Names on the Hearth Money Roll for the Parish of Kilbarron, Co Donegal 1665


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   Maj' John Folliott              of Ballym'Ward 3 hearths
   John Hicks                      of Ballym'Ward
   William Leaper                 of Ballym'Ward
   Robert Patterson              of Ballym'Ward
   John Wissell                   of Ballym'Ward
   William Barnett                of Ballym'Ward
   William Stevens               of Ballym'Ward
   Robert Henderson                of Kilcarbry
   William Anderson            of Kilcarbry
   James m'Atyer             of Kilcarbry
   Morice Conelly            of Kilcarbry
   Connor m'Atyer             of Kilcarbry
   William Rattcliffe          of Kilcarbry
   Phelomy o'Mulkerran         of Kilcarbry
   Rodger Conelly           of Kilcarbry
   Flan o'Cleary             of Kilcarbry
   Farfasy o'Cleary          of Kilcarbry
   Myles o'Cleary              of Kilcarbry
   Donell o'Kernan              of Kilcarbry
   John m'Gouer                of Kilcarbry
   Neale o'Gallagher               of Cashell
   Neale o'Mulkeran             of Cashell
   Owen o'Mulkeran             of Cashell
   Edmund m'Atyre            of Cashell
   Owen m'Cauely                of Cashell
   William o'Gallogher         of Cashell
   John o'Gallogher              of Cashell
   Farigh m'Guane                  of Forecossy
   Cahell m'Ilmarten             of Forecossy
   Hugh m'Cana                  of Forecossy
   James o'Connogher           of Forecossy
   Bryan m'Gilgea                of Forecossy
   Richard Sudbery            of Forecossy
   William o'Luen                of Forecossy
   Edward Allinghame          of Forecossy
   Bryan m'Glinshy             of Forecossy
   William Flanagan            of Forecossy
   Torlagh m'Flaherty           of Forecossy
   Dermond o'Haraghoy         of Forecossy
   Daniel m'Anulty             of Forecossy
   Donnagh m'Atyer            of Forecossy
   Pattrick o'Con             of Forecossy
   Neale o'Gallagan             of Forecossy
   Neece m'Gillissy            of Forecossy
   Bryan Killen                    of Corlea
   Owen o'Connegall             of Corlea
   John m'Cordoge               of Corlea
   Dermund m'Anulty             of Corlea
   Edward Jones                 of Corlea
   James Burd                   of Corlea
   Pattrick o'Queen                of Ballinemanagh
   Morice o'Cleary           of Ballinemanagh
   Neale m'Gillespick         of Ballinemanagh
   Connogher o'Gallogher       of Ballinemanagh
   Bryan o'Diver                of Ballinemanagh
   Nichol o'Shannaghan           of Ballinemanagh
   Hugh o'Morea                of Ballinemanagh
   William Fletcher            of Ballinemanagh
   Francis Earle                   of Ballinemanagh
   Phelomy o'Boyle               of Ballinemanagh
   William Brinan                  of Ballinemanagh
   Robert Ferrett               of Ballinemanagh
   donell o'Morea                 of Ballinemanagh
   Ralph Sharpe                   of Ballinemanagh
   Bryan o'Quen                  of Ballinemanagh
   Edmund m'Gillaspick            of Ballinemanagh
   Donnaghy m'Coshilly            of Ballinemanagh
   William o'Diver               of Ballinemanagh
   Neale o'Hogan                   of Ballinemanagh
   Edward Burrell                 of Ballinemanagh
   Donnagh m'Trernan               of Ballinemanagh
   Michael Hewson                  of Ballyshannon 2 hearths
   John Johnes                     of Ballyshannon 2 hearths
   Thomas Preston                of Ballyshannon
   Francis Genings               of Ballyshannon 2 hearths
   William Robby                  of Ballyshannon
   Pattrick m'Connelly             of Ballyshannon 2 hearths
   Robert Eager                   of Ballyshannon
   John Dixon                    of Ballyshannon
   Nicholas Shawe                  of Ballyshannon 2 hearths
   William Pean                    of Ballyshannon
   John Lilly                     of Ballyshannon
      8 18s for 89 hearths  


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