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To School Through the Years


This book was published to celebrate the Killaghtee School's Reunion, held Jun 2012. Traces the tradition of education in the Dunkineely area of south west Donegal, recording the heritage and social fabric of the past. Contents include Lieut. Col. Francis Robertson (the Robertson Board); and covers National Schools Aughiuigue 1879-1939; Ballyetherland 1824/61-1911; Corker (Urbal) 1845-1970; Drimduth 1849-1910; Dunkineely 1830-1916; and Killaghtee 1775-1970 (1970-1984). Comprehensive registers/school roll books are provided listing Name of pupil, Townland, Year of Class, Birth Year, and in the case of Ballyetherland, Parents Occupation. 283 pages, illustrated, plus numerous early, named photographs.


Author : Killaghtee Reunion Committee

283 pages

Price - US$23.99

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The Cliff Scenery of South-Western Donegal: Embracing Detailed Notices of St. John's Point, Killybegs, Sliabh liag, and Glen Head : and interspersed with a Rare Variety of local legends and historical annotations

Author : Kinnfaela (TC McGinley)
172 pages
Publisher: Four Masters Press (2000)
ISBN-10: 1903538025
ISBN-13: 978-1903538029


Kinnfaela was the pen-name of Thomas Colin McGinley, 1830-1887, an exceptionally gifted National School teacher who taught at Croagh, near Dunkineely.


The Cliff Scenery, first published in 1867, is a travel book written about the country where TC McGinley spent most of his life. Scenic beauty, familiar places and local geology are the framework within which stories told at the fireside are written, often in dramatised form. Among these are accounts of the stay of Bonnie Price Charles at Malinmore in the late summer of 1746.





The Great Famine in South-West Donegal 1845-1850

Author : Pat Conaghan

280 pages
Publisher: Bygones Enterprise


From the back page :

In this book the Famine in south west Donegal is examined from a local point of view for the first time. The people in this area suffered immensely following the blight on the potato crop during several successive years.

The inhabitants of Glenties, Ardara, Glencolumbkille, Teelin, Carrick, Kilcar, Killybegs, Dunkineely, Inver, Mountcharles, and Donegal came through those terrible years without a significant level of deaths. However, they paid an enormous price for their survival. Many lost their homes, their farms, their livestock, and, most of all, their quiet dignity, when, unable to feed their children, the British Association stepped in to keep them alive.





Killaghtee: People, Places, Past and Present



This is a unique collection of old photographs and stories from the locality. The book describes the history, heritage and culture of Killaghtee Parish, on the Bay of Donegal. It contains a selection of short articles, extracts from journals, songs and prose. Killaghtee is the name given to the parish that is part of the Diocese of Raphoe. It is situated in County Donegal, west of Donegal Town along the N56 national road to Killybegs and comprises the villages of Dunkineely and Bruckless, whilst St. John's Point stretches south between them, ending some ten kilometres into Donegal Bay.


Includes a Timeline (1534 through to 1997) plus school Roll Books and is llustrated with numerous early, named photographs. A wealth of information useful for genealogists, and anyone with an interest in the history of County Donegal.


Author : Killaghtee Reunion Committee

176 pages

Price - US$39.99

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St. John's Point, County Donegal: In Former Days and Now

Author : Brid Ward (

410 pages
Publisher: Brid Ward (July 2010)
ISBN-10: 0956590802
ISBN-13: 978-0956590800

Review in the Donegal Democrat 27 Jul 2010


From the back page :

With this book the Author has taken a unique approach to telling the history and stories of her native place. She brings the reader on a journey along the roads and byways, through fields and over hillocks, along the shore and sailing out to sea with the fishermen of yesteryear. We experience the intimate lives of the people who once lived in the the cabins of the deserted villages, who walked the roads and played in the school yards. We leave the peninsula and travel to the nearby town of Dunkineely to trade cattle, shop and socialise and to worship at the churches in Dunkineely, Killaghtee and Bruckless.

We learn of Chieftains, castles, ringforts, churches, holy men, landlords, emigration, teachers, working women, fishermen, ancestors, flora & fauna, cures and traditions.


I was very impressed with this book - if you have ancestors/family connected to any of the townlands of St John's Point, this book will not disappoint with it's wealth of information - there are extracts from census, school rollbooks, the Griffith's Valuation and more.

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