Kill Roman Catholic Graveyard, Dunfanaghy


(Photograph by Bernie)

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In Loving Memory of

Our dear Mother

Ann Baker

Died 20th May 1943 aged 52 years

Also our dear father

Edward Baker

Died 27th Oct 1965 aged 71 years



In Loving Memory of

Hugh Brogan

Died 1st November 1949



Erected in Memory of Conn Diver (?)

Who departed this life December (or Dec the 9th or 8th) Ad 1871

Aged 36 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Charles Friel, Sandhill

Died 29-9-1919

His wife Mary

Died 1-12-1957


Manus died 25-5-1914

John died 21-3-1967

James died 28-12-1967


Mary died 12-5-1978

Bridget Friel

Died 23-12-1978

Rose Sarrell

Died 9-5-1983

James Friel

Died 10-6-1923



In Loving Memory of

Neil Freil

Died 11th Aug 1954

Maggie Freil

Died 11th May 1945

John Friel

Died 11th Sept. 1946

Sadly missed by daughter

Peggy Rafferty & Family



Erected in memory of

Cornelius Gallagher of Corcreggan

Who died 14th February 1910 aged 78 years

Also his wife

Rose Gallagher

Who died 13th March 1930 aged 83 years

Also their son Hugh

Who died 17th June 1948 aged 72 years

Grace Gallagher

Who died 24th May 1956 aged 81 years

Mary Gallagher

Died 22nd March 1967 aged 87 years

Mary Strain

Died 30th June 1975 aged 78 years



In Loving Memory of Madge

Wife of William Gallagher

Who died 19th March 1915 aged 65 years

The above William Gallagher

Who died 26th August 1927 aged 92 years



Erected by

Mary A Gallagher

In memory of her father

Denis Gallagher

Who died 18th March 1863

Also her mother

Anne Gallagher

Who died 1st December 1910

Also John Gallagher

Died 15th Oct 190?



Erected by

Maryann Gallagher

In loving Remembrance

Of her father and mother

John Gallagher

Died 26th Jany 1906 aged 83 years

Ann Gallagher

Died 3rd Jany 1911 aged 84 years



To Hannah Herrity

A Woman of Her Time

Who Struggled With Life

In Time of Hunger

Time of Scarcity

Time of Great Famine




In Loving Memory of

Bridget Kelly, Killmountain

Died 17th Dec 1958 aged 77 years

Frank Durning

Died 12th Jan 1987 aged 86 years



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have mercy on the soul of

Charles Lafferty

Who died 14th Feb 1909 aged 64 years

Also the souls of his daughters

Margaret Lafferty

Died 12th March 1910

And Mary Lafferty

Died 4th August 1910




In Loving Memory of

James Lafferty, Faugher

Died 12th April 1908 aged 56 yrs

Catherine Lafferty

Died 21st March 1942 aged 71 yrs

Catherine Brigid Lafferty

Died 4th Nov 1944 aged 16 months

Edward Lafferty

Died 20th Aug 1965 aged 63 yrs

James Lafferty

Died 28th Dec 1975 aged 81 yrs

Mary Lafferty

Died 15th April 1984 aged 79 yrs



Erected by

John McAward

In memory of his daughter Ann

Who died

27th Dec 1813 aged 20 years




In Memory of

Michael? McCasland

Died January? 1890 aged 70 years

Also his wife

Catherine McCausland



Erected by

Annie McCloskey

In loving memory of her Father

Samuel McCloskey

Died March 30th 1894



In Memory of

Sarah McCloskey

Died February 14th 1886 aged 70 years




In Memory of

Mary McCloskey

Died December 1st? 1889?

Aged 35 years


(above three headstones beside each other)


(click on the headstones for enlargements of each)



In Loving Memory of

Our Dear Parents

Michael McColgan, Sandhill

Died 4th July 1941 aged 79 yrs

His wife Bridget

Died 30th Jan 1954 aged 76 yrs



In Loving Memory of

Denis McFadden

Died 16th January 1948 aged 77 years

His wife Mary

Died 21st May 1955 aged 80 years



In Loving Memory of

Maggie McFadden

Died 29.6.1929 aged 80

Her husband Pat

Died 24.5.1930 aged 82

Sons, John

Died 23.11.1944 aged 56


Died 10.8.1965 aged 84


Died 13.3.1979 aged 87




In Loving Memory of

Patrick McFadden, Greenhill

Died 3rd January 1936 aged 56 yrs

His wife Annie

Died 11th? May 1942 aged 49 yrs

Their son Tom

Died August 1947 aged 27 yrs



Pray for the Souls of

Teague McFadden

Died 2nd Dec 1913 aged 72 years

John McFadden

Died 12th May 1931 aged 83 years

Kate McFadden

Died 2nd May 1932 aged 80 years

Ellen Duffy

Died 2nd March 1933 aged 83 years





In Loving Memory of

Bella McGinley, Magheramena, Co Donegal

Died 22nd March 1930

Also Mary McGinley

Who died 11th December 1921

(LHS of above stone)

Hugh McGinley

Who died 10th August 1932

John McGinley

Who died 10th June 1949

Bella McGinley

Who died 10th July 1958

Patrick McGinley

Died 15th Feb 1988



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have mercy on the soul of

Daniel T. McGinley

Who died 14th November 1925 aged 53 years

His infant son Donnelly

Who died 3rd March 1915 aged 4 months

Also his wife Mary Margaret

Who died 7th July 1942 aged 65 years

Their son Michael J who died 19th June 1954 aged 42 years


(LHS of above stone)

Also his sister-in-law

Kathleen Sheridan

Died 18th May 1929 aged 48 years

Edward McGinley

Dolphins Barn, Dublin

Died 5th Dec 1987 aged 82 years



Sacred heart of Jesus

Have mercy on the soul of

John McGinley, Horn Head

His wife Catherine


Bridget and Margaret


Maurice and Daniel

(no dates given)



In Loving Memory of

Patrick McHugh, Largatrenna

Died 8th December 1921 aged 7 months

Mary McHugh

Died 17th November 1936 aged 26 years

Madge McHugh

Died 29th January 1944 aged 70 years

Sarah McHugh

Died 5th May 1950 aged 70 years

Hugh McHugh

Died 15th July 1957 aged 76 years


(same grave as above)

Donald Ferry, Murroe

Died 1933



In Loving Memory of

Michael McHugh

Died 4th Jan 1943 aged 77 years

Son Mick

Died 15th Feb 1924 aged 14 years

Daughter Ellen

Died 23rd July 1931 aged 23 years

Grand-father & Grand-mother

Johnnie Ward

Died 9th Feb 1914 aged 77 years

Sarah Ward

Died 3rd June 1925 aged 80 years

Mother Ellen McHugh

Died 9th May 1974 aged 96 years


Mary and Sarah

U. S. A.



In Loving Memory of

Hugh McLean, Murroe

Grace McLean (McHugh), Horn Head



In Loving Memory of

Isobel McLean

Died 10th August 1927 aged 64 years

Also her husband Daniel of Magheramena

Died 28th June 1937 aged 77 years



O Most Sacred Heart of

Jesus have Mercy on the soul of

Patrick McLean

Died 6th Nov 1886 aged 60 years

Also his wife

Sarah McLean

Died 9th Jan 1911 aged 72 years

John McLean

Died ?th July 1937 aged 72 years

James McLean

Died 9th March 1946 aged 77 years



MULLEN, Breaghy

Pray for the soul of

Charles died 2nd May 1915 in U.S.A.

John died 6th July 1938

James died 6th October 1947

Michael died 30th December 1962 in U.S.A


Died 22nd April 1969 aged 78 yrs


Died 4th April 1970 aged 95 yrs

Mary Susan

Died 13th Jan 1971 aged 84 yrs


Died 7th October 1971 aged 83 yrs



Erected by Mary Mullen to the

Memory of her Uncle

John McFadden

Died February 12th 1866 aged 60 years

Also her mother

Mary Mullen

Died September 12th 1846 aged 38 years


Also her brother

John Mullen

Died 19th Feb 1902

His wife Catherine

Died 8th April 1928 aged 79 years

(above two headstones in same grave)



Erected to the Memory of

Annie Price, Kill

Who died 8th? September 1940 aged 97 years

Also her parents

Thomas Price and Unity Price

Also to the memory of

Mary A? McGee, Kill



Here Lyeth the Body of

Neal T?? (Tinuy/Tuohy?)

Who died July the 17th 1778

Aged 35 yrs




In Loving Memory of

Neal Ward

Died 26th April 1940 aged 84 years

Jane Ward

Died 27th February 1952 aged 98 years

Their daughter Nellie

Died 6th June 1965 aged 82 years

James ward

Died 4th Nov 1971 aged 78 years

Daniel Ward

Died 14th Feb 1973 aged 73 years



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Thomas Whoriskey, Purt

Who died 18th April 1892

His daughter Mary Ann

Who died 8th June 1933

Mary Whoriskey

Who died 15th July 1935

Thomas Whoriskey

Who died 19th March 1953



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