Extracts from the baptismal registry St. Patrick's, Crossroads, Killygordon

Submitted by Jane Ward

The Surnames she's researching in Donegal are WARD [Samuel and decendents],
KELLY [Margaret, married to Samuel Ward], MARTIN [Owen and decendents] and DOHERTY
[Jane, married to Owen Francis Martin]. The Ward children left for the U.S. cira
1881, the entire Martin family immigrated to the U.S. cira 1849.

D-baptism, last name, child's name, father's name, mother's maiden name, mother's first name
30-08-1845, Walsh,  John, John, Quinn, Isabella
9-01-1878, Walsh, Mary Ann, Michael, Slevin, Mary
28-3-1880, Walsh, Sarah, Michael, Slevin, Mary
15-4-1882, Walsh, William James, Michael, Slevin, Mary
2-7-1845, Walsh, Margaret, Thomas, Dogerty, Rose
6-1-1846, Ward, Maria, Bernard, McCormick, Anna
2-8-1863, Ward, Joseph, Charles, McMonagle, Grace
30-4-1865, Ward, Mary, Charles, McMonagle, Grace
10-5-1846, Ward, Hugo, Hugh, McCool, Maria
17-7-1898, Ward, Sarah Jane, Patrick, Monaghan, Sarah
23-2-1862, Ward, Margaret, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
10-7-1864, Ward, Michael, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
29-3-1868, Ward, Bernard, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
6-3-1870, Ward, John, , Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
2-6-1872, Ward, Mary, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
18-6-1874, Ward, Thomas, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
2-11-1877, Ward, Hugh, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
18-5-1879, Ward, Joseph, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
13-11-1881, Ward, Hugh, Samuel, Kelly,  Margaret
3-4-1870, Ward, John, Samuel, Kelly,  Mary*
28-4-1872, Watson, James, James, McGranahan, Bridget
18-12-1859, Watt, Thomas, John, McCarron, Mary
*Probably a mistake either in the register or in the transcription - a duplication with the wrong mother's name.