Birth & Death Notices, Inishmacsaint Parish, Co Donegal, 1822 - 1869

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Births, marriages and deaths relating to residents of Inishmacsaint Parish, Co. Donegal, extracted from personal notices


Transcribed, compiled and submitted by Len Swindley




August 13 1822

At Bundoran, on Sunday the 28th ult. the Lady of WILLIAM IRVINE, ESQ. of Prospect Hill, near Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh], of a son


November 28 1835

On the 21st inst., at Bundoran, the lady of CAPTAIN ROBERT JOHNSTON, of Brookhill, of a daughter


February 15 1840

At Woodville, Bundoran, on the 31st ult., the lady of JOHN DICKSON, ESQ., of a daughter


May 16 1840

May 8, at Rochfort Lodge, Bundoran, the lady of CHARLES ROCHFORT, ESQ., of a daughter


January 8 1842

At Bundoran, on the 2nd inst., the lady of MAJOR REYNOLDS, of a son


September 9 1843

At Bundoran, on Monday, 21st ult., MRS. MERVYN WILSON, Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh], of a son


August 31 1844

At Bundoran, county Donegal, the lady of CAPTAIN WATSON, of the 27th Regiment, of a daughter


December 30 1848

At Bundoran, county Donegal, the lady of JOHN ALLINGHAM, ESQ., of a daughter


October 12 1849

September 27, at Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran, the lady of the late CAPTAIN OVENS, of a daughter


April 26 1850

At Dingledycooch Lodge, Bundoran, the lady of JOHN ALLINGHAM, ESQ., of a daughter


September 13 1850

On the 1st inst., at Bundoran, Donegal, the wife of C.M. LAYTON, ESQ., 35th Regiment, of a son


November 9 1855

On the 30th ult., at Cliff Lodge, Bundoran, the wife of GEORGE T.C. SMITH, ESQ., R.N., of a son


January 18 1856

At Bundoran, last week, the lady of the REV. MR. TOMES, Perpetual Curate, of a son


October 15 1858

At Bundoran, on the 1st inst., the wife of LIEUTENANT WEIR JOHNSTON, Madras Army, of a daughter


April 15 1859

March 15, at the Cottage, Bundoran, the wife of J.H. ORMSBY, ESQ., of a son


October 5 1860

September 26, at Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran, the wife of CAPTAIN BARTON, Royal Artillery, of a daughter


November 10 1863

October 30, at Bundoran, the wife of WEIR JOHNSTON, ESQ., of a son


June 2 1865

May 27, at the West End Cottage, Bundoran, the wife of GEORGE L. O'KEEFE, ESQ., of a son who survived only a few hours


February 5 1867

January 28, at Bundoran, county Donegal, the wife of E. RICHARD CAROLIN, ESQ., C.E., of a son.


April 26 1867

April 21, at the Parsonage, Bundoran, the wife of the REV. CHARLES F. TOMES, of a daughter


December 6 1867

November 30, at Bundoran, the wife of MR. SAMUEL FITZSIMONS, R.I.C., of a son


February 7 1868

January 31, at Bundoran Railway Station, county Donegal, the wife of MR. WILLIAM POLLOCK, station master, of a son





December 31 1822

Last week, the REV. A. McDONNELL, Parish Priest of Bundoran


October 3 1826

Of apoplexy, while delivering a sermon in Finner Church, on Sunday se’nnight, the REV. MR BRANDON, curate of the parish of Ennis McSaint


October 22 1831

On Wednesday, the 19th inst., at Ballinamore, where he had gone on professional business, after a few hours illness, in the prime of life, JOHN MAGUIRE, ESQ., solicitor, formerly of Enniskillen, and latterly of Bundoran


July 19 1834

Suddenly at Bundoran, on Tuesday last, after bathing, MISS GRAHAM, of Fivemiletown [Co. Tyrone]


November 7 1835

October 26, at his house, Mount Herbert, Bundoran, the REV. HERBERT MANDEVILLE NASH, aged 47. He was also a magistrate for the county of Leitrim


February 6 1836

On Sunday morning last, at Bundoran, MR. JAMES KERRIGAN, innkeeper


August 26 1837

At Bundoran, on Sunday 19th inst., MRS. GRAHAM, wife of CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM, ESQ., of Goblusk, aged 42 years


September 23 1837

On Saturday last, of paralysis, in Bundoran, MASTER HUGH FALLS REYNOLDS, aged 19, son of CHARLES REYNOLDS, ESQ., of Belturbet


September 16 1837

At Bundoran on the 9th inst., Jane second daughter of WILLIAM IRVINE, ESQ., of Prospect Hill, near Enniskillen [Co. Fermanagh]


December 4 1841

November 13th, at Westfield Lodge, MARY, wife of LIEUTENANT COLONEL JOHNSTON, late 8th Light Dragoons, formerly of Bundoran, county Donegal


March 12 1842

February 26th, after a tedious illness, in Bundoran, MISS ELIZABETH FORDE, sister of CAPTAIN FORDE, of Bundoran


September 17 1842

At Bundoran, county Donegal, on Saturday, the 10th inst., in the 66th year of his age, universally loved and respected, the Honourable and REV. GEORGE DE LA POER BERESFORD, second son of the late LORD DECIES


December 10 1842

At Bundoran, on Monday last, most sincerely regretted by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, COLONEL JOHNSTON, late of the 8th Hussars. His remains were removed to the family burying ground at Kilskerry [Co. Tyrone], on Thursday


June 15 1844

On the 8th June, at Bundoran, county Donegal, after a very short illness, aged 60 years, CHARLES ARCHDALL, ESQ., of Riverstown, county Fermanagh, a magistrate for the counties of Fermanagh, Tyrone, and Donegal


October 4 1845

On the 21st ult., at Bundoran, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, ALEXANDER HASSARD, ESQ., J.P., and formerly Captain in the Enniskillen Dragoons


April 3 1847

On Tuesday last, after a long and painful illness, MRS. GALLAGHER, wife of MR. JAMES GALLAGHER, hotel keeper, Bundoran


September 25 1847

In Bundoran, county Donegal, on Friday morning week, after a lingering illness, THOMAS BEATTY, ESQ., of Newtownbutler [Co. Fermanagh]; and on Friday night, MRS. BEATTY, wife of the above gentleman, died at Bundoran also, where the old couple had been staying for a change of air. Mr. Beatty was in his 80th year, and Mrs. Beatty in her 75th. They were much respected and beloved by all who knew them. They had regularly visited Bundoran for the good of their health every summer for the last 54 years. On Saturday evening their remains were conveyed to the family burial ground, near Newtownbutler, for interment


February 10 1849

At Madras, DELANEY BARCLAY JOHNSTON, ESQ., of the 25th Foot, eldest son of the late COLONEL JOHNSTON, of the 8th Lancers, formerly of Bundoran


October 19 1849

On Wednesday morning week, CATHERINE, the beloved wife of MR. WILLIAM DILLON, Bundoran, and sister of the REV. J. CASSIDY, of that Place


August 27 1852

August 21, at Bundoran, MARTHA HAWLEY, wife of COLONEL ARCHDALL, of Castle Archdall, county Fermanagh


September 17 1852

September 11, at Bundoran, county Donegal, FRANCES, relict of CAPTAIN SKENE, R.N.


October 15 1852

Suddenly, MR. JAMES GALLAGHER, innkeeper, Bundoran


August 12 1853

August 2, in Bundoran, from eating poisonous mushrooms, the wife of the REV. MR. TUTHILL


August 19 1853

August 7th, suddenly, at Bundoran, where he had gone for the benefit of his health, ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG, ESQ., of Croghan, Ballinamallard, aged 68 years


February 3 1854

January 22nd, at Bundoran, MRS. GLADSTONE, relict of CAPTAIN GLADSTONE, of the Donegal Militia, and sister of the late COLONEL CULLEN, of Skreeny, county Leitrim


March 31 1854

At Mountain View, Bundoran, aged 82 years, DR. MAGUIRE, of Enniskillen [Co Fermanagh]


July 21 1854

An inquest was held yesterday, on the body of CAPTAIN DICKSON, who died in the Horsepool, Bundoran, on Wednesday last. He was from Inishmore, county Fermanagh. The cause of death being apoplexy, a verdict of 'died from a visitation of God' was returned by the jury


September 14 1855

September 3, at Allingham Lodge, Bundoran, MARIA, wife of EDWARD ALLINGHAM, ESQ., J.P., Stonebold, Ballyshannon, county Donegal, after a long and painful illness


October 17 1856

In Bundoran, on the 2nd inst., MR. WILLIAM FLEMING, an old and respectable inhabitant of that Town


December 12 1856

On Saturday week, in Bundoran, MRS. AIKEN, of Pettigo


May 1 1857

On Saturday, the 18th ult., at his residence, Seaville, near Bundoran, the REV. HUGH REILLY, P.P., Kinlough, in the 56th year of his age


August 27 1858

Of inflammation of the bowels, at Bundoran, county Donegal, MR. WILLIAM FERRIS, aged 30 years, son of MATTHEW FERRIS, of Milltown, county Fermanagh


January 28 1859

January 19, at Malin Constabulary Barracks, JANE, the beloved wife of CONSTABLE SAMUEL WELSHMAN, and daughter of MR. MOFFAT, of Bundoran, near Ballyshannon, aged 38 years


July 29 1859

July 10, at Bundoran, HESTER, relict of the late WILLIAM DICKSON, ESQ., of Ennismore, county Fermanagh, and formerly of Cavan House, Fintona [Co. Tyrone], aged 65 years


October 19 1860

October 11, at Bundoran, county Donegal, CAPTAIN WILLIAM CORRY


May 3 1861

April 24, at Bundoran, JOHN McVITY, ESQ., aged 90 years


August 16 1861

August 5, in Bundoran, CHARLES CROW, ESQ., late of Farmhill, for many years a Magistrate and Grand Juror of county Fermanagh


August 14 1863

August 11, at Bundoran, WILLIAM HAMILTON, only child of JOSEPH R. KENNY, ESQ., Surveyor of Taxes, Enniskillen, aged 3 years and 6 Months


December 29 1863

December 21, at his residence, Hall Place, Bundoran, MR. WILLIAM HALL, aged 47 years


July 12 1864

July 4, at Bundoran, the residence of his brother, EDWARD FORDE, ESQ., late lieutenant in her Majesty's 27th Regiment


August 23 1864

August 15, suddenly, at Bundoran, ROBERT LOWRY, ESQ., of Glynch House, county Monaghan, son of the late JAMES LOWRY, ESQ., of Rockdale, county Tyrone and Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin


December 13 1864

December 8, at Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran, MR. HAZLETT HAMILTON, in the 63rd year of his age


June 6 1865

On Monday week SAMUEL CRAWFORD, ESQ., Coroner for the District of Ballyshannon, held an inquest, at Finner, between Ballyshannon and Bundoran, respecting the death of a woman named MARY GORMAN, who was, upon Sunday, the 28th of May, gored to death by a bull, the property of MICHAEL O'BRIEN of the Washpool. The jury found in accordance with the fact


May 4 1866

April 29, at Bundoran, aged 28 years, the wife of Mr. Edward Monaghan, of the Royal Hotel, Enniskillen


December 14 1866

December 10, at his residence, Allingham Lodge, Bundoran, Edward Allingham, Esq., J.P., in his 79 year


April 26 1867

April 22, at the Parsonage, Bundoran, CAROLINA, the beloved wife of the REV. CHARLES T. TOMES, aged 37 years


June 25 1867

June 17, at Hamilton Terrace, Bundoran, ELIZABETH ANNA, daughter of M. LOUGH, ESQ., Cavan, aged 9 years


October 28 1867

October 22, at Bundoran, ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of RICHARD TATE, ESQ., M.D., of Dublin, aged 22 years


August 14 1868

August 11, at Bundoran, MISS MARY RANKIN, of Tally, youngest daughter of the late GEORGE RANKIN, ESQ., Eden, Enniskillen


October 30 1868

October 22, at Bundoran, ERNEST, third son of SIR VICTOR BROOKE, Bart., of Colebrook Park, aged 7 months


March 5 1869

Feb 27, at Bundoran, county Donegal, the REV. WILLIAM ALEXANDER PERCY, Rector of Kiltoghert, county Leitrim, in the 73rd year of his age


August 10 1869

August 5, at Bundoran, FANNIE, wife of JAMES SHILLINGTON, ESQ., of Old Park, Belfast


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