1834 Tithe Applotment Book - Kilcar Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Kilcar, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



Surname First Townland
BAIRD Maurice Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BARON Bryan Holmes
BARON John Holmes
BARON Patrick Holmes
BARR Pat. Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
BARRON Charles Buggagh East [Bogagh]
BARRON Hugh Derrylahan Bwe
BARRON John Castletown
BARRON Owen Buggagh East [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Andrew Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
BEIRNE Bridget Bawin West [Bavan]
BEIRNE Bridget Castletown
BEIRNE Bryan Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE Bryan Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
BEIRNE Catherine Tawney East
BEIRNE Catherine Tawney East
BEIRNE Celia Tawney East
BEIRNE Condy Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
BEIRNE Condy Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
BEIRNE Conel Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
BEIRNE Conel Crove Lair [Crowlar]
BEIRNE Conel Kenahan [Keenaghan]
BEIRNE Conel, Sen. Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Conell Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Cornelius Crove Lair [Crowlar]
BEIRNE Daniel Castletown
BEIRNE Darby Tawney West
BEIRNE Darby Upper Church Town
BEIRNE Dennis Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Dennis Kilbeg
BEIRNE Dominick Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE Francis Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE Francis Kenahan [Keenaghan]
BEIRNE Hugh Buggagh East [Bogagh]
BEIRNE James Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE James Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE James Crove Lair [Crowlar]
BEIRNE James Derrylahan Tanevan
BEIRNE James Tawney East
BEIRNE James Tawney West
BEIRNE James, Jun. Tawney East
BEIRNE John Rolagh [Roe Lough]
BEIRNE John Lower Strabrin, Doonan (part of Derrylahan Corrs)
BEIRNE John Tawney West
BEIRNE John Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
BEIRNE Lanty Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
BEIRNE Michael Churchtown Lower, Aragle
BEIRNE Michael Drumnafinagle
BEIRNE Michael Kenahan [Keenaghan]
BEIRNE Michael Lower Church Town
BEIRNE Michael Muckross
BEIRNE Mick Bawin West [Bavan]
BEIRNE Nicholas Crove Lair [Crowlar]
BEIRNE Owen Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Owen Castletown
BEIRNE Owen Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE Owen Crove Lair [Crowlar]
BEIRNE Owen Straleel
BEIRNE Owen Tawney West
BEIRNE Owen Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
BEIRNE Owen Upper Church Town
BEIRNE Pat. Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
BEIRNE Pat. Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
BEIRNE Pat. Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
BEIRNE Pat. Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
BEIRNE Pat. Gortalia
BEIRNE Pat. Roxboro
BEIRNE Pat. Straleel
BEIRNE Pat., Jun. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
BEIRNE Philip Buggagh West [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Teage Tawney East
BEIRNE Thady Tawney East
BEIRNE Thomas Drumnafinagle
BEIRNE Widow C. Buggagh East [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Widow Darby Buggagh East [Bogagh]
BEIRNE Widow Margaret Roxboro
BEIRNE Widow Maurice Kenahan [Keenaghan]
BEIRNE William Tawney West
BOYLE Cornelius Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
BOYLE Daniel Straleel
BOYLE John Derrylahan Chesnut
BOYLE John Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
BOYLE Michael Straleel
BOYLE Pat. Straleel
BRADEN Margaret Meentakerehan
BRADEN Mary Meentakerehan
BRADON Pat. Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
BRISLAND Henry Largymore & Meenbus
BRISLAND Teage Derrylahan Corrs
BROGAN Pat. Derrylahan Corrs
BROWNE Bryan Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
BROWNE Cornelius Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
BROWNE James Tawney West
BYRNE Edward Kilbeg
BYRNE Hugh Bawin East [Bavan]
BYRNE James Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
BYRNE Mary Largymore & Meenbus
BYRNE Pat. Kilbeg
BYRNE Pat. Bawin East [Bavan]
BYRNE Pat. Largymore & Meenbus
CALLAGHAN John Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CAMPBELL Anne Croaghbeg
CAMPBELL Bryan Roxboro
CAMPBELL Catherine Drumnafinagle
CAMPBELL Charles Meentakerehan
CAMPBELL Daniel Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CAMPBELL Edward Holmes
CAMPBELL Edward Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CAMPBELL Michael Cuskerry [Cuskry Glebe]
CAMPBELL Neal Drumnafinagle
CAMPBELL Owen Cuskerry [Cuskry Glebe]
CAMPBELL Owen Drumnafinagle
CAMPBELL Owen, Jun. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
CAMPBELL Owen, Sen. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
CAMPBELL Pat. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
CAMPBELL Peter Meentakerehan
CAMPBELL Peter Bawin East [Bavan]
CAMPBELL Peter Bawin West [Bavan]
CAMPBELL Peter Roxboro
CAMPBELL Thomas Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
CAMPBELL Thomas Cuskerry [Cuskry Glebe]
CAMPBELL Thomas Drumnafinagle
CAMPBELL Widow Drumnafinagle
CAMPBELL William Bawin West [Bavan]
CANNON Anne Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
CANNON Bryan Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
CANNON Conel Crove Eighter [Croweighter]
CANNON Edward Crove Eighter [Croweighter]
CANNON Edward Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
CANNON Henery Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
CANNON Hugh Crove Eighter [Croweighter]
CANNON Hugh Tawney East
CANNON Hugh Tawney East
CANNON James Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CANNON James Roxboro
CANNON Michael Meentakerehan
CANNON Michael Churchtown Lower, Aragle
CANNON Michael Crove Eighter [Croweighter]
CANNON Michael Straleel
CANNON Michael Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CANNON Owen Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
CANNON Owen Tawney East
CANNON Pat. Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
CANNON Pat. Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CANNON Pat.  Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CANNON Widow Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
CANNON Widow Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CARR Andrew Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
CARR Condy Drumreagh
CARR Condy Tawney Middle
CARR Conel Croaghbeg
CARR Edward Castletown
CARR Edward Croaghbeg
CARR Edward Kilbeg
CARR Elizabeth Roxboro
CARR Francis Buggagh West [Bogagh]
CARR Francis Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
CARR Hanna Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
CARR James Buggagh East [Bogagh]
CARR James Drumreagh
CARR James Kilbeg
CARR James Muckross
CARR John Castletown
CARR John Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
CARR John Derrylahan Bwe
CARR John Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
CARR Manus Croaghbeg
CARR Manus Tawney Middle
CARR Michael Castletown
CARR Michael Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
CARR Michael Muckross
CARR Miles Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
CARR Neal Buggagh East [Bogagh]
CARR Owen Buggagh West [Bogagh]
CARR Owen Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
CARR Owen Roxboro
CARR Pat. Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
CARR Pat. Drumreagh
CARR Patt. Croaghbeg
CARR Peter Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
CARR Roger Derrylahan Bwe
CARR Roger Upper Church Town
CARR Thomas Croaghbeg
CARR Widow Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
CARR Widow Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CARROLL Widow Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
CASSIDY Conel Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY Conel Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY Francis Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY John Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY John Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY Pat. Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CASSIDY Widow Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
CHESNUT William Drumreagh
CHESNUTT John Derrylahan Chesnut
CHESNUTT Widow B. Derrylahan Chesnut
CHESNUTT Widow Derrylahan Chesnut
COCHRAN James Largymore & Meenbus
COCHRAN James Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
CONELL Denis Coagish & Altanamoon or North Glopagh
CONELL Edward Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
CONNELL Thomas Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
CONOHAN Mary Meentakerehan
CONOHAN Owen Derrylahan Bwe
CORSCADDAN James Largymore & Meenbus
CORSCADDAN John Largymore & Meenbus
CORSCADDAN Robert Largymore & Meenbus
CORSCADDAN Thomas Largymore & Meenbus
CORSCADDAN Thomas Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
CRAWFORD James Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CRAWFORD William Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CUNNEA Condy Roxboro
CUNNEA James Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CUNNEA John Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
CUNNEA Pat. Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
CUNNEA Pat. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
CUNNIGAM James Gortalia
CUNNIGAM James Tawney Middle
CUNNIGAM John Largadaghtan
CUNNIGAN Susan Croaghbeg
CUNNINGAM Daniel Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
CUNNINGAM Francis Derrylahan Bwe
CUNNINGAM James Derrylahan Chesnut
CUNNINGAM James Derrylahan Chesnut
CUNNINGAM John Derrylahan Chesnut
CUNNINGAM John Derrylahan Chesnut
CUNNINGAM Michael Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
CUNNINGAM Owen Tawney East
CUNNINGAM Robert Tawney East
CUNNINGHAM Pat. Largadaghtan
CUNNINHAM James Kilbeg
CURRAN Charles Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
CURRAN Edward Rolagh [Roe Lough]
CURRAN Edward, Jun. Rolagh [Roe Lough]
CURRAN Michael Kenahan [Keenaghan]
CURRAN Pat. Rolagh [Roe Lough]
CURRAN Pat. Gortalia
CURREEN Daniel Croaghbeg
CURREN Charles Derrylahan Corrs
CURREN James Gortalia
CURREN Pat. Croaghbeg
CURREN Peter Gortalia
CURREN Widow Gortalia
DAREEN Bryan Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
DAREEN Edward Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
DAREEN Thomas Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
DARIEEN Bryan Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
DARIEN Edward Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
DARIEN Hugh Tawney East
DARIEN James Bawin East [Bavan]
DARIEN Nocker Kilbeg
DARRIEN James Tawney East
DARRIEN John Croaghbeg
DEVER James Rolagh [Roe Lough]
DIVER Hugh Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
DOGHERTY Anthony Lower Strabrin, Doonan (part of Derrylahan Corrs)
DOGHERTY Bridget Derrylahan Corrs
DOGHERTY Bryan Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
DOGHERTY Daniel Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
DOGHERTY Daniel Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
DOGHERTY Daniel Tawney West
DOGHERTY Edward Buggagh West [Bogagh]
DOGHERTY Hugh Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
DOGHERTY James Cuskerry [Cuskry Glebe]
DOGHERTY James Derrylahan Bwe
DOGHERTY James Derrylahan Donlevy’s Third
DOGHERTY James Tawney West
DOGHERTY Michael Cuskerry [Cuskry Glebe]
DOGHERTY Michael Derrylahan Donlevy’s Third
DOGHERTY Michael Tawney West
DOGHERTY Neal Tawney West
DOGHERTY Pat. Roxboro
DOGHERTY Phelim Straleel
DOGHERY Phelim Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
DOHERTY Hugh Drumreagh
DONEGAN Michael Roxboro
DONLEVY Cormick Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
DONLEVY Francis Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
DONLEVY Pat. Derrylahan Chesnut
DOOGAN Bryan Upper Croaghkeeragh [Crowkeeragh]
DOUGAN Pat. Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
DOUGHERTY John Tawney West
DOUGHERTY Michael Tawney West
DUGAN Hugh Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN James Croaghbeg
DUGAN John Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Margaret Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Mary Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Murtagh Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Neal Crove Lair [Crowlar]
DUGAN Neil Cronasillagh South
DUGAN Owen Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Pat. Crove Lair [Crowlar]
DUGAN Pat. Leiter [Letter]
DUGAN Widow Crove Lair [Crowlar]
DUGAN Widow Leiter [Letter]
DUNLEAVY George Roxboro
ERSKIN Archibald Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
ERSKIN Edward Derrylahan Bwe
ERSKIN James Tawney West
ERSKIN John Muckross
ERSKIN John Tawney West
ERSKIN Michael Tawney West
ERSKIN Pat. Tawney West
ERSKIN Peter Castletown
ERSKIN Robert Tawney West
ERSKIN Widow Tawney Middle
ERSKIN Widow Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
ERSKIN William Lower Church Town
FAWCETT James Largymore & Meenbus
GALAGHER James Buggagh West [Bogagh]
GALAHER Hugh Bawin East [Bavan]
GALAHER  James Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Anne Bawin West [Bavan]
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Charles Churchtown Lower, Aragle
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Conel Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Daniel Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Eleanor Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
GALASPY [GILLESPIE] Pat. Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
GALLAHER Anthony Tawney West
GALLAHER Daniel Roxboro
GALLAHER Francis Derrylahan Corrs
GALLAHER Hanna Tawney West
GALLAHER Hugh Tawney West
GALLAHER James Tawney East
GALLAHER James Tawney East
GALLAHER James Tawney West
GALLAHER John Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
GALLAHER Manus Tawney East
GALLAHER Mary Drumreagh
GALLAHER Mary Lower Church Town
GALLAHER Michael Meentakerehan
GALLAHER Michael Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GALLAHER Owen Drumreagh
GALLAHER Pat. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
GALLAHER Pat. Muckross
GALLAHER Rev. John Tawney East
GALLAHER Thomas Lower Church Town
GALLASPY [GILLESPIE] Charles Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
GALLASPY [GILLESPIE] John Bawin West [Bavan]
GALLASPY [GILLESPIE] Pat. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GALLASPY [GILLESPIE] Widow M. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GALLASPY [GILLESPIE] Widow Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GARA Daniel Roxboro
GARA Daniel, Jun. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GARA Daniel, Sen. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
GARA Hugh Derrylahan Chesnut
GARA John Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
GARA Neal Roxboro
GARA Owen Derrylahan Donlevy’s Third
GARA Owen Roxboro
GARA Pat. Derrylahan Donlevy’s Third
GAVACAN Pat. Crove Lair [Crowlar]
GERAGHTY Thomas Largymore & Meenbus
GILDEA Susan Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
GILDEA Widow Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
GILLESPIE William Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
GILLESPY Catherine Churchtown Lower, Aragle
GILLESPY Hugh Churchtown Lower, Aragle
GILLESPY Maurice Churchtown Lower, Aragle
HAGARTY Andrew Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
HAGARTY Charles Derrylahan Bwe
HAGARTY Condy Derrylahan Bwe
HAGARTY Condy Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
HAGARTY Denis Rolagh [Roe Lough]
HAGARTY Denis Drumnafinagle
HAGARTY Edward Rolagh [Roe Lough]
HAGARTY Edward Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
HAGARTY Edward Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
HAGARTY Francis Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
HAGARTY Henry Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
HAGARTY James Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
HAGARTY James Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
HAGARTY James Shannagh
HAGARTY James Straleel
HAGARTY John Shannagh
HAGARTY John Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
HAGARTY Margaret Largadaghtan
HAGARTY Mary Gortalia
HAGARTY Maurice Shannagh
HAGARTY Neal Kenahan [Keenaghan]
HAGARTY Owen Bawin East [Bavan]
HAGARTY Pat. Gortalia
HAGARTY Pat. Muckross
HAGARTY Pat. Shannagh
HAGARTY Pat. Straleel
HAGARTY Pat. Tawney East
HAGARTY Pat. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
HAGARTY Pat., Jun. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
HAGARTY Widow Rolagh [Roe Lough]
HAGARTY Widow Bawin East [Bavan]
HAGARTY Widow Daniel Rolagh [Roe Lough]
HAGARTY Widow Derrylahan Bwe
HAGARTY William Gortalia
HAMIL Edward Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
HAMIL Mathew Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
HAMIL Michael Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
HAMIL Pat. Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
HAGARTY Bryan Straleel
HAUGHEY Grace Roxboro
HAUGHEY James Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
HAUGHEY Owen Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
HAUGHEY Pat. Castletown
HAUGHEY Pat. Upper Church Town
HEGARTY Conel Derrylahan Bwe
HEGARTY Edward Derrylahan Corrs
HEGARTY Maurice Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
HUSTON Pat. Bawin East [Bavan]
JAMESON Richard Derrylahan Chesnut
KENNEDY Thomas Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
KENNY James Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
KENNY Pat. Drumreagh
KILDEA Widow E. Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
LEONARD Elizabeth Largymore & Meenbus
LEORD [LAIRD] James Tawney East
LOVE Samuel Roxboro
LYONS Conel Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
LYONS Dennis Kilbeg
LYONS James Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
LYONS Thomas Bawin West [Bavan]
LYONS Thomas Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
MAHER Margaret Roxboro
MAXWELL James Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
MAXWELL Stephen Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McAWARD Bryan Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
McAWARD Daniel Tawney Middle
McBEIRNE Widow Buggagh East [Bogagh]
McBRAIRTY Christopher Largymore & Meenbus
McBREARTY Charles Bawin East [Bavan]
McBREARTY Daniel Tawney Middle
McBREARTY Daniel Tawney West
McBREARTY Edward Derrylahan Tanevan
McBREARTY Hugh Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McBREARTY Hugh, Jun. Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McBREARTY John Largymore & Meenbus
McBREARTY Owen, Jun. Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McBREARTY Owen, Sen. Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McBREARTY Pat. Bawin East [Bavan]
McBREARTY Pat. Tawney West
McBREARTY Peter Bawin East [Bavan]
McBREARTY Widow Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McBRIDE Widow Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McCALION Owen Drumreagh
McCALLION Francis Drumreagh
McCALLION James Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McCALLION John Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McCALLION John Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McCALLION Pat. Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McCALLION Thomas Cronroad [Crowanrudda]
McCAWLEY Charles Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
McCAWLEY Pat. Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
McCAWLY Conel Shannagh
McCLUSKY Owen Roxboro
McCLOSKY Owen Cronasillagh South
McCLUSKEY Owen Lower Strabrin, Doonan (part of Derrylahan Corrs)
McCLUSKY Charles Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
McCLUSKY Conel Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
McCLUSKY Conel Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
McCLUSKY Pat. Kilbeg
McCUNIGAN [..?] Leiter [Letter]
McCUNNIGAN John Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
McFADDEN Edward Tawney East
McFADEEN Neal Croaghbeg
McFADEEN Pat. Derrylahan Corrs
McFADEN Charles Clogher Bawin [Bavan]
McFADEN Denis Croaghbeg
McFADEN Denis Tawney Middle
McFADEN James Tawney Middle
McFADEN John Derrylahan Bwe
McFADEN Michael Tawney Middle
McFADEN Pat. Meentakerehan
McFADEN Pat. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
McGETTIGAN Condy Roxboro
McGETTIGAN Daniel Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McGETTIGAN John Drumreagh
McGETTIGAN Pat. Roxboro
McGETTIGAN Widow Roxboro
McGINLEY Michael Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
McGINLEY Pat. Rolagh [Roe Lough]
McGINLY Dennis Upper Church Town
McGINLY Henry Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McGINLY John Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
McGINLY Owen Upper Church Town
McGINLY Pat. Castletown
McGINLY William Upper Church Town
McGONIGLE Francis Largymore & Meenbus
McGONIGLE Mary Roxboro
McGROARTY Edward Tawney Middle
McGROARTY Pat. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
McGUIRE Anne Kilbeg
McGUIRE Charles Drumreagh
McGUIRE Charles Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McGUIRE Cormick Castletown
McGUIRE Daniel Gortalia
McGUIRE Denis Tawney East
McGUIRE Francis Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McGUIRE Hugh Lower Church Town
McGUIRE Hugh Tawney East
McGUIRE Hugh Tawney East
McGUIRE Michael Meentakerehan
McGUIRE Michael Croaghbeg
McGUIRE Roger Castletown
McGUIRE Roger Derrylahan Chesnut
McGUIRE Roger Largadaghtan
McGUIRE Widow Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McHUGH Andrew Muckross
McHUGH Dominick Kenahan [Keenaghan]
McHUGH Francis Croaghbeg
McHUGH James Rolagh [Roe Lough]
McHUGH Neal Muckross
McHUGH Philip Muckross
McHUGH Widow Gortalia
McHUGH Widow Muckross
McILHAR Owen Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
McILHAR Pat. Bawin West [Bavan]
McINTIRE Bryan Kenahan [Keenaghan]
McINTIRE Conel Ballimacfadien & Carrowbeg in Barr [Ballymacphadin]
McINTIRE Denis Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
McINTIRE Hugh Lower Church Town
McINTIRE James Croaghbeg
McINTIRE Pat. Kenahan [Keenaghan]
McKEW Roger Bawin East [Bavan]
McLAUGHLIN James Cronasillagh North
McLAUGHLIN Pat. Ballymoon
McLOGHLIN James Roxboro
McMONIGLE Darby Roxboro
McMONIGLE Manus Derrylahan Donlevy’s Third
McMONIGLE Mary Roxboro
McNEILIS John Lower Strabrin, Doonan (part of Derrylahan Corrs)
McNELIS Condy Derrylahan Bwe
McNELIS Condy, Sen. Derrylahan Bwe
McNELIS James Derrylahan Bwe
McNELIS John Derrylahan Corrs
McNELIS Owen Derrylahan Bwe
McNELIS Owen Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McNULTY Charles Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McNULTY Condy Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McNULTY Daniel Roxboro
McNULTY Owen Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSHAWN Anthony Largadaghtan
McSHAWN Bryan Rolagh [Roe Lough]
McSHAWN Bryan, Jun. Largadaghtan
McSHAWN Condy Drumnafinagle
McSHAWN Condy Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSHAWN Conel Buggagh East [Bogagh]
McSHAWN Conel Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
McSHAWN Henry Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSHAWN James Largadaghtan
McSHAWN James Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSHAWN James, Jun. Rolagh [Roe Lough]
McSHAWN James, Sen. Rolagh [Roe Lough]
McSHAWN James, Sen. Largadaghtan
McSHAWN John Kenahan [Keenaghan]
McSHAWN Michael Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
McSHAWN Pat. Buggagh East [Bogagh]
McSHAWN Teage Upper Kilcasky (or Kilchaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSHAWN Thomas Gortnagilla Bawin [Bavan]
McSWINE Owen Lower Church Town
McSWINE Owen Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
McSWINE Susan Bawin West [Bavan]
MEEHAN Francis Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
MEEHAN James Largymore & Meenbus
MEEHAN James Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
MEEHAN James Muckross
MEEHAN Michael Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
MEEHAN Owen Muckross
MEEHAN Pat. Largadaghtan
MEEHAN Pat. Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
MEEHAN Thomas Muckross
MEHAN John Meentakerehan
MEHAN Neal Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
MIHAN Neal Muckross
MINEALIS Edward Tawney Middle
MINEALIS Francis Tawney Middle
MINEALIS Francis Ummis Kin East & West Divisions [Umaskan]
MINEALIS James Tawney Middle
MINEALIS Manly? Shalure East & West [Shalwy]
MINEALIS Pat. Kilbeg
MINEALIS Pat. Tawney Middle
MINEALIS Rose Tawney Middle
MINEALIS Susan Tawney Middle
MITCHELL Samuel Derrylahan Chesnut
MOLLOY Pat. Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
MOLLOY Pat. Crove Doughrow [Crowdoo]
MOLOGUE Bryan Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
MORRISON Bridget Castletown
MORRISON James Derrylahan Bwe
MULLANNY Edward Kilbeg
MUNEALIS Bryan, Jun. Derrylahan Corrs
MUNEALIS Bryan, Sen. Derrylahan Corrs
MUNEALIS Daniel Gortalia
MUNEALIS George Derrylahan Corrs
MUNEALIS George Kilbeg
MUNEALIS Michael Buggagh East [Bogagh]
MUNEALIS Owen Gortalia
MUNEALIS Pat. Buggagh East [Bogagh]
MUNEALIS Pat. Churchtown Lower, Aragle
MUNEALIS Richard Churchtown Lower, Aragle
MURRAY James Kiel & Strabrin [Kill & Strabinna]
MURRAY John Castletown
MURRAY John Drumreagh
MURRAY John Lower Church Town
MURRAY Mary Drumnafinagle
MURRAY Michael Drumreagh
MURRAY Owen Drumnafinagle
MURRAY Pat. Castletown
O’DONELL Bridgid Lower Church Town
O’DONELL Bryan Tawney Middle
O’DONELL Conel Stranakirka [Stranakirk]
O’DONELL Dudley Crove Eighter [Croweighter]
O’DONELL Edward Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
O’DONELL Hugh Lower Church Town
O’DONELL Hugh Upper Church Town
O’DONELL James Kilbeg
O’DONELL John Crove Lair [Crowlar]
O’DONELL Michael Upper Church Town
O’DONELL Neal Largymore & Meenbus
O’DONELL Owen Kenahan [Keenaghan]
O’DONELL Owen Largymore & Meenbus
O’DONELL Owen Meenacannon [Meenychanon]
O’DONELL Owen Shannagh
O’DONELL Owen Tawney Middle
O’DONELL Peter Tawney East
O’DONNELL Michael Kenahan [Keenaghan]
PATTEN James Derrylahan Corrs
PATTEN Pat. Derrylahan Corrs
RAYAN [RYAN] Pat. Leiter [Letter]
ROUGHTER Michael Tawney West
ROUGHTER Owen Drumnafinagle
ROUGHTER Pat. Tawney West
SHEVLIN James Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
SHEVLIN John Lower Croaghkeeragh & South Gloppagh or Meenarogan [Crowkeeragh]
SWEENY Dominick Castletown
SWEENY George Roxboro
SWEENY Neal Churchtown Lower, Aragle
SWEENY Pat. Churchtown Lower, Aragle
TERRY John  Lower Kilcaskey (or Killechaasey) [Kilcasey]
WALKER Alexander Derrylahan Chesnut
WARD Michael Drumreagh
WARD Owen Drumreagh
WARD Thomas Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
WATSON John Crove Bawn [Crowbane]
WHITE Edward Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]
WHITE James Castlecarn [Cashel Carn]


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