Killea Parish Church Graveyard, Carrigans, Co Donegal

(Carrigans Church of Ireland)



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C : B



Here lieth the remains of


Who departed this life the

2nd of March 1838 aged ?9 years


Doctor John Baird

Who died

20th October 1857 aged 45 years

Also Margaret Baird

Died 2nd March 1872 aged 88 years


Who died 8th September 1898 aged 92 years



Erected by Catherine BLACK

In Loving Memory of her Father


Also of her Mother

Margaret Beatty

Died 31st Dec 1882



In Loving Memory of

Frederick BORLAND

Died 15th Dec 1968 aged 68 years

Also his beloved wife Matilda

Died 20th July 1985 aged 71 years



In Loving Memory of

Catherine E. BRADLEY

Died 1st Nov 1951

Also her husband George

Died 2nd July 1958

“Thy will be done”



In Memory of

Annabell CARSON

Died Nov 22nd 1894

Also of

David Carson

Died Dec 28th 19??




J : Ck

Died November 17th 18??

Aged 72 Ys

AD: 1800




In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth COLE

Died 1st March 1932 aged 8 yrs

Annie Sarah Cole

Died 6th Sept 1936

Samuel Cole

Died 20th Aug 1938

Also his son

Samuel cole

Died 15th April 1989



In Memory of


Who died 26th March 1844 aged 33 years

Also her husband

Alexander Cunningham

Schoolmaster and Postmaster

of Carrigans for 45 years

who died 14th May 1875 aged 75 years




Mary & Nancy & Lucy DEVLIN

Died young







In Loving Memory of

Joseph ELDER

Who died 24th Nov 1939 aged 63 years

Also his wife Elizabeth

Who died 28th Feb 1964

Thy Will be done



In Memory of


Died Septr 10th 1869 aged 65 years

Also his son

John Elliott

Died August 1859 aged 19 years

I am the Resurrection and the Life




To the Sacred Memory of

Henrietta M.E. FORSTER

Who fell asleep Oct 14 1911

Till He Come

Also of

Rev Wm. H. Forster

Rector of Killea for 26 years

Died Jan 10 1922

In God’s Keeping




Erected by Robert Hamilton of Lisburn

In memory of his father

Robert died 28th May 1944

Also of his brother

William H. died 22nd July 1951

Also his mother

Sarah died 11th October 1957

Also the above Robert Hamilton

Died 2nd August 1958. Interred in Lisburn Cemetery



Here lieth the body of

The Revd John HARRIS

Who departed this life

The 12th of May 1816 aged 75 years

And was 22 years Rector of

The Parish of Killea



Sacred to the Memory of

Francis HERON Esq

Of the Honble the Hudson Bay Compy

Who died 11th April 1840

In the 46th year of his age

He was just and honourable in all

A kind husband …….father he lived

Beloved and died lamented?

This stone was erected by his widow as

A token of affection and sincere regard

Also Julia his daughter

Died 6th April 18?? (stone worn) aged 1 month



In Memory of

Kathleen Frances

Beloved daughter of

James and Frances IRWIN

Died 18th March 1902 aged 10 months

Also in Memory of

The above James Irwin

Died 8th February 1933 aged 63 years

And his wife Frances

Died 15th March 1939

Till he Come



Here lieth the body of

Miss Margaret KING

Who departed this life the

13th? of April 1818

Aged 60 years



Sacred to the memory of

Bessy the beloved daughter of

The Revd Wm LODGE and Anne his wife

Who departed this life

Janry 16th 1837

Aged 8 years and 4 months



Sacred to the Memory of


Who departed this life

The 6th Sept 1869 aged 65 years

Also Sarah McClelland

wife of Samuel McClelland

Who died 4th Sept 1872 aged 45 years




To The Memory of

Jennie Margaret McCLINTOCK

Born 3rd Feby 1885 died 24th Septr 1938

And of William George McClintock

Lieut Royal Artillery

Born 22nd Septr 1913 died 24th Sept 1938

Dearly loved wife & son of

Colonel Robert Lyle McClintock, C.M.G., D.S.O

Royal Engineers

Of Dunmore

Born 26th March 1874 died 11th July 1943

“Sleep after Toyle, Port after Stormie Seas




Here rest the Mortal remains of

Robert McCLINTOCK, of Dunmore

Born 13th December 1804 died 6th December 1859

Also of

Margaret his wife

Born 7th October 1812 died 21st May 1893

Also of their eldest son

Robert McClintock, J.P.D.L., of Dunmore

Born 27th June 1838 died 24th April 1899

Also of their son

Major Benjamin McClintock 53rd Regiment

Born 27th August 1843 died 8th July 1911



Underneath are interred the remains of

William McCLINTOCK of Dunmore in this County

Who departed this life the

17th (month covered) 1825 in the 53rd year of his age




Erected by

Alexander McCORKELL

In memory of his beloved wife Mary

Who died 9th Jany 1901 aged 43 years





Loving Memories of

My parents

Alexander and Mary

Also my brothers

David and Tom

Worthy of Remembrance




In Loving Memory of


Died 2nd November 1957 aged 61 years

His wife Sarah Jane

Died 18th December 1977 aged 85 years

Their son Thomas James

Died 19th May 2000 aged 77 years

Peace Perfect Peace



In Memory of


Died 26th July 1920 aged 70 years

Also his wife Mary

Died 10th Feb 19?5 aged 67 years



In Memory of

John MacILWAINE, Dunmore Lodge,

Who died Dec 30th 1886 aged 84

Also his wife Eliza

Who died Dec 2nd 1886 aged 75

Also their son James

Who died Oct 1st 1866 aged 28

And Robert Thompson, infant son of

F.W. & M.E. MacIlwaine

Who died July 10th 1899 aged 10 months

Also Mary Elizabeth, wife of

F.W. MacIlwaine

Who died April 10th 1908

And her daughter C.E.L. MacIlwaine

Who died April 13th 1966

Also John MacIlwaine

Who died 5th Nov 1974




In Memory of


Who passed into the life eternal

On Sept 24th 1938 aged 24



Sacred to the Memory of

Jessie MOORE

3rd daughter of

John Nicholson HARVEY, Molenan

Died 23rd Mar 1924

Also her sister Georgina

Died 28th Feb 1929




Robert Maxwell LYON, D.B.E., D.L., J.P.

9th February 1906

24th April 1994

Of Molenan House

And his beloved wife

Ivy Henrietta

15th January 1925

7th June 2000



In Loving Memory of

The RAMSEY family



Sacred to the memory of


Who departed this life

3rd March 1854 aged 80 years

Also James his son who died

March 28th 1861 aged 58 years



In Loving Memory of

Annie Agnes RYAN

Died 4th Sept 1933

Her grandson

John Robert Ryan

Died 17th Feb 1932

Her husband

John J. Ryan

Died 17th April 1935

“Thy will be done”



Sleep in Jesus until He come

Mary the beloved wife of

Revd C. SEYMORE Rector of this parish

Obr Decr 29th 1839

Be ye also ready

Also Thomas Seymour

Lieut in the Galway Militia

Father of Rev C Seymour

Who died 2nd March 1845 aged 76

Know that my Redeemer liveth







In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth SMYTH

Born 1852 died 1944

Her son James

Born 1880 died 1963

And his wife Frances

Born 1892 died 1962

Also their sons

James born 1920 died 1925

Harold Francis born 1929 died 1951

William John born 1917 died 1979



In Affectionate Remembrance

The Rev. Richard SMITH, M.A.

Who for 9 years

Fed the flock of God in this Parish

And who fell asleep in Christ Jesus

November 8th 1871

“Them that sleep in Jesus

Will God bring with him”

“When the chief shepherd shall appear ye shall

Receive a crown of Glory that fadeth not away”



Erected by

Matilda SMYTH

In Memory of her husband

William Smyth

Who died 28th Feby 1888 aged 68 years

Also his son David

Aged 2 years




In Loving Memory of the

Rev. Cuthbert R. THOMPSON

Entered into rest

September 6th 1926 aged 53 years



In Loving Memory of

Fanny wife of

Sir George Casson WALKER, K.C.S.I.

Born 31st August 1855 died 15th Jan 1935

They shall be mine saith the Lord on the

Day when I make up my Jewels.




(no further info)



Sacred to the memory of

Elizabeth WILLIAMS

Who died 29th April 1847 aged 86 years

Also Martha Williams

Who departed this life

On the 18th of August 1851

Aged 78 years





Died February 1780?

Aged 55? years


Jane Stewart

Died October 1818?

Aged 73? Years



In Loving Memory of

The WRAY family, Carrigans

Wee Norman (wee Montana)

Heavenly Love Abiding



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