Inishkeel Births Registered in the Districts of Doochary & Glenties, Union of Glenties

Various quarters for 1879, 1904 & 1909

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Date Given Father Mother Occupation Townland Reg Dist
18 Sep 1879 Mary Bonar, James Campbell, Ann Farmer Adderwal Doochary
20 Sep 1879 Dan Boyle, Charles Boyle, Ann Farmer Drumaneaney Doochary
1 Jul 1904 Theresa Boyle, Daniel Molloy, Grace Nat Teacher Mullanmore Glenties
10 May 1909 Mary Josephine Boyle, Patrick Boyle, Roseann Farmer Doobin Glenties
1 Oct 1879 Bridget Boyle, Phillip Lyons, Bridget Caretaker Clogher Glenties
24 Apr 1909 Anna Maria Boyle, Thomas McHugh, Bridget Farmer Loughfad Glenties
15 Nov 1879 Neil Brice, Daniel Early, Catherine Labourer, Scotland Mullanmore Glenties
22 Sep 1879 Ann Brogan, James Diver, Margaret Farmer Arduns Glenties
10 Jul 1909 Margaret Campbell, James Gallagher, Ann Farmer Stranaglough Glenties
3 May 1909 Cassie Campbell, James McGlynn, Mary Farmer Graffy Glenties
27 Jun 1909 Annie Catherine Campbell, John Drae, Catherine Farmer Fintown Doochary
2 Jul 1909 Madge Campbell, Patrick McMonagle, Ann Farmer Tievedeevan Doochary
8 Nov 1879 Mary Ann Coyle, Daniel McClaskey, Catherine Merchant Glenties Glenties
30 Jun 1909 Mary Frances Eithne Cregan, Thomas Austin Cannon, Mary Jane Civil Servant, Dublin Glenties Glenties
30 Jun 1909 Sheila Anne Cregan, Thomas Austin Cannon, Mary Jane Civil Servant, Dublin Glenties Glenties
6 Nov 1879 Neil Dermott, Neil Tolan, Ann Farmer Graffy Glenties
12 Jul 1904 Bridget Devenny, Daniel Gillespie, Mary Farmer Clogherachullion Doochary
11 Nov 1879 Pat Devenny, Pat O'Donnell, Ann Farmer Clogherachullion Doochary
26 Sep 1879 Mary Ann Doherty, William Mulherig, Mary Labourer Workhouse, Glenties Glenties
10 Nov 1879 Mary Duffy, Edward McMenamin, Fanny Farmer Meenagolan Doochary
20 Oct 1879 Ann Duncan, John McIlwee, Sarah Farmer Tullyard Glenties
17 Dec 1879 Farrigal Gallagher, Charles Gallagher, Bridget Farmer Cullion Doochary
23 Oct 1879 Charles Gallagher, John Phillips, Mary Farmer Meenahallagh Glenties
1 May 1909 Michael Gerard Gallagher, Michael McDevitt, Grace Grocer Meenagolan Doochary
5 Jul 1904 Rose Gallagher, Michael McDevitt, Grace Merchant Glenties Glenties
27 May 1904 Patrick Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher, Mary Farmer Mullanmore Glenties
13 Dec 1879 Mary Gallagher, Patrick McCay, Ann Farmer Mulnamin Glenties
29 Jul 1904 Patrick Gallagher, Peter Kennedy, Mary Farmer Meenahallagh Glenties
18 Oct 1879 Catherine Gallagher, Peter McNamee, Catherine Farmer Crocam Doochary
25 Oct 1879 Catherine Hanlon, John Gallagher, Bridget Farmer Gortnasillagh Glenties
1 Jun 1909 Patrick Joseph Herron, James Ward, Ann Farmer Lacklea Glenties
19 Aug 1879 Emily Hutchinson, Lamont Allen, Mary Farmer Knockletragh Glenties
15 Oct 1879 Margaret Kelly, Andrew Ward, Ann Farmer Lagnagillew Glenties
9 Jun 1909 Michael John Kelly, Connel Ward, Bridget Farmer Drumaneany Doochary
1 Jun 1904 Daniel Kennedy, James Boyle, Annie Farmer Maas Glenties
10 Jun 1904 Bridget Kennedy, James Boyle, Mary Farmer Maas Glenties
1 Dec 1879 Mary Magee, Hugh Connor, Kitty Farmer Meenmore Doochary
27 Dec 1903 Mary Maguire, Peter Boyle, Hannah Farmer Workhouse, Glenties Glenties
16 Oct 1879 Joseph Manelis, Michael O'Donnell, Hannah Farmer Meenalargan Glenties
15 Sep 1879 Charles McAuley, Michael Campbell, Fanny Farmer Coolvoy Doochary
13 Jul 1909 Connel McDermott, James Ward, Rose Farmer Edenfinfreagh Glenties
26 May 1904 Barbara McDevit, Dominick McShane, Bridget Farmer Cloghernagore Doochary
8 Sep 1879 Catherine McDevitt, Bernard Kelly, Rose Merchant Glenties Glenties
23 May 1904 Daniel McDevitt, Charles Gallagher, Mary Farmer Meenanall Glenties
4 Jul 1904 Elizabeth McDevitt, Connell Tolan, Catherine Labourer Glenties Glenties
12 Apr 1879 James McDevitt, James Kelly, Ellen Farmer Glenties Glenties
20 Mar 1909 William Joseph McDevitt, John Gallagher, Bridget Ag Labourer Glenties Glenties
4 Nov 1903 Patrick McGarvey, James McGarvey, Margaret Tin Smith Workhouse, Glenties Glenties
26 Jun 1909 Patrick McGeehin, James McDevitt, Annie Farmer Meenadoan Doochary
4 Jun 1909 Thomas McGeehin, John Gallagher, Bridget Farmer Drumnaha Doochary
1 Dec 1879 Michael McGeehin, John McKelvey, Una Farmer Drumnaha Doochary
9 Oct 1879 Cicely McGeehin, Pat McGeehin, Mary Farmer Cloghercor Doochary
29 May 1909 Andrew McGill, John Gallagher, Catherine Farmer Meenmore West Doochary
20 Jun 1904 Patrick McGill, John Gallagher, Kate Farmer Meenmore West Doochary
10 Jun 1904 Lizzy McGill, William Boyle, Bridget Farmer Mullanmore Glenties
30 Jun 1904 Edward McGlynn, John McDermott, Catherine Farmer Lougherrig Doochary
17 May 1909 Annie McGlynn, Owen McMonagle, Annie Farmer Tievedeevan Doochary
29 Jun 1904 Peter Aloysius McGuire, Peter Doherty, Grace Carpenter Glenties Glenties
29 May 1909 Rosalin McHugh, Connell Brennan, Rose Caretaker Letterilly Glenties
4 Jul 1909 Patrick McLoone, Connell McHugh, Hannah Farmer Letterilly Glenties
17 Nov 1879 Mary McMonagle, Barney McDevitt, Biddy Farmer Meenmore Doochary
15 Nov 1879 Ann McNelis, Connell Harkin, Mary Farmer Shallogans Doochary
14 Jun 1909 Hugh Molloy, Patrick McDevitt, Margaret Farmer Currien Doochary
26 Sep 1879 John Morrow, Alexander Richardson, Jane Farmer Tully More Glenties
29 May 1879 Susan Mulhern, John Boyle, Catherine Labourer Workhouse, Glenties Glenties
6 May 1904 James O'Donnell, James Doherty, Fanny Farmer Shallogans Doochary
5 Jul 1904 Manus O'Donnell, Manus Boyle, Mary Grocer Coolvoy Doochary
23 May 1909 Mary Ann O'Donnell, Manus McKelvey, Bridget Farmer Drumnaha Doochary
19 May 1909 Ellen Agnes O'Donnell, Patrick Gallagher, Mary Farmer Shallogans Doochary
26 Jun 1909 Mary Ann O'Donnell, Peter Brennan, Mary Farmer Fintown Doochary
16 Nov 1879 Ellen O'Donnell, Peter Duffy, Mary Farmer Drumnaha Doochary
23 Aug 1879 Isabella Agnes Paul, William James Harison, Helen Bank Manager Glenties Glenties
7 Nov 1879 Mary Quinn, James McGlynn, Mary Farmer Meenabrock Glenties
23 Apr 1909 Annie Quinn, John McGeehin, Bridget Farmer Tievedeevan Doochary
22 Sep 1879 John Quinn, Patrick Bresland, Anne Farmer Tieveragh Glenties
23 Jul 1904 Connel Quinn, Patrick Quinn, Ann Farmer Fintown Doochary
5 Jul 1904 Bridget Shovlin, Joseph Martin, Cassie Labourer Glenties Glenties
12 Aug 1904 James Sweeney, Daniel Gildea, Mary Nat Teacher, Dungloe Stranaglough Glenties
4 Jul 1904 Bernard Timoney, James McMonagle, Bridget Farmer Meenasrone Doochary
22 Sep 1879 Madge Ward, Manus Cunahan, Madge Farmer Derryloaghan Glenties
1 Aug 1909 Connel Ward, Owen McGeehin, Rose Farmer Clogher Glenties
10 Sep 1879 William   Kennedy, Mary   Workhouse, Glenties Glenties

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