178 Marriages 1855 to 1916

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Feb 21 1867 ? Hugh Stranacorkragh James ? McCOLE Bridget Derrybeg ? McCole Patrick McCloskey / Mary Gallagher
Feb 2 1864 Alcorn James Ray Robert Alcorn  Boyd Margaret Bunbeg John Boyd John / Jane Alcorn
Jan 4 1875 Alcorn James Carrickfin John Alcorn Boyd Elizabeth  Carnboy John Boyd James Boyd / Elizabeth Cunningham
Jan 31 1856 Alcorn Thomas Cloughaneely Robert Alcorn  Boyd Rose 19 Carrickfin John Boyd William Alcorn / Richard Boyd
Jan 5 1881 Allen James Clarke Dublin Robert Allen Head Cons RIC Robertson Isabella Bunbeg William Robertson John Irvine / Daniel Keown
Feb 26 1882 Andrews William Londonderry Robert Andrews Keown Mary Bunbeg Daniel Keown D Strin / Jessie Alcorn
Mar 12 1874 Boyd Christopher Carrickfin John Boyd  Foster Elizabeth  Carrickfin Richard Foster John / Ellen Boyd
Aug 19 1915 Boyd James Bunbeg James Boyd Alcorn Annie Middletown William Alcorn W R Thompson / Susan Rachel Boyd
Mar 26 1878 Boyd James Carrickfin Hugh Boyd Boyd Isabella Carrickfin John Boyd James Alcorn / James Boyd
Apr 8 1909 Boyd John Carrickfin James Boyd Alcorn Catherine  Carrickfin   Hugh / Maggie Boyd
Feb 6 1873 Boyle Brendan Magheraclogher Patrick Boyle O'Donnell Anna Innismeane Daniel O'Donnell Charles McBride Ballindrait / Kate O'Donnell Innismeane
Mar 3 1867 Boyle Charles Derrybeg Owen Boyle Gallagher Anna Stranacorkragh Daniel Gallagher James McBride / Norah Coll
Feb 17 1868 Boyle Daniel Dore Manus Boyle McBRIDE Margaret Magheralosk Thomas McBride Edward McBride / Margaret Gallagher
Feb 3 1865 Boyle Daniel 20 Magheraclogher Patrick Boyle Doherty Sara 19 Magheraclogher John Doherty James / Mary McBride
Jan 26 1869 Boyle James Meenderrygamph Bryan Boyle Gallagher Rose Glenthornan Charles Gallagher Owen Coyle / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 13 1868 Boyle James Middletown Cornelius Boyle ( decd ) McMONAGLE Ellen Dore Mick McGonagle ( decd ) Mary O'Donnell / Patrick Duggan
Mar 5 1867 Boyle John Dore Charles Boyle Gallagher Rose Dore Anthony Gallagher Peter / Mary Boyle
Feb 17 1885 Boyle John Derrybeg John Boyle / Brigid Ferry O'Donnell Eleanora Innismeane Daniel / Sarah O'Donnell Neil Boyle Ballindrait / Ellen Boyle Magheraclogher
Jan 21 1872 Boyle Maurice Gola Fergal Boyle Gallagher Nora Knockastoller John Gallagher Hugo Boyle / Biddy O'Donnell
Feb 18 1868 Boyle Peter Ballindrait Edward Boyle McBRIDE Kate Magheraclogher James McBride John Kearney / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 28 1869 Campbell Patrick Rinafast Conell Campbell ( decd ) Gallagher Margaret Dore Mick Gallagher Mary Campbell / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 21 1867 Can ? John Stranabrooey Pat Can ?  Gallagher Magey  Carrick Patrick Gallagher ( decd ) Nora Coll / Fanny Cannon
Jan 16 1875 Cole Patrick Gola Hugh Cole Gallagher Sarah Gola Island Michael Gallagher Thaddeus Cole Lunnaigh / Maria McGinley Gola
Jan 25 1875 Coll Charles Innismeane Hugh Coll Cole Margaret  Innismeane John Cole Jacobus Dunlop Innismeane / Maria Cole Lunnaigh
Feb 3 1867 Coll Charles Rinafest Peter Coll Gallagher Grace  Middletown Hugh Gallagher James Sharkey / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 9 1864 Coll Denis 30 Meenderrygamph John Coll Green Nora 24 Rinafest Francis Green Edward Ferry / Grace Coll
Jan 28 1869 Coll Francis Sheskinbeg Denis Coll McGEE Anne Meenaniller William McGee ( decd ) Catherine McCole / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 11 1879 Coll Hugh Gola Hugh Coll Gallagher Anna  Gola Island Michael Gallagher Patrick McGee Lunnaigh / Susanna Diver Gola
Mar 4 1878 Coll Hugh Innismeane Maurice Coll O'Donnell Brigid Innismeane Daniel O'Donnell Hugh Boyle Dore / Maria O'Donnell Innismeane
Mar 8 1886 Coll Maurice   Edward Coll / Brigid Campbell Roarty Anna Meenaniller John Roarty / Eleanora Friel Denis Campbell Magheralosk / Maria Friel Gola
Feb 16 1865 Coll Thomas 24 Strakilmartin Hugh Coll Gallagher Sally 19 Stranacorkragh Daniel Gallagher Francis Coll / Ellen Gallagher
Oct 2 1884 Collins Augustus CG Bunbeg John Collins Williams Minnie Bunbeg   Isabella Guards / Thomas Williams
Feb 5 1872 Conaghan Denis Crolly Hugh Gallagher / Anna Roarty Diver Susanna Gola Island Michael Diver / Maria Gallagher Daniel O'Donnell Crolly / Annabella Gallagher Gola
Feb 9 1869 Coyle Dan Crolly Patrick Coyle Boyle Grace  Crolly Daniel Boyle Edward Gallagher / Bernard Coyle
Feb 27 1865 Coyle Daniel 24 Crolly Paddy Coyle McFADDEN Sophia 20 Glenthornan Hugh McFadden Peter O'Donnell / Rosa Gallagher
Feb 4 1869 Coyle John Crolly Patrick Coyle McFADDEN Margaret Glenthornan Hugh McFadden Edward Coyle / Mary O'Donnell
Jan 25 1881 Coyle Manus Sheskinbeg John Coyle / Bloodyforeland McGINLEY Maria Gola Island Thaddeus McGinley Charles Ferry Sheskinbeg / Letitia Gallagher Gola
Mar 3 1896 Deward  Andrew Tubberkeen Edward Deward ( decd ) Cunningham Elizabeth  Carrickfin George Cunningham ( decd ) J Williams / T & J Hanlon / J Hamilton
Feb 3 1872 Diver Charles Gola Charles Diver Mulligan Maria Gola Island Eugene Mulligan Patrick Gallagher Gola / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Feb 1 1886 Diver Eugene Gola Michael Diver / Maria Gallagher Gallagher Brigid Knockastoller Charles Gallagher / Fanny McCole Edward Sweeney Gola / Helena McCole Carrickataskin
Feb 9 1869 Diver Paddy Innismeane Teague Diver  Gallagher Sarah Derrybeg Teague Gallagher Patrick McCloskey / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 9 1869 Diver Patrick Innismeane Thaddeus Diver Gallagher Sarah Derrybeg Thaddeus Gallagher Patrick McCloskey Derrybeg / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Feb 25 1868 Doherty John Magheraclogher James Doherty Gallagher Sarah Dore James Gallagher Patrick / Margaret Mulligan
Feb 3 1886 Doherty John Magheraclogher Daniel Doherty / Cecilia Gallagher Gallagher Cecilia  Gola Island Michael Gallagher / Brigid Diver Ptrick Boyle Magheraclogher / Sara McGinley Gola
Jan 25 1886 Doherty Patrick Magheralosk Anthony Doherty / Hanora Diver McGINLEY Annabella Gola Island Maurice McGinley / Hanora McGinley Charles Doherty Magheralosk / Annabella Sweeney Gola
Feb 7 1869 Doogan John Meenacladdy Neil Doogan O'Donnell Mary Glasserchoo Mick O'Donnell Patrick O'Brien / Mary McGeever
Feb 23 1873 Doogan Pat Gola Charles Doogan Gallagher Maria Magheraclogher Roger Gallagher John Peoples Gola / Mary Gallagher Gola
Feb 27 1865 Doohan Edward Meenacladdy Patrick Doohan Coyle Bridget  Meenacladdy Patrick Coyle  
Dec 23 1897 Dougald James Middletown   Williams Fannie H  Bunbeg John Williams William R Talbot / Minnie Williams
Mar 4 1868 Duffy John Carrickataskin John Duffy Mulligan Anne Strakilmartin William Mulligan ( decd ) Patrick McCloskey / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 3 1867 Duffy Patrick Carrickataskin Michael Duffy Peoples Margaret Magheraclogher Connell Peoples James Sharkey / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 28 1865 Duggan Edward 30   Thomas Duggan Ward Margaret 22 Bunaninver George Ward Teague / Nabla McFadden
Feb 26 1867 Duggan John Meena Edward Duggan ( decd ) Gallagher Anna Meena Edward Gallagher  
Feb 6 1913 Dunleavey Richard Baltony Charles Dunleavey Boyd Jane Carrickfin James Boyd Hugh / Susn Rachel Boyd
Jan 22 1885 Dunlop James Magheragallan John Dunlop / Jeannie Gibbon McGEE Hanora Magheragallan Connell McGee / Maria McBride Virgil Coll Magheragallan / Sarah Coll Magheragallan
Oct 10 1867 Dunlop Robert Innismeane John Dunlop Boyle Maria Bunbeg Jacobus Boyle / Rosses Patrick Mulligan Cotteen / Aubrey Doherty Bunbeg
Feb 21 1882 Ferry Daniel Innishirrer Maurice Ferry / Bridget Curran McGARVEY Catherine Carrickmcgarvey Patk McGarvey / Maria McGee John McGarvey Lunnaigh / Catherine McHugh Carrick
Feb 6 1867 Ferry James Brinlack Neal Ferry McFADDEN Mary Brinlack Charles McFadden Michael Ferry / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 17 1867 Ferry Michael Bunaninver Paddy Ferry McBRIDE Cecilia Meenaduff Michael McBride James McBride / Hugh McGee
Jan 24 1869 Ferry Owen Meenaduff Mick Ferry Gallagher Nelly Meenaduff Hugh Gallagher Sarah Gallagher / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 10 1867 Friel Daniel Carrick Paddy Friel ( decd ) Coll Sophia Strakeenagh Dominick Coll Hugh Gallagher / Bridget Coll
Oct 10 1872 Friel Daniel Lunnaigh Daniel Friel McFADDEN Winifred  Lunnaigh Patrick McFadden John Sweeney Lunnigh / Eleanora Cole Lunnigh
Sept 10 1913 Fuller John ex RIC Liverpool William Fuller Spears widow Ada Mina Bunbeg Alex Gould Thomas / Kate Williams
Feb 13 1868 Gallagher Anthony Dore Frank Gallagher Boyle Hannah Dore Pat Boyle Margaret / Edward Boyle
Feb 4 1868 Gallagher Anthony Carrick Denis Gallagher Curran Rose Carrick John Curran Patrick McCloskey / Mary Gallagher
Feb 7 1865 Gallagher Charles 28 Magheralosk Shane Gallagher ( decd ) Campbell Catherine 20   Edward Campbell S / B Sweeney
Jan 28 1869 Gallagher Connell Dunmore Connell Gallagher ( decd ) Boyle Mary Dore Ned Boyle Condy Breslin / Rose Gallagher
Jan 12 1868 Gallagher Daniel Middletown James Gallagher ( decd ) McCOLE Margaret Middletown Bernard McCole ( decd ) Patrick O'Donnell / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 25 1869 Gallagher Dominic Mullaghaduff Dominick Gallagher Gallagher Mary Magheraclogher Thomas Gallagher Cecilia Doherty / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 25 1869 Gallagher Dominic Mullaghaduff Dominick Gallagher Gallagher Mary Magheraclogher Thomas Gallagher Cecilia Doherty / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 28 1865 Gallagher Dominick Derrybeg Edward Gallagher ( decd ) Gallagher Susanna Carrickataskin Paddy Gallagher Charles Boyle / Fanny Gallagher
Feb 28 1865 Gallagher Francis Dunlewey Manus Gallagher Mulligan Nabla Tor Paddy Mulligan ( decd ) John Gallagher / Bridget Mulligan
Jan 16 1875 Gallagher Hugh Stranacorkragh Patrick Gallagher O'Donnell Catherine Innismeane Michael O'Donnell Charles Gallagher Stranacorkragh / Maria O'Donnell Innismeane
Feb 3 1872 Gallagher Jacobus Dore Francis Gallagher McGINLEY Brigid Gola Island Patrick McGinley John Gallagher Gola / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Feb 18 1865 Gallagher James 20 Glassagh Daniel Gallagher Ferry Sarah 22 Brinlack James Ferry Patrick McCloskey / Magey McFadden
Jan 26 1870 Gallagher Jeremiah Carrickataskin Roger Gallagher Mulligan Nora Gola Island John Mulligan Patrick McCloskey Derrybeg / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Jan 30 1873 Gallagher John Gola Charles Gallagher Cole Fanny Gola Island Hugo Cole Dniel McGinley Gola / Brigid Gallagher Gola
Mar 4 1867 Gallagher Mick   John Gallagher ( decd ) Boyle Anna Dore Charles Boyle Patrick Mulligan / Nora Coll
Feb 17 1867 Gallagher Owen   Charles Gallagher Boyle Margaret Stranabrooey Dan Boyle ( decd ) James McBride / Hugh McGee
Feb 4 1865 Gallagher Owen 25 Knockastoller Daniel Gallagher Boyle Peggy 20 Dore Fergal Boyle Paddy Diver / Susnna Coll
Feb 7 1872 Gallagher Patrick Gola Michael Gallagher / Brigid Diver Doherty Margaret Magheraclogher Daniel Doherty / Cecilia Gallagher Patrick Mulligan Cotteen / Eleanora Boyle Magheraclogher
Feb 3 1867 Gallagher Patrick Dore Conell Gallagher McFADDEN Margaret Dore Teague McFadden James Sharkey / Patrick Mulligan
May 15 1881 Gallagher Patrick Gola Patrick Gallagher McGEE Catherine Upper Dore Daniel McGee Patrick Mulligan Cotteen / Maria O'Donnell Meenaleck
Feb 28 1865 Gallagher Patrick Carrick Shane Gallagher Mulligan Mary 20 Strakilmartin Patrick Mulligan Owen / Nancy Gallagher
Mar 5 1867 Gallagher Patrick Meenacleck Pat Gallagher ( decd ) O'Donnell Anna   Hugh O'Donnell Nora Coll / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 24 1873 Gallagher Patrick Gola Charles Gallagher Roarty Anna Gola Island Charles Roarty Daniel McGinley Gola / Mary Roarty Gola
Feb 20 1865 Gillespie James Stranabrooey Daniel Gillespie Curran Fanny Carrick Francis Curran Hugh McGarvey / Bridget Sweeney
Mar 15 1898 Givens Richard Carrickfin William Given Boyd Fanny Ann Carrickfin Richard Boyd Susan Boyd / James Foster
Mar 18 1909 Hamilton Andrew Ardara William Hamilton Alcorn Isabella Carrickfin James Alcorn John Mulherin / Lizzie Alcorn
Dec 31 1861 Hanlon Simon Maghery James Hanlon Cunningham Letitia 14 Gweedore Joseph Cunninghm William Robertson / John Williams
Feb 18 1873 Hanlon William Tubberchern James Hanlon Cunningham Isabella Carrickfin George Cunningham George / Elizabeth Hanlon
Feb 2 1868 Harkin Dan Derryconnel Mick Harkin Coyle Margaret Corveen Patrick Coyle Patrick McCloskey / Bridget Harkin
Feb 2 1864 Heraghty Paddy 22 Corveen Paddy Heraghty Gillespie Sarah 18 Stranabrooey Daniel Gillespie Neal / Nabla O'Donnell
Mar 14 1872 Irvine John Derrybeg James Irvine Robertson Margaret Bunbeg William Robertson John McBride / Alexander Robertson
Dec 8 1892 Jones Thomas James Cons RIC Ardnagappary Ralph Jones Alcorn Fanny Magheraclogher James Alcorn John ? / Thomas Williams
Dec 21 1916 Joy Alfred Bunbeg Thomas William Joy Alcorn Isabella Magheraclogher James Alcorn Kate Williams / Jack Lorimer
Aug 26 1897 Keown William Bunbeg Daniel Keown Irvine Maggie Heath Cottage John Irvine James Irvine / Daniel Keown
Sept 26 1865 Lavingstone William Dungloe David Lavingtone Curran Julia Teresa Eyre Court Galwy Thomas Curran John Williams / James Foster
Feb 25 1875 Lockhart Hugh Loughbrien Alexander Lockhart Boyd Jane Carnboy Richard Boyd William / Jane Lockhart
Feb 2 1865 McAULEY Andrew 25 Bunaninver Condy McAuley Sweeney Mary 24 Brinlack Michael Sweeney Francis / Sally Ferry
Feb 9 1868 McBRIDE Charles Middletown Charles McBride Coll Bridget Magheraclogher Toal Coll Anthony Doherty / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 24 1869 McBRIDE Charles Carrick Manus McBride Doogan Margaret Crolly Pat Doogan Patrick McCloskey / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 24 1869 McBRIDE Charles Carrick Manus McBride ( decd ) Doogan Margaret Crolly Patrick Doogan ( decd ) Patrick McCloskey / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 12 1865 McBRIDE Connell 24 Magheraclogher Owen McBride Coll Mary 19 Magheraclogher Toal Coll Daniel / Mary Boyle
Feb 9 1875 McBRIDE Daniel Magheraclogher John McBride O'Donnell Mary Innismeane Daniel O'Donnell John Gallgher Magheraclogher / Mary O'Donnell Innismeane
Jan 3 1870 McBRIDE Hugo Magheraclogher John McBride Sweeney Cecilia  Gola Island Jacob Sweeney Patrick McCloskey / Catherine Cole Derrybeg
Jan 19 1865 McBRIDE James 23 Ballindrait James McBride Boyle Mary 18 Magheraclogher Paddy Boyle Daniel Boyle / Fanny O'Donnell
Feb 13 1868 McCOLE Bernard Derrybeg Daniel McCole O'Donnell Margaret Glenthornan Patrick O'Donnell Patrick McCloskey / Rose Gallagher
Feb 14 1867 McCOOL James Meenaniller Alex McCole Coll Fanny Lunnaigh Beg James Coll Charles McGee / Mary Ferry
Sept 9 1864 McELVEEN Samuel  RIC Annagry John McElveen Cunningham Catherine Carrickfin George Cunningham John Alcorn / Matthew McElveen
Feb 25 1868 McFADDEN Dan Bunaninver Pat McFadden ( decd ) McGEE Cecilia Stranabrooey Pat McGee Patrick Mulligan / Nancy McGee
Feb 7 1869 McFADDEN James Brinlack Manus McFadden Ferry Nora Brinlack Neil Ferry John McFadden / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 15 1865 McFADDEN James 60 Knockastoller Owen McFadden ( decd ) Sweeney / Gallagher Bridget 45 Carrickataskin Doalty Gallagher ( decd ) Pat Duggan / Susanna Gallagher
Feb 9 1869 McFADDEN John Brinlack Charles McFadden McHUGH Kate  Brinlack John McHugh Manus Ferry / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 28 1865 McFADDEN Owen Carrick Edward McFadden Durning Isabella Cronaguiggy Tague Durning ( decd ) Paddy McGarvey / Bridget Brennan
Feb 9 1864 McFADDEN Owen 22 Currans Port Edward McFadden O'Donnell Mary 18 Meenacladdy Michael O'Donnell Cormack / E O'Brien
Feb 6 1867 McFADDEN Teague Bunaninver Shane McFadden ( decd ) O'Donnell Eibhlin Brinlack Paddy O'Donnell Michael Ferry / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 31 1869 McFADDEN Thaddeus Innishirrer Patrick McFadden McGINLEY Kate Meenacung Neil McGinley Teague / Kate Diver
Jan 31 1869 McFADDEN Thaddeus Innishirrer Patrick McFadden McGINLEY Catherine Meenacung Virgil McGinley Thaddeus / Catherine Diver Lunnaigh
Feb 18 1868 McGARVEY Edward Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Gallagher Sophia Brinlack Mick Gallagher ( decd ) John Kearney / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 17 1865 McGARVEY Hugh 24 Middletown Owen McGarvey Gallagher Catherine 23 Middletown James Gallagher Neal / Bridget O'Donnell
Feb 28 1870 McGARVEY Hugo Lunnaigh William McGarvey Cole Fanny  Lunnaigh Manus Cole Jacob Duffy Lunnaigh / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Feb 25 1873 McGARVEY John Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Sweeney Honor  Innismeane Nigel Sweeney Hugh McBride Carrick / Catherine O'Donnell Carrick
Feb 12 1865 McGEE Edward 22 Upper Dore Charles McGee Friel Mary 21 Gola Island Philip Friel Thomas Coll / Margaret Gallagher
Feb 9 1868 McGEE James Killult James McGee ( decd ) Doohan Ellen Meenacladdy Shane Doohan James Doohan / Anthony Doherty
Jan 14 1886 McGEE James Cotteen Connell McGee / Maria McBride Sweeney Margaret Gola Island Hugh Sweeney / Maria Diver Hugh Coll Cotteen / Nappy McGinley Gola
Feb 25 1868 McGEE John Lunniagh Cormack McGee Coll Mary Lunnaigh Maurice Coll Patrick Mulligan / Nora Coll
Jan 31 1869 McGEE John Magheraclogher Thomas McGee ( decd ) Coll Grace  Magheraclogher Thoms Coll ( decd ) Hugh McGee / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 28 1865 McGEEVER Charles Meenacladdy Denis McGeever Curran / Curran Magey  Meenacladdy Owen Curran  
Feb 2 1869 McGEEVER Thomas Meenacladdy Denis McGeever Curran Catherine Glasserchoo Edward Curran Anthony O'Donnell / Mary McGeever
Feb 2 1886 McGINLEY Charles Gola Tadgh McGinley/Honora Diver McFADDEN Catherine Knockastoller Patrick McFadden / Anna McBride Edward Sweeney Gola / Grace McFadden Knockastoller
Feb 21 1884 McGINLEY Daniel Gola Patk McGinley/Maria Gallagher Boyle Sarah Stranabrooey Hugh Boyle / Sarah Gallagher Charles McGinley Gola / Eleanor Gillespie Stranabrooey
Feb 9 1883 McGINLEY Denis Magheralosk Michael McGinley/Catherine Boyle Gallagher Annabella Gola Island Ml Gallagher / Brigid Diver Bernard Boyle /  Sarah Diver Gola
Feb 22 1875 McGINLEY Michael Gola Michael McGinley Mulligan Nora Gola Island John Mulligan Michael McGinley Gola / Brigid Doherty
Feb 4 1868 McGINLEY Owen Mullaghaduff Daniel McGinley Sweeney Grace  Crolly James Sweeney Martyn Rodgers / Hugh O'Donnell
Mar 4 1865 McPAUL Paddy Strakilmartin Bryan McPaul Sweeney Catherine Meenacorwick James Sweeney James Roarty / Bridget Mulligan
Nov 26 1859 Nesbitt Thomas Bunbeg William Nesbitt Andrews Mary Bunbeg James Andrews Henry ? / Dan Keown
Mar 5 1867 O'Brien Cormack Meenacladdy James O'Brien Canon Mary Meenacladdy Edward Canon Patrick Duggan / Nora Coll
Feb 24 1868 O'Brien Henry Bloodyforeland Bernard O'Brien O'Donnell Annabella Knockastoller Hugh O'Donnell Patrick Mulligan / Annabella O'Donnell
Mar 2 1867 O'Brien John Meenacladdy Donal O'Brien Coyle Hannah Meenacladdy Ned Coyle ( decd ) Cormack Greene / Patrick Duggan
Feb 21 1867 O'Donnell Anthony Dore Francis O'Donnell ( decd ) Gallagher Cecilia Dore Anthony Gallagher Patrick McCloskey / Mary Gallagher
Oct 2 1867 O'Donnell Arthur Lunnaigh Arthur O'Donnell McBRIDE Catherine     Hannah Cole / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Jan 28 1869 O'Donnell Bernard Innismeane Charles O'Donnell ( decd ) Doogan Grace  Dore Hugh Doogan Grace Doogan / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 28 1869 O'Donnell Bernard Innismeane Arthur O'Donnell Dugan Grace  Dore Hugo Duggan Patrick Mulligan Cotteen / Grace Duggan
Jan 25 1874 O'Donnell Daniel Innismeane Virgil O'Donnell Ferry Bridget Sheskinbeg Maurice Ferry Thaddeus Coll Dore / Margaret Boyle Meenaniller
Nov 2 1876 O'Donnell Daniel Innismeane Connell O'Donnell Ferry Hanora Sheskinbeg Jacob Ferry Eleanora Mulligan Cotteen / Patrick Mulligan Cotteen
Mar 4 1867 O'Donnell Daniel Dore Arthur O'Donnell Gallagher Magey  Carrick Philip Gallagher ( decd ) Patrick Mulligan / Nora Coll
Feb 28 1881 O'Donnell Daniel Innismeane Michael O'Donnell Green Sarah Crolly Michael Green Patrick O'Donnell Innismeane / Sarah Coll
Jan 16 1875 O'Donnell Denis Innismeane Michael O'Donnell McGARVEY Catherine Lunnaigh Patrick McGarvey Patrick O'Donnell Innismeane / Catherine McGarvey Lunnaigh
Mar 5 1881 O'Donnell Hugh Glen ? Patrick O'Donnell Sweeney Catherine  Gola Island Jacob Sweeney Philip Gallagher Glen ? / Margaret Sweeney Gola
Feb 12 1865 O'Donnell Hugh 20 Magheraclogher Hugh O'Donnell Heraghty Sarah 21 Corveen Paddy Heraghty ( decd ) Timothy Boyle / Fanny O'Donnell
Jan 28 1869 O'Donnell James Dore James O'Donnell Gallagher Bridget Dore James Gallagher ( decd ) Daniel O'Donnell / Mary Gallagher
Feb 2 1870 O'Donnell John Innismeane Arthur O'Donnell Gallagher Bridget Meenaduff Daniel Gallagher Denis / Sara O'Donnell
Feb 9 1869 O'Donnell Neil Magheraclogher Francis O'Donnell Roarty Hannah Magheraclogher James Roarty Patrick McCloskey / Patrick Mulligan
Jan 31 1869 O'Donnell Patrick Ballindrait Mick O'Donnell Ferry Mary Meenacung Nigellius Ferry Manus McBride / Patrick Mulligan
Feb 22 1886 O'Donnell Patrick Innismeane Daniel / Sarah O'Donnell McGARVEY Agnes Lunnaigh Patk McGarvey / Brigid McGarvey Hugh Coll Cotteen / Nappy McGinley Gola
Feb 20 1865 O'Donnell Patrick 22 Innismeane Michael O'Donnell Diver Nabla 18 Gola Island Michael Diver Connell Sweeney / Bridget McGinley
Mar 5 1867 O'Donnell William   Hugh O'Donnell Curran Mary F   Denis Curran Donal O'Donnell / Biddy Gallgher
Nov 6 1883 Patterson John Dunfanaghy William Patterson Alcorn Margaret Carrickfin John Alcorn Thomas Alcorn / Robert Patterson
Dec 24 1863 Peoples John Falcarragh Henry E Peoples Cunningham Margaret Gweedore Joseph Cunninghm Henry Moffitt / John Williams
Feb 28 1865 Roarty Charles Loughanure Michael Roarty  Boyle Sophia Upper Dore Fergal Boyle ( decd ) Michael Sweeney / Mary Boyle
Feb 13 1872 Roarty Hugh Gola Charles Roarty Mulligan Maria Magheraclogher John Mulligan Patrick Duggan Gola / Patrick Gallagher Cotteen
Jul 11 1900 Robertson Alf Gweedore William Robertson Keown Jane Eliza Bunbeg Daniel Keown Thos Hay / J / M / M Andrews
Nov 23 1858 Robertson William  widower Heath Cottage Alexander Robertson MacDonald Hannah Bridge Ctg Gweedore Donald MacDonald William Hunter / Mary Mangan
Sept 3 1882 Robinson Alexander a minor   Robert Robinson Alcorn Mary a minor Gweedore Thomas Alcorn Luke Feeney / Fanny Alcorn
Feb 19 1868 Sharkey John Braid John Sharkey O'Donnell Anne Ballindrait Mick O'Donnell John Kearney / Patrick Mulligan
Aug 8 1888 Smith Blair Londonderry William Smith Keown Agnes Bunbeg Daniel C Keown John Williams / Alexander Robertson
Apr 15 1873 Smullen Andrew Drumtag James Smullen Alcorn Mary Ann Carrickfin John Alcorn James Boyd / Catherine ?
May 22 1900 Spence John William RIC Churchill John Thomas Spence Williams Minnie F  Bunbeg John Williams Thomas / Jane Williams
Oct 20 1855 Stewart Charles CG Gweedore John Stewart CG Doherty Mary Gweedore Dominic Doherty CG John Nestor / William Alcorn
Dec 12 1877 Sweeney Connell Innismeane Nigel Sweeney Green Catherine Innismeane Michael Green Patrick O'Donnell Innismeane / Mary O'Donnell Innismeane
Feb 24 1879 Sweeney Fred Knockastoller Dominic Sweeney O'Donnell Maria Innismeane Michael O'Donnell Michael McBride Ballindrait / Nora O'Donnell
Feb 1 1874 Sweeney Thaddeus Gola Jacobus Sweeney McCAFFERTY Eleanora Carrick Patrick McCafferty John Peoples Gola / Bridget Peoples Gola
Jul 14 1866 Toland James CG Burtonport Jeremiah Toland Beattie Elizabeth  Bunbeg John Beattie George Nicholson / George Beattie
Feb 18 1884 Watson James Londonderry James Watson Cunningham Alice Emily Gweedore Joseph Cunninghm Robert Watson / Jessie Keown
Nov 17 1865 Williams John  Petty Sess Clk Gweedore Enoch Williams Retd CG Hunter Anne Jane Bunbeg Thomas Hunter Mcht Henry Perkins / William Keown
Oct 18 1855 Young William RIC Gweedore Joseph Young Moorhead Marie Gweedore John W Moorhead Doctor Daniel Keown / John Preston


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