Kilmacrenan Roman Catholic Church, Marriages 1863-1867

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I have the best I can with these - the register is very old and in Latin - the entries are very hard to read, due to the handwriting and spelling

I can email a copy of the full entry, which includes the actual date and witnesses details as well.........maybe someone else can figure those details out. Lindel

Year Groom S/name Groom Given T/land Groom Father T/land Bride S/name Bride Given T/land
1866 Boyle Daniel Procklis Boyle, John? Procklis Houston Mary Kilmacrenan
1865 Boyle Patrick Drumoghill Boyle, Neal Drumoghill McClafferty Catherine Drumoghill
1863 Boyle William Ray Boyle, Patrick Ray Sweeney Joanna Drumaboden
1866 Brown James Glenswilly Brown, James Glenswilly Sweeney Ann Glenhaw/Glenkeo?
1865 Callaghan William Grovehall Callaghan, Anthony Grovehall McGeehan Catherine Casheleenan
1865 Curran Patrick Fannet Curran, John Fannet Crawford Mary Aghawoney
1863 Dawson John Legnahoory Dawson, James Legnahoory Doherty Mary Legnahoory
1864 Diver Michael Cloghroe Diver, James Cloghroe O'Brien Sarah Cloghroe
1865 Doherty James Gortnavern Doherty, John Gortnavern Gobin Margaret Cloghroe?
1866 Gallagher Edward Termon Gallagher, James Termon O'Donnell Annabella Goldrum?
1863 Gallagher James Legnahoory Gallagher, ? Legnahoory McGettigan Mary Legnahoory
1866 Gallagher Patrick Gortnacorrib Gallagher, John Gortnacorrib Sweeney Catherine Glenhaw/Glenkeo?
1864 Hilferty ? Skerry Hilferty, John Skerry McClafferty Ellen Skerry
1866 Houston Edward? Kilmacrenan Houston, Ambrose Kilmacrenan Shiels Rose Massreagh
1864 Kelly ? Termon Kelly, James Termon McDaid Margaret Legnahoory
1865 Kennedy William Creeve Kennedy, John Creeve O'Donnell Mary Kilmacrenan
1865 Langan John Letterkenny Langan, Edward Letterkenny Doherty Mary Ann Kilmacrenan
1866 Martin Neal Milltown Martin, William Milltown McCormack Margaret Carrownasaul
1865 McBride Michael Termon McBride, ? Termon McAuley/McCauley ? Casheleenan
1866 McCafferty ? Skerry McCafferty, John Skerry Friel Margaret Tawny
1864 McCafferty William Termon McCafferty, John Termon O'Donnell Bridget Casheleenan
1864 McCobb/McCabe William Cloghglass McCobb/McCabe, John Cloghglass McFadden Rose Cloghglass
1865 McCormack James Carrownasaul McCormack, Patrick Carrownasaul McGettigan Mary Meenreagh
1866 McDaid John Legnahoory McDaid, John Termon Heraghty Margaret Legnahoory
1865 McGettigan ? Skreen McGettigan, Daniel Skreen Friel Mary Drumbrick
1864 McGinley ? Skerry McGinley, John Skerry McCloskey Grace Skerry
1866 McGinley James Milford McGinley, John ? Sweeney Joanna Ballykeeran
1866 McGlinchy Neal Skerry McGlinchy, Patrick Skerry McLaughlin Mary Carrownaganonagh
1866 McHugh ? Legnahoory McHugh, Hugh Rosnakill Coyle Mary Legnahoory
1866 McMullan Nathaniel Tirl? McMullan, John Tirl? ? Mary Kilmacrenan
1864 McTaggart Mathew Milltown McTaggart, Andrew Milltown Cannon Frances? Milltown
1864 Murray James Legnahoory Murray, James Cloughaneely Harkin Elizabeth Legnahoory
1865 Murray John Termon Murray, James Termon McDaid Ann Legnahoory
1866 O'Donnell James Goland? O'Donnell, Neal Goland? McGettigan Rose Meenreagh
1865 O'Donnell John Golan Hill? O'Donnell, Edward Golan Hill? McDaid ? Milltown
1863 Plunket James Skreen Plunket, Thomas Rathmullan McLaughlin Mary Skreen
1867, Feb Strain John Carrownasaul Strain, Cornelius Carrownasaul Lynagh Catherine Carrownasaul
1866 Sweeney Patrick Golan Hill? Sweeney, John Golan Hill? McLaughlin Sarah Carrownaganonagh
1866 Wilson Thomas Kilmacrenan Wilson, Thomas Kilmacrenan McCormack Grace? Milltown


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