Summary of Griffith's Valuation for

Glenaboghill, Inishkeel


Submitted by John Bernhardt

John's mothers paternal grandparents were Francis and Ellen Herron. Francis was born and raised in Glenaboghill. His mother's mother was Mary Hanlon from Cloghbolie, parish of Templecrone.


Lot# 1858 1864-1866 1885-1886 1901-1910 1915-1930
1 James McGowan James McGowan Wm. McGowan (1885) James McGowan Jas. McGowan (1916)
2 Teague Hearne Teague Hearne Peter Hearne (1885,1897) Peter Herron (1909) John Herron
          John Herron
3 Manus McMonigle Manus McMonigle Peter Herron (1898) Peter Herron John Herron (1930)
      ?        ? (1893)   Sarah Herron
4 Connell Hearne, Sr. Connell Hearne, Sr. Mary Hearne, Sr. (1886) Mary Hearne Sarah Herron (1911)
5 Neil McMonigle Neil McMonigle Neil McMonigle Michael Timony (1901) James Quinn, Jr. (1932)
        Hugh McMonigle Michael Timony
6 Michael McMonigle Michael McHugh John McKelvey (1885) Dennis McKelvey(1907) Andy McKelvey (1921)
7 Edward Duffy Edward Duffy Edward Duffy Edward Duffy Andy McKelvey
8 James Hearne Connell McGowan (1866) Connell McGowan ?   McGowan (1903) John McGowan
    Grace Hearne (1864)      
9 a.  Francis Hearne a.  Francis Hearne a.  Francis Hearne ?  Hearne (1907) Teague Herron, Jr.(1911)
  b.  John Hearne b.  John Hearne b.  John Hearne    
10 James Hearne Grace Hearne Teague Hearne (1885) Teague Hearne (1909) Manus Herron
      ?      ?   Teague Herron