Headstone Inscriptions, Kilteevoge Graveyard, Cloghan, Co Donegal

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Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Souls of

Mary BONNAR died 1937

James BONNAR died 1949

Patrick BONNAR died 23rd Jan 1963

Hughie BONNAR died 21st Aug 1965

Mother Annie BONNAR died 1st May 1970

James BONNAR, Brockagh, died 11th Feb 1990



In Loving Memory Of

Patrick BONNER, Bindoo

Died 22nd March 1930 aged 62 years

His wife Margaret (nee O’DONNELL)

Died 30th March 1933 aged 63 years

Their daughter Mary

Died 19th Feb. 1974 aged 73 years

Their sons

P.V.T. Charlie Hugh BONNER U.S. Army

Died 9th July 1957 aged 57 years

Frank BONNER died 3rd Feb. 1967 aged 61 years

His wife Annie (nee HARKIN)

Died 12th April 2004 aged 92 years

Their grand-daughter

Karina Maria, Sydney

Died 19th Dec. 1991 aged 25 years

Rest In Peace





Sacred to the Memory of


Who died 11th September 1817 in the 40th year of his age

Henry BOYCE who died 17th March 1818 in the 96th year of his age

And of Francis BOYCE who died May 1826 in the 18th year of his age



Erected by the Honrble Judge BOYCE,

Louisiana. U.S. America in memory of his

Ancestors in Ireland

Christian re……… Pray For Their Souls





In Loving Memory of

Francis BOYLE, Garvan

Died 19 April 1932

Hugh A BOYLE died 29 August 1944

His father John BOYLE died 28 April 1955

His wife Bridget died 10 Dec 1991



In Loving Memory of

Patrick BOYLE died 22nd September 1902 aged 61 years

Also of his children

Michael Joseph died 14th August 1892 aged 12 years

Charles Borromeo died 24th March 1893 aged 17 months.

Most compassionate heart of Jesus

Grant unto them eternal rest

A tribute to a loving husband and beloved father

By his wife Mary J. BOYLE, Reelin Bridge


(left hand side of above stone)

Pray for the souls of

Edward BOYLE died 3rd June 1875 and

Bridget his wife died 25th January 1876





In Memory of

John Bradley, Letterhillue

Who died 26th Feb 1927 aged 21? years


(Plaque in front)

In Loving Memory of

Susan Bradley, Letterhillue

Died 13th Nov 1968 aged 59 years

Her husband Hugh

Died 22nd Oct 1980 aged 97 years

Maggie BROWNE died 13/6/1973





Browne, The Cross, Ardlaghan

In Loving Memory of

John Browne

Died 9 Dec 1942 aged 58 yrs

His wife Katherine

Died 17 Aug 1961 aged 78 yrs

Their son Con

Died 4 June 1980 aged 66 yrs




In Loving Memory of

Michael Browne, Carrickmahon

Died 29 Nov 1942 aged 86 yrs

Mary Browne

Died 17 July 1955 aged 84 yrs

Bridget Browne, Ballykerrigan

Died 13 April 1980 aged 78 yrs

John Browne

Died 22 Oct 1985 aged 78 yrs

Patrick Browne

Died 15 Feb 1987 aged 78 yrs




In Fond Memory of

Mary Browne born Mary Bonar 1915

Returned to rest in this Holy soil

After her death on 25th Nov 1992

May she rest here in peace

And her husband

Johnny Browne

Born in 1912 in Meenticat

Died 9 Feb 1997

For these were her mountains and this is her home

Rest in Peace




In Loving Memory of

A dear wife and mother

Fanny Browne, Ardlaghan

Died 26th December 1994 aged 81 years

Johnny Browne

A dear husband and father

Died 2nd September 2005 aged 92 years

Loving parents so good and kind

Loved by those they leave behind

Rest in Peace




Browne, Letterhillue

In Loving Memory of

My dear parents

James Browne

Died 12th March 1956 aged 100

His wife Brigid

Died 31st May 1957 aged 77 years

My baby brother Charley

Died 10th June 1909 aged 1 year

My sister Maggie

Died 6th Feb 1945 aged 42 yrs

My brother James

Died 4th Jan 1995 aged 84 yrs

My brother Paddy

Died 22nd Jan 1995 aged 91 yrs

Rest in Peace







Treasured Memories of Eunan A

Dearly loved husband and dad

Who died on Sept 13th 1997 aged 52 years



In Memory of

Hannah CAMPBELL, Glassagh



In Loving Memory of

Nhos (sic) CAMPBELL, Glassagh






(no dates/ages given)






In Loving Memory of

Charles and Ellen

Daughters Mary, Nancy, Ellen, Jenny and Margaret

Sons Charles, John, Patrick and James

Grandaughter Mary



In Loving Memory of

John CARLIN, Litterhillue died 1952

His wife Mary died 1961

Bridget CARLIN died 2nd September 1995 aged 77

Her husband Frank died 9th June 2001 aged 88



(plaque in same grave)

In Loving Memory of

Bridget CARLIN died 2nd September 1995 aged 77 years

Remembered by her grandchildren

Husband Frank died 9th June 2001 aged 88 years



In Loving Memory of

Michael CARLIN, Tonduff

Who died 17th December 1942 aged 62 years

His wife Bell died 27th January 1978 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of

Peter CARLIN died 8 March 1941

His wife Hannah died 26 Aug 1956

Their son Tony died 2 Dec 1981





In Loving Memory of

Michael Joseph COLL 1900-1957

Also his wife Teresa MOY COLL 1903-1950





In Loving Memory of

Our mother and grandmother


10th March 1914 Ardlaghan

29th June 1982 Scotland



Thomas Val John COLLUM

14th February 1942 – 16th November 2002





In Loving Memory of

The COYLE Family, Brockagh

Dr. Patrick COYLE died 4th Aug 1899

His wife Margaret died 16th Feb 1902

Their son James died 2nd April 1957

His wife Annie died 25th Jan 1955

& son Patrick died 12th July 1981


(plaque in same grave to left of above stone)

In Loving Memory of

Bridget COYLE died 22-6-1853 aged 12 years


Daughter of James & Maisie


(plaque to right of main headstone)

The McMenamin Family

In Loving Memory of

John MCMENAMIN, Thompsontonduff

Died 9th Sept 1970


John James died 3rd Dec 1947

Anne Marie died 11th Nov 1950

Gerard Majella died 6th Aug 1952



In Loving Memory Of

Owen COYLE died 22nd September 1888 aged 65 years

His wife Anne COYLE died 1911? aged 95 years

Their son James COYLE died 23rd November 1934 aged 71 years





In Memory of

Bridget DINNION (alias Boyle)

Who died 6th March 1892 aged 69 years

and John DINNION

who died 2nd February 1893 aged 71 years



Erected to his loving parents by

Edward DINNION, Philadelphia

(BROWN, MCGINTY and others buried here also although not named)





In Loving Memory of

The DOHERTY Family




In Loving Memory Of

The DOHERTY Family



Also Pat DIVER


Died 24th June 1970 aged 92 years



In Loving Memory

Of the DOHERTY Family




In Loving Memory of

Annie DOHERTY died 1917

Mary FOY died Aug 1921

Tom FOY died Jan 1944

Annie FOY died Nov 1958

Grace DOHERTY died Oct 1964

Kate DOHERTY died 14th May 1980

Mollie DOHERTY, Belfast and Commeen,

Died 21st July 2004 aged 92 years



Catherine DOHERTY died Decr 20th 1877 aged 55 years

Mary Anne DOHERTY died Septr 17th 1889 aged 30 years

Daniel DOHERTY died Jany 12th 1890aged 80 years

Hugh DOHERTY died Feb 1920 aged 14

John DOHERTY died Dec 1936 aged 79

Pierce DOHERTY died Aug 1974 aged 74

Patrick DOHERTY, Commeen

Died 7th July 1992 aged 91



In Loving Memory of

Catherine DOHERTY, Lettershambo

Who died 9th Feb 1903

Her husband Patrick DOHERTY

Who died 3rd Oct 1922

Their son Patrick DOHERTY

Who died 25th Feb 1920

Their daughter Rose DOHERTY

Who died 8th Feb 1927

Dan DOHERTY died 14th Aug 1962

Mary Ann DOHERTY died 10th June 1963

Catherine DOHERTY died 25th Sept 1965

John DOHERTY died 8th March 1982

Erected by Catherine DOHERTY




Treasured Memories of

Neil DOHERTY died 8th Feb 1939

Edward GALLAGHER died 28th May 1951

His wife Susan GALLAGHER died 1st May 1955

His brother Francie GALLAGHER died 30th March 1969

Joseph MCGINLEY died 22nd June 1954 aged 4 months

His father Johnnie MCGINLEY died 13th Dec 1971 aged 49 years

His mother Maryann MCGINLEY

Died 9th Sept 2005 aged 86 years

Deep in our hearts, you will always remain

Until god in his glory unites us again





In Loving Memory of

Charles DORRIAN, Thompsonstonduff

Died 27th April 1955 aged 88 years

His wife Margaret DORRIAN

Died 19th June 1958 aged 83 years

Their son Bernard DORRIAN

Died 19th December 1955 aged 55 years





In Loving Memory of

The FOY Family,

Kinnyderry, Welshtown



In Loving Memory of

Hugh FOY, Commeen

Died 28 Jan 1969 aged 72 years

His wife Annie

Died 27 Apr 1999 aged 96 years





In Loving Memory of the

GALLAGHER family, Cronadun

Tuathal died 13 Oct 1919

Catherine died 25 Jul 1925

Anne died 26 Feb 1928

Nancy died 26 Feb 1941

Tully Aidan died 14th Jan 1949

Alice died 6 Dec 1950

Laughlin died 4th February 1962

Mary died 27th May 1984


(see 1901 census Cronadun)




In Loving Memory of

Bernard GALLAGHER, Ballykerrigan

Died 15th November 1935

His wife Catherine died 1914



Of Your Charity Pray For The Souls of

Daniel GALLAGHER, Galwilly

Who died in 1862 aged 88 years

His wife Margaret GALLAGHER

Died 1826 aged 41 years

Michael GALLAGHER died 1877 aged 59 years


Died 1873 aged 49 years

Jeremiah GALLAGHER died 1850 aged 5 years


Michael GALLAGHER died 1877 aged 23 years

Ann Jane GALLAGHER died 1906 aged 41 years

Daniel GALLAGHER died 1883 aged 80 years

Peter GALLAGHER who died AD 1909 aged 48 years

May They Rest in Peace


(see 1901 census Galwolie)



 In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann GALLAGHER, Ballykerrigan

Died 22nd June 1938

Her husband Conal

Died 16th June 1950

Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory of my dear husband

Neil GALLAGHER died 16th April 1988

His wife Catherine died 9th June 2001

His father James died 9th October 1965

And mother Bridget died 28th September 1981

Their son Francie died 9th December 2000

Gallagher, Garvan




In Fond Memory of

Susan GALLAGHER, Galwolie

Who died 20th Jany 1897 aged 82 years

Her daughter Mary BROWNE

Who died 2nd August 1935 aged 82 years

Also her husband Neil BROWNE

Who died 9th Jan 1942 aged 94 years

Dan BROWNE died 1st April 1952

Also his wife May BROWNE

Died 4th Jan. 1952


(see 1901 census Galwolie)





Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy On The Souls Of

Annie Josephine HANNIGAN died 21st July 1928

Mary Bernadette HANNIGAN died 4th Oct 1937

Her mother

Bridget Mary HANNIGAN died 12th July 1966

And father

Patrick HANNIGAN died 8th Nov 1967

Annie J. HANNIGAN died 11th Feb 1967

Michael HANNIGAN died 12th April 1974



In Loving Memory of

Margaret HANNIGAN, Brockagh

Died 19th November 1930 aged 47

Condy HANNIGAN died 3rd May 1937 aged 68





In Loving Memory of

Francis HARKIN, Meenagrave,

Died 13th June 1921

His wife Bridget died 29th Sept 1936

Their son James died 22nd Oct 1940

Their daughters

Catherine died 12th May 1942

Susan died 28th March 1962

Margaret Mary, wife of James

Died 8th Jan 1984 aged 78 years



In Loving Memory of

John HARKIN, Altatraugh

Died 7th Feb 1903 aged 70 years

His wife Ann died 14th Feb 1903 aged 65 years

Francis died 2nd Feb 1936 aged 82 years

Lavina HARKIN died 23rd July 1957 aged 65 years

Francis HARKIN died 20th June 1971 aged 91 years

Hugh HARKIN died 26th Aptil 1986 aged 62 years

Patrick HARKIN died 22nd Oct 2000 aged 80 years



In Loving Memory of

John HARKIN, Ballybobeen,

Died 4th February 1990

His parents Annie and Connell

And relatives



 Pray for the Soul of

Johnny HARKIN, Ballyboe

Died 8th November 1978




 In Loving Memory of

Mary HARKIN, Ballybobaneen

Died 20 October 1958

Her son Patrick died 14 November 1959

His father John died 28 November 1966

His son Joseph died 9 November 1976

His brother Johnnie died 8 November 1978

Their sister Catherine died 30 November 2002

Rest In Peace





Sacred Heart Of Jesus have mercy on the souls of

 Patrick Harron   Garvin

Died 5th February 1923 Aged 62 Years

 Ellen Harron   Garvan

Died 3rd August 1961 Aged 86 Years

Baby Joseph Anthony died in Infancy

John Harron Died 1921 aged 6 Years

Catherine Harron   Garvan

Died 15thmay 1920 Aged 18 Years

Mary Kearney

Died 17th May 1973 Aged 73

 Brigid Harron

Died  21st August 1978 Aged 70 Years

 Peter Harron

Died  29th  November 1995 Aged 82 Years

 Annie Harron

Died  29th December 2000 Aged 96 Years

Rest In Peace


(1901 Census)





In loving memory of Ellen HERRON
 Died 15th Dec.1956.
her husband Hugh Herron
Died 28th March 1958.
Julia Herron Corlecky
 Died 1st April 1977.
Husband Hugh Herron
 Died 20thOct.1979.
Kathleen Herron,
 Died 30th May 1987.
Paddy Herron,
 Died 26th Nov.1989



In Loving Memory of

James HERRON, Ballykerrigan

Died 26.12.1904 aged 80 years

And his wife

Nancy HERRON died 4.4.1914 aged 80 years

Also their children

Mary, Catherine, Ann, Bridget,

Patrick & John



 In Memory of

John HERRON, Kiltyfergal

who died 1872 age 87 years

Susan HERRON who died 1863 aged 65 years

Peter HERRON who died 3rd Sep. 1895 aged 18? years

John HERRON who died ??? 1906 aged 60 years

Daniel HERRON who died 2nd Feb. 1909 aged? Years

Mary HERRON who died 22nd May 1912 aged 71 years

Charles Herron who died 22nd Oct. 1914 aged 85 years

May God Have Mercy on Their Souls


(plaque in front of  above headstone)

In Loving Memory of

Charles HERRON, Kiltyferrigal

Died 5th Aug. 1957 aged 81 years

And his wife Mary died 29th Jan 1959 aged 73 years

Jim HERRON, The Gorey

Died 25th April 1965 aged 91 years

And his wife Sarah died 5th Aug 1970 aged 81 years



See 1901 census Kiltyfergal



In Remembrance of

Mary HERRON (Owen) Ardbatt and all the

HERRON (Nonie) Family Ardbatt

May their souls and all the Souls of the

Dead through the Devine Mercy of Jesus

Christ our Lord Rest in Peace Amen



In Loving Memory of

Owen HERRON, Ardbatt

Died 23rd June 1945 aged 79 years

His wife Mary

Died 28th January 1967 aged 85 years

Their sons

Peter died 26th April 1926 aged 17 years

Patrick died 9th July 1978 aged 70 years

Daniel died 15th December 1983 aged 74 years

John died 14th September 1996 aged 84 years

Their daughter

Nancy died 11tn March 1999 aged 83 years



In Loving Memory of

Peter HERRON, Kiltyferrigal

Died 3rd Sept. 1899 aged 18 years

Peader HERRON, The Gorey

Died 2nd Oct. 1957 aged 34 years





(small cross)








In Loving Memory Of

Catherine HOUSTON

Died 1st October 1914, Aged 56 Years


Died 19th March 1919, aged 22 years


Died 6th December 1919, aged 78 years


Died 28th May 1938, aged 56 years


Died 3rd May 1964, aged 35 years


Died 26th October 1977, aged 72 years

Patrick Houston

Died 19th December 2002, aged 71 years

Suaimneas Siorrai Doib Uilig



In Loving Memory of

Cornelius HOUSTON, Stranabratic

Died 30 July 1968 aged 24 Yrs


(this stone in same grave as above)

In Loving Memory of

Joseph HOUSTON, Stranabratick

Died 28th June 1974 aged 23 years



In Loving Memory of

Ellen HOUSTON, Brockagh, Cloghan

Died 15th Jan 1956 aged 74 years

Hugh HOUSTON died 7th Mar 1963 aged 93 years

Pettie HOUSTON died 12th Jan 1966 aged 49 years



In Loving Memory of

Hugh J. HOUSTON, Brockagh

Died 28th June 1984



In Loving Memory of

Michael HOUSTON & his wife Mary

Died in the early twenties

Ellen HOUSTON died 2nd June 1928 aged 48 years

Her husband Frank died 17th Jan 1955 aged 84 years

Pat HOUSTON died 16th June 1955 aged 81 years

His wife Cassie died 1st Nov 1972 aged 92 years

Kitty MCMENAMIN died 4th June 1993 aged 79 years

Patrick HOUSTON died 16th Jan 1996 aged 90





In Loving Memory of

James KELLY died 1 July 1969 aged 94 years

His sister Minnie KELLY died 18 Nov 1955 aged 78 years

His brother Peter KELLY died May 1915 aged 42 years

Mary KELLY died 5 Oct 1973 aged 79 years





In Loving Memory of

Dan LAFFERTY, Welshtown

Died 23rd Dec. 1967 aged 78

His wife Susan

Died 3rd Oct. 1935 aged 50





John LOGUE, Letterhillue

Died 13th October 1952 aged 46 years

His wife Rose

Died 29th July 2000 aged 78 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary LOGUE died 16 Aug 1932 aged 57 years

Neil LOGUE died 28 Sept 1937 aged 76 years

William LOGUE died 29 Mar 1929 aged 21 years

Mary Ann LOGUE died 17 Sepr 1979 aged 73 years

Brian LOGUE died 20 June 1982 aged 81 years



In Loving Memory of

Nora LOGUE, Stranabratic

Died 24th July 1945 aged 61

Barney LOGUE died 27th November 1954 aged 77

Hugh LOGUE died 17th April 1998 aged 83

Thy Will Be Done



In Loving Memory of

Patrick LOGUE, Litterhillue

Died 17th December 1967

Mary LOGUE died 24th November 1970

Their son Paddy

Died 7th December 1992 aged 72 years



In Loving Memory of

Fr. Paul LOGUE, Letterhillue, Cloghan

Parish Priest of Denbigh, North Wales

Died 8th November 1982 aged 60 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on His Soul



In Loving Memory of

Rose LOGUE, Letterhillue

Died 13th March 1958

And her husband Eddie

Died 21st April 1986

Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory of

William LOGUE died 16 March 1958 aged 89 years

Essie LOGUE died 24 May 1962 aged 83 years

Rose LOGUE aged 3 weeks

Joseph LOGUE died 29 June 1979 aged 61 years

Charlie LOGUE died 14 March 1997 aged 83 years

May Their Souls Rest In Peace





In Loving Memory of

John Joseph LYONS, Meenbane

Died 21st Oct 1983 aged 82 years

His loving wife Margaret

Died 1st May 1972 aged 60 years

Son Patrick Joseph

Died 14th Feb 1945 aged 2 days



In Loving Memory of

Michael LYONS, Corraine

Died 20 Dec 1968

His sister Margaret

Died 2 May 1967

Also his wife Bridget

Died 22 July 2002





In Loving Memory of

Patrick MCBREARTY, Corraine

Died 15th March 1942

His wife Mary Ellen died 17th Jan 1968

Their daughter Theresa

Died 14th March 1940


Also the MCCOOL Family






In Loving Memory of

James MCCOOL, Kenaderry

Died 19th March 1928

His wife Margaret MCCOOL

Died 15th June 1928

Joe MCCOOL died 23rd Dec 1981

Tom MCCOOL died 17th March 2000 aged 86 years

His wife Margaret

Died 10th February 2004 aged 91 years





James MCCORMICK, Stranabratick

Died 2nd March 1936, aged 90 years

John MCCORMICK died 20th May 1961, aged 77 years

His wife Mary died 27th May 1962, aged 79 years

Margaret MCCORMICK died 4th May 1990, aged 66 years

James MCCORMICK died 10th June 1980, aged 67 years

Francie MCCORMICK died 18th October 2004, aged 85 years

Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory of

John Joseph MCCORMICK died 9th January 1970





In Loving Memory Of


His wife Annie


Francis and Dennis






In Loving Memory of

A dear son, brother, nephew and friend


Died 18th Sept 1992

His Grandaunt Rosie BONAR

Died 6th Dec 1979



In Loving Memory of

Nancy MC DERMOTT died 31 March 1972

Her husband Joseph died 7 July 1984


Erected by her husband and family





In Loving Memory Of

Mary MCDEVITT, Meenalig

Died 11th May 1953 aged 64 years

Her daughter Margaret,

Died 18th Oct. 1935 aged 12 years

Her husband James

Died 17th Oct. 1958 aged 83 years

And Bridget MCDEVITT

Died 22nd Sept. 1979 aged 63 years

Patrick MCDAID

9-4-1918   21-7-2003

Aged 85 years



Inserted by her husband and family





Flat stone next to Scanlan stone

Erected by John McELWEE, Queensland

In memory of his mother


who died 10th November 1880? aged 64 years





In Loving Memory of

Rose Ann MCGETTIGAN, Meenalig

Died 20th Sept. 1984

Rest in Peace

When one is laid to rest,

One should not be disturbed.





In Loving Memory of



And Cecelia BONAR

Died 2nd Aug 1942

Also Mary Ann BONAR

Died 12th June 1974



In Loving Memory of

Bridget MCGINLEY, Glassaghdevitt,

Died 19th Nov 1957 aged 78 years

Her husband Patrick

Died 10th Jan 1963 aged 94 years

Their son James

Died 1st Aug 1974 aged 70 years

His wife Rose

Died 30th Nov 1981 aged 74 years

Rest In Peace



In Loving Memory of

Daniel MCGINLEY, Falgarrow

Died 12th April 1957 aged 57 years

His wife Mary died 21Sept 1979

James MCGINLEY died 30 Aug 1988 aged 55 years



In Loving Memory of

Mary Ellen MCGINLEY, Falgarrow,

Died 6th Nov. 1987 aged 89 years





In Loving Memory of

The MCGINTY Family

And also

The KELLY Family





In Loving Memory of

Hugh MCGINTY, Drim, Commeen, Cloughan

Died 1 Aug 1971

Also his wife and our dear mother

Annie died 5 Dec 1993



Hugh McGINTY, Letterhillue

Died 10/4/1980 age 90



In Loving Memory of

James MCGINTY – 1919

His wife Mary – 1947

Charles MCGINTY – 1950

His wife Brigid – 1919

Shiela CONFREY – 1946

Kathleen MURRAY – 1948

Willie MCGINTY – 1969

Brigid MCGINTY – 1979

Charles J GALLAGHER baby 1963

Rest In Peace



RIP 1963

Joe MCGINTY, Letterhellue



In Loving Memory of

Mary MCGINTY, Cloghanmore

21st December 1909  21st July 1983

Also Susan and Edward MCGINTY


15th Jan. 1903 – 27th Jan. 1984


Died 7th March 1986 aged 81 years

Our Lady Intercede for Them



In Loving memory of

Michael McGINTY, Letterhillue

died 21st January 1913 aged 70 years

his wife Catherine

died 11th February 1947 aged 101 years

their son John

died 9th April 1961 aged 80 years



In Loving Memory of

Patrick MCGINTY, Letterhillue

died 27th July 1969

His wife Ann

died 10th November 1951

Infants Mary and Catherine



In Loving Memory of

Patrick MCGINTY died 5-5-1982 aged 84 years

his daughter Kathleen O’DONNELL died 10-7-1983 aged 41 years

her husband Danny O’DONNELL died 28-11-1998





(flat stone)

Memento mort

Here lie the remains of

Ann MCGLINSHEY who died 4th July 1850 aged 38 years

Daniel MCGLINCHEY died 5th Jan 1896 aged 84 years

Peter MCGLINCHEY died 3rd June 1903 aged 24 years


Daniel MCGLINCHEY died 25th Jan 1924 aged 78 years

Mary MCGLINCHEY died 14th Aug 1933 aged 81 years

Annie J. MCGLINCHEY died 11th Oct 1935 aged 62 years



See 1901 census Tullytrasna



In Loving Memory of

John and Bridget MCGLINCHEY, Kilrean died 1955

Also Mary MCGLINCHEY died 1972 (2251)






In Loving Memory of

Helen (nee MCGINTY), Brockagh

Died 22nd January 1948 aged 41 years

Her husband Martin G.S., Rathmullan

Died 6th December 1957 aged 52 years





In Loving Memory of
The McGLYNN family, Ardlaghan
Michael McGLYNN
Brigid McGLYNN
Francis McGLYNN died 30th March 1955



In Loving Memory of

The MCGLYNN Family




In Loving Memory of the





In Loving Memory of

Anne MCGLYNN, Meenlaharry

Died 7th January 1936 aged 62 years

Her husband Michael

Died 28th November 1946 aged 70 years

Her son John (Cathal)

Died 29th April 1984 aged 84 years



In Loving Memory of

Catherine MCGLYNN, Letterbrick

Died 1930

Her husband Patrick

Died 4th Aug 1981

Their daughter Madge died 1966

Their sons

Hugh died Sept 1969

John died 27th Mar 1988



In Loving Memory of

Charles McGLYNN


Died 18th Dec. 1970 aged 73 yrs.

His wife Kitty

Died 14th Oct. 1975 aged 65 yrs.



In Loving Memory of

Charles MCGLYNN, Thompsontonduff

Died 8th July 1986 aged 75 years

And his wife Nancy

Died 15th April 2003 aged 87 years



In Loving Memory of

Dan MCGLYNN, Corraughamone

Died Oct 1913

His wife Susan died June 1960

Their son Jim died June 1952

Daniel MCGLYNN died 27 Dec 1972



(Large stone with Celtic Cross on top)


(front of stone)

Pray For The Souls Of

Daniel MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1844 aged 95 years

And his beloved wife

Kate MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1818 aged 60 Years

Jack MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1863 aged62 years

And his beloved wife

Ann MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1870 aged 60? years


Jeremiah MCGLYNN who died Ad 1869 aged 75? years

And his beloved wife Mary MCGLYNN

Who died April 187? Aged 77 years


 A joint tribute to fond parents by

Rev. T. J. MCGLYNN, P.P. and


 (more writing unreadable)


(left side of stone)

William MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1850 aged 22 years

Hannah MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1865 aged 35/6 years

James MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1882 aged 52 years

Daniel MCGLYNN who died A.D. 1899 aged  76  years

Bridget MCGLYNN who died 25 November A.D. 1911


(right side of stone)

Eleanor MCGLYNN who died A.D 1910 aged 62 years



In Loving Memory Of

Daniel MCGLYNN, Lettershanbo

Died 22nd August 1981, aged 72 years


Died 6th December 1991, aged 80 years


Died 17th August 2005, aged 84 years



In Loving Memory of

Denis MCGLYNN died 30th November 1964 aged 78 years

His wife Bridget died 30th Dec. 1968 aged 78

Their daughter Mary died 13th Dec 2000 aged 81



In Loving Memory of

Dominic McGLYNN died 12th Sptember 1918

Grace McGLYNN died 2nd June 1936



In Loving Memory Of

Dominick MCGLYNN, Letterbrick

Died 4th April 2005

His parents

Dominick & Mary MCGLYNN


Other deceased members of the family



In Loving Memory  Of

Edward MCGLYNN died 8th September 1939 aged 63 years

His loving wife Mary died 28th December 1954 aged 69 years


Our Lady Of Lourdes Pray for Them.



In Loving Memory of

Grace MCGLYNN, Ardbatt

Died 1st Aug 1956 aged 73 yrs

Maurice MCGLYNN died 16th Sept 1964 aged 82 yrs

Patrick MCGLYNN died 20th April 1985 aged 73 yrs

Hugh MCGLYNN died 26th June 1988 aged 80 yrs

Annie MCGLYNN died 3rd June 1992 aged 77 yrs



In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father

Hugh MCGLYNN died 23rd June 1929 aged 74 years

Our dear mother

Annie MCGLYNN died 13th April 1919 aged 43 years

Our little brother Con

Died 25th March 1923 aged 5 years

Also our dear brother Hugh

Died 19th June 1971 aged 55


Died 4th August 1994 aged 89 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy



In Loving Memory of

Hugh MCGLYNN died 3rd March 1975 aged 75 years

His wife Maggie

Died 28th June 1994 aged 91 years

Also his Parents, Brothers and Sister.



In Loving Memory of

James and Brid MCGLYNN

Ballykergan, Cloghan

Katie MCGLYNN died June 1941

Brigid MCGLYNN died 8th Aug 1966

James MCGLYNN died 1st Sept 1968

Neil MCGLYNN died 18th April 1976

Willie MCGLYNN died 12th March 1978



In Loving Memory of

James MCGLYNN, Letterbrick

Died 29th Dec 1924, aged 84 years

Annie MCGLYNN died 5th Jan 1925 aged 73 years

Kate MCGLYNN died 16th May 1902 aged 16 years

Annie MCGLYNN died 1st Nov 1907 aged 22 years

Hugh MCGLYNN died 28th Nov 1958 aged 84 years

Annie Kate MCGLYNN died 13th Dec 1969 aged 70 years



Small wooden cross


James 1st January 1957

Michael 27th February 1970

Patrick 13th May 1991




In Loving Memory of

Johanna McGLYNN, Garvan died 26th April 1962 aged 49 years

Her husband Bartley died 1st July 1979 aged 87 years

Rest in Peace



(wooden cross)






Thy Will Be Done

In Loving Memory of

The MCGLYNN’S, Meenlaharry

John died 5th February 1933

His wife Nora died 23rd April 1948

Their son Johnnie

Died 7th May 1946



In Loving Memory of

Margaret McGLYNN


Died 1973 aged 62 years

Neil McGLYNN, Ardlaghan

Died 13 April 1981, aged 66 years.

John McMENAMIN, Cearc

Died 24 Feb 1968, aged 58 years

Patrick McMENAMAIN, Ardlaghan

Died 6th Sept 1954, aged 73 years



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Mary MCGLYNN, Cloncleigh died 1st April 1960

Her husband Bartley died 22nd Feb 1961

Katherine DOHERTY

Formerly of Drim died 7th Sept 1972

Patrick McGLYNN d 25th Feb 1982

His wife Annie d 13th Sept 1983



In Loving Memory of

Mary MCGLYNN, Kilrawn

Died 11th September 1943

Her husband John MCGLYNN

Died 6th August 1945

Also their grandchild

Connie MCGLYNN died Nov 1947

Aged 9 months



In Loving Memory of

The MCGLYNN Family




Francis MCGLYNN  died 30th March 1955



In Loving Memory of

Michael MCGLYNN, Thompsontomduff

Died July 23rd 1919

His wife Kate

Died Dec 1977

Their daughter Annie

Died 1st Dec 1989 aged 79 yrs

Their son Jack

Died 5th Aug 2002 aged 83 years



In Loving Memory of
Patrick McGLYNN, Meencilcarry
Died 23rd March 1942 aged 80 years



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Peter MCGLYNN (ex. Garda)


Died 10th Oct 1979 aged 79 years



In Loving Memory of


Died 19th Nov. 1940, aged 76 years

His wife Mary (nee TIMONY)

Died 30th Jan. 1948, aged 71 years

Their daughter Margaret

Died 13th Feb. 1999. aged 87 years


Beloved daughter of Margaret

Died 18th Aug. 1983. aged 40 years

Rest in Peace



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on The Soul of

Roger MCGLYNN, Ardbatt

Died 12th April 1962 aged 63 years

Also his wife Bridget

Died 31st March 1979 aged 78 years

Their son Michael

Died 7th July 1997 aged 67 years

Also his wife Margaret

Died 13th January 2003 aged 66 years





In Loving Memory of

James MCGOWAN, Aughaveagh

Catherine MCGOWAN


Lucy McGOWAN died 5 April 1991

Aughaveigh  Ballybofey

Rest In Peace



Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Thomas MCGOWAN died 8th Nov. 1959

And his wife Catherine MCGOWAN

Died 1st Sept. 1948

Son Francis Joseph MCGOWAN

Died 16th Jan. 1998

Son Michael John MCGOWAN

Died 18th June 2002

Aughaveagh, Welshtown, Glenfin.



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on The Soul of

William MCGOWAN died 31 March 1965 aged 75 years

His wife Annie (O’NEILL)

Died 24 Jan 1991 aged 89 years

Rest In Peace

Forgive Us Our Trespasses





In Memoriam

Laughlin McHUGH born 1848 died 1902

His wife Anne McHugh born 1850 died 1924

Also their children

Peter & Sarah

John McGLINCHY born 1827 died 1876

Bridget McGLINCHEY born 1825 died 1906

Peter McHUGH (Socker)  born 1837 died 1910

Laughlin J. McHUGH (Leeds)  born 1914 died 1920

Daniel GOAN born 1866 died 1926

Sarah McHUGH born 1891 died 1938

Mary Ann GOAN born 1881 died 1939

Mary Ann BROWNE born 1918 died 1943

Michael McHUGH born 1889 died 1965





In Memory of

My Dear Father & Mother

Denis MCKELVEY died Feby 1907


Died Oct 1907

May they rest in peace

Erected by Owen MCKELVEY

Phila. U.S.A.



Erected By John MCKELVEY

In Loving Memory of

Shane MCKELVEY died 20th April 1914 aged 98 years

His mother

Anne MCKELVEY died 18th Dec 1909 aged 68 years

Also his brother

James MCKELVEY died 3rd April 1910 aged 42 years

Also his brother

Michael MCKELVEY died 27th Jany 1908 aged 36 years

Also his cousin

Ellen MCKELVEY died 21st Aug 1897 aged 28 years

Ellen MCKELVEY (infant) died 1919

John MCKELVEY died Dec 1936 aged 56 years

Mary (MCKELVEY) MARLEY died 1937 aged 37 years

Maggie MCKELVEY died Sept 1951 aged 32 years

Mary MCKELVEY died Nov 1951 aged 72 years

Seamus KERR died 21st Sept 1984





In Loving Memory of

Charles McKENNA died 16th February 1970 aged 94 years

His wife Susan died 23rd April 1985 aged 90 years


(Next to above)

In Loving Memory of

Michael McKENNA, Largnalore, died 21st February 1957 aged 88 years

His wife Agnis McKENNA died 3rd January 1958 aged 85 years

His daughter Agnis KELLY (McKenna) died 26th June 1970 aged 62 years

His daughter in-law Catherine McKENNA died 24th March 1971 aged 54 years

His son John McKENNA died 9th June 1971 aged 63 years





In Loving Memory of

Annie MCLAUGHLIN, who died 27th December 1936 aged 72 years

Also her son John F. MCLAUGHLIN

Who died 13th June 1956 aged 62 years

Also his wife Mary (nee MCGINTY)

Who died 14th November 1973


Erected By Her Sons





In Loving Memory of

Charles McMENAMIN, Ardlahan

Died 1946 aged 80 years

His wife Mary died 1957 aged 87 years

Their daughter Kate died 1937 aged 25 years

Their grand-son Paddy MCMENAMIN

died 1978 aged 26 years



In Loving Memory of

Denis MCMENAMIN, Carrickmahon

Died 12th December 1956

His wife Mary died 12th July 1941

Their daughter Winifred

Died 6th April 1956

James MCMENAMIN died 14th Dec 1988

Mary B. GALLAGHER, Ballybotemple

Died 5th Nov 1989

Maurice McMenamin died 26th Oct 1992



In Loving Memory of

John MCMENAMIN who died 8th September 1931

Also his wife Margaret who died 6th November 1926

Also their four sons

John, Connell, James and Joseph

Sweet heart of Jesus have mercy on their Souls

(may not be accurate Celtic cross headstone which looked older than it was, difficult to read)



In Loving Memory of

Mary MCMENAMIN died 1956 aged 80 years

Charles MCMENAMIN died 1956 aged 75 years

James MCMENAMIN died 1966 aged 88 years

Maurice MCMENAMIN died 1977 aged 86 years



In Loving Memory of

Maurice MCMENEMIN, Carrick Alancan

Died 27th Dec. 1949

His wife Rose

Died 16th Aug. 1966

Their son James

Died 20th Nov. 1985


Erected by the MCMENEMIN family (Maurice)





In Loving Memory of

James MCMONAGLE died 24th June 1968

Also William, Michael,

Mary and Edward MCMONAGLE





In Loving Memory of the

McNAMEE family,


Rest In Peace



Pray for the soul of
of Kilraun
who died 31st July 1930 aged 89 years



In Loving Memory of
John McNAMEE, Galwolie
Died 30th June 2000 aged 84 years

Plaque in front of above stone
In Loving Memory of the

McNAMEE family Galwolie



John McNAMEE, Meenbane died 23rd December 1921 aged 37

His wife Catherine died 1st August 1977 aged 88

Their daughter Annie died 2nd January 1984 aged 64

Nephew James McNamee died 1st July 1970 aged 66

And grandchildren

Mary died 3rd January 1964 aged 10 ˝

Susan died infancy December 1954

And baby Charles May 1964



In Loving Memory of

Mary Ann MCNAMEE, Stranabratick

Died 22nd Jan 1955

Her husband John died 21st Sept 1987


Erected by their loving family



In Loving Memory of

Owen MCNAMEE, Ardlaghan, Cloghan

Died 12th October 1987 aged 61 years



In Loving Memory of

Paddy MCNAMEE, Meenahorna,

Died 15th February 1947 aged 84 years

His wife Mary

Died 15th November 1950 aged 67 years



In Loving Memory of

Patrick MCNAMEE died 18th February 1986 aged 68 years

Edward MCNAMEE died 27th February 1958 aged 80 years

Margaret MCNAMEE died 10th March 1923 aged 39 years



In Loving Memory of

Patrick MCNAMEE, Tonduff

Died 25th March 1941

His wife Katie died 7th June 1963

Their son Patrick died 22nd Sept 1987

And son Charles died 13th May 1990





In Loving Memory of

Daniel MCNULTY, Letterbrick

Died 11 Feb 1973

Bridget + Hugh MCNULTY

Patrick MCGLYNN died 30 June 1958

Maryanne QUINN died July 1969

Brigid MCNULTY died June 1976

James QUINN died 30 July 1983

Sarah MCGLYNN died 1 Nov 1986

Sean MCGLYNN died 15 Sept 2004




Erected In Loving Memory of

James MCNULTY (Brockagh)

Who died 3rd July 1912 aged 72 years

Also his son Daniel MCNULTY

Who died 8th Sept 1919 aged 50 years

James’s wife Nancy

Who died 10th Jan 1928 aged 81 years

Bridie MCNULTY who died 11th July 1978 aged 78 years

Edward who died 13th Nov 1986 aged 95 years

Son Danny who died 21st Oct 1986 aged 53 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy On Their Souls

Also Nora MCNULTY died 3rd Feb 1999





In Loving Memory of

Charles Joseph MAGEE, Garvan

Died 19 Oct 1971 aged 78 years

Delia Magee died 17 Sep 1980 aged 79 years



In Loving Memory of

The MAGEE Family, Garvan

Mary died 3rd April 1931

Her husband Patrick died 13th August 1933

Their daughters

Mary Ann died 20th November 1940

Alice died 2nd March 1946 in Philadelphia

Kathleen died 9th February 1998

May They Rest In Peace





In Loving Memory of

The MARLEY Families

Cloncleigh and Cashel

Rest in Peace



In Loving Memory of

John MARLEY died 7-8-1993 aged 73 years

Beloved Husband of Mavis



In Loving Memory of

The MARLEY Family, Gortiness

Mary died 7th Nobember 1924

Her husband James died 7th February 1934

Their grandson James SHANAGHAN died 28th July 1908

Their son Francis died 13th March 1960

His wife Mary died 9th November 1937

Their son Michael died 7th May 1968

Their son Joseph died 17th March 1966

His wife Nellie died 9th October 1977

Their sons

Michael died 24th August 1946

James died 21st November 1984

Joseph died 19th January 1991







(no dates or names)







In Loving Memory of

Neil who died on 11.2.1933

His wife Rose 1.7.1956

Grandchild Rose Ann 6.1945

Mary Angela 27.8.1947

James 21.4.1975

Paddy 6.6.1975

Madge 28.8.1978



In Loving Memory of

Neil MOY who died 11th February 1933

His wife Rose died 1st July 1956

Their daughter in law

Mary MOY died 27th August 1947

Their sons

James died 21st April 1975

Paddy died 6th June 1976

(stone above has replaced this since last visit)



In Loving Memory of

Paddy MOY, Altatraght

Died 13th July 1951 aged 60 years

His wife Jane died 20th May 1970 aged 77 years

Their son Hughie died 14th March 1923 aged 4 days

Their son John died 11th Dec. 1992 aged 68 years

Padre Pio Pray for them





(Small concrete cross)



(no other names or dates)





In Loving Memory of

Anthony O’CONNOR, Meenalig

Died 7th August 1972 aged 64 years

His wife Margaret died

31st March 2004 aged 96 years

(this replaces an older headstone where the address is given as Cronadun)





In Loving Memory of

Con O’DONNELL died 4th June 1919

Also Jane died 26th October 1920

Daughter Nellie died 20th January 1946

Son Patrick died 22nd July 1958



Daniel O’DONNELL, Commeen, died 28th March 1961 aged 79 years

His wife Ellen died 28th December 1968 aged 83 years

Susanna O’DONNELL nee HARKIN died 29th December 1970 aged 51 years

Her husband John died 26th September 2003 aged 83 years



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Patrick O’DONNELL, Cloncleigh

Died 4th May 1986 aged 77 years

His wife Norah McNamee

Died 6th April 1993 aged 86 years

2315 ok





In loving memory of
died 1914
her husband James
died 4th of Dec. 1943
their son John
died 19th of Oct. 1987
Bridget Gallagher
died 3rd of November 1968




The PATTON Family






In Loving Memory of

Patrick QUINN, Meenalig

Died 27th April 1985 aged 74 years

His father Charles died 1947 aged 82 years

His brother Neil died 1957 aged 40 years

His mother Isobell died 1959 aged 85 years

His grandfather Patrick died 1915 aged 83 years

His wife Annie

(doesn’t give Annie's year of death)





In Loving Memory Of

The ROWAN Family

Kinaderry & Lettershambo







Large upright stone

Erected by Peter SCANLAN in memory of his mother

Anne SCANLAN who died 27th January 1880 aged 76 years


Flat stone

Pray for the Soul of

Capt. J SCANLAN who died May 11th 1709 aged 71? Years

Lieut. M SCANLAN who died July 16th 1717 aged 76 years

Daniel SCANLAN who died October 16th 1852 aged 51 years

Patrick SCANLAN who died March the 9th 1838 aged 43 years

Bridget SCANLAN who died February 9th 1855 aged 35 year


Flat stone

In Memory of

Pray for the soul of

Mary SCANLAN who died December 18th 1860 aged ? years


In Memory of Nancy Scanlon (nee Conaghan 1883?)


Small tomb


Your family pray for the soul of

Susan (KERRIGAN) SCANLAN, Ballybofey

Who died 19th July 1902 aged 75 years






In memory of his wife Rose SHARKY

Alias HARKAN (may be Harran)

Who departed this life

May the 14th 1827 aged 65 years





In Loving Memory of

Denis SLEVIN, Meenagrave died – 1936

His wife Mary died – 1965

And all the SLEVINS of

Meenagrave and Altnapaste





In Loving Memory of Mary TIMONEY died 29th May 1916

Her husband Patrick died 15th April 1923

Ann died 29-10-1936 aged 20

Mary died 9-1-1952 aged 74

Cormick died 15-3-1954 (no age given)

Johnny died 13-1-1959 aged 85

Mary died 13-1-1988 aged 70

Patrick died 3-12-1998 aged 84






In Loving Memory of

Grace TOURISH, Cloghanbeg

Died 27  Dec 1936 aged 52 years

James TOURISH died 16 Feb 1976 aged 95 years

Also their grand-children

Graine HOUSTON died 30 Aug 1951 aged 2 ˝  years

Michael HOUSTON died 10 June 1959






In Loving Memory of

Elizabeth WARD died 30th Oct 1956

William WARD died 11th Aug 1979





 In Memory of Margaret WARD

Husband John, son Mick



Submitted by Heather (

Catherine 02/01/1858 Ballinatone
Rebecca 05/08/1886 Ballinatone aged 36
Jane Mary 07/03/1887 Ballinatone aged 72
William 28/12/1901 Ballinatone aged 92
Catherine 1905 Ballinatone aged 72


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