1834 Tithe Applotment Book - Killaghtee Parish, Co Donegal


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

ABRAHAM [..?] Rubble [Urbal]
BARIN [BYRNE?] [...?] Orchan Wh...? Kiln Park & Back Garden
BASKIN [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
BASKIN [..?] Storm Hill
BASKIN E. Dunkaneely Tenements
BASKINS Elizabeth Carney Hill
BERIN [BYRNE?] John Binroe
BERIN [BYRNE?] C. Drumaughy
BOYD James Meenamny
BOYD Mathew Drumaughy
BOYD Mr. S. Bullock Park & Horse Park
BOYLE [..?] Curraghfeaghan
BOYLE Edward Drumaughy
BOYLE P. Drumaughy
BRADDON [..?] Dunkaneely
BRADDON [..?] Cruckaleashin?
BRADDON Charles Cavin
BRADDON E. Nearcleggan
BRADDON H. Nearcleggan
BRADDON Henry Castletown
BRADDON John Corkerbeg
BRADDON O. Nearcleggan
BRADDON P. Nearcleggan
BRANDON [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
BRANDON Mr. [?] S. Bullock Park & Horse Park
BRENNAN [..?] & partners Croagh Cassidy
BRENNAN D. Rahinlacky
BRENNAN Michael Carney Hill
BRENNAN Patrick Tullintane
BRESLAN Charles Corker More
BRESLAN D. Storm Hill
BRESLAN P. & partners Lough Multh
BRESLAND Thomas Cavin
BUCHANAN John Ballymadonnell
BURNS Edward Ballymadonnell
BURNS James Shife? Hill
BURNS? [..?] Meenabrock
BUSTARD Mr. Drumsorna
BUSTARD Mr. J. Belvin
BUSTARD Mr. John Ballyotherland [Ballyederlan] Milltown
BUSTARD Mr. John Bracklaugh
BUSTARD Mr. John Lower Lisavaddy
BUSTARD Thomas Cavin
CALLAGHAN B. Drumaughy
CANNON [..?] Drumbardogue
CANNON Owen Croagh Altivigh
CARR James Ballycroy
CARR M. Ballycroy
CARRS [..?] Curraghfeaghan
CASCADIN A. & sons Thistley Hill
CASSIDY [..?] & partners Croagh Cassidy
CASSIDY [..?] Meenabrock
CASSIDY [..?] Ramoy
CASSIDY [..?] Tullintane
CASSIDY A. & partners Ballymagowan
CASSIDY Andrew Ballymagowan
CASSIDY E. & partners Multians
CASSIDY E. Tullintane
CASSIDY H. Storm Hill
CASSIDY J. Corkerbeg
CASSIDY J. Tullintane
CASSIDY Mr. A. Raclin East Side
CASSIDY Owen Storm Hill
CASSIDY T. Tullintane
CASSSIDY [..?] & partners Ballymadonnell
CAVANAGH [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
CAVENAGH [..? ] (late Colum) Carney Hill
CLANCY William Dunkaneely
CLARKE John Ballymagowan
CLARKE John Ballymagowan
CLARKE Thomas Ballymagowan
CLARKE Thomas Dunkaneely Tenements
CLARKE William (or Baskin) Dunkaneely
CLARKE William Dunkaneely Tenements
COLVIN A. Dunkaneely Tenements
CONAGHAN [..?] Cruckaleashin?
CONAGHAN [..?] Woodhead
CONNAGHAN [..?] Castletown
CONNAGHAN [..?] Curraghfeaghan
COOK G. Corkerbeg
COOK Thomas Corkerbeg
CRAWFORD [..?] & partners Bullock Park & Horse Park
CRAWFORD [..?] Corker More
CRAWFORD [..?] Thistley Hill
CRAWFORD James Dunkaneely
CRAWFORD James Dunkaneely Tenements
CREIGHTON David Dunkaneely Tenements
CREIGHTON Mr. Carney Hill
CREIGHTON Mr. D. Castlemurray
CUNNINGHAM [..?] Dunkaneely
CUNNINGHAM [..?] Drumbardogue
CUNNINGHAM [..?] Thistley Hill
CUNNINGHAM James Tullintane
CUNNINGHAM William Ballymadonnell
CUNNINGHAM William Corkerbeg
DANE [..?] & partners Upper Gilbert’s Town
DEANE [..?] Curraghfeaghan
DEARY J. & partners Callhame
DEERY [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
DEERY [..?] Orchan Wh...? Kiln Park & Back Garden
DEERY Daniel & partners Multians
DEERY William (late Morrow) Ballymagowan
DENISON H. Dunkaneely
DEVANY Pat. Drumaughy
DIVER [..?] Tullintane
DIVER Henry Corkerbeg
DIVIN [..?] Corkerbeg
DOBBY Thomas Rubble [Urbal]
DOHERTY [..?] Tullintane
DOHERTY Bryan Ballymagowan
DONLEVY Widow Binroe
DOREN P. Rahinlacky
DORIAN [..?] Meenagolin
DORIEN Denis Multians
DOWNEY William Dunkaneely
DUFFY [..?] Dunkaneely
DUFFY [..?] Curraghfeaghan
DUFFY [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
DUNCAN [..?] Dunkaneely
DUNKIN J. Corker More
EWIN [..?] (now O’Donnell) Dunkaneely Tenements
EWIN Charles Ballymagowan
EWIN William Ballymagowan
EWIN William Dunkaneely Tenements
FAWCETT H. Cashel Canagh
FEELING James Kilultan
FOSTER [..?] Thistley Hill
FREEL [..?] Dunkaneely
FREEL [..?] Dunkaneely Tenements
FREEL Charles Croagh Tullaghan
FREEL F. Dunkaneely
FREEL O. (late Gillespie) Corkerbeg
GALLAGHER [..?] & partners Croagh Garrifad
GALLAGHER [..?] Corkerbeg
GALLAGHER [..?] Drumbardogue
GALLAGHER [..?] Nearcleggan
GALLAGHER C. Croagh Doonan
GALLAGHER D. Croagh Altivigh
GALLAGHER J. Croagh Altivigh
GALLAGHER J. Meentullinagin
GALLAGHER John & partners Meenacloy
GALLAGHER P. Croagh Doonan
GILL Widow Storm Hill
GINLY [..?] Thistley Hill
GIVEN J. Upper Gilbert’s Town
GIVEN M. Upper Gilbert’s Town
GLASS [..?] & partners Croagh Cassidy
GUNN Ezekiel Ballymadonnell
GUNN Ezekiel Ballymagowan
HAGARTY A. Meenadreen
HAGARTY O. Meenadreen
HAGARTY P. Meenadreen
HAGERTY J. Corker More
HAMILTON James & partners Lower Gilbert’s Town
HANIGAN [..?] Kilultan (East)
HANIGAN [..?] Kilultan (West)
HARKIN Widow Meentullinagin
HAUGHEY P. Rahinlacky
HAUGHEY Thomas Meenabrock
HEGARTY [..?] Tullintane
HEGARTY C. Meentullinagin
HEGARTY M. & son? Meentullinagin
HEGARTY Mary Meentullinagin
HENRY [..?] Thistley Hill
HENRY H. (late W. McGill) Storm Hill
HERORIN C. Meentullinagin
HERRORIN [..?] Tullintane
HOLMES William Ballymagowan
HOLMES William Dunkaneely Tenements
HUGHEY [..?] Ballymagowan
KEENAN [..?] Tullintane
KEENEY Mick Tullintane
KEENEY Thomas Tullintane
KEENY [..?] Ballymagowan
KEENY [..?] Tullintane
KEENY [..?] Meenagolin
KENNEDY Peter Drumaughy
KNOUD J. Dunkaneely
LANGAN A. & partners Cashel Canagh
LANGAN J. & partners Cashel Canagh
LANGAN James Dunkaneely
LANGAN John Dunkaneely Tenements
LANGHAN John Dunkaneely
LAUGHREY Pat. Ballymadonnell
LAW Mrs (late) Dunkaneely
LAW Widow Dunkaneely
LAW Widow Dunkaneely Tenements
LOGAN D. Ballymagowan
LOGAN H. Meenamny
LOGAN J. Ballymagowan
LOGAN Widow Meenamny
LONG James & partners Multians
LUNGAN James Kilultan
LYNCH John Storm Hill
LYONS [..?] Binroe
LYONS A. Ramoy
LYONS James Meenabrock
LYONS James Ramoy
LYONS John Corker More
LYONS John Ramoy
LYONS Pat. Ballymadonnell
LYONS Pat. Corker More
LYONS Patrick Ballymadonnell
LYONS S. Ramoy
LYONS Thomas Ramoy
LYONS Widow Ballymadonnell
LYONS Widow Ramoy
MAGILL [..?]  Dunkaneely
MAGILL Widow Dunkaneely Tenements
MAGUIRE D. Meentullinagin
MAGUIRE F. Dunkaneely
MAGUIRE J. Dunkaneely Tenements
MAGUIRE John Dunkaneely Tenements
MALLOY Manus Tullintane
MANEELY [..?] Thistley Hill
MANEELY Andrew Dunkaneely Tenements
MANEELY George Ramoy
MANEELY Isaac Barnhill
MANEELY John Barnhill
MANEELY John Ramoy
MANEELY William Barnhill
MANEELY William Dunkaneely Tenements
McBREARTY [..?] Barnhill
McBREARTY [..?] Ramoy
McBRIDE John Ballymadonnell
McBRIDE John Ballymadonnell
McBRIDE William Ballymadonnell
McCALLIN Bryan Carney Hill
McCALLIN P. Ballymagowan
McCALLUM Patrick Ballymagowan
McCLINTOCK Andrew Ballymadonnell
McCLOSKEY [..?] Meenabrock
McCOY [..?] Tullintane
McCREADY J. Dunkaneely
McCUE [..?] Woodhead
McCUE Widow Ballymadonnell
McFADDEN F. Dunkaneely
McFADDEN F. Dunkaneely Tenements
McFADDEN Fargle Ballymagowan
McFADIN P. Binroe
McGARRIGLE J. Thistley Hill
McGETTIGAN [..?] Ballymagowan
McGILL Widow Storm Hill
McGINLY J. Meentullinagin
McGOWAN Charles Ballymadonnell
McGOWAN Widow Ballymadonnell
McGRATH Widow Tullintane
McGRORTY [..?] Tullintane
McHEHERT? Pat. & partners Corker More
McKEY A. Thistley Hill
McKOAN [..?] Meenabrock
McMENEMY  [..?] Cruckaleashin?
McMENEMY [..?] Nearcleggan
McNEELEY J. & sons Callhame
McNEELEY Ralph Cavin
McNEELY [..?] & co. Far Raheens
McNEELY [..?]& co. Whistlebear?
McNEELY A. Dunkaneely
McNEELY George Windy Mill
McNEELY Isaac Reggyhugh
McNEELY John Windy Mill
McNEELY M. Reggyhugh
McNEELY Widow Dunkaneely
McNEELY William Dunkaneely
McNEELY William Reggyhugh
McREADY [..?](late Colum) Carney Hill
McREADY Owen Dunkaneely
McREADY William Ballymadonnell
McREADY William Storm Hill
McREEDY Owen Dunkaneely Tenements
McREEDY Widow Dunkaneely Tenements
McREEDY William Dunkaneely Tenements
McSHANE [..?] & partners Raclin West Side
McSWINE [..?] Corkerbeg
McSWINE Daniel Corkerbeg
MEALLY Charles Ballymagowan
MEALLY J. Ballymagowan
MEALLY John Storm Hill
MEALLY William Storm Hill
MEEHAN [..?] Tullintane
MEEHAN H. Meentullinagin
MEEHAN Pat. Ballymagowan
MICKEY [McKEY?] Robert Ballymagowan
MICKEY [McKEY?] James Rubble [Urbal]
MORROW [..?] (late Shannon & Lyons) Meenamny
MORROW Alexander Woodhead
MORROW G. Pigeon Park
MORROW G. Woodhead
MORROW George & partners Mill Town
MORROW J. Cashel Canagh
MULLINS [..?] Meenamny
MULLOWNEY O. Drumaughy
MULOON [..?] Orchan Wh...? Kiln Park & Back Garden
MULOUNY J. Drumaughy
NESBITT Captain Ballyboe
O’DONEL J. Dunkaneely Tenements
O’DONNELL [..?] Tullintane
O’DONNELL [..?] Cruckaleashin?
O’DONNELL [..?] Drumbardogue
O’DONNELL [..?] Meenabrock
O’DONNELL [..?] Nearcleggan
O’DONNELL David Cavin
O’DONNELL J. [1] Castletown
O’DONNELL J. [2] Castletown
O’DONNELL J. Dunkaneely
O’DONNELL James Cavin
O’DONNELL James Dunkaneely
O’DONNELL John Ballymagowan
O’DONNELL Owen Ballymadonnell
O’DONNELL Patrick Dunkaneely Tenements
O’DONNELL Robin & partners Wood
O’DONNELL Thomas Carney Hill
O’DONNELL Thomas Dunkaneely
O’DONNELL Thomas Dunkaneely Tenements
PEERY [..?] Dunkaneely
PEERY Widow Dunkaneely Tenements
PEERY Widow F. Dunkaneely
PEERY Widow J. Dunkaneely
PORTER [..?] Thistley Hill
PORTER James Ballymadonnell
PORTER James Dunkaneely Tenements
PORTER Mr. Ballymagowan
ROGERS James Corr
ROGERS Mr John Keelogs
ROGERS Mr. Drumsorna
ROGERS Mr. John Upper Lisavaddy
RUDDY Hugh & partners Hill Croagh
RUDDY Owen & partners Croagh Tullaghan
RUDDY Thomas & co. Binroe
SHANNON [..?] Meenamny
SHAW David Corker More
SHAW G. Corker More
STEPHENS Mr. Bogside
STEPHENS Mr. Castle Canagh, Bullock Park & Horse Park
STEPHENS Mr. Spamount
SWEETENHAM Doctor Storm Hill
TOY [..?] Tullintane
TROTTER Thomas Dunkaneely
TROTTER Thomas Dunkaneely Tenements
WALKER [..?] Corkerbeg
WALKER Andrew Ballyog
WALKER Arthur Ballyog
WALKER J. Corker More
WALKER N. Corkerbeg
WALKER Richard Ballyloghan
WALKER T. Corker More
WALKER W...? Corker More
WALKER Widow Ballyloghan
WALKER William Ballyog
WALKER William Corkerbeg
WARD Manus Tullintane
WILSON [..?] Kilultan
WILSON [..?] Meenamny
WILSON [..?] Ramoy
WILSON Alexander Barnhill
WILSON William Ballymadonnell


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