Old St. Mary’s Church, Held at Christ the King Church (Gortahork)

Baptism Records 1849-1861

The following baptisms were transcribed by Roseann & Lindel, and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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These 715 baptism entries are a work in progress. The original records are very difficult to read however, that is not the only problem with them. Roseann and I are persisting though, as these start very early for Catholic records in Donegal. Here are some things to bear in mind while viewing what we have online so far:

Comments about the typing:

  1. Difficult to read Mabia (Maeve) vs. Maria
    Maeve is a popular name around NW Donegal - lots of girls were named “Mary” as a first name but were called by a middle name so these will require a second look.
  2. Gallagher is supposed to be the most common name in Donegal and often seems to be abbreviated as just “Gall.” (or “Gallr.” or “Gal.”) but I am not sure why or if the name should be Gallagher at all.
  1. Difficult to read Peter or Patrick – often abbreviated as Pet with a supra-“r”
  2. Don’t think  Rye is the same as Raymunterdoney? (There is a small village called Rye just outside Falcarragh.)  I believe Raymunterdoney was the parish name.......may be the townland of Ray in Raymunterdoney?
  3. Tory names of Duggan/Doohan/Duhan are actually different families so I have left records as I read them
  4. Sponsors’ names when written with '&' probably indicate marriage (as in James & Margaret Gallagher), but when the names are James Gallagher & Margaret Gallagher it is more difficult to know their relationship
  5. Some names are still in Irish, such as Hanorah, because it is hard to know what English version (Hannah, Nora, Anna, Nancy, etc.) the person actually used. Eugene is Owen not Edward; John, Sean and Owen are often interchangeable as first names – so I’ve left it as written unless I am sure.............Nigel is sometimes “Neil” but not always.
  6. Some entries have ditto marks (“) that could be mistaken for 11 or vice versa (11 that looks like “ditto”)

Baptisms, sorted by father's name then child's name:

Date Child Father Mother Townland Sponsors
17 August 1851 Mary Bonar Charles Penelope Dugan Keeldrum Lower John Doohan, Catherine Coyle
22 February 1857 Michael Boyle Bernard Mary O’Brien Killult James & Mary O’Brien
7 February 1852 Patrick Boyle Bernard Catherine Gallagher Moyra Michael Gallagher, Grace Boyle
30 March 1855 Mary Boyle Collardi Mary Boyle Killult John Gallagher, Catherine Carroll?
5 January 1851 Eugene Boyle Daniel Bridget McFadden Irraroey Eugene McFadden, Winifred Boyle
1 January 1854 Rosa Boyle Daniel Mary McGee Oldtown John McGee, Sara Boyle
6 September 1851 Catherine Boyle Edward Mary Martin Killult Mary Herachty
9 December 1849 Bridget Boyle Eugene  Sara Gal (Gallagher?) Crossroads James Coyle, Catharine Gallagher
12 January 1851 Bridget Boyle John Cecelia McTeague Meencloichefinne (?) John Mulheron, Catherine Boyle
1 July 1860 Catherine Boyle John Cecelia McTeague Meenaboy John Mulheron, Mary Doogan
20 April 1856 Eugene Boyle John Cecelia McTeague Meenderry (?) John Mulheron, Mary Doogan
23 May 1851 John Boyle John Margaret Harkan Moyra Dennis Conahan, Rosa Boyle
5 August 1853 Patrick Boyle John Cecilia McTeague Meenaboy (?) John Mulheron, Mary Dugan
14 December 1851 Mary Boyle Michael Winifred Dugan Killult John Dugan, Maria Rogers
2 September 1851 Dorothy Boyle Patrick Susannah Gallagher Ballinascassam?/ Catherine Gallagher
11 August 1850  Margaret Boyle William Sara Canon Rye Hugh & Cecilia McFadden
27 January 1851 John Brogan Andreas Margaret Curran Killult Hugo & Mabia Friel
7 February (?) 1857 Andreas Brogan Andrew Margaret Cannon or Curran (?) Killult Hugh McGee, Rose Magee
15 July 1855 John Brogan Andy Margaret Curran Killult Hugo & Mary Friel
18 May 1855 Philip Brogan Eugene Winifred (Una?) Ferry Alt Cornelius McFadden, Mary McFadden
10 June 1860 Cecilia Brogan John Catherine Gallagher Killult James & Catherine Boyle
6 January 1856 Jeremia Brogan John Mary Brogan Meenderry Daniel & Sarah Brogan
27 March 1850 John Brogan John Grace Gallagher Tullaghobegley Patrick & Maria McClafferty
9 February 1857 John Brogan John Catherine Dugan Baltoney Charles Harkan, Margaret Sheil (?)
17 August 1858 John Brogan John Mary Brogan Meenderry James Curran, Sarah Brogan
16 February 1850 Mary Brogan John Mary McGee Sruhan  
8 June 1860 Mary Brogan John Grace Gallagher Oldtown John & Anna McGee
6 August 1855 Michael Brogan John Catherine Cannon Killult John Brogan, Grace O’Donnell
10 December 1856 Patrick Brogan John Cecilia Sharkey    
18 June 1851 Patrick/Peter? Brogan John Grace O’Donnell Meenderry Daniel O’Donnell, Winifred Doogan
15 May 1855 Philip Brogan John Catherine Doogan Baltoney Charles Harkan, Mary Doogan
12 July 1850 Phillip Brogan John Catherine Canon Killult John Brogan, Grace O’Donnell
16 August 1858 Virgil Brogan John Catherine Cannon Killult John Brogan, Grace O’Donnell
27 October 1850 Bridget Brogan Patrick Anna Boyle Moyra Eugene McFadden, Anna Sweeney
20 February 1860 John Brogan Thomas Margaret Brogan Cleeluhar James Gallagher, Bridget Brogan
5 May 1850 Margaret Cannon Dennis Hanorah McFadden Clonbara Francis Guinn, Margaret McFadden
14 May 1854 John  Cannon Francis Mary McNulty Fanawee Bernard Gallagher, Mabia Gallagher
19 November 1849 Michael Cannon Francis  Margarita McAnulty Fanawee Andrew and Sophia McAnulty
11 April 1858 Hugh Cannon Hugh Bridget McGee Magheroarty Ed Harkin, Besse McFadden
22 January 1855 Bridget Cannon James Mary McNulty Meenacreeve Jeremia McGinley, Cecilia McGinley
15 December 1855 Catherine Cannon James Anna McGowan Derryconnor Edward Harkin, Mary McFadden
13 June 1853 John Cannon James Mary McAnulty Meenacreeve Darby McGinley, Cecilia Gallagher
28 August 1859 John Cannon John Margaret McGinley Meenawee Edward Hailey, Mary Hailey
31 October 1856 Catherine Cannon Manus Finola Gallagher Balynacragga Dolty O’Donnell, Winifred O’Donnell
20 November 1854 Mabia (Nabla?) Cannon Manus Annabella Gallagher Rocktown Doalty O’Donnell, Winifred O’Donnell
24 September 1851 Manus Cannon Michael Mary McFadden Carrowcannon (entry taped over date) Michael McGinley, Maria Doherty
24 November 1851 Manus Cannon Michael Margaret McFadden Carrowcannon Michael McGinley, Mary Doherty
1 February 1852 Manus Canon Francis Margaret McAnulty Fanaboy Nigel & Annabella O’Brien
15 June 1851 Dennis Canon Hugh Winifred McGinley Keeldrum Lower John Cannon, Sara Coyle
25 March 1851 Mary Canon James Mary McAnulty Meenacreeve Patrick Coyle, Cecilia Gallagher
20 May 1851 Charles Carroll James Anna McAnulty Moyra Bernard Boyle, Catharine Gallagher
11 February 1852 Hugh Cochlan Hugh Grace McClean Crossroads Charles Kennedy, Catharine Bigley
14 June 1853 James Coll Dan Grace McGinley Magheroarty Bernard and Mary McGinley
15 January 1859 Margarita Coll Dan Annabella O’Brien Innisboffin James Coll, Maria McGee
30 January 1855 Mary Coll Dan Grace McGinley Magheroarty John Coll, Maria McGinley
20 April 1851 Bridget Coll Daniel Grace McGinley Magheroarty John McGeady, Maria McGowan
14 May 1851 Bridget Coll Daniel Grace McGinley Innisboffin Cornelius McGinley, Maria McElroy
27 January 1858 Edward Coll Daniel Grace McGinley Innisboffin Cornelius McGinley, Mabia McElroy
3 October 1856 James Coll Daniel Grace McGinley Innisboffin Cornelius McGinley, Maria McElroy
4 October 1854 John Coll Daniel Grace McGinley Innisboffin Cornelius McGinley, Mabia McElroy
6 January 1861 John  Coll Daniel Maria (Grace?) McGinley Magheroarty Honora McCafferty, Bernard McGinley
8 February 1858 Bridget Coll James Winifred McCafferty (?) Innisboffin Dan O’Brien, Bridget Coll
26 March 1861 Catherine Coll James Mary McGeady Innisboffin Henry O’Brien, Mary Ward
26 July 1857 Daniel Coll James Mary McGee Innisboffin Daniel Coll, Margaret (Mary Ellen?) Coll
16 March 1860 Dennis Coll James Winifred McCafferty Innisboffin John Coll, Bridget Coll
2 April 1851 Edward Coll James Anna Coll Innisboffin Stephan Friel, Hanorah Harkin
4 March 1854 Eugene Coll James Winifred McCafferty Innisboffin Daniel O’Brien, Bridget Coll
1 February 1857 John Coll James Mary McGeady Innisboffin (out of order) Henry O’Brien, Mary Ward
14 March 1859 Manus Coll James Mary McGeady Innisboffin Henrico O’Brien, Mary Ward
1 October 1854 Michael Coll James Mary McGee Innisboffin John Coll, Catherine Coll
5 July 1856 Thomas Coll James Winifred McCafferty Innisboffin Dan O’Brien, Bridget Coll
27 March 1853 Maurice Coll James (Rua?) Maria McGee Innisboffin John Coll, Catherine Coll
18 December 1850 Bridget Coll John Mabia (Madge) McGinley Innisboffin Charles and Maria McGowain
6 November 1855 Bridget Coll John Rose McFadden Ballyboes John Gorman, Maria Gorman
11 March 1852 Catherine Coll John Maria Coll Magheroarty Hugh and Maria Cannon
14 April 1855 Catherine Coll John Catherine Coll Innisboffin James Coll, Mary McGee
7 September 1856 Charles Coll John Mabia McGinley Innisboffin (out of order) Michael McGeady, Elenora McCafferty
25 January 1855 Elenora Coll John Margaret McGinley Innisboffin Charles McGowan, Mary McGowan
13 February 1854 Grace Coll John Catherine Coll Innisboffin John McGee, Maria O’Brien
26 June 1854 James Coll John Maria Coll Magheroarty Hugh Coll, Mary Cannon
16 April 1857 John Coll John Maria McGinley Innisboffin Charles McGowan, Maria “Do” (McGowan)
21 December 1854 Thomas Coll John Maria McGinley Innisboffin Michael McGeady, Mabia McGeady
17 February 1850 Maeve Collum Dennis Sara Heraty Meenaneigh (?) Edward & Susanna Doohan
8 February 1852 Penelope Collum Dennis Sara Herachty Binnaneigh (?) Daniel (?) & Mabia Dugan
13 April 1851 Michael Collum Edward Penelope Green Binnaneigh Dennis Doohan, Grace Herachty
4 April 1850 Dennis Collum Hugh Catherine Dugan Brinaneigh  Hugh Dugan, Maeve Dugan
3 June 1854 Hugh Collum Hugh Catherine Doogan Meenanea Hugh Doohan, Margarita Dugan
8 July 1851 Eleanor Conagh Thaddeus Anna McFadden Derryreel James Ferry, Catherine Diver
5 August 1853 Annabella Coyle Charles Catherine Coyle Ards Thomas & Mary McGowan
24 August 1851 Grace Coyle Dominick Catharine McGinley Ards Charles & Sarah Gallagher
20 November 1849 Bridget Coyle Dominick  Catherine McGinley Ards Charles and Sarah Gallagher
26 February 1860 James Coyle Edward Sophia Coyle Baltoney Patrick & Elenora McLair (?)
16 February 1851 Cecilia Coyle Francis Penelope McGowan  Meenalea James Middall, Margaret O’Donnell
25 February 1857 Hanorah Coyle Hugh Mabia Doogan Ardsbeg John Sweeney, Hanorah McGinley
27 May 1850 Edward Coyle James Catherine Gallagher Drumnatinney Eugene Boyle, Sara Gallagher
21 August 1854 Patrick Coyle James Catherine Gallagher Drumnatinney John Sweeney, Rose McGee
10 February 1861 Bridget Coyle John Sara Cannon Baltoney mor Edward Sheil, Cecelia McGee
5 September 1852 Dennis Coyle John Catherine Coyle Innisboffin John McGee, Maria O’Brien
26 February 1860 John  Coyle John Finiola O’Donnell Gatetown John O’Donnell, Catherine Gallagher
25 June 1850 Margaret Coyle John Anna Ward Ards Bartley Dugan, Mary Gallagher 
26 February 1860 Michael Coyle John Hanorah Brogan Rocktown James & Sara Coyle
1 May 1851 Patrick/Peter? Coyle John Rosa Collum Binnaneigh Anna McElroy
30 April 1851 Dennis Coyle Patrick Penelope Kelly Drumnatinney Dennis Sweeney, Penelope O’Donnell
31 July 1853 Hugh Coyle Patrick Penelope Kelly Drumnatinney Francis Sweeney, Penelope O’Donnell
15 December 1850 James Coyle Patrick Hanorah ___ Baltoney John McCallog, Mary McGinley
16 May 1856 Mary Coyle Patrick Hanorah Coyle Baltoney Patrick McGowan, Sara McGee
12 June 1860 Sara Coyle  James Catherine Gallagher Drumnatinney John Sweeney, Rosa McGee
14 December 1851 Dennis Cunahan James Sara Gallagher Ards Patrick McElroy, Grace Cunahan
23 December 1855 Naloulum (?) Cunnahan James Sara Gallagher Ards John Coyle, Mary Clafferty
14 October 1860 Catherine Curran (Cannon?)  Eugene Bridget Harkan Magheroarty Michael Harkan, Catherine McGinley
28 January 1855 Bridget Curran Bernard Maria Gall. Derryconnor Edward Curran, Catherine McGinley
20 April 1856 John  Curran Bernard Maria  Gallagher Derryconnor Bernard McGinley, Catherine McGowan
7 May 1854 Margaret Curran Bernard Mary Cannon Baltoney Edward McFadden, Hanorah Cannon
17 January 1858 Mary Curran Bernard Margaret Cannon Baltoney Ed McFadden, Bridget Curran
17 February (?) 1857 Patrick Curran Bernard Penelope Curran    
1 September 1850 Rosa Curran Cornelius Honora Doherty Derryreel Patrick Sweeney, Bridget McFadden
23 January 1854 Maria (Mabia?) Curran Daniel Rosa Brogan Sruhan Daniel & Sara Brogan
5 June 1850 John Curran Darby/Jeremia Margaret Dugan Lower Keeldrum James Sweeney, Mary Dugan
2 December 1855 Bridget Curran Darby/Jeremia Margaret Doogan Middle Keeldrum John Cannon, Bridget Cannon
16 September 1850 James Curran Dennis Winifred McFadden Derryreel Charles McClafferty, Maria McGinley
23 December 1852 Catherine Curran Edward Margaret Doohan Meencarricagh Philip Magee, Mabia O’Brien
15 June 1856 Elenora Curran Edward Margaret Doohan Glasserchoo Edward Peoples, Catherine Mulligan
19 December 1857 Ivenmen (?) Curran Edward Catherine Ferry Derryconnor  
24 June 1860 James Curran Edward Maria Curran Derryconnor James & Elenora Doohan
1 December 1857 John Curran Edward Catherine Ferry Derryconnor John McGeady, Cecilia McFadden
25 May 1854 Manus Curran Edward Mabia Gallagher Fanawee aghter Dennis Gallagher, Catherine Curran
5 October 1856 Mary Curran Edward Mabia Gallagher Fanaboy John Gallagher, Catherine Curran
15 August 1851 Bridget Curran Eugene Maria Doohan Meenaboy Patrick and Bridget McGee
17(?)  August 1856 James Curran Eugene Bridget Harkin Magheroarty Manus McGinley (?), Elenora McGinley (?)
19 September 1850 Bernard Curran Francis Sara McGeady Meenawee Bernard Sheil, Rosa McCue
31 August 1854 Finiolan Curran Francis Sara McGeady Meenawee Bernard Sheil, Rosa McHugh
29 March 1859 Grace Curran James Sara Brogan    
-- Catherine Curran John Winifred McGeady Glasserchoo Edward Doohan, Grace Ferry
27 January 1860 Grace Curran John Margaret Coll Innisboffin James Coll, Maria McGinley
4 October 1857 Manus Curran John Grace Doohan Curransport Hugh and Catherine Dixon
3 June 1857 Margaret Curran John Margaret Coll Innisboffin James Coll, Mary McGeady
16 February 1856 Mary Curran John Margaret Coll Innisboffin James Coll, Maria McGinley
15 January 1852 Sara Curran John Sara McAnulty Cashelnagore Edward & Margaret Sweeney
7 February 1855 Sophia Curran John Catherine McCafferty Lealcata Roger O’Brien, Catherine Mulheron
12 November 1852 Anna Curran Manus Catherine McClean Derryconnor Daniel Gal., Anna O’Brien
8 July 1860 Charles Curran Manus Maria Gallagher Magheroarty Hugh Canon, Bridget McGee
17 March 1860 Hanorah Curran Manus Hanorah McClafferty    
13 December 1853 James Curran Manus Catherine McEley (?) Derryconnor Phillip McCafferty, Maria McGreen (?)
1 November 1885 John  Curran Manus Catherine McGinley Glasserchoo John McElry, Mary McClafferty
22 February 1857 Patrick Curran Manus Hanorah McClafferty Fanaboy Eugene McCafferty, Mary Sweeney
5 December 1850 Hanna Curran Michael Anna Mulheron Derryreel  
27 November 1859 Penelope Curran Michael Mary O’Brien Magheroarty John McGinley, Annabella Coll
14 June 1859 Mary Curran or Cannon James Catherine McLacy(?) or McKay? Derryconnor Manus Curran (Cannon?), Mary Ferry
19 December 1858 John Curran Patrick Honora O’Donnell Ards John Doogan, Catherine McGinley
8 March 1851 Manus Curran Patrick Hanorah O’Donnell Ards John Dugan, Grace Coyle
24 July 1851 Mary Curran Patrick Grace McGee Ray Edward & Mary Curran
16 November 1854 Mary Curran Patrick Honora O’Donnell Ards John Doogan, Sara Coll
21 November 1849 Bridget Curran Patrick  Grace McGee Ray James McGee, Bridget Harkin, Rye
10 January 1850 Sara Curran Darby Catharine Ferry Keeldrum Eugene & Margaret Sweeney
28 October 1853 Bridget & Rosa (twins) Dinsmore Michael   Meenacreeve Edward Curran, Catherine Dinsmore & Daniel Brogan, Bridget Harkan
26 August 1858 James Dinsmore Michael (?) Bridget Cannon Oldtown Michael McGinley, Catherine Dinsmore
8 June 1851 Bridget Diver Hugh Isabella Syze Carrowcannon James Syze, Mary Doherty
4 October 1858 Hugh Diver James Hanorah McCue Killult Charles Diver, Elenora Ferry
19 October 1856 James Diver James Hanorah McHugh Killult Edward McElroy, Mary Gallagher
29 September 1851 Susan Doherty Bernard Elenora Ferry Ards Pat McElroy, Grace Conahan
23 January 1850 John Doherty Hugh Elenora O’Donnell Parkcheon (?) James Harkan & his wife
7 June 1860 Bernard Doogan Bernard Bridget Doogan Middle Keeldrum James McFadden, Bridget Curran
6 January 1850 Patrick Doogan Bernard Bridget Doogan Ballanacarraig John Ferry, Catherine Dugan
4 May 1851 John Doogan Cormac Annabella Coyle Moyra Charles & Sara Gallagher
16 April 1854 John Doogan Cormac Cecilia McGowan Ballynacregga Warebi Gallagher, Sara Coll
17 February 1861 Sara Doogan Cornelius Cecelia McGowan Keeldrum Dennis McGowan, Margaret Coyle
12 March 1860 Patrick Doogan Daniel Mabia McGee Oldtown John Doogan, Bridget McGee
11 December 1850 Bridget Doogan Dennis Mary Curran Keeldrum James Collum, Grace McGinley
26 July 1857 Catherine Doogan Eugene Mabia Gallagher Meenacreeve John Gallagher, Hanorah Gallagher
13 December 1855 Mary Doogan Eugene Mabia Gallagher Meenacreeve John Gallagher, Hanorah Gallagher
14 May 1851 Henry Doogan Henry   Baltoney Lower/Mor? James Collum, Margaret McAnulty
26 July 1857 John Doogan James Catherine Doogan Alt John O’Brien, Finola McGowan
6 February 1859 George Doogan John Rosa Gallagher Lower Keeldrum Bernard Mulheron, Mary McGinley
8 July 1855 John Doogan John Catherine McFadden Ards John O’Donnell, Sophia O’Donnell
27 July 1859 Michael Doogan John Hanorah McGowan Lower Keeldrum Michael Doogan, Catherine Magee
13 February 1859 Patrick Doogan John Catherine McFadden Ards James Gallagher, Sophia O’Donnell
28 August 1859 John  Doogan Patrick Mary Harkan Alt Michael Gallagher, Mary McGowan
8 July 1855 Hugh Doogan Thaddeus Mary O’Donnell Meencarrick John Dixon, Hanorah Gallagher
13 December 1850 James Doohan Bernard Elizabeth Harkan Ballyness James Friel, Margaret Harkan
18 June 1853 John  Doohan Bernard Bessy Harkan Ballyness John & Grace Doohan
28 December 1851 Sara Doohan Edward Grace Ferry Bunnaninver (?) Francis McClafferty, Bridget Coll
14 July 1851 James Doohan Francis Anna O’Brien Glasserchoo Daniel Duggan, Anna Dugan
14 July 1860 Dennis Doohan George Catherine Duhan Meen (?) Hugh Curran or Cannon (?), Bridget Magee (?)
14 July 1850 Bridget Doohan James Catherine Dugan Tory William & Annabella Doohan
29 September 1851 Patrick Doohan James Mary McClafferty Ballyness William Gallagher, Rosa Brogan
12 February 1861 Patrick Doohan James Catherine McGeady Ballyness John McGeady, Mary McGowan
11 March 1850 William Doohan James Sara Doohan Tory Edward & Sophia Doohan
3 December 1849 Elizabeth Doohan James  Elenora Diver Ballyness John McGee, Mary Coyle, John McGinley & Margaret McGinley 
17 October 1859 Bridget Doohan John Finiola Magee Drumnatinney Manajere (?) Sweeney, Rosa Coyle
12 May 1850 Dennis Doohan John Honora Gallagher Meenlaragh Patrick & Hanorah Gallagher
25 July 1859 John Doohan John Catherine Coyle Ards Charles Brogan, Firlida (?) Doohan
18 March 1852 Pat Doohan John Catherine Coyle Ards James Gallagher, Margaret Coyle
24 February 1861 Francis Doohan Michael Grace McGinley Sruhan Virgil & Sarah Sharkey
18 November 1849 Catherine Duffy Edward  Elenora Curran Fanawee Bernard and Catherine Curran, Fanawee
21 November 1852 Manus Dugan Bernard Bridget Dugan Rocktown James McFadden, Bridget Curran
11 February 1853 Nigel Dugan Denis Susanna McFadden Ardsmore Michael Coyle, Sophia Curran
4 December 1856 Cecilia Dugan Eugene Sara McGee Fanawee James & Cecilia Sweeney
10 August 1851 Margaret Dugan Hugh Margaret Canon Rocktown Edward McGinley, Catherine Canon
1 July 1850 Cecilia Dugan James Wife Tullaghobegley Phillip Gallagher & wife
24 October 1852 James Dugan John Annabella Collum Meencarricagh Hugo Doohan, Maria Dugan
19 May 1852 Mary Dugan John Mary Ward Middle Keeldrum Michael & Sara McGinley
27 June 1850 Mary Dugan Manus Mary McGinley Ards Michael McGinley, Mary Doherty
27 February 1857 James Dugan Michael Anna Doohan Keeldrum Michael Dugan, Catherine McG (?) 
4 December 1851 John Dugan Michael Anna Doohan Keeldrum Lower Michael Dugan, Catherine McGee
26 September 1851 Neil Dugan Peter Bridget Sweeney Stranacorkach Charles Coll, Rosa ?
23 January 1850 Daniel Dugan Philip Nabla O’Brien Keeldrum James and Catherine Ward
5 February 1855 Catherine Duggan Michael Grace McGinley Sruhan James Heraghty, Catherine Brogan
9 June 1860 Daniel Duggan Nigel Genagee McElroy Meencarrigh John Ferry, Margaret Ferry
22 May 1851 Elenora Duhan Francis Sara McGinley Fanaboy James & Bridget McNulty
21 May 1850 Grace Duhan James Bridget Duhan  Tory Edward & Catherine Duhan
6 June 1856 Grace Duhan James Catherine McGeady Drumnatinney Pat & Grace Duhan
27 January 1850 Bridget Duhan John Catharine Coyle Ards James Gallagher, Margaret Coyle
24 November 1850 Mary Dynan John wife Ballyconnell John & Margaret McGinley
27 October 1850 Catherine Ferry Charles Catherine McBride Ballyboes Michael Cannon, Margaret McFadden
21 October 1854  Daniel Ferry Cornelius Sara McFadden Ballynacregga John Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
4 December 1850 Manus Ferry Cornelius Sarah McFadden Keeldrum Eugene Ferry, Cecilia Coyle
5 December 1852 Daniel Ferry Daniel Catherine Dugan Upper Keeldrum Nigellus Gallagher, Anna Ferry
30 December 1855 Edward Ferry Daniel Mary McGinley Gortahork Edward Ferry, Marry Cannon
24 June 1857 Patrick & Dennis (twins) Ferry Daniel Mary McGinley Parkhone Patrick Mulheron, Margaret McGinley & Edward Ferry, Mary Cannon
30 June 1850 Peter Ferry Daniel Mary Gallagher Murroe Joseph & Catherine Gallagher
13 August 1853 Chorian (?) Ferry Dennis Mary McGowan    
30 October 1859 Elenora Ferry Edward Elenora McGinley Parkhone Frank & Mary Ferry
14 December 1851 Hanorah Ferry Edward Eleanora McGinley Parkhome Michael & Rosa McGee
10 July 1856 Mary Ferry Edward Elenora McGinley    
29 June 1851 James Ferry Eugene Cecilia Coll Crossroads Patrick & Sara Ferry
13 October 1856 James Ferry Eugene Catherine Martin Meencarrick Hugh Doohan, (?) Doohan
14 March 1858 Michael Ferry Eugene Anne Ferry Ards John and Maria Coll
20 January 1861 Elenora Ferry George Honora O’Brien Meencarrighacha James McElwaine, Sara Mulheron
25 April 1851 Eugene Ferry Hugh Sara McFadden Upper Keeldrum Patrick & Catherine Ferry
7 July 1857 Anna Ferry James Anna Gallagher Innisboffin Maria Harkan
2 April 1854 Patrick Ferry James Anna Coll Innisboffin Donaldo (Daniel?) Coll, Grace McGinley
29 Jun 1851 Hugh Ferry James Mary Doohan Meeenlaragh Charles Gallagher, Bridget Gallagher
22 February 1857 Patrick Ferry James Mary Dixon Meenlaragh Charles & Bridget Gallagher
March 1861 Patrick Ferry James Elenora (?) Fanaboy John Harkan, Penelope Ferry
16 December 1849 James Ferry James  Mary Coll Innisboffin James Coll, Margaret Coll
4 March 1860 Catherine Ferry John Mary Brogan Gatetown Thomas McGee, Margaret Ferry
23 January 1855 Daniel Ferry John Margaret Brogan Baltoney Daniel Ferry, Rosa Ferry
6 December 1850 James Ferry John Catharine Sweeney Forth Anthony Sweeney, Margaret McFadden
23 December 1850 James Ferry John Maeve Gallagher Altrinnhy (?) Manus Gallagher, Maeve Ferry
2 December 1852 Mary Ferry John Margaret Brogan Gatetown Thos. Magee, Margaret Ferry
26 May 1854 Sara Ferry Joseph Mary Coll Innisboffin Daniel Coll, Margaret Coll
17 March 1851 James Ferry Maurice Mary Duhan Newtown Edward Ferry, Bridget Duhan 
14 April 1851 Margaret Ferry Maurice Catherine McGinley Ballyboes Thaddeus & Mary Doohan
16 February 1850 Roger Ferry Maurice __ McGinley Ballyboes Thaddeus & Catherine McGeever
5 December 1849 Eugene Ferry Maurice  Mary ___ Newtown Dan McGee, Sarah Sweeney, Newtown
26 July 1857 Bridget Ferry Michael Rosa McCalloge Alt Dennis Doogan, Susanna McGeady
8 November 1854 Elenora Ferry Michael Rose McCalloge Baltoney Dennis Doogan, Susanna McFadden
20 July 1851 Hugh Ferry Michael Rosa McCallog Baltoney (out of order) Dennis Dugan, Susannah McFadden
12 September 1858 James Ferry Michael Rosa McGee Fanaboy John Harkan, Penelope Ferry
9 January 1852 Margaret Ferry Michael Rosa McGee Fanaboy Edward Ferry, Eleanora McGinley
30 December 1849 Patrick Ferry Miles  And his wife    
22 February 1851 Frances Ferry Neil Catherine Brogan Ards Eugene, Grace Ferry
4 June 1854 Hugh Ferry Neil Mary Sweeney Menngappog Hugh Roarty, Mary Sweeney
6 June 1856 John  Ferry Neil Catherine Brogan Ards D. O’Donnell, Catherine Doogan
3 December 1854 Rosa Ferry Neil Catherine Brogan    
14 September 1851 Eleanora Ferry Nigel Eleanora McGee Derryreel John McFadden, Winifred Ferry
29 September 1851 James Ferry Pat Sophia Coyle Baltoney John Magee, Sara McGinley
11 December 1853 James Ferry Patalie (?) Grace O’Donnell Fanaboy Charles & Bridget Harkan
10 December 1851 Eugene Ferry Patrick Catherine Harkan Dunmore Lower Eugene McClafferty, Mabia Brogan
28 April 1854 John  Ferry Patrick Sophie Coyle Baltoney John McGee, Sara McGinley
17 December 1852 Mary Ferry Patrick Mary Gallagher Ballyness Pat McFadden, Margaret Robinson
26 December 1857 Mary Ferry Patrick Grace O’Donnell Fanawee Hugh O’Donnell, Bridget Harkan
12 October 1854 Sophia Ferry Peter Elenora Gallagher Ballyness John McFadden, Mary McFadden
4 September 1854 Eugene Ferry William Hanorah O’Brien Ards James McElwain, Sara McElheran
19 October 1851 Anna Foriskey Michael Margaret Curran Keeldrum Nigel & Bridget Curran
16 April 1854 Eugene Forisky Edward Margaret Curran Killult Edward McGinley, Catherine Cannon
12 July 1857 James Forisky James Winifred McFadden Keeldrum Neil & Elenora Gallagher
28 January 1854 Cornelius Forisky Michael Margaret Curran    
18 August 1850 Daniel Friel James Mary Harkin Moyra Virgil McFadden, Sarah O’Brien 
9 February 1851 Catherine Friel Patrick Hanorah McGonigle Ballina John & Sara McGee
1 November 1857 Anna Friel Stephan Hanorah Harkan Killult Hugh Friel, Rosa Curran
29 May 1851 Daniel Friel Stephan Hanorah Harkan Killult John & Maeve Gallagher
19 February 1861 Hugh Friel Stephan Hanorah Harkan Killult Daniel Sweeney, Mary Harkan
17 June 1855 Patrick Friel Stephen Hanorah Harkan Killult John & Mabia Gallagher
18 April 1852 Manus Friel William (?)  Margaret McGarvey Oldtown Manus McBride, Bridge McElroy
13 November 1854 John Gal. (Gallagher?) James Maria Cannon Magheroarty Eugene and Catherine Coyle
11 February 1856 James Gall. Dennis Maria McCollage Derryconnor Manus and Eleanor McGinley
16 June 1853 Thaddeus? Gallagher Anthony Mary McFadden Carrowcannon Catherine McClafferty
4 July 1853 Bridget Gallagher Charles Cecilia Doohan Keeldrum Upper Francis Cannon, Margaret McAnulty
13 March 1859 James Gallagher Charles Mary McFadden Gortahork Hugo O’Brien, Mary Ward
11 November 1857 Margaret & Catherine (twins?) Gallagher Charles Mary Mc  Gortahork Rev. James McFadden, Rosa Doherty
18 February 1850 Michael Gallagher Charles Elenora Doogan Derryreel Hugh Harkin, Maeve McClafferty
19 December 1857 Bridget Gallagher Daniel Grace McGinley Gortahork George Cannon, Anna McGinley
18 May 1851 Daniel Gallagher Daniel Elenora Upper Baltoney Doalty & Winifred O’Donnell
6 August 1855 Mary Gallagher Daniel Elenora Gallagher    
2 May 1850 Bridget Gallagher Dennis Bridget Dugan Dunmore John Quinn, Rosa Gallagher
24 February 1850 Catherine Gallagher Dennis Maeve McCallog Derryconnor Eugene Boyle, Sarah Gallagher & Anthony O’Donnell, Hanorah McFadden
30 August 1859 Manus Gallagher Dennis Rosa McFadden Keeldrum Dennis Brogan, Susanna McFadden
31 December 1851 Mary Gallagher Dennis Mabia McCallog Derryconnor James & Cecilia Sweeney
12 May 1850 Rosanne Gallagher Dennis Rose Ferry Ballyboes Pat Sweeney, Bridget McFadden
10 September 1854 Edmund Gallagher Edmund Sara McCue Cashelhill Michael McCarry, Mabia Brogan
15 June 1851 Anna Gallagher Edward Elizabeth Sweeney (vagabonds) Andrew Dugan, Mary Kelly
3 March 1851 Cecilia Gallagher Edward Sarah McCue Cashelhill James & Susanna Gallagher
29 June 1856 Sara Gallagher Edward Sara McHugh Cashel James Gallagher, Catherine Gallagher
3 March 1851 Daniel Gallagher Eugene Maria Sweeney Dunmore Nigel & Mabia Gallagher
26 May 1855 Eleanor Gallagher Eugene Eleanor O’Donnell Meenacreeve John Doogan, Annabella Doogan
13 April 1851 Hugh Gallagher Eugene Catherine McHugh Dunmore Mary Gallagher
26 July 1857 Margaret Gallagher Eugene Elenora O’Donnell Meenacreeve James Gallagher, Margaret McB (?)
April 1861 Mary Gallagher Eugene Anna Gallagher Alt Edward McClafferty, Grace McGinley
30 November 1851 Patrick Gallagher Eugene Elenora O’Donnell Meenacreeve Charles O’Donnell, Annabella Doogan
14 July 1850 John Gallagher Fergil Maeve (?) Baltoney Dennis & Anna Gallagher
7 January 1852 Mary Gallagher Francis Susannah McBride Ards John Ferry, Maria Gallagher
18 March 1855 Patrick Gallagher Francis Susanna McBride Ards John Ferry, Mary Gallagher
10 March 1860 Bridget Gallagher George Sara Coll Cashelnagore John Harkan, Cecilia Harkan
3 July 1853 John Gallagher George Sara Coll Cashelnagore James Gallagher, Cecilia Dugan
15 December 1855 Sara Gallagher George Sara Coll Cashelnagore Joseph Gallagher, Cecilia Doogan
19 May 1854 Hugh Gallagher Hugh Anna McClafferty Killult Neil Gallagher, Catherine Gallagher
20 September 1854 Hugh Gallagher Hugh Margaret McGinley Ballynacregga Thiory (?) Brogan, Mary Gallagher
24 August 1851 Maeve Gallagher Hugh Elenora Boyle Prucklish Catherine Boyle
1 October 1850 Patrick Gallagher Hugh Grace Sweeney Meencarrick Michael McCamy?, Catherine Harkin
15 June 1851 Maeve Gallagher Ijustum? John Elenora McGinley    
8 November 1850 Bartholomew Gallagher James Cecilia Cashelnagore George Gallagher, Susan
16 July 1858 Catherine Gallagher James Catherine Gallagher Drumnatinney John Sweeney, Rosa McGee
20 April 1851 Cecilia Gallagher James Margaret O’Brien Meenalea Simon Gallagher, Maeve Ferry
29 September 1859 Edward Gallagher James Margaret Doogan Meenagappoga Bernard & Rosa McCalloga
7 February (?) 1857 James Gallagher James Sophia McDai (?) Baltoney Beg Dennis Sweeney, Hanorah Mulligan
16 June 1860 James Gallagher James Mary McFadden Cashel John Ferry, Margaret Brogan
23 February 1859 Margaret Gallagher James Mary Gallagher Ballynacregga Cunnele Curran, Margaret Curran
27 January 1852 Michael Gallagher James Margaret McFadden Cashelhill John McCue, Maria Gallagher
16 June 1853 Michael Gallagher James Margaret McBride Meenalea Eugene Gallagher, Elenora O’Donnell
13 February 1859 Michael Gallagher James Sara McGeady Baltoney Dennis Sweeney, Hanorah Mulligan
3 February 1861 Sara Gallagher James Sara McGeady Baltoney Upper  
5 September 1850 Winifred Gallagher James Bridget Brogan Dunmore Rosa McAnulty
10 April 1851 Anna Gallagher John Elenora McGowan Oldtown Patrick Gallagher, Maeve Gallagher
25 September 1851 Anna Gallagher John Mary Forisky Baltoney Denis & Anna Gallagher
10 February 1855 Bernard Gallagher John Rosa Gallagher Meencarraigh James Kelley, Bridget Sweeney
16 February 1853 Bridget Gallagher John Susanna McGeady Fanaboy Charles Harkan, Cecilia Harkan
14 July 1851 Edward Gallagher John Bridget Curran Derryconnor Patrick and Sarah Ferry
10 August 1856 Eleanor Gallagher John Bridget Curran Derryconnor Bernard Ferry, Cecilia “Do”
12 January 1856 Elenora Gallagher John Mary McCafferty    
6 July 1851 John Gallagher John Anna Mulheron Baltoney Hugh Mulhern, Cecilia McGee
11 December 1851 John Gallagher John Anna ____ Alt Edward McClafferty, Grace McGinley
19 October 1856 Mary Gallagher John Catherine Carroll Ballynacarraig James Cannon, Sara McGowan
28 February 1851 Michael Gallagher John Grace McFadden Meenderry Thomas Brogan, Bridget Gallagher
29 June 1856 Patrick Gallagher John Grace McFadden Meendaree Michael & Winifred Doogan
26 January 1855 Philip Gallagher John Margaret McCafferty Ballynacregga Daniel Gallagher, Rosa Gallagher
14 December 1851 Sara Gallagher John Mabia Gallagher Ballness Bernard Mulheron, Maria McGinley
24 June 1857 Sara Gallagher John Rose Gallagher Meencarraiga James Kelly, Bridget Sweeney
18 February 1857 Simon Gallagher John Sara Sweeney Meenacreeve Eugene Doogan, Sara Sweeney
3 November 1859 Thaddeus Gallagher John Bridget McGarvey Oldtown John & Grace Doogan
13 November 1849 Bernard Gallagher John  Susanna McGeady Fanawee Charles Harkin, Bridget Harkin,  Fanawee
16 February 1850 James Gallagher Joseph Hanorah McAnulty Clonbara Cornelius McGinley, Mabia McElroy
19 February 1859 Rosa Gallagher Manus Winifred McFadden Meencarrigach Daniel McGee, Sarah Kelly
5 March 1859 Catherine Gallagher Michael Meva (?) Gallagher Ballynacregga James Kelly, Bridget Sweeney
4 November 1851 Manus Gallagher Michael Grace Boyle Dunsmore Bernard Coyle, Catherine Gallagher
4 February 1855 Mary Gallagher Neil Catherine Gallagher Menncarricagh Lenape (?) Gallagher, Winifred ____
11 September 1850 Margaret Gallagher Nigel Mary Ferry Dunmore Upper Nigel & Cecilia Dugan
21 January 1851 Catherine Gallagher Patrick Cecilia Ferry Meenderry John McAnulty, Catherine McFadden
5 August 1853 Hugh Gallagher Patrick Catherine Curran Sruhan (?) Daniel McGee, Mary Curran 
2 November 1859 Patrick Gallagher Patrick Cecilia Ferry Meenderry Eugene McHugh, Meva Gallagher
5 March 1860 Rose Gallagher Patrick Catherine Curran Sruhan Edward McGee, Mary Curran
8 February 1852 Sara Gallagher Patrick Ellen McHugh Meenlaragh John Dixon, Hannah Gallagher
4 April 1852 Michael Gallagher Simon Maria Ferry Meenacreeve Daniel & Hanorah Gallagher
3 July 1850 Maeve Gallagher Teague Maeve Ferry Meenacross James Gallagher, Margaret McBride
2 January 1852 Patrick Gallagher Thaddeus Mary Sweeney Meenagoppag Hugh Sweeney & wife
3 August 1853 Theodore (?) Gallagher Virgil Mabia Gallagher Baltoney Dennis & Anna Gallagher
23 November 1856 Cornelius Gallagher William Rose Magee Killult James Doohan, Edward Gallagher
9 September 1851 Sara Ginnis (?) Hugh Sara Boyle Dunmore Mary McGeady
2 March 1850 Margaret Glover __ ___ Dunne Coast Guards  
21 March 1852 Patrick? Green James (?) Alice Walsh (?) Meenderry Pat Gallagher, Cecilia Ferry
18 August 1850 James Greens Edward Catherine Martin Meencarrick Dennis Dugan, Susanna McFadden
5 January 1851 Alice Hanlon Daniel Alice Doherty Alt Bernard & Catherine Carroll
6 May 1852 ? Harkan Andrus Sara Sheil Poundtown (?) Edward Sheil
16 September 1851 Bridget Harkan Bernard Margaret Ferry Fanaboy Eugene & Margaret Sweeney
25 December 1857 Margaret Harkan Bernard Margaret Ferry Fanawee Hugh & Margaret Sweeney
12 January 1858 Catherine Harkan Charles Margaret Shields Baltoney (also noted in burial records by mistake) Tullino Gallagher, Bridget Harkan
18 May 1851 Edward Harkan Charles Elenora Curran Derryconnor James Curran, Rosa Dugan
12 September 1858 James Harkan Charles Elenora Curran Derryconnor James Curran, Rosa Duggan
6 January 1854 Penelope Harkan Charles Elenora Curran Derryconnor James Curran, Rose Duggan
15 August 1850 Mary Harkan Daniel Penelope Gallagher Fanawee Mick & Catherine McHugh
1 February 1851 Edward Harkan James Mary Boyle Alt Eugene Heraghty, Penelope (?) Gallagher
6 March 1860 Patrick Harkan James Mary Boyle Alt Eugene Heraghty, Winifred Gallagher
17 October 1851 John  Harkan John Maria Sweeney Derryreel Pat Sweeney, Margaret Boyle
21 December 1851 Patrick Harkan John Hanorah Gallagher Alt Daniel & Bridget Cannon
27 April 1851 Grace Harkin Daniel Cecilia Connor Poundtown (out of order) Dennis Sweeney, Bridget Canon
12 December 1855 Margaret Harkin James Mary Boyle Alt Eugene Heraghty, Margaret Gallagher
20 April 1851 Daniel Harkin John Mary McCue Poundtown Nigel McCue, Margaret Mulheron
23 April 1854 James Harkin John Nora Gallagher Alt Daniel Cannon, Bridget Cannon
1 May 1856 Michael Harkin John Hanorah Gallagher Alt Aniel Cannon, Catherine Cannon
5 December 1849 Patrick Harkin Manus  Catherine Gal. Innarooey? Hugh O’Donnell, Catherine McGeady, Innarooey
14 November 1852 John  Harkin Maurice Maria Curran Derryconnor Michael Coyle, Sophia Curran
20 July 1856 Mary