St Patrick's Catholic Church, Parish of Iskaheen, Diocese of Derry

Baptisms 1858-1901

Surnames Q to End

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Date Child Father Mother Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Parent's Townland
1887 Nov 26 Francis Quigley, Francis Barr, Mary Doherty, Michael Lynch, Lizzie  
1860 Nov 26 Francis Quigley, Francis Morrison, Martha Quigley, Hugh Quigley, Catherine  
1865 Jan 15 Sarah Quigley, Francis Morrison, Martha Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary  
1867 Feb 8 Matilda Quigley, Francis Morrison, Martha Quigley, Hugh Quigley, Catherine Ballynagard, Derry
1864 Jan 3 Sarah Ann Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary McCarron, Hugh Kyle, Bridget Ballynagard, Derry
1869 Jul 4 Rose Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary McCarron, Philip Toye, Ellen Ballynagard, Derry
1872 Apr 14 Catherine Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary Quigley, William McCarron, Sarah Ballynagard, Derry
1874 Aug 30 Ellen Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary McCarron, Philip Doherty, Sarah Ballynagard, Derry
1877 Jan 28 Margaret Quigley, Hugh McCarron, Mary Nelson, G Quigley, Sally Ballynagard (3 Mile Stone)
1866 May 6 Mary Eliza Quigley, Hugh Quigley, Mary Toye, Denis Toye, Eliza Ballynagard, Derry
1883 Jun 24 Patrick Quigley, Hugh Quigley, Teresa Gray, Patrick Gray, Mary Gortanny, Moville Upper
1882 Aug 24 Margaret Quigley, James Canny, Sally Margay, Patrick Canny, Mary Clunelly
1878 Jun 27 Fanny Quigley, James Canny, Sara Crossan, Owen Bradley, Sara  
1879 Aug 3 Sarah Quigley, James Canny, Sara Margay, Patrick Canny, Annie Clunelly
1884 Mar 13 Patrick Quigley, James Canny, Sara Monaghan, James Monaghan, Mary Clunelly
1885 Dec 8 Catherine Quigley, James Canny, Sarah Doherty, Joseph Doherty, Sarah Culmore, Derry
1889 Nov 22 Anne Quigley, James Canny, Sarah   Breslin, Rose Anne  
1876 Apr 17 Hugh Quigley, John Bradley, Sara Quigley, Daniel Curren, Margaret Magheralahan, Moville Upper
1883 Dec 20 Sara Quigley, John Bradley, Sara   Bradley, Mary Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1874 Jan 25 Margaret Quigley, John Bradley, Sarah Curran, James Curran, Margaret Magheralahan, Moville Upper
1859 Jan 1 Peter Quigley, John Devlin, Grace Devlin, Denis Devlin, Catherine  
1881 Mar 29 Catherine Quigley, John Quigley, Sara   McSheffrey, Sara Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1877 Sep 11 Mary Quigley, John Quigley, Sarah Allen, Edward Allen, Sara Magheralahan, Moville Upper
1862 Feb 27 Margaret Quigley, Joseph Gallager, Margaret Benson, William Benson, Margaret  
1865 Jan 29 John Quigley, Joseph Gallagher, Margaret McCaul, James McCaul, Mary Gortin, Muff
1867 Apr 14 William Quigley, Joseph Gallagher, Margaret Deeney, Daniel Deeney, Catherine Ballyboe, Muff
1869 Jul 20 Hugh Quigley, Joseph Gallagher, Margaret Mullen, James Mullen, Margaret Gortin, Muff
1872 Sep 1 Joseph Quigley, Joseph Quigley, Margaret Morrin, Michael Morrin, Sarah Ture, Muff
1881 May 24 Hannah Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Quigley, Patrick Doherty, Sara Clunelly
1883 Oct 7 Stephen Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Gay, Joseph Gay, Catherine Clunelly
1885 Nov 3 Daniel Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Margay, Bernard Margay, Susan  
1888 Feb 12 Philip Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Margay, Roger Margay, Mary  
1890 May 20 Mary Anne Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Harley, Hugh Harley, Lizzie  
1893 Sep 25 Patrick Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Harley, Denis Harley, E Clonelly
1897 Jun 16 Margery Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen Gay, Joseph Quigley, Mary  
1900 Aug 30 Francis Quigley, Stephen Doherty, Ellen O'Neill, Francis Morrin, Annie  
1880 Jan 8 William Quigley, Stephen Quigley, Ellen Margay, Pat Doherty, Catherine Clunelly
1880 Feb 12 Patrick Quigley, William Conway, Anne Toye, Patrick Toye, Anne Gortanny, Moville Upper
1882 Mar 5 Bernard Quigley, William Conway, Anne Quigley, Hugh Quigley, Teresa Gortanny, Moville Upper
1884 Apr 20 Bridget Quigley, William Conway, Anne Quigley, Bernard Haragan, Bridget Gortanny, Moville Upper
1875 Oct 10 Hugh Quigley, William McCarron, Sara   Quigley, mary Ballynagard, Derry
1880 Oct 17 Hugh Joseph Quigley, William McCarron, Sarah Toye, Patrick Toye, Eleanor Ballynagard, Derry
1875 Jun 27 Elizabeth Quigley, William McConway, Anne McConway, John McConway, Margaret Gortanny, Moville Upper
1886 Dec 12 Catherine Quigley, William McConway, Anne McConway, Thomas McConway, Anne  
1889 Sep 1 Unity Quigley, William McConway, Anne McConway, John McLaughlin, Mary  
1877 Nov 22 Mary Quigley, William Quigley, Ann Conway, James Conway, Biddy Gortanny, Moville Upper
1867 Sep 14 Francis Joseph Quinn, Patrick Lynch, Rebecca   Goodwin, Mary Eliza Gortcormacan, Burt
1876 Jan 28 Isabella Ramps, James Smyth, Mary   Lynch, Mary Glasgow - Carnamoyle
1860 Apr 15 William Ramsay, Michael Cook, Ellen Hutchinson, John Mutchinson, Margaret  
1861 Dec 8 Mary Ann Ramsay, Michael Cook, Ellen Ramsay, John Cook, Mary  
1863 Aug 23 Sarah Ramsay, Michael Cook, Ellen Hutcheson, John Orr, Sally Ann Muff
1893 Feb 28 John Reddin, James McColgan, Sarah Anne McColgan, John McColgan, Catherine  
1886 Mar 17 Catherine Rodgers, Francis McCarey Lynch, George Lynch, Fanny  
1887 Oct 1 Helen Rodgers, Francis McCarry, Helen McCarry, Patrick McCarry, Catherine  
1858 Oct 17 Anthony Rodgers, Francis McCarter, Margaret Rodgers, Anthony Riddell, Bridget  
1864 Jan 20 Eleanor Roper, James Morrin, Mary McLaughlin, Cornelius McLaughlin, Jane Back Shore
1861 Sep 15 John Roper, James Moyson, Mary Doherty, Henry Bradley, Ellen  
1879 Feb 17 William Ruddy, Daniel Ruddy, Eliza   Doherty, Anne Lenamore, Muff
1877 May 23 James Ruddy, Daniel Walker, Eliza   Bresland, Mary Lenamore, Muff
1880 Nov 22 Mary Anne Ruddy, Daniel Walker, Eliza   McLaughlin Lenamore, Muff
1883 Aug 18 Margaret Ruddy, Daniel Walker, Eliza   Logue, Mary Lenamore, Muff
1894 Nov 24 Patrick Ruddy, William Lafferty, Frances Logue, James Logue, Mary  
1896 Sep 16 Edward Ruddy, William Lafferty, Frances   Barr, Nancy  
1896 Sep 16 Anne Ruddy, William Lafferty, Frances   Logue, Anne  
1899 Mar 10 Bernard Ruddy, William Lafferty, Frances McCallion, James McCallion, Mary Meedinbuoy
1890 Feb 6 Annie Rutherford, Daniel Gillespie, Mary Gillespie, Charles Gillespie, Sarah Anne  
1898 Dec 22 John Joseph Rutherford, Daniel Gillespie, Mary Gallagher, John Gallagher, Mary A  
1867 Oct 13 John Rutherford, John Carolan, Catherine McClelland, William McClelland, Margaret Meenamolt, Muff
1859 Jan 23 Sarah Rutherford, John Rutherford, Ann McClelland, John McClelland, Rebecca  
1859 Oct 7 Rose Rutherford, John Rutherford, Ann Horgan, Michael Horgan, Catherine  
1885 Apr 4 Mary Anne Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne Rutherford, Daniel Rutherford, Rose Gortin, Muff
1886 Sep 19 John Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne McClelland, William McClelland, Catherine  
1888 Sep 8 Sarah Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne Rutherford, Daniel McClelland, Margaret  
1890 Mar 7 Joseph Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne McClelland, William Doherty, Mary  
1896 Jan 14 Margaret Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne McClelland, Thomas McCaul, Mary  
1897 Nov 19 Daniel Francis Rutherford, William McClelland, Mary Anne McClelland, John McClelland, Maggie  
1883 Mar 3 Joseph Robert S., Robert McColgan, Mary   McColgan, Nancy Iskaheen, Muff
1875 Feb 28 Catherine Shannon, John Conaghan, Mary Boyle, Cornelius Boyle, Anne Gortcormacan, Burt
1877 Jan 28 Margery Teresa Shannon, John Conaghan, Mary McCay, John Kerr, Catherine Derryvane, Muff
1879 Jul 13 William Shannon, John Shannon, Mary   Deeney, Sally Elaghmore
1862 Nov 16 William Sharkey, John Bradley, Mary Ann Boyle, James Boyle, Mary Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1868 Mar 11 Mary Anne Sharkey, John Bradley, Mary Ann Sharkey, William Bradley, Catherine Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1871 Oct 29 William Sharkey, William Bradley, Catherine Sharkey, Daniel Bradley, Jane Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1873 May 4 Bridget Sharkey, William Bradley, Catherine Bradley, John Bradley, Catty Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1875 Nov 14 John Sharkey, William Bradley, Kate Bradley, William Bradley, Kate Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1877 Aug 19 James Sharkey, William Sharkey, Kate Bradley, William Bradley, Kate Carrowkeel, Moville Upper
1876 Feb 11 Michael Shieil, John Shiel, Ellen   Breslan, Ellen Culmore, Derry
1860 Mar 4 John Shiel, Owen McCann, Ann McCann, Patrick Feeney, Margaret  
1869 May 5 Daniel Shiel, Owen McCann, Ellen Gubbins, John Young, Mary Back Strand, Culmore, Derry
1873 Jan 18 Letitia Shiels, Owen Shiels, Ellen Doherty, Joe Doherty, Catherine Bridge End, Burt
1862 Apr 6 Neal Siex, Richard Crossan, Ann Crossan, William Crossan, Margaret  
1865 Aug 30 Eugene Siex, Richard Crossan, Ann Crossan, Owen Gallagher, Cecily  
1868 Dec 27 Mary Harriet Siex, Richard Crossan, Anne Devlin, John Devlin, Mary Crummin, Muff
1871 Feb 26 Cecily Siex, Richard Crossan, Anne Crossan, William Doherty, Catherine Crummin, Muff
1874 Oct 11 Margaret Siex, Richard Crossan, Anne Crossan, Edward Devlin, Mary Ture, Muff
1867 Aug 18 Richard Siex, Richard McCrossan, Anne Lynch, Andrew McCrossan, Mary Drumskellan, Muff
1897 Nov 25 John Slater Convert      
1872 Jun 16 William Smith, Henry Smith, Maggie Smith, William Smith, Mary Culmore, Derry
1881 Feb 21 Ellen Theresa Smith, James O'Kane, Mary Graham, William O'Kane, Margaret Culmore, Derry
1879 Jun 1 John Smith, Patrick Henderson, Eliza Kidd, Charles Smith, Jane Culmore, Derry
1877 Feb 18 Robert Henry Smyth, Henry Smyth, Maggie Lynch, John Lynch, Kate Culmore, Derry
1875 Jan 31 Jane Smyth, Henry Smyth, Margaret Smyth, James Conway, Letty Culmore, Derry
1879 Dec 8 Ernest Mary Smyth, Henry Smyth, Margaret   McGeehan, Eliza Hollybush, Derry
1894 Sep 29 Jane Smyth, Hugh McColgan, Ellen   McColgan, Sarah Anne Duntocher, Scotland
1879 Sep 14 Mary Jane Smyth, James O'Kane, Mary Smyth, Patrick Steen, Jane Culmore, Derry
1880 Dec 4 Patrick Smyth, James Smyth, Eliza Smyth, James McGhee, Eliza Culmore, Derry
1882 Jun 16 Ann Elizabeth Smyth, James Smyth, Mary   Cleary, Hannah Culmore, Derry
1883 Feb 13 Mary Smyth, Patrick English, Eliza     Culmore, Derry
1887 Jun 26 Thomas Smyth, Patrick English, Eliza Shiels, John English, Mary A  
1886 Apr 5 Henry Smyth, Patrick English, Jane      
1889 Sep 8 Margaret Jane Smyth, Patrick Henderson, Eliza Young, John English, Mary Anne  
1892 Jul 16 Joseph Smyth, Patrick Henderson, Elizabeth Doherty, Hugh McGeehan, Hannah  
1882 Apr 11 Rosetta Smyth, Patrick Smyth, ? Doherty, Peter Doherty, Bridget Front Shore, Derry?
1884 Jul 15 Elizabeth Smyth, Patrick Smyth, Eliza   English, Mary Anne Culmore, Derry
1870 Oct 11 Mary Steele Who abjured the errors of heresy'   McFeely, Fanny  
1891 May 11 George Steen Baptised      
1882 Nov 3 Letitia Steen, James Doherty, Esther   Morrin, Sara  
1877 Jul 1 Michael Steen, William Smyth, Jane Smyth, Patrick Smyth, Margaret Culmore, Derry
1882 Oct 30 James Steen, William Smyth, Jane Smyth, James Smyth, Mary Culmore, Derry
1883 Nov 25 John Stewart Who abjured the errors of heresy'      
1884 Oct 2 Mary Dorcas Stewart, John Doherty, Mary   Doherty, Mary Tullyarden
1886 Oct 1 Ellen Stewart, John Doherty, Mary   Doherty, Mary Ballynagard
1891 Dec 5 John Stewart, John Doherty, Mary Jane Toland, James Shiels, Catherine  
1897 Mar 26 Nicholas Stewart, John McCann, Grace   Bradley, Sarah Ture, Muff
1881 Dec 16 Margaret Tinan (Keenan), James Tinan, Eliza   McLaughlin, Mary Carnamoyle, Muff
1879 Aug 24 Patrick Tinney, Hugh Murray, Rose Anne Murray, John Murray, Jane Gortin, Muff
1882 Oct 15 Susan Tinney, Hugh Murray, Rose Anne Murray, John Murray, Bridget Gortin, Muff
1873 Sep 16 Jane Tinney, James Tinney, Eliza McKinney, George Teenan, Eliza Burdooey, Muff
1880 Nov ? Tinney, John Tinney, Rose Ann   Morrin, Maggie Gortin, Muff
1860 Sep 9 Eleanor Toland, Patrick McGeoghan, Ellen Nealis, Edward Logue, Eleanor  
1864 Jan 6 Patrick Toland, Patrick McGeoghan, Ellen Doherty, Robert Doherty, Mary Ann Ardmore, Muff
1866 Nov 18 Thomas Toland, Patrick McGeoghan, Ellen Devine, Patrick Doherty, Mary Anne Ardmore, Muff
1869 Jan 3 Michael Toland, Patrick McGeoghan, Ellen   Doherty, Mary Anne Ardmore, Muff
1871 Aug 7 Margaret Toland, Patrick McGeoghan, Ellen   Logue, Ellen Ardmore, Muff
1859 Jan 6 Michael Toland, Patrick Toland, Ellen McGeoghan, Thomas Logue, Ellen  
1878 Mar 17 Patrick Tonor, Patrick Doherty, Sarah Gallagher, Con Doherty, Kate Lenamore, Muff
1862 Nov 1 John Tosh, John Quig, Elizabeth Wilson, Joseph Tosh, Elizabeth Crummin, Muff
1875 Nov 14 Mary Toye, Bernard Diver, Mary Toye, William Diver, Ellen Meenavenaghan, Moville Upper
1881 Nov 30 Ellen Toye, Bernard Diver, Mary Doherty, Philip Curran, Margaret Meenavenaghan, Moville Upper
1890 Aug 23 John Tynan (Keenan), James Dinsmore, Eliza Wilson, William McLaughlin, Nancy  
1876 Sep 19 Elizabeth Walker Who abjured the errors of heresy'      
1887 Feb 26 Catherine Elizabeth Ward, John Boyle, Catherine Boyle, John Boyle, Eliza Culmore, Derry
1860 Aug 19 Hugh Ward, Michael   Ward, James (Joseph) McDade, Catherine  
1864 Nov 1 Richard Fitzgerald Warren, Denis ?, Mary Jane Crossan, Edward Gillespie, Ann Culmore, Derry
1867 Nov 3 Samuel Warren, Denis Warren, Mary Cuddihy, Thomas Lynch, Mary Culmore, Derry
1880 May 19 Richard Wiley Who abjured the errors of heresy'      
1859 Mar 27 Martin Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret Wilson, William Wilson, Ann  
1866 Dec 23 Joseph Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret Muldoon, Patrick Friel, Mary Burdooey, Muff
1868 Jul 5 Martha Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret Friel, Owen Friel, Mary Carnamoyle, Muff
1872 Jul 19 Ellen Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret Mullan, James Mullan, Margaret  
1874 Jun 25 William Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret McCarron, James McLaughlin, Margaret Baddoway
1876 Jan 22 Mary Eliza Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret McCarron, James McLaughlin, Nancy Burdooey, Muff
1880 Jul 4 Sally Anne Wilson, Joseph Friel, Margaret Kirk, Felix McGowan, Ellen Burdooey, Muff
1870 Jul 3 Robert Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Margaret McCarron, James McCarron, Mary Burdooey, Muff
1877 Jul 22 Nancy Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Margaret Kirk, Felix Kirk, Eleanor Burdooey, Muff
1862 Sep 14 James Wilson, Robert Doherty, Sarah Doherty, John Kirk, Sarah  
1862 Sep 14 Sarah Ann Wilson, Robert Doherty, Sarah Wilson, William Doherty, Margaret  
1860 Nov 13 John Wilson, Robert Wilson, Sarah Wilson, William Doherty, Sarah, Ann  
1896 May 17 Joseph Wilson, William English, Elizabeth Wilson, Daniel McGahey, Mary  
1989 Apr 3 Anne Wilson, William English, Elizabeth Wilson, William jnr McGahey, Mary  
1877 Dec 1 William Wilson, William McLaughlin, Ann McLaughlin, Dan Donaghy, Sarah Carnamoyle, Muff
1880 Dec 11 Daniel Wilson, William McLaughlin, Anne McLaughlin, Daniel Wilson, Margaret Carnamoyle, Muff
1882 Mar 4 Joseph Wilson, William McLaughlin, Nancy Coyle, Charles McDermott, Anne Drumhaggart, Burt
1887 Dec 3 Robert Wilson, William McLaughlin, Nancy Loughrey, Daniel Burns, Mary Anne  
1890 Jun 15 Rebecca Margaret Wilson, William McLaughlin, Nancy McLaughlin, Philip Douglas, Mary  
1892 Jul 21 Mary Anne Wilson, William McLaughlin, Nancy Bradley, John James Douglas, Margaret  
1884 Jul 27 Michael Wilson, William Wilson, Nancy McLaughlin, Owen Doherty, Sarah Carnamoyle, Muff
1899 Mar 12 John Young, John English, Mary A Devlin, John Cleary, Julia  
1858 Nov 21 Edward Young, Thomas Gibbon, Mary Gibbon, Bernard Young, Fanny  
1877 Dec 23 William   Bradley, Mary Moran, Michael Moran, Sarah Irishtown, Muff
1886 May 20 John   Deeney, Bridget   Doherty, Sarah  
1869 May 23 Bradley, Mary   Deeney, Mary   Logue, Mary Gortin, Muff
1866 May 2 Catherine   Devlin, Catherine   Hegarty, Ellen  
1866 Sep 29 James   Doherty, Mary Harnan, James Doherty, Bridget Irishtown, Muff
1896 Jan 17 Elizabeth   English (Doherty), Esther Ferris, Edward Roden, Bridget  
1896 May 28 James   Gormley (Lynch), Matilda   Lynch (Greene), Mary  
1873 Sep 24 Patrick   Henderson, Eliza   English, Mary Glasgow
1895 Aug 27 Elizabeth   Lynch, Martha   Lynch, Fanny Lenamore, Muff
1896 Jun 24 Daniel   Lynch, Mary Jane   Gormley, Matilda  
1873 Aug 25 James   McCann, Grace McCann, James McCann, Mary Glackmore, Muff
1898 Nov 26 Rose Anne   McCauley, Margery McCauley, John McCauley, Jane Derry
1895 Jul 9 Sarah   McCauley, Sarah   McCauley, Mary Anne Derryvane, Muff
1894 Sep 13 James   McCauley, Sarah Anne (or Colgan)   McColgan, Nancy Mitchells Town, Muff
1871 Sep 7 Edward   McCloskey, Ellen   Lepper, Mary Moss Edge
1890 Aug 25 Elizabeth   McGuiness, Elizabeth   McGuiness, Catherine  
1873 Oct 12 Catherine   McNevisson, Margaret   Doherty, Catherine Culmore, Derry
1888 Jan 16 Mary   Philips, Mary   Henry, Rose  
1871 Jan 14 William   Traynor, Catherine   Feeney, Mary Moss Edge
1882 Jun 2 John   Wilson, Margaret   Wilson, Nancy Birdoway




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