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Behind Castlehill on the edge of Lough Swilly are the remains of an Abbey or Church at Grange

The churchyard at Grange contains some of the earliest grave stones in this area dating from 17th Century




The Dysart inscriptions were compiled by Terry

From the Joseph Brown Turner Collection, Wilmington, DE

 Tombstone inscriptions in the Grange Graveyard, two miles from Carrownamaddy, Burt P.O. Londonderry, Ireland

Copied by E. B. Dysart March 1908


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 (on outside wall of Church)

In Memory of

Paul Barry

Died July 1828 aged 63 years

and his beloved wife Elizabeth

died February 1835 aged 70 years

also their Daughters

Jane died August 1833 aged 23 years

Rebecca died April 1839 aged 29 years

Elizabeth died July 1869 aged 73 years

Margaret died Aug 1884 aged 78 years




Erected by his wife

Sarah Ann Black

In loving memory of her husband

John Black

Died 27th June 1906 aged 63 years

Also his Father and Mother

Thomas and Mary Black

And his sister Jane

Also the above

Sarah Ann Black

Died 17th June 1908 aged 50 years

Also Hannah Black

Died 22nd May 1914 aged 24 years

And her her mother

Hannah Black

Died 25th Feby 1915 aged 60 years






(no dates)




Erected by

Mary Ann Campbell

In loving Memory of her Husband

William Campbell

Died 18th May 1906 aged 39 years

Also his son

Joseph Campbell

Died 25th Feb 1915 aged 28 years




Sacred to the Memory of John Dysart of Carnumaddy, aged 65 years

 Also his son John who d. March 14, 1790, aged 27 years

 Also his wife Elizabeth, who d. March 27, 1809 aged 78 years

 Also Catherine wife to his son James, who d. Nov. 15, 1819, aged 55 years

 Also his son James who d. March 24, 1839 aged 84 years

 Also grandson John, who d. Nov. 15, 1842 aged 50

 Also Samuel Dysart, who d. July 7, 1862 aged 59



The stone alongside of the above is inscribed

Sacred to the Memory of Samuel Dysart of Tumack, who departed this life Feb'y 20, 1829, aged 70 years




On the inside wall, over these two stones, of the old church ruins, is this tablet:-

Erected by Catherine G. Dysart in loving memory of her husband Joseph Dysart, of Carnumaddy who d. June 14, 1879, Thy will be done



In Loving Memory of

John Edwards, Grange Burt

Died 20th Dec 1912

Their son Robert, Mullaney, Burt

Died 3rd Sept 1950 aged 57 yrs

And his wife Alice

Died 9th Dec 1982 aged 79 yrs



In Loving Memory of

William Caldwell Edwards

Of Mullaney Burt

Who died 28th? November 1937



Erected by Rebecca Kerr

In Memory of

The Kerr Family, Tinnyhabuick

Rebecca Kerr

Died 2nd May 1905




In Loving Memory of

The Kerr Family, Castlehill




(four sides and a plinth)

John Stanley Leathem

Sch. T.C.D. son of

Rev Moses Leathem

Born 11th Sept 1835

Died 18th June 1863 aged 27 years


Here lie the remains of

Revd Moses Leathem

Late…the Parishes

….in the Diocese of Derry

Died… day of October 1866

Aged 57 years



Only child of

William Leathem (letters)

And grand son of

Rev. Moses Leathem

Born October 26th, 1868

died December 30, 1875 aged 7 years In Loving Memory of





The beloved wife of Chas Leatham

4th Jan 1892 aged 40

Blessed are the pure in heart


William Leatham, M.D.

Who died 20th Feby 1911 aged 73 years

Third son of the

Revd Moses Leatham



(inside Church)

Erected in Memory of

John Leslie of Grange, Burt

Who died 18th February 1890




(inside Church)

Erected by William Leslie

In Loving Memory of

His wife Eleanor

Who died 6th January 1880 aged 56 years

Also his wife Matilda

Who died 4th May 1894 aged 72 years

(fallen headstone)



Erected by Margaret Marshall

In Memory of her husband


Who died 10th January 189?

Also her daughter Catherine

Who died 2nd Nov 1903

Her sons Alexander

Died 5th April 1907 aged 26 years


Died 27th July 1907 aged 17 years

Her daughter Margaret Porter

Died 14th Dec 1908 aged 16 years

Also her son Robert

Died 4th March 1926 aged 42 years

Also the above Margaret Marshall

Died 11th Sept 1926 aged 73 years




In Loving Memory of

Andrew Marshall

Died 14th Sept 1958

His beloved wife

Margaret L. Marshall

Died 14th Feb. 1976



In Loving Memory of

John Scott Marshall, Grange, Burt

Died 15th November 1999 aged 79 years



In Memory of

George Montgomery

Who was drowned in the 29th year

Of his age when boating on

The River Bann, 1st July 1834

And whose remains are interred in

Drumcree Churchyard, Co. Armagh.

And also of Mary Leathem

Widow of the above

Who departed this life on the

2nd June 1875 in the 71st year of her age

And whose remains lie underneath




Here lieth the remains of

Jane Porter daughter of

William Porter of Greenforth

Who departed this life on the

13th day of December in the

Year of our Lord 1853 aged 39 years




In Loving Memory of

Rose Ann Reilly

And her husband

James Reilly

(no dates)




(on outside wall of Church)

Erected by

George Thompson of Bonemaine

In Memory of his Son

Samuel Blair Thompson

Died 4th Decr 1881 aged 19 years

Also of his beloved wife

Eliza Catherine

Who died 16th Novr 1894 aged 72 years

His son George

Died 3rd Decr 1900 aged 52 years

And the above named

George Thompson

Died 18th Augt 1910 aged 106 years

Also his son

James McClintock Thompson

Died 7th June 1920 aged 67 years

Also Agnes Thompson wife of

James McClintock Thompson

Died 14th Augt 1954 aged 89 years

Also their son George

Died 25th Jan 1963 aged 63 yrs

Their daughter Jennie

Died 22nd Jan 1976 aged 76 yrs

William Hamilton Donaghy Thompson

Died 3rd Feb 1980 aged 73 yrs




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