Glencolumbkille & Kilcar Parish Hearth Money Roll, 1665

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   Bryan oige m'Knealus
   Edmund m'Knealus
   Donnagh o'Bern
   Edmund o'Bern
   Tegg m'Ginelly
   Donell o'Kelly
   Cormick o'Birne
   Ferrall o'Birne
   Torlagh o'Birne
   Owen boy o'Lehin
   Robert m'Jennet
   Torlagh o'Mighan
   William Erskin
   Owen m'Coninghan
   Neal m'Collin
   Hugh m'Coninghan
   Owen o'Gallogher
   Gillduff o'Boyle
   John m'Jennet
   Bryan m'Nulty
   Neale o'Brullaghan
   Hugh o'Conaghan
   Owen m'Gilgen
   Michael m'Nealus
   Neale o'Slevin
   James duff o'Donell
   Phelemy m'Knealus
   Torlagh duff m'Anulty
   Mulmory m'Neale
   Owen m'Giver
   James Raply
   Mthew Erskin
   Shan Roe o'Meenan
   Donnagh m'Swine
   Manus o'Hanway
   Torlagh m'Laughlin
   Tegg oige o'Carein
   Donnell o'Gallagan
   Neale o'Lungan
   Owen o'Begley
   Edmund o'Gallogher
   Donnagh murry m'Brearty
   Hugh o'Berne
   Mealaghlin o'Currin
   Owen m'Cally
   Neale o'boyle
   Owen o'Boyle
   Edmund o'sheale
   Donnell m'Illcherr
   Patrick o'Gallogher
   Bryan duff m'Illcherr
   Laughlin duff o'Haghy
   Donnagh o'Donnell
   Thomas m'Atrye
   Owen m'Atyre
   Hugh oige m'Atyre
   Neale m'Gillespick
   Mangnis m'Gillespick
   Torlagh Mall m'Gillespick
   Andrew Nisbit
   John Blaine
   Donnell m'Gettigan
   Cormick o'Boylan
   Donnell o'Keny
   Connor more o'Conigan
   Owen o'Ceny
   Torlagh o'Hanill
   Gorry m'Conigan
   Robin m'Conigan
   Thomas o'Munichan
   Shan m'Neale Carie
   Torlagh o'Hahie
   Donnagh o'Gallogher

 7 6s for 73 hearths
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