1833 Tithe Applotment Book - Kilbarron Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Kilbarron, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Tithable townlands:

Wardtown, Corker, Roscut, Cloghbally, Coolbeg & its subdenominations, Alla & Cashel


Surname First Townland
ACHESON [..?] Roscut [Rosscat]
ANDERSON A., Sen. Cashel
ANDERSON William Cashel
BARREN Daniel Coolley
BELL [..?] Roscut [Rosscat]
BELL John Cashel
BELL William Cashel
BOYLE Widow Wardtown
BURKE Patrick Cloghbolly
BURKE Thomas Cloghbolly
BURNS E. Cloghbolly
CLEARY [..?] Coolley
CLEARY Anthony Cloghbolly
CLEARY Owen Cashel
CLEARY P. Cashel
CLEARY Patrick Tullyoogan [Part of Coolley]
COONEY [..?] & partners Tullyoogan [Part of Coolley]
COONEY A. Cashel
COONEY B. Cashel
COONEY Edward Cashel
COONEY Mark Cashel
DIVER A. Roscut [Rosscat]
DIVER J. Roscut [Rosscat]
DIVER M. Roscut [Rosscat]
DOHERTY Arthur Cloghbolly
DOHERTY Denis Tullyhorkey (Subdenomination of Coolbeg)
DOHERTY George Cloghbolly
DOHERTY James Cloghbolly
DOHERTY James Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
DOHERTY James Tullyhorkey (Subdenomination of Coolbeg)
DOHERTY Sandy, Jun. Cloghbolly
DOHERTY Sandy, Sen. Cloghbolly
DOOGAN [..?] Coolley
ELLIOTT [..?] Cashel
FERGUSON [..?] Cashel
FLANAGAN Thomas Cashel
FOX O. Cashel
GALLAGHER [..?] (late Lipsett) Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
GALLAGHER Pat. Tullyhorkey (Subdenomination of Coolbeg)
GAVIGAN [..?] Cashel
GAWLEY [..?] Wardtown
GILDEA James Cloghbolly
GILLESPIE Widow & partners Wardtown
GOAN E. Wardtown
GOAN Edward Coolley
GOAN Patt. Wardtown
GOAN Thomas Wardtown
GRAHAM [..?] Roscut [Rosscat]
GRAHAM Henry Cashel
HAZLETT John Coolley
HILLIARD [..?] Cloghbolly
KEENAN [..?] Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
KERRIGAN [..?] Wardtown
KERRIGAN John Cashel
KERRIGAN John Coolley
KNOX [..?] Cashel
LIPSETT [..?] Coolley
LIPSETT Anthony Cashel
LIPSETT James Cashel
LIPSETT John (Road) Cashel
LIPSETT John Cashel
LIPSETT John Coolley
LIPSETT Joseph Cashel
LIPSETT Lewis Cashel
LIPSETT Lewis, Jun. Cashel
LIPSETT Lewis, Sen. Cashel
LIPSETT Thomas Cashel
LIPSETT Thomas R. Cashel
LIPSETT William Cashel
LOWRY John Cashel
MARTIN [..?] Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
McBRIDE [..?] & Co. Coolley
McBRIDE [..?] & partners Tullyoogan [Part of Coolley]
McCADDON John Tullyhorkey (Subdenomination of Coolbeg)
McCANN Daniel Coolley
McCANN Daniel Wardtown
McCANN Gilbert Cloghbolly
McCANN John Coolley
McCANN John Wardtown
McCANN Owen & partners Wardtown
McCANN Patrick Wardtown
McCANY [?] [..?] Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
McGARRIGLE [..?] Coolley
McINTIRE [..?] Wardtown
McINTIRE Anthony Tullyhorkey (Subdenomination of Coolbeg)
McINTIRE D. Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
McINTIRE J. Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
McINTIRE J. Roscut [Rosscat]
McINTIRE James Cashel
McINTIRE James Cashel
McINTIRE Pat. Cashel
McINTYRE O. Roscut [Rosscat]
McKEY William Cashel
MONAGHAN [..?] Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
MULHARTAGH Daniel Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
OLIVER H. Roscut [Rosscat]
PATTERSON Widow Cloghbolly
PITTS Thomas Cashel
QUIN Patrick Cloghbolly
REYNOLDS John Coolley
REYNOLDS John Coolley
REYNOLDS John Wardtown
ROPER [..?] Coolley
ROPER [..?] Wardtown
ROPER D. Cloghbolly
ROPER Daniel Wardtown
ROPER J. Cloghbolly
ROPER James Wardtown
ROPER Neal Wardtown
ROPER T. Wardtown
SHANKLIN [..?] Cashel
SHANKLIN Widow Cashel
SHIEL Simon, Esq., Jun. Wardtown
SHIEL Simon, Esq., M.D. Wardtown
SLEVIN [..?] Coolmore [Subdenomination of Cooley]
SMITH [..?] Coolley
THOMAS William & partners Tullyoogan [Part of Coolley]
THOMPSON [..?] Cashel
TUMMANY [..?] Roscut [Rosscat]
VANCE Alexander Cashel
WALSH [..?] Cloghbolly
WALSH John Wardtown
WARD [..?] & son Cloghbolly


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