Headstone Inscriptions, St Cartha's (New) Graveyard, Kilcar, Co Donegal

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Teach Pobail Chárha Naofa,
Cill Chártha
4 Méan Fómhair 1904

An Ró-Oirmh Séan Eamonn Ó Gallchoir SP
Cill Chartha, Co. Dhún na nGall
074 97 -38007

Daonra Caitliceach  1,264 437 Teaghlach
Parish Records  Clár na mBaisti  1848  Clár an Chóneartaithe  1917
  Clár na bPóstaí  1917  Clár na mBás  1901
REILIG  Reilig Charha Naofa,   An Tamhaigh,   Cill Chartha


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Additional inscriptions and photographs, Lindel, 2010


In Loving Memory of

James Boyle


Died 22 Nov 1990

His Wife Ann

Died 6 Feb 1953

And Their Children

Mary, Edward, Connal and Francis

Who Died in Infancy

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

John Byrne


Died 2 Mar 1986

Aged 82 Years

His Sister Mary

Died 13 Oct 1959

Aged 60 Years



In Memory of

Bernard Cannon

Who Died ? Oct 1875

Aged 7? Years

Also His Wife

Unity Cannon

Who Died ?8 Dec 1877?

Aged 75 Years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Cunningham


Who Died 2 Nov 1943

Also Her Husband

James Cunningham

Who Died 2 Aug 1945

Their Son John

Who Died 18 Nov 1978

Their Son Peter

Died 2 Jan 1996




Hail Mary ~ Holy Mary

In Loving Memory of

Barney Diver


Died 2 May 1942 aged 81 years

His Wife Margaret

Died 26 Oct 1971 aged 82

Their Son Benny

Died 24 Apr 1997 aged 80 years


Erected by their Loving Family





Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

James Dorrian


Died 26 Sep 1950

His Wife Mary

Died 14 Jun 1972

Their Daughters

Hannah Bella died 1929

Nora died 1 Jan 1920

Their Son Sean

Died 18 Oct 1988





In Loving Memory of

Denis Erskine


Died 20 Jun 1988




In Memory of

James Erskine


Died 2 Feb 1951

His Wife Bridget

Died 5 Jun 1970

Their Daughters

Bridget Died 16 May 1932

Margaret Died 22 Mar 1945




Pat Erskine


His Wife





In Loving Memory of

John Gillespie, Arrigle

Died 14 Aug 1962

And his Daughter

Catherine Teresa

Died 21 Apr 1930

His Wife Mary

Died 23 Dec 1983

His Son John

Died 8 Mar 1986




In Loving Memory of

The Hamill's



Of Shalvey



In Loving Memory of

Arthur Hamill


His Wife Hannah

Died 16 Jun 1924

Hugh McNally

Died 14 Aug 1966

His Wife Bridget

Died 15 Jun 1972

Their Daughter

Bridie Garvey

Died 24 Sep 1957

Mary Theresa McNally

Died 17 Jul 1990


In Loving Memory of

Pat Hamill


Also His Parents

Brothers and Sisters

Rest In Peace




In Loving Memory of

Patrick McBrearty

Died 2 Aug 1906

His Wife Mary

Died 9 Jul 1910

Charles McBrearty

Died 7 Apr 1935

His Wife Julia

Died 5 Jul 1946

Michael McBrearty

Died 17 Aug 1984

Kate McBrearty

Died 30 Aug 1985


Erected by Michael McBrearty, Bocagh




In Loving Memory of

James McGinley


Died 1 Nov 1931

His Wife Annie

Died 10 May 1981

Their Daughter Annie

Died 12 Feb 1943

Their Daughter Mammie

Died 14 Jun 1960

Their Son Con

Died 23 Jan 2004

His Wife Nora

Died 2 Oct 2006

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

Joe McGinley


Died 14 Apr 1980 Aged 73 years

His Wife Mary Ellen

Died 16 Sep 2005 Aged 85 Years

Rest in Peace



Pray for the Souls of

Patrick McGinley, Bogagh

'Died 28 Oct 1917

His Wife Brigid, Died 31 Aug 1919

Their Daughters Ellen, Died 24 Jul 1945

Brigid, Died 25 Jan 1958

Their Son Francis Died 12 Jan 1932

His Wife Brigid, Died 5 Apr 1974

Their Son Patrick

Died 2 Apr 1986 Aged 65 Years



Erected by

Winifred McGinley

In Memory of her Father

Patrick McGinley

Who Died 23 Aug 1892

Aged 60 Years



Pray for the Souls of

Francis McGuire, Cruckcarra

Died 8 Dec 1923

And His Wife Mary

Died 6 Jun 1964

Also their Children

James Joseph 22 Apr 1906, Francis 3 Apr 1920

Mary 31 Mar 1924, Anthony 25 Jun 1933

Denis 16 May 1989, Margaret 20 Apr 2008




In Loving Memory of

Mary McGuire


Died 31 Jan 1937, Aged 72 years

Michael McGuire

Died 15 Jun 1939, Aged 83 Years

Their Son Michael

Died 30 Mar 1969, Aged 75 Years

Rest In Peace





In Loving Memory of

Charles Hugh McNally

Died 20 Apr 1995

His Sister Mary McNally

Died 22 Aug 1999

May Their Souls Rest in Peace

(Same grave as Pat Hamill)




In Loving Memory of

James Meehan


Died 19 Jul 1965 Aged 81 Years

His Wife Ellen

Died 31 Mar 1971 Aged 84 Years

Their Daughter Evelyn

Died 18 Jul 1998

Rest in Peace



Sacred to the memory of

Margaret Meehan

Who Departed this Life

On the 12 Sep 1853

Aged 53 Years

Also of hir (sic) Son Michael


Who Died in the Month of Dec 1855

Aged 23 Years

Erected by hir Sons in Memphis


United States of America



This Stone is Erected

by Thomas Meehan

In memory of His

Father John (James?) Meehan

Who Departed this Life

the 2 Feb 1867

Aged 57 years

His Nephew

James McClafferty

Died Dec 1936 Aged 82 Years

His Wife Bridget

Died Apr 195? Aged 72 Years

Their Son Thomas

Died 9 Dec? 1972 Aged 73 Years

Requiescat in pace Amen



In Memory of

Patrick O'Doherty

Who died 6 Sep 1909

His Wife Brigid

Died 15 Dec 1932

His Son James

Died 15 Jul 1932

His son Joseph

Died 22 Nov 1918

His Son Francis



See 1901 census Bavan



In Loving Memory of

Francis O'Donnell, Bogagh

Died 27 Jan 1986 Aged 86 Years

His Wife Anne

Died 19 Aug 1993 Aged 80 Years

Their Son Paddy

Died 23 Jun 2003 Aged 66 Years

Rest in Peace




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