1825 Tithe Applotment Book - Kilmacrenan Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Kilmacrenan, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



ALGOE Widow Gortmacall
ALLEN James Whitehill
ALLEN James, Jun. Whitehill
ALLEN John Court
ALLEN Rev. John Kilmacrenan
BAXTER Thomas Gortin
BENSON James Drumfergus
BENSON John Bally-Bo
BILSLAN George Kern Hill
BLACK James Terargus
BLACK John Glebe
BLACK Robert Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
BLAINEY Daniel Tawney
BLAINEY James Tawney
BLAINEY Patrick Tawney
BOICE [BOYCE] James Meins (Cool Upper)
BOICE [BOYCE] Pat. Drumeasen
BOIL [BOYLE] Connell Drumdivin
BOIL [BOYLE] Ebey Ballyscanlan
BOIL [BOYLE] Owen Procklish
BOIL [BOYLE] Suzannah Drumbrick
BOILE [BOYLE]   James Terargus
BOILE [BOYLE] Charles Court
BOILE [BOYLE] Owen Court
BOYCE Brian Meinbog
BOYCE Dennis Aghawonny
BOYCE James Woodquarter
BOYCE John Couls [Cool]
BOYCE Michael Screen
BOYCE Shane Ballyscanlan
BOYCE Widow Couls [Cool]
BOYLE Brian Aghawonny
BOYLE Brian Grovehall
BOYLE Brine Rye [Ray]
BOYLE Charles Kilmacrenan
BOYLE James Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
BOYLE John Aghawonny
BOYLE Philip Grovehall
BRADLEY Cornelius Cloughro [Cloghroe]
BRADLEY Denis Cloughro [Cloghroe]
BRADLEY Hugh Drumfin
BRADLEY Pat. Drumfin
BRADLY Daniel Kinahen [Keenahan]
BRADLY Francis Procklish
BRADLY Francis Terheelen
BRADLY Hugh Kinahen [Keenahan]
BRADLY James Drumbrick
BRADLY James Kinahen [Keenahan]
BRADLY John Drumbrick
BRADLY John Grovehall
BRADLY Manus Clunkully [Clonkilly]
BRADLY Michael Procklish
BRADLY Neil Ballybonaber [Ballybuninabber]
BRADLY Neil Drumbrick
BRADLY Owen Screen
BRADLY Pat. Letterfad
BRAISLIN Brian Carrick
BRAISLIN Charles Carrick
BRANNEN Francis Drumnamulih
BRANON Daniel Ballnascadden
BRIAN Widow Gortin
BROWNE Alexander Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
BROWNE Alexander Leiter
BROWNE Arthur Leiter
BROWNE Brian Drumfin
BROWNE David Woodquarter
BROWNE Edward Drumdivin
BROWNE George Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
BROWNE Hugh Drumdivin
BROWNE Hugh Drumoughill
BROWNE Hugh Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
BROWNE James Leiter
BROWNE James Stragaddy
BROWNE John Leiter
BROWNE John Meinbog
BROWNE Joseph Woodquarter
BROWNE Manus Drumdivin
BROWNE Manus Drumoughill
BROWNE Neil Drumoughill
BROWNE Pat. Drumdivin
BROWNE Pat. Drumoughill
BROWNE Patrick Barnes Upper
BROWNE Thomas Leiter
BROWNE Widow Drumoughill
BROWNE William (James Barnett) Leiter
BROWNE William Leiter
BRYNE James Rye [Ray]
BUCHANAN Alexander Rathdonnell
BUCHANAN Alexander Sockar
BUCHANAN Betty Geicheery
BUCHANAN James Geicheery
BUCHANAN James Rathdonnell
BUCHANAN James Sockar
BUCHANAN John Geicheery
BUCHANAN John Gortmacall
BUCHANAN Philip Gortmacall
BUCHANAN Samuel Woodquarter
BUCHANAN Widow Kilmacrenan
BUCHANAN William Gortmacall
BUCHANAN William Woodquarter
BUTLER Richard Geicheery
CAMPBELL David Leiter
CAMPBELL James Leiter
CAMPBELL John (for O. Campbell) Leiter
CAMPBELL John Leiter
CAMPBELL Patrick Leiter
CAMPBELL Robert Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
CAMPBELL Robert Mossreagh (Cottian)
CAMPBELL Widow Aghawonny
CAMPBELL Widow Ballyscanlan
CAMPBELL Widow Leiter
CAMPBELL William Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
CAMPBELL William Drumnabodin
CAMPBELL William Leiter
CANNON Brian Drumfergus
CANNON Charles Drumfergus
CANNON Charles Kilmacrenan
CANNON Cornelius Drumfergus
CANNON Eneas Drumnabodin
CANNON Eneas Meins (Cool Upper)
CANNON James Milltown
CANNON Michael Milltown
CANNON Patrick Drumnabodin
CANNON Shane Milltown
CARLIN John Middletown
CARNAGHAN Charles Stragaddy
CASSIDY Edward Drimslamagh
CASSIDY Hugh Tawney
CASSIDY Samuel Tawney
CHAMBERS Alexander Portlean
CHAMBERS Samuel Ballyscanlan
CHAMBERS William Ballyscanlan
CHAMBERS William Court
COCHRAN J. Esq. Douen [Doon]
COCHRAN John, Esq. Drumlurgagh
COCHRAN John, Esq. Gortnalard
COCHRAN John, Esq. Terargus
COIL [COYLE] Brian Tawny Cappy
COIL [COYLE] Charles Tawney
COIL [COYLE] Edward Couls [Cool]
COIL [COYLE] Edward Tawney
COIL [COYLE] James Tawny Cappy
COIL [COYLE] Neil Cotin [Cottian]
COIL [COYLE] Neil Mossreagh (Cottian)
COIL [COYLE] Patrick Couls [Cool]
COIL [COYLE] Teague Cotin [Cottian]
COIL [COYLE] Teague Mossreagh (Cottian
COIL [COYLE] Hugh Fans [Fawans]
COIL [COYLE] Peggy Meins (Cool Upper)
COIL [COYLE] Manus Drumfergus
COILE [COYLE] Teigue Kilmacrenan
COLHOUN Alexander Money Laggin
COLHOUN Samuel Money Laggin
COLHOUN William Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
COLL Dennis Fans [Fawans]
COLL Hugh Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
COLL Thomas Clunkully [Clonkilly]
CONAGHAN Charles Stragaddy
CONAGHAN James Stragaddy
CONAHEN Michael Drumoughill Mountain
CONNAHAN James Boovreen
CONNOR John Couls [Cool]
CONNOR John Cranford
CONNOR Shane Scarve
CONNOR William Rathcraggy
CRAWFORD Charles, Esq. (Ramsey) Ballnascadden
CRAWFORD John Sockar
CRAWFORD Samuel Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
CULBERT James Gortmacall
CULBERTSON Widow Ballyscanlan
CULLEN Francis Skeely [Skerry]
CULLEN James Fans [Fawans]
CULLEN John Fans [Fawans]
CULLEN Widow Fans [Fawans]
DENISTON William Stragaddy
DENNY James Drumdivin
DENNY Owen Currin
DERMONT John Lagnahourey [Legnahoory] 
DERMOT Hugh Barnes Upper
DERMOT James Glenchow [Glenkeo]
DERMOT John Barnes Upper
DERMOT Michael Barnes Upper
DERMOT Neil Barnes Upper
DIVER Charles Leiter
DIVER Dennis Cloughro [Cloghroe]
DIVER James Letterfad
DIVER John Ardgast
DIVER John Glebe
DIVER John, Jun. Ardgast
DIVER John, Sen. Ardgast
DIVER Samuel Ardgast
DIVER Samuel Kilmacrenan
DIVER Tom Cloughro [Cloghroe]
DIVER William Geicheery
DIVER William Kilmacrenan
DIXON Alexander Drumfergus
DIXON David Gortmacall
DOGHERTY Anthony Ballybonaber [Ballybuninabber]
DOGHERTY Brian Terheelen (Tirkillen)
DOGHERTY Charles Drumnaclady
DOGHERTY Charles Grovehall
DOGHERTY Daniel Boovreen (Tirargus)
DOGHERTY Daniel Drumdivin (Drumdeevin)
DOGHERTY Edward Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DOGHERTY George Kinahen [Keenahan]
DOGHERTY Henry Libadough
DOGHERTY John Derryskleah [Derriscleagh]
DOGHERTY Michael Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
DOGHERTY Patrick Fans [Fawans]
DOGHERTY Toal Crucknabolin
DOGHERTY Widow Crucknabolin
DOGHERTY Widow Drumdivin (Drumdeevin)
DOGHERTY Widow Gortnalard
DOGHERTY Widow Skeely [Skerry]
DOGHERTY William Grovehall
DOGHERTY William Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DOHERTY Charles Milltown
DOHERTY Daniel Coughglass
DOHERTY Daniel Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DOHERTY James Kinahen [Keenahan]
DOHERTY James Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DOHERTY James Rye [Ray]
DOHERTY John Goal Upper
DOHERTY John Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DOHERTY John Rye [Ray]
DOHERTY Manus Boovreen (Tirargus)
DOHERTY Michael Aghawonny
DOHERTY Pat. Drumoughill Mountain
DOHERTY Shane Couls [Cool]
DOHERTY Shane Drumeasen
DOHERTY Widow Drumoughill
DOHERTY William Geicheery
DOHERTY William Rye [Ray]
DOOGARY Charles Golan
DOUGHERTY Charles Drumoughill
DOUGHERTY Henry Maintebawn [Meenbunone?]
DUFFEY Michael Geicheery
DUFFY John Maintebawn [Meenbunone?]
DUFFY John Milltown
DUFFY Patrick Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DUFFY Roger Cloughro [Cloghroe]
DUFFY Roger Milltown
DUNCAN Robert Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
DUNLAVY John Clunkully [Clonkilly]
DURNIN Charles Drumfergus
DURNIN John Gortmacall
DURNIN Mary Rathcraggy 
DURNIN Nancy Rathcraggy
DURNIN Peggy Rathcraggy
FERGUSON John Leiter
FERGUSON Matthew Leiter
FERGUSON Thomas Leiter
FERRY James Cleggin
FERRY Michael Gortmacall
FERRY Peter Drumnamulih
FISHER David Rathdonnell
FLEMING William Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
FLOOD Brian Golan
FLOOD Hugh Golan
FLOOD Owen Libadough
FLOOD Shane Libadough
FREEL Charles Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
FREEL John Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
FREIL Brian Drumbrick
FREIL Brian Goal Upper
FREIL Bryan Barnes Upper
FREIL Daniel Barnes Upper
FREIL Francis Gortnalard
FREIL Hugh Barnes Upper
FREIL Manus Gortnalard
FREIL Michael Drumoughill
FREIL Patrick Goal Upper
FREIL Patrick Gortnalard
FREIL Patrick Terheelen
FREIL Shane Barnes Lower
FREIL Shane Goal
FREIL William Goal Upper
FRIEL Charles Clunkully [Clonkilly]
FRIEL Edward Cranford
FRIEL Francis Sockar
FRIEL James Sockar
FRIEL Neil Sockar
FRIES Hugh Drumfergus
GAILEY Matthew Sockar
GAILY John Sockar
GALLAGHER   Ferdy Kernasall
GALLAGHER Anthony Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER  Anthony Rathdonnell
GALLAGHER Brian Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
GALLAGHER Brian Loughskerry
GALLAGHER Catherine Loughskerry
GALLAGHER Charles Golan
GALLAGHER Cornelius Sockar
GALLAGHER Daniel Fans [Fawans]
GALLAGHER Daniel Golan
GALLAGHER Daniel Libadough
GALLAGHER Dennis Cranford
GALLAGHER Edward Gortin
GALLAGHER Feddy Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER Ferrigle Stragaddy Mountain
GALLAGHER Francis Golan
GALLAGHER Hugh Kernasall
GALLAGHER Hugh Killhill
GALLAGHER Hugh Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
GALLAGHER Hugh Loughskerry
GALLAGHER James Castleanan [Casheleenan]
GALLAGHER James Coughglass
GALLAGHER James Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER James Glenchow [Glenkeo]
GALLAGHER James Gortin
GALLAGHER James Gortnalard
GALLAGHER James Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
GALLAGHER James Loughskerry
GALLAGHER James Stragaddy Mountain
GALLAGHER James Woodquarter
GALLAGHER John Barnes Lower
GALLAGHER John Fans [Fawans]
GALLAGHER John Rathdonnell
GALLAGHER Michael Douen [Doon]
GALLAGHER Michael Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER Michael Geicheery
GALLAGHER Owen Drumeasen
GALLAGHER Patrick Cranford
GALLAGHER Patrick Gortin
GALLAGHER Patrick Libadough
GALLAGHER Patrick Sockar
GALLAGHER Patrick Tawny Cappy
GALLAGHER Thomas Castleanan [Casheleenan]
GALLAGHER Toal Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER Widow Drimslamagh
GALLAGHER Widow Drumlurgagh
GALLAGHER Widow Kilmacrenan
GALLAGHER Widow Stragaddy
GALLAGHER William Drimslamagh
GALLAGHER William Fans [Fawans]
GALLAUGHER Charles Douen [Doon]
GALLAUGHER Daniel Coughglass
GILLESPY Anthony Cashill [Cashel]
GILLESPY Daniel Drumnamulih
GOBIN James Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
GOBIN Roger Geicheery
GOBIN Widow Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
GOBIN William Geicheery
GORDON Hugh Castleanan [Casheleenan]
GORDON Robert Castleanan [Casheleenan]
GORMAN Darby Kilmacrenan
GORMAN Mandy Drumlurgagh
GORMAN Owen Drumlurgagh
GORMAN Owen Kilmacrenan
GORMAN Patrick Currin
GRAHAM Betty Ballnascadden
GRAHAM Frank Drumban
GRAHAM Genny Ballnascadden
GRAHAM James Townyard
GRAHAM John Court
GRAHAM Moses Ballnascadden
GRAHAM Thomas Court
GRAHAM William Ballnascadden
GRAMES [GRAHAM] William Gortnaskeagh
GREER Andrew Bally-Bo
GREER James Rye [Ray]
GREGG Finla Money Laggin
GREGG James Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
GREGG John Money Laggin
GREGG Richard Money Laggin
GREGG Robert Ballnascadden
GREGG Robert Gortlabin [Gortalaban]
GRIER Esther Kilmacrenan
GRIER James Bally-Bo
HAGARTY James Gortmacall
HALFERTY Colum Terheelen
HALFERTY Edward Drumbrick
HALFERTY Edward Terheelen
HALFERTY Hugh Terheelen
HALFERTY James Drumlurgagh
HALFERTY John Terheelen
HALFERTY Manus Drumbrick
HALFERTY Neil Terheelen
HALFERTY Samuel Gortnalard
HALFERTY Teague Townyard
HALFERTY Widow Loughskerry
HALFERTY Widow Skeely [Skerry]
HALFERTY Widow Terheelen 
HARKIN Daniel Meins (Cool Upper)
HARKIN Daniel Middletown
HARKIN Daniel Rathdonnell
HARKIN Daniel Tawney
HARKIN Edward Parlnamudragh
HARKIN Hugh Cranford
HARKIN James Couls [Cool]
HARKIN James Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
HARKIN James Parlnamudragh
HARKIN James, Jun. Rathdonnell
HARKIN James, Sen. Rathdonnell
HARKIN John Sockar
HARKIN Nancy Geicheery
HARKIN Neil Parlnamudragh
HARKIN Patrick Cranford
HARKIN Patrick Rathdonnell
HARKIN Patrick Tawney
HARKIN Peter Tawney
HARKIN Widow Drumfergus
HARLY/ MARLY James Meins (Cool Upper)
HARPER Humphrey Rathdonnell
HASTINGS Rev. Anthony Glebe
HASTINGS Widow Terargus
HAYS David Portlean
HAYS Joseph Portlean
HAYS Samuel Portlean
HAYS Thomas Ballnafad
HEMPHILL John Coughglass
HERRARTY Hugh (R. Ramsay) Ballnascadden
HEUSTON Henry Kilmacrenan
HIGERTY John Drumfergus
HOMAN Rev. R. Terargus
HORISKY Daniel Carrick
HUNTER David Carmony
HUNTER Dougil Carmony
HUNTER Henderson Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
HUNTER Hugh Carmony
HUNTER Hugh Drumban
HUNTER James Carmony
HUNTER James Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
HUNTER John Carmony
HUNTER Samuel Carmony
HUNTER William Carmony
HUNTER William Townyard
IRVINE Aaron Tawney
IRVINE Andrew Dounins [Doon]
IRVINE Gerrard Castleanan [Casheleenan]
IRVINE William Jun. Castleanan [Casheleenan]
IRVINE William Kilmacrenan
IRVINE William, Sen. Castleanan [Casheleenan]
JACOB Samuel Gortnaskeagh
JOHNSTON George Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
JOHNSTON John Castleguay [Cashel Gay]
JOHNSTON Robert Castleguay [Cashel Gay]
KAVANAGH Charles Tawney
KEELAHEN Hugh Grovehall
KEELAHEN James Grovehall
KEELER Brian Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
KEELER Daniel Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
KELLAGHAN [CALLAGHAN] William Gortmacall
KELLSO John Castleguay [Cashel Gay]
KELLY Charles Ballybonaber [Ballybuninabber]
KELLY Daniel Ballybonaber [Ballybuninabber]
KELLY Darby Drumoughill
KELLY Dominick Stragaddy
KELLY Francis Drumoughill
KELLY Francis Stragaddy
KELLY James Drumfin
KELLY James Gortmacall
KELLY James Terargus
KELLY John Drumoughill
KELLY John Maintebawn [Meenbunone?]
KELLY John Stragadd
KELLY Nathaniel Gortmacall
KELLY Nelly Libadough
KELLY Owen Cranford
KELLY Patrick Rathdonnell
KELLY Patrick Stragaddy
KELLY Teigue Barnes Lower
KENNEDY Daniel Gortnalard
KENNEDY William Drumnabodin
KENNEDY William Terheelen
KERR James Kinahen [Keenahan]
KERR John Drumnabodin
KERR John Skeely [Skerry]
KESHIDY [CASSIDY] Samuel Drimslamagh
KESHIDY [CASSIDY] Samuel Letterfad
KULLAN [CULLEN] John Skeely [Skerry]
KULLAN [CULLEN] John Ballybonaber [Ballybuninabber]
LAST James Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
LEVINS Thomas Maggys Burn
LOGAN James Bally-Bo
LOGUE Brian Couls [Cool]
LOGUE Daniel Drumnaclady
LOGUE Edward Couls [Cool]
LOGUE Hugh Drumnaclady
LOGUE James Drumnaclady
LOGUE Michael Drumnaclady
LOGUE Patrick Drumnaclady
LYNAUGH James Kernasall
LYNAUGH John Cranford 
LYNAUGH John Skeely [Skerry]
LYNAUGH Michael Kernasall
LYNAUGH Patrick Kernasall
LYNAUGH Owen Golan
LYNCH Daniel Aghawonny
LYNCH Hugh Aghawonny
LYNCH James Aghawonny
LYNCH John Aghawonny
LYNCH Nathaniel Aghawonny
LYNCH Owen Aghawonny
LYNCH Owen Rye [Ray]
LYNIT James Lagnahourey[ Legnahoory]
MAIRLY Edward Creig
MAIRLY Shane Creig
MAIRLY Shane Drumnaclady
MAIRLY Stephen Creig
MAIRLY Widow Creig
MAIRLY William Drumnaclady
MALSEED John Drumnabodin
MALSEED Widow Drumnabodin
MALSEED William Drumnabodin
MANSFIELD Francis, Esq. Cloughro [Cloghroe]
MARLY/ HARLY James Meins (Cool Upper)
MARSHALL Rev. James Gortmacall
MARTIN James Drumfergus
MARTIN John Sockar
MARTIN William Milltown
MATSON Isaac Drumalough
MATSON Samuel Ballyscanlan
MATTSON Thomas Glasnaudy [Glasnant]
McALISTER Robert Geicheery
McALISTER Samuel Geicheery
McAWARD Cormick Terargus
McBRAIRTY Cornelius Drumbrick
McBRAIRTY James Drumbrick
McBRAIRTY Widow Drumbrick
McBRAIRTY Widow Gortnalard
McBRIDE Brian Cranford
McBRIDE Daniel Woodquarter
McBRIDE Edward Cranford
McBRIDE James Goal Upper
McBRIDE James Tawny Cappy
McBRIDE John Kilmacrenan
McBRIDE Michael Cranford
McBRIDE Michael Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
McBRIDE Michael Woodquarter
McBRIDE Murace Tawny Cappy
McBRIDE Owen Cranford
McBRIDE Owen Drumnamulih
McBRIDE Owen Woodquarter
McBRIDE Patrick Golan
McBRIDE Patrick Tawny Cappy
McBRIDE Widow Cashill [Cashel]
McCAFFERTY Anthony Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McCAFFERTY Dominick Skeely [Skerry]
McCAFFERTY Edward Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
McCAFFERTY Edward Screen
McCAFFERTY Hugh Screen
McCAFFERTY James Douen [Doon]
McCAFFERTY James Kernasall
McCAFFERTY Neil Castleanan [Casheleenan]
McCAFFERTY Neil Gortin
McCAFFERTY Neil Maintebawn [Meenbunone?]
McCAFFERTY Neil Skeely [Skerry]
McCAFFERTY Owen Douen [Doon]
McCAFFERTY Owen Kernasall
McCAFFERTY Owen Libadough
McCAFFERTY Shane Kernasall
McCAFFERTY Widow Couls [Cool]
McCAFFERTY William Goal
McCAFFRY Widow Gortmacall
McCARRY Edward Goal
McCAULY Paddy Castleanan [Casheleenan]
McCAULY Widow Drumbrick
McCAULY Widow Kernasall
McCAULY Widow Kinahen [Keenahan]
McCAUSLAND Mrs Ballyscanlan
McCAUSLAND Tom Gortmacall
McCAY Alexander Ballyscanlan
McCAY Donnell Goal
McCAY Neil Goal
McCAY Neil Skeely [Skerry]
McCAY Peter Ballyscanlan
McCAY William Ballyscanlan
McCLAFERTY Cornelius Meinbog
McCOL? Edward Coughglass
McCONNELL John Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
McCONNELL John Lisdonely (Tirargus)
McCONNELL Patrick Terheelen (Tirkillen)
McCONNELL Widow Lisdonely (Tirargus)
McCONNELL William Lisdonely (Tirargus)
McCONNELOGE John Geicheery
McCONNELOGE Owen Geicheery
McCORMICK Charles Milltown
McCORMICK James Kernasall
McCUE Brine Fans [Fawans]
McCUE Michael Fans [Fawans]
McCUE Owen Couls [Cool]
McCUE Patrick Cranford
McCUE Shane Fans [Fawans]
McDAID Cormick Douen [Doon]
McDAID Daniel Douen [Doon]
McDAID Hugh Milltown
McDAID James Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McDAID James Terheelen (Tirkillen)
McDAID Owen Cranford
McDAID Patrick Terheelen (Tirkillen)
McDAID Widow Terheelen (Tirkillen)
McDIVIT Darby Geicheery
McDIVIT Darby Sockar
McDIVIT Hugh Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
McDIVIT James Geicheery
McDIVIT Toal Sockar
McDOUGIL James Mossreagh (Cottian)
McDOUGIL John Drumfergus
McDOUGIL Joseph Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
McELHINEY Charles Ballnascadden
McELHINNEY John Geicheery
McFADDIN Andrew Barnes Upper
McFADDIN Andrew Gortnacoil
McFADDIN Brian Couls [Cool]
McFADDIN Brian Goal Upper
McFADDIN Brian Mavaugh (Woodquarter)
McFADDIN Charles Derryskleah [Derriscleagh]
McFADDIN Charles Drumdivin
McFADDIN Charles Letterfad
McFADDIN Dougil Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
McFADDIN Dougle Cotin [Cottian]
McFADDIN Edward Golan
McFADDIN Ferigal Fans [Fawans]
McFADDIN Hugh Couls [Cool]
McFADDIN Hugh Derryskleah [Derriscleagh]
McFADDIN James Golan
McFADDIN James, Jun. Cashill [Cashel]
McFADDIN James, Sen. Cashill [Cashel]
McFADDIN John Couls [Cool]
McFADDIN John Douen [Doon]
McFADDIN John Drumeasen
McFADDIN John Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
McFADDIN Michael Golan
McFADDIN Neal Drumeasen
McFADDIN Ned Golan
McFADDIN Neil, Jun. Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McFADDIN Neil, Sen. Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McFADDIN Owen Barnes Upper
McFADDIN Owen Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
McFADDIN Pat. Drumdivin
McFADDIN Patrick Fans [Fawans]
McFADDIN Patrick Stragaddy
McFADDIN Shane Golan
McFADDIN William Cotin [Cottian]
McFADDIN William Derryskleah [Derriscleagh]
McFETERS John Terargus
McGALAGHLY Cornelius Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McGALLAGLY Manus Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
McGALLAGLY Owen Lagnahourey [Legnahoory] 
McGALLAGLY Patrick Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McGARVEY Anthony Libadough
McGARVEY Brian Terheelen
McGARVEY Charles Goal Upper
McGARVEY Charles Libadough
McGARVEY Cormick Barnes Upper
McGARVEY Cormick Stragaddy
McGARVEY Hugh Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McGARVEY Hugh Golan
McGARVEY Owen Loughskerry
McGARVEY Patrick  
McGARVEY Widow Fans [Fawans]
McGARVEY William Goal Upper
McGARVEY William Libadough
McGEDDEY Hugh Loughskerry
McGEDEY Owen Loughskerry
McGEE Hugh Stragaddy
McGEE Rev. James Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McGEEHAN Michael Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McGEEVER Bryan Geicheery
McGEEVER Hugh Geicheery
McGEEVER Peter Geicheery
McGETIGAN Edward Meenreagh
McGETIGAN Hugh Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McGETTIGAN John Coughglass
McGINLEY Hugh Coughglass
McGINLEY Michael, Jun. Coughglass
McGINLEY Michael, Sen. Coughglass
McGINLEY Patrick Cranford
McGINLEY Widow Coughglass
McGINLY Anthony Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
McGINLY Daniel Killaughcarren [Killoughcaran]
McGINLY Dennis Skeely [Skerry]
McGINLY Patrick Woodquarter
McGINTY Charles Douen [Doon]
McGINTY Ded? Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McGINTY John Douen [Doon]
McGINTY Neil Terheelen
McGINTY Owen Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McGITIGAN Brian Screen
McGITIGAN Cormick Drimslamagh
McGITIGAN Daniel Meenreagh
McGITIGAN Hugh Screen
McGITIGAN James Drimslamagh
McGITIGAN James Drumeasen
McGITIGAN James Kernasall
McGITIGAN Murrace Kernasall
McGITIGAN Patrick Meenreagh
McGITIGAN Patrick Screen
McGITIGAN Patrick Whitehill
McGITIGAN Shane Meenreagh
McGITIGAN Widow Carrickbraislin [Carrickybressil]
McGITIGAN Widow Golan
McGLIN Hugh Gortmacall
McGLIN Patrick Gortmacall
McGLINCHY James Skeely [Skerry]
McGLINCHY John Skeely [Skerry]
McGONIGLE William Rathdonnell
McGRADDIN James Drumnabodin
McGRAINNY? James Barnes Lower
McGRAW Marquis Ednaharnin [Ednacarnan]
McGRAW Marquis Killydesert
McGREGGER Robert Bally-heron [ Ballykeeran]
McGRODDY Dominick Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY Hugh Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY James Libadough
McGRODDY John Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY Manus Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY Owen Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY Patrick Couls [Cool]
McGRODDY Patrick Cranford
McGRODDY Widow Couls [Cool]
McILCARRY Mary Letterfad
McILHINNY James Carmony
McILHINNY John Carmony
McILWAIN David Gortmacall
McILWAIN Widow Gortmacall
McILWANE Brine Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McILWANE Charles Crucknabolin
McILWANE James Clunkully [Clonkilly]
McILWANE John Ballyscanlan
McILWANE Manus Crucknabolin
McILWANE Neil Crucknabolin
McILWANE Shane Ballyscanlan
McILWANE Shane Barnes Upper
McILWANE William Crucknabolin
McILWANE William Goal Upper
McILWEE Alexander Ardgast
McILWEE Daniel Coughglass
McILWEE Daniel Couls [Cool]
McILWEE John Couls [Cool]
McILWEE John Drumnabodin
McILWEE John Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McILWEE Mandy Tawney
McILWEE William Couls [Cool]
McILWEE William Grovehall
McKAY Mr. Grovehall
McKIM William Train-ban
McLAGHLIN Charles Creig
McLAGHLIN Daniel Drumdivin
McLAGHLIN Dennis Creig
McLAGHLIN James Whitehill
McLAGHLIN Patrick Whitehill
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Letterfad
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Barnes Upper
McLAUGHLIN Dennis Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McLAUGHLIN Edward Creig
McLAUGHLIN Hugh Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McLAUGHLIN James Barnes Upper
McLAUGHLIN James Castleanan [Casheleenan]
McLAUGHLIN James Cotin [Cottian]
McLAUGHLIN James Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McLAUGHLIN John Goal Upper
McLAUGHLIN John Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McLAUGHLIN John Letterfad
McLAUGHLIN Patrick (for Mary McCollum) Rathdonnell
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Couls [Cool]
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Rathcraggy
McLAUGHLIN Peter Kernaganagh [Kernaghan]
McMENIMIN Shane  Drumdivin
McMONIGLE Charles Kinahen [Keenahan]
McMONIGLE Cornelius Meenreagh
McMONIGLE Daniel Meenreagh
McMONIGLE John Kinahen [Keenahan]
McMONIGLE Manus Meenreagh
McNIT [McNUTT] John Gortmacall
McNIT [McNUTT] Samuel Gortmacall
McNIT [McNUTT] William Gortmacall
McNULTY Dennis Cloughro [Cloghroe]
McPOIL [McPOWELL] Daniel Gortmacall
McPOIL [McPOWELL] James Gortmacall
McTEAGUE James Geicheery
McTEAGUE Neil Terargus
McTEAGUE Thomas Terargus
McTIGART Charles Rye [Ray]
McTIGART George Drumnabodin
McTIGART James Drumnabodin
McTIGART James Grovehall
McTIGART Paddy Drumnabodin
McTIGART Peter Drumnabodin
McTIGUE James Terargus
McTIGUE William Aghawonny
MELLON James Gortmacall
MERRICKS Richard Ballyscanlan
MIDIEL [MEDDLE?] Joseph Cloughro [Cloghroe]
MIDIL [MEDDLE?] Daniel Cloughro [Cloghroe]
MIDIL [MEDDLE?] James Cloughro [Cloghroe]
MONTGOMERY Samuel Townyard
MOORE Aaron Meinbog
MOORE Alexander Killhill
MOORE Andrew Cashill [Cashel]
MOORE Andrew Drumeasen
MOORE Andrew Killhill
MOORE Edward Killhill
MOORE John Cashill [Cashel]
MOORE John Killhill
MOORE Peter Cashill [Cashel]
MOORE Richard Cashill [Cashel]
MOORE Richard Cleggin
MOORE Richard Killhill
MOORE Samuel  Cashill [Cashel]
MOORE William Gortnaskeagh
MOORE William Killhill
MORROW Gustavus Lagnahourey [Legnahoory]
MORTIMER Samuel Cashill [Cashel]
MORTIMER Samuel Cleggin
MOURIGAN Charles Gortmacall
MURRAY Andrew Barnes Lower
MURRAY Anthony Currin
MURRAY Anthony Stragaddy
MURRAY Brian Crucknabolin
MURRAY Brian Letterfad
MURRAY Brian Libadoug
MURRAY Brine Drumoughill Mountain
MURRAY Charles Drumbrick
MURRAY Cornelius Drumdivin
MURRAY Dennis Barnes Lower