1881 Brown, Nigelus  Kask? Neil & Margaret Brown Gallagher, Anna  Ballystrang Daniel & Mary Gallagher Edward Kelly of Kilpheak and Rose Brown of Ballystrang Glenswilly
31 Aug 1903 Callaghan, John Tullanascreen Callaghan, James & Kelly, Margaret Frize, Anne Falbane, Gartan Frize, John & Harkin, Mary   Termon & Gartan
17 Feb 1896 Carbery, James Killymasny Carbery, Patrick & Sweeney, Mary Murray, Rose Drumdeevin, Kilmacrenan Murray, Patrick & Sweeney, Catherine   Termon & Gartan
? Feb 1877 Curran, Denis Clondavaddog Patrick Curran Doherty, Bridget Kilpheak Charles Doherty Patrick Frize & Mary McDade Glenswilly
28 May 1889 Doherty, Charles Fahykeen Doherty, Charles & Harkin, Bridget Doherty, Mary Drumoghill, Kilmacrenan Doherty, Patrick & Gallagher, Frances   Termon & Gartan
1 Feb 1880 Doherty, Daniel Cloncarney John Doherty Brennan, Cecilia  Cloncarney Hugh Brennan James Murray & Anne McBride, Kilpheak Glenswilly
2 May 1895 Doherty, Patrick Fahykeen Doherty, Bernard McLaughlin, Frances Drumnawooa, Gartan McLaughlin, Charles   Termon & Gartan
4 Feb 1892  Gallagher, Bernard Cabra Brook Gallagher, Bernard Gallagher, Anne Drumnasharragh, Gartan Gallagher, Charles   Termon & Gartan
6 Feb 1894  Gallagher, Charles Cloncarney Gallagher, Daniel, McBrearty, Mary Gallagher, Anne Doon, Kilmacrenan Gallagher, Anthony & McFadden, ?   Termon & Gartan
20 Nov 1892  Gallagher, Daniel Cloncarney Gallagher, Patrick & Susan Gallagher, Mary Gurteen, Tirargus, Kilmacrenan Gallagher, Neil & Sheils, Anne   Termon & Gartan
27 Nov 1880 Gallagher, Edward  Altadish Patrick & Brigid Gallagher McGinley, Anne  Brogagh Michael & Susan McGinley Edward McDaid of Carrick & Brigid McGinley, Brogagh Glenswilly
11 Jun 1880 Gallagher, Francis  Kilgoneaney James & Grace Gallagher, Craghey O’Donnell, Ellen  Barrick Hugh & Frances O’Donnell, Barrick Hugh O’Donnell of Kilpheak & Charles Kennedy of Barrick Glenswilly
10 May 1885 Gallagher, James Breenagh Gallagher, Bryan McGlynn, Bridget Breenagh McGlynn, Charles William Kennedy & Matty McDaid Glenswilly
2 Jul 1894  Glacken, Patrick Cloncarney Glacken, Patrick & ?, Rose Russell, Catherine Doon, Kilmacrenan Russell, John & McDermott, Ellen   Termon & Gartan
8 Jan 1889 Harkin, John Derrora Harkin, Pat & Harkin, Mary Toner, Mary Mountpleasure, Gartan Toner, Charles & Toner, Mary   Termon & Gartan
24 Aug 1897 Hilferty, Patrick Cloncarney Hilferty, Patrick? Rodden, Bridget Knocknabollan, Kilmacrenan Rodden, Daniel & O'Donnell, Catherine   Termon & Gartan
9 Feb 1903 Kelly, Dominick Tullanascreen Kelly, James & Frize, ? Toner, Bridget Mountpleasure, Gartan Toner, Patrick & Bridget   Termon & Gartan
15 Feb 1881 Kelly, Manus  Breenagh James & Mary Kelly Doherty, Madge  Breenagh John & Alice Doherty Edward Kelly of Milltown and Mary Doherty of Breenagh Glenswilly
11 Feb 1902 Lyney/Lynagh, William Dromore Lyney/Lynagh, James & Diver, Anabella Cullen, Margaret Fawans, Kilmacrenan Cullen, Charles & Catherine   Termon & Gartan
17 May 1887 McBrearty, John Dromore McBrearty, Hugh & O'Donnell, Sarah Murray, Rose Tirkillen, Kilmacrenan Murray, Cornelius & Murray, Anne   Termon & Gartan
16 Nov 1899 McCay, John Hamilton, Scotland McCay, James & Conaghan, Una, Derora McCay, Bridget Clondavaddog, Gartan McCay, Patrick & Gallagher, Anne   Termon & Gartan
? Feb 1897 McCay, Patrick Drumenan   Ward, Cecilia Falbane, Gartan Ward, Michael & McMonagle, Hannah   Termon & Gartan
2 Aug 1881 McConnellogue, Daniel Roshin   Gallagher, Rose Fawans, Kilmacrenan     Termon & Gartan
17 May 1892  McDade, John Carrick McDade, ? & Gildea, Rose McTeague, Susan Tirargus, Kilmacrenan McTeague, Stephen & McCafferty, Margaret   Termon & Gartan
15? Feb 1868 McGinley, John Glenswilly McGinley, James, Cashelreagh McCafferty, Rose Letterkenny McCafferty, ? Charles McMonagle & Frances McMOnagle, Glenswilly Conwal & Leck
2 Mar 1886 McMonagle, Thomas Procklis McMonagle, John & McMonagle, Mary McLaughlin, Julia Drumoghill, Kilmacrenan McLaughlin, Daniel & McLaughlin, Mary   Termon & Gartan
10 Feb 1885 McMonagle, William Derrora McMonagle, Bernard & Patton, Anne Mullan, Susan Carrickatimpan, Gartan Mullan, James & Gallagher, Mary   Termon & Gartan
28 Nov 1878 McNamee, Patrick Cloughfin William McNamee, Glenfin Gallagher, Catherine  Tullyhonour Conrnelius Gallagher Patrick McNamee & Anne Sweeney, Glenfin Glenswilly
11 Sep 1868 Mulherin, John Cashelreagh Mulherin, Patrick McFadden, Elizabeth Cashelreagh McFadden, Charles, Monaghan? James O'Donnell & Margaret Sweeney Conwal & Leck
1 Dec 1888 Murray, Charles Derrora Murray, Andrew & Kair, Ellen McCormick, Anne Loughbarra, Gartan McCormick, John, Gallagher, Grace   Termon & Gartan
21 May 1891 Murray, Charles Derrora Murray, Hugh & Duffy, Catherine Murray, Grace Knocknabollan, Kilmacrenan Murray, James & Catherine   Termon & Gartan


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