1857 Griffith's Valuation - Parish of Kilteevoge

The following is a complete index to the valuation for Kilmacrenan, transcribed by Lindel  and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Note: Where a name appears twice or more, it does not necessarily mean that there are different people carrying that name - it may indicate the same person with his name recorded against land and a house/outbuildings in different townlands or within the same townland.


Surname, First, Townland


Arnold Anthony Kiltyfergal
Arnold Bridget Kiltyfergal
Arnold James Kiltyfergal
Arnold John Ballybotemple
Arnold John Kiltyfergal
Arnott James Corlacky
Arnott Matthew Meenagrauv
Berne Hugh Stroangibbagh
Berne John Meengilcarry
Blackburne David Kiltyfergal
Blackburne James Ballybotemple
Blackburne Robert Kiltyfergal
Bogan James Carrickmahon
Bogan Patrick Ballykergan
Bogan Patrick Corlacky
Boner Anne Stranabrattoge
Boner Daniel Stranabrattoge
Boner Francis Bindoo
Boner Francis Crolack
Boner Francis Tonduff (Thompson)
Boner James Ballykergan
Boner James Stranabrattoge
Boner James Jr. Stranabrattoge
Boner John Ballykergan
Boner John Meenahorna
Boner John Stranabrattoge
Boner John Jr. Meenahorna
Boner Mary Ballykergan
Boner Mary Bindoo
Boner Michael Brockagh
Boner Michael Galwolie
Boner Michael Welchtown
Boner Patrick Ballykergan
Boner Patrick Bindoo
Boner Patrick Stranabrattoge
Boner Roger Meenahorna
Boner William Largnalore
Boner William Lettershanbo
Boner William Meenahorna
Boner William Welchtown
Boner William Jr. Meenahorna
Boyce Connell Cloghan More
Boyce John Aghaveagh
Boyce John Cronakerny
Boyce John Drumderrydonan
Boyce John Stragally
Boyce Neal Aghaveagh
Boyce Patrick Aghaveagh
Boyce Toal Stragally
Boyce Toal Stroangibbagh
Boyle Anne Stranabrattoge
Boyle Bridget Garvan
Boyle Edward Garvan
Boyle Frances Stranabrattoge
Boyle James Stroangibbagh
Boyle John Garvan
Bradley Bridget Kilrean
Bradley Daniel Garvan
Bradley Dominick Stranabrattoge
Bradley John Corraine
Bradley John Cronadun
Bradley John Garvan
Bradley John Jr. Corraine
Bradley Patrick Garvan
Bradley Samuel Corraine
Brerety William Kiltyfergal
Breslan Bryan Crolack
Breslan Charles Cloghan More
Breslan Charles Largnalore
Breslan James Glashagh Beg
Breslan John Crolack
Breslan William Dergroagh
Browne Henry Tonduff
Browne Hugh Corraine
Browne James Carrickmahon
Browne James Stroangarrow
Browne Michael Ballykergan
Browne Michael Stroangarrow
Browne Patrick Ballykergan
Browne Patrick Cronakerny
Browne Patrick Cronamuck
Browne Patrick Stroangarrow
Browne Peter Ballybobaneen
Browne Simon Altlahan
Bustard George Altnapaste
Byrne Hugh Ballykergan
Byrne James Corraine
Callaghan Patrick Altlahan
Callahan Daniel Ballykergan
Campbell Bridget Glashagh Beg
Campbell Denis Glashagh Beg
Campbell Patrick Glashagh Beg
Campbell William Ballynatone
Carolan Catherine Ballybobaneen
Carolan Charles Ballykergan
Carolan Charles Tonduff
Carolan James Ballykergan
Carolan James Tonduff
Carolan John Tonduff
Carolan Patrick Gortiness
Carolan Patrick Kilrean
Carolan Patrick Stragally
Carolan Patrick Tonduff
Carr Rev. Daniel Cloghan Beg
Chambers John Corlacky
Chambers Joseph Corlacky
Chambers Matthew Corlacky
Chambers Moses Meenagrauv
Colquhoun Charles Cloghan More
Conahan Hugh Crolack
Conahan James Dergroagh
Conahan Patrick Garvan
Cooke Michael Kinnaderry
Corran James Meenalig
Coyle Connell Garvan
Coyle Eleanor Glashagh More
Coyle Hugh Garvan
Coyle James Kilrean
Coyle Michael Mooneennahasragh
Coyle Patrick Brockagh
Craig John Altlahan
Craig Patrick Altlahan
Cullen John Kinnaderry
Cunneen Peter Welchtown
Cunningham John Bindoo
Cunningham John Brockagh
Devany Patrick Lettershanbo
Devir James Ballykergan
Devir James Meenahorna
Devir James Stroangibbagh
Devir John Cloghan Beg
Devir Neal Ballykergan
Devir Neal Gortiness
Devir Neal Stroangarrow
Devir Neal Stroangibbagh
Devir Peter Kilrean
Devitt James Glashagh More
Doherty Bryan Corraine
Doherty Bryan Drumderrydonan
Doherty Daniel Ballynaman
Doherty Daniel Commeen
Doherty Daniel Lettershanbo
Doherty Denis Ballybotemple
Doherty James Corraine
Doherty James Drumderrydonan
Doherty James Garvan
Doherty James Lettershanbo
Doherty John Aghaveagh
Doherty John Corraine
Doherty John Drumderrydonan
Doherty Michael Garvan
Doherty Neal Ballybotemple
Doherty Neal Commeen
Doherty Neal Stragally
Doherty Patrick Lettershanbo
Doherty Peter Carrickmahon
Doherty Peter Drumderrydonan
Doherty Roger Lettershanbo
Donaldson Samuel Welchtown
Doran Bernard Tonduff (Thompson)
Duffy Alice Corraine
Duffy Daniel Altlahan
Duffy Darby Galwolie
Duffy Hugh Letterbrick
Duffy James Corraine
Duffy John Altlahan
Duffy Margaret Corraine
Duffy Mary Corraine
Duffy Michael Stranabrattoge
Duffy Patrick Meenanamph
Ferguson Jane Corlacky
Foy Catherine Commeen
Foy Hugh Kinnaderry
Foy James Commeen
Foy John Kinnaderry
Gallagher Callam Stranabrattoge
Gallagher Charles Brockagh
Gallagher Charles Cronadun
Gallagher Daniel Ballykergan
Gallagher Daniel Garvan
Gallagher Daniel Kinnaderry
Gallagher Daniel Letterbrick
Gallagher Daniel Jr. Ballykergan
Gallagher Daniel Jr. Galwolie
Gallagher Daniel Sr. Galwolie
Gallagher Denis Stragally
Gallagher Fergal Kinnaderry
Gallagher Francis Letterbrick
Gallagher Hannah Garvan
Gallagher James Altlahan
Gallagher James Cronadun
Gallagher James Kilrean
Gallagher James Tonduff
Gallagher Jeremiah Cronadun
Gallagher John Ballykergan
Gallagher John Clonclayagh
Gallagher John Cronadun
Gallagher John Glashagh More
Gallagher John Kilrean
Gallagher John Stroangibbagh
Gallagher John (Hill) Kilrean
Gallagher Michael Clonclayagh
Gallagher Michael Tonduff (Thompson)
Gallagher Owen Kilrean
Gallagher Patrick Garvan
Gallagher Peter Kilrean
Gallagher Thomas Lettershanbo
Gildea Patrick Brockagh
Goban Anthony Aghaveagh
Gobban James Dergroagh
Greene Teague Garvan
Griffith Anthony Ballybobaneen
Griffith Elias Altnapaste
Griffith Ephraim Altnapaste
Griffith Francis Altnapaste
Griffith John Altnapaste
Griffith John Ballybobaneen
Griffith John Meenagrauv
Griffith John (Hill) Altnapaste
Griffith John Jr. Altnapaste
Griffith Martha Ballybobaneen
Griffith Mary Altnapaste
Griffith Robert Altnapaste
Griffith Thomas Ballybobaneen
Griffith William Altnapaste
Griffith William (Frank) Altnapaste
Hanagan Daniel Brockagh
Hanagan Neal Brockagh
Hanagan Neal Mooneennahasragh
Hanagan Patrick Galwolie
Hardy James Largnalore
Hardy James Meenahorna
Harkan Daniel Altatraght
Harkan Daniel Cloghan More
Harkan Edward Altatraght
Harkan Edward Boultypatrick
Harkan James Boultypatrick
Harkan Owen Altatraght
Harkan Owen Kilrean
Harkan Patrick Cloghan More
Harkan Patrick Kilrean
Harkan Patrick Kiltyfergal
Harkan Susan Altatraght
Harkin Charles Ballybobaneen
Harkin James Gortiness
Harkin Michael Gortiness
Harkin Patrick Gortiness
Harkin Thomas Aghaveagh
Harte Patrick Arbatt
Heeny Michael Arbatt
Henderson William Lettershanbo
Herne Bryan Ballykergan
Herne Daniel Arbatt
Herne Frances Altlahan
Herne Francis Ballykergan
Herne Hugh Stranabrattoge
Herne James Ballykergan
Herne James Jr. Ballykergan
Herne John Garvan
Herne John Kiltyfergal
Herne Margaret Stranabrattoge
Herne Mary Arbatt
Herne Mary Ballykergan
Herne Owen Arbatt
Herne Patrick Arbatt
Herne Philip Arbatt
Herne Thomas Garvan
Heron William Kilrean
Houston Catherine Stranabrattoge
Houston Connell Galwolie
Houston Daniel Lettershanbo
Houston Denis Loughsallagh
Houston Edward Aghaveagh
Houston James Mooneennahasragh
Houston John Loughsallagh
Houston Michael Brockagh
Houston Michael Stranabrattoge
Houston Patrick Dergroagh
Houston Patrick Galwolie
Houston Patrick Meenanamph
Houston William Stranabrattoge
Hughes Hugh Meengilcarry
Hughes James Meengilcarry
Hughes John Letterbrick
Hughes Robert Letterbrick
Hume Andrew Lettershanbo
Hume Andrew Welchtown
Hume Charles Kiltyfergal
Hume David Tonduff (Thompson)
Hume Hamilton Welchtown
Hume James Corlacky
Hume James Jr. Corlacky
Hume Matthew Tonduff (Thompson)
Hume William Kiltyfergal
Irwin John Altnapaste
Johnston James Corraine
Kee Charles Meenagrauv
Kee George Meenagrauv
Kee James Jr. Meenagrauv
Kee John Meenagrauv
Kee Rep. James Meenagrauv
Kee William Meenagrauv
Kelly Charles Glashagh Beg
Kelly James Cloghan Beg
Kelly James Cronadun
Kelly John Garvan
Kelly John Letterbrick
Kelly Margaret Letterbrick
Kennedy William Cronadun
Laird James Aghaveagh
Laird James Corraine
Leeper Francis Welchtown
Leeper James Altnapaste
Leeper James Ballynatone
Leeper James Welshtown
Leeper Jeremiah Welchtown
Leeper Thomas Ballynatone
Logue Bartholomew Stroangarrow
Logue Bryan Stroangarrow
Logue Margaret Stroangarrow
Logue Margaret Stroangibbagh
Logue Neal Stroangarrow
Lyons Charles Corraine
Magee Anne Ballykergan
Magee Daniel Cloghan Beg
Magee George Commeen
Magee James Ballynatone
Magee John Ballybobaneen
Magee John Ballykergan
Magee John Ballynatone
Magee William Ballykergan
Maguire Patrick Tonduff
Maguire Thomas Ballynatone
Maley William Cronadun
Marlay Patrick Clonclayagh
Marley Andrew Altlahan
Marley Anne Garvan
Marley James Aghaveagh
Marley James Ballybobaneen
Martin Daniel Kilrean
Martin Guy Ballynatone
Martin John Welchtown
Martin Mary Ballybobaneen
Martin Michael Kinnaderry
Martin Neal Lettershanbo
Martin Neal Meenahorna
Maxwell Thomas Corraine
McBrerety Charles Corraine
McBrerety James Corraine
McBrerety John Corraine
McBrerety John Jr. Corraine
McBrerety Margaret Altnapaste
McBrerety Michael Corraine
McBrerety Patrick (Big) Corraine 
McBrerety Patrick (Mill) Corraine 
McBrerety Rose Corraine
McBrerety William Kiltyfergal
McBride Andrew Corraine
McCahill Sarah Aghaveagh
McCally Patrick Ballykergan
McCarron Charles Aghaveagh
McCarthy Downing Daniel Brockagh
McCauley John Cloghan Beg
McCool Charles Corraine
McCool James Altatraght
McCool James Kinnaderry
McCool James Welchtown
McCool James Jr. Kinnaderry
McCool John Cloghan More
McCool John Stragally
McCool John Jr. Cloghan More
McCool Mary Stragally
McCool Patrick Cloghan More
McCool Patrick Corraine
McCool Patrick Kinnaderry
McCool Patrick Meenagrauv
McCool Patrick Tonduff (Thompson)
McCool Peter Kiltyfergal
McCool Thomas Meenagrauv
McCormack Charles Stranabrattoge
McCormack Daniel Corraine
McCormack Hugh Brockagh
McCormack James Brockagh
McCormack James Cloghan Beg
McCormack Mary Brockagh
McCormick Cornelius Glashagh More
McCready Charles Altnapaste
McCready Charles (Big) Altnapaste
McCready James Altnapaste
McCready Jane Altnapaste
McCready Thomas Altnapaste
McCready William Altnapaste
McCready William Meenagrauv
McCready William Jr. Altnapaste
McDermott Connell Crolack
McDermott James Crolack
McDermott James Kiltyfergal
McDermott John Kiltyfergal
McDermott Mary Ballykergan
McDermott Neal Corlacky
McDermott Richard Mooneennahasragh
McDevitt Michael Arbatt
McElvey James Stranabrattoge
McGarragil Michael Ballybotemple
McGarragil Patrick Corlacky
McGilway John Ballykergan
McGilway Michael Meengilcarry
McGinley Connell Boultypatrick
McGinley Hugh Glashydevet
McGinley Mary Lettershanbo
McGinly John Ballynaman
McGinly John Falgarrow
McGinly Patrick Falgarrow
McGinty Andrew Drumderrydonan
McGinty Catherine Stroangibbagh
McGinty Charles Corraine
McGinty Connell Magheracloigh
McGinty Edward Aghaveagh
McGinty Edward Brockagh
McGinty Edward Stranabrattoge
McGinty Francis Crolack
McGinty Hugh Binmore
McGinty Hugh Drumderrydonan
McGinty Hugh Tonduff
McGinty James Ballybobaneen
McGinty James Drumderrydonan
McGinty John Dergroagh
McGinty John Gortiness
McGinty John Lettershanbo
McGinty John Magheracloigh
McGinty John Stroangibbagh
McGinty John Jr. Gortiness
McGinty Michael Cloghan Beg
McGinty Michael Stroangarrow
McGinty Michael Tonduff (Thompson)
McGinty Neal Binmore
McGinty Owen Ballykergan
McGinty Owen Cloghervaddy
McGinty Owen Tonduff
McGinty Patrick Ballybobaneen
McGinty Patrick Gortiness
McGinty Patrick Stroangibbagh
McGinty Patrick Tonduff (Thompson)
McGinty Patrick Jr. Ballybobaneen
McGlynchy John Meenbog
McGlynn Anne Garvan
McGlynn Anne Tonduff (Thompson)
McGlynn Bartholomew Clonclayagh
McGlynn Bartholomew Clonclayagh
McGlynn Bridget Letterbrick
McGlynn Bridget Mooneennahasragh
McGlynn Catherine Meengilcarry
McGlynn Charles Letterbrick
McGlynn Connell Meengilcarry
McGlynn Daniel Letterbrick
McGlynn Daniel Meengilcarry
McGlynn Daniel Stranabrattoge
McGlynn Darby Commeen
McGlynn Darby Drumderrydonan
McGlynn Denis Ballykergan
McGlynn Dominick Letterbrick
McGlynn Edward Glashagh More
McGlynn Edward Kilrean
McGlynn Ellen Letterbrick
McGlynn Grace Letterbrick
McGlynn Hugh Galwolie
McGlynn Hugh Garvan
McGlynn Hugh Meengilcarry
McGlynn James Ballykergan
McGlynn James Kilrean
McGlynn James Meengilcarry
McGlynn John Commeen
McGlynn John Garvan
McGlynn John Kilrean
McGlynn John Meengilcarry
McGlynn John Mooneennahasragh
McGlynn John Jr. Ballykergan
McGlynn John Sr. Ballykergan
McGlynn Michael Meengilcarry
McGlynn Owen Cashel
McGlynn Owen Garvan
McGlynn Owen Letterbrick
McGlynn Owen Meengilcarry
McGlynn Owen Jr. Meengilcarry
McGlynn Patrick Commeen
McGlynn Patrick Galwolie
McGlynn Patrick Garvan
McGlynn Patrick Letterbrick
McGlynn Patrick Meengilcarry
McGlynn Peter Ballykergan
McGlynn Peter Letterbrick
McGowan Mary Aghaveagh
McGowan William Aghaveagh
McGowan William Jr. Aghaveagh
McGuigan John Cronakerny
McHugh Bridget Corraine
McHugh Charles Welchtown
McHugh Margaret Aghaveagh
McIlhenny John Welchtown
McIlwee Hugh Kinnaderry
McIlwee John Meengilcarry
McIlwee Michael Kinnaderry
McIlwee Owen Meengilcarry
McIlwee Patrick Kinnaderry
McIlwee Patrick Meengilcarry
McKenny Charles Largnalore
McKenny John Largnalore
McLachlan Patrick Aghaveagh
McLachlin Daniel Brockagh
McLoughlin John Jr. Altlahan
McLoughlin John Sr. Altlahan
McLynchy Daniel Culliagh
McLynchy Daniel Tullytrasna
McLynchy Edward Culliagh
McLynchy Edward Meenbog
McLynchy John Culliagh
McLynchy John Letterbrick
McLynchy Neal Tullytrasna
McLynchy Patrick Letterbrick
McLynchy Peter Altlahan
McLynchy Peter Letterbrick
McLynchy Peter Meenanamph
McLynchy Peter Jr. Letterbrick
McLynchy Peter Sr. Letterbrick
McLynchy Susan Altlahan
McMenamin Anne Arbatt
McMenamin Charles Tonduff (Thompson)
McMenamin Cornelius Arbatt
McMenamin Daniel Corraine
McMenamin Daniel Jr. Corraine
McMenamin James Carrickmahon
McMenamin James Corraine
McMenamin James Lettershanbo
McMenamin James Mooneennahasragh
McMenamin John Arbatt
McMenamin John Corraine
McMenamin John Glashagh More
McMenamin John Tonduff (Thompson)
McMenamin Michael Corraine
McMenamin Neal Cashel
McMenamin Neal Corraine
McMenamin Neal Lettershanbo
McMenamin Owen Lettershanbo
McMenamin Patrick Altlahan
McMenamin Patrick Bindoo
McMenamin Patrick Cashel
McMenamin Patrick Glashagh More
McMenamin Patrick Tonduff
McMenamin Peter Altlahan
McMenamin Peter Kinnaderry
McMenamin William Mooneennahasragh
McMenamin Winifred Bindoo
McMonigle Cornelius Glashagh More
McMonigle James Meengilcarry
McMonigle John Glashagh More
McNamee Charles Arbatt
McNamee Charles Cronadun
McNamee Charles Galwolie
McNamee Charles Meenanamph
McNamee Connell Galwolie
McNamee Connell Menanamph
McNamee Cormack Arbatt
McNamee Cornelius Altlahan
McNamee Hugh Altlahan
McNamee John Altlahan
McNamee John Arbatt
McNamee John Galwolie
McNamee John Meenalig
McNamee John Jr. Galwolie
McNamee Maurice Letterbrick
McNamee Michael Kilrean
McNamee Owen Arbatt
McNamee Patrick Cronadun
McNamee Patrick Letterbrick
McNamee William Altlahan
McNamee William Arbatt
McNulty James Commeen
McNulty James Jr. Commeen
McReady Charles Corlacky
McReady Charles Kinnaderry
McReady George Corlacky
McReady George Meenahorna
McReady James Corlacky
McReady James Kiltyfergal
McReady James Jr. Corlacky
McReady William Corlacky
Mcreery Thomas Cloghan More
McRodden Andrew Aghaveagh
McRodden Daniel Aghaveagh
McRodden John Aghaveagh
McRodden John Altnapaste
McRodden John Corraine
McRodden Mary Aghaveagh
McRodden Mary Corraine
McRodden Patrick Corraine
McSweeny Catherine Altlahan
McSwyne Edward Stranabrattoge
McSwyne George Aghaveagh
McSwyne John Stranabrattoge
Mooney Andrew Cloghan More
Mooney Hugh Cloghan More
Morrow James Altnapaste
Moy Francis Glashagh Beg
Moy Francis Jr. Glashagh Beg
Moy Hugh Glashagh Beg
Moy Hugh Jr. Glashagh Beg
Moy John Cloghan More
Moy John Largnalore
Moy Neal Kilrean
Moy Patrick Brockagh
Moy Patrick Garvan
Moy Patrick Jr. Garvan
Mulherne Cornelius Altlahan
Mulherne James Altlahan
Mulherne James Cloghan Beg
Mulherne Mary Lettershanbo
Mulherne Mary Stragally
Mulherne Patrick Altlahan
Mulherne Peter Altlahan
Munday Patrick Lettershanbo
Murphy John Cloghan More
O'Brien Bryan Lettershanbo
O'Donnell Connell Lettershanbo
O'Donnell Connell Mooneennahasragh
O'Donnell Daniel Cloghan Beg
O'Donnell Dominick Glashagh More
O'Donnell Dominick Letterbrick
O'Donnell Dominick Jr. Glashagh More
O'Donnell Ellen Cloghan Beg
O'Donnell Francis Brockagh
O'Donnell John Glashagh More
O'Donnell Patrick Brockagh
O'Donnell Patrick Glashagh More
O'Gara Hugh Lettershanbo
O'Neill James Lettershanbo
O'Neill Neal Lettershanbo
Patton Andrew Meenagrauv
Patton Anne Meenagrauv
Patton Anthony Corlacky
Patton George Corlacky
Patton Isabella Welchtown
Patton James Corlacky
Patton James Lettershanbo
Patton James Welchtown
Patton Jane Corlacky
Patton John Corlacky
Patton John Lettershanbo
Patton Margaret Meenagrauv
Patton Mary Meenagrauv
Patton Matthew Corlacky
Patton Patrick Corlacky
Patton Patrick Jr. Corlacky
Patton Thomas Corlacky
Patton Thomas (Bog) Corlacky
Patton William Corlacky
Patton William Meenagrauv
Patton William Welchtown
Polk William Largnalore
Quinn Andrew Lettershanbo
Quinn Charles Kinnaderry
Quinn Connell Stranabrattoge
Quinn Daniel Stranabrattoge
Quinn Edward Garvan
Quinn Francis Stranabrattoge
Quinn Hugh Glashydevet
Quinn James Commeen
Quinn James Glashagh More
Quinn Jeremiah Meenalig
Quinn John Binmore
Quinn John Meenahorna
Quinn John Stranabrattoge
Quinn Neal Binmore
Quinn Patrick Garvan
Quinn Philip Altlahan
Quinn William Kinnaderry
Ramsay Rev. James Glebe
Ramsay Rev. William Cloghan More
Ramsay Rev. William Kiltyfergal
Reilly Michael Aghaveagh
Ronan John Altlahan
Rowan Edward Tonduff
Rowan James Cashel
Rowan John Tonduff
Rowan Michael Ballykergan
Rowan Patrick Ballybotemple
Rowan Patrick Kinnaderry
Scanlan Andrew Ballynaman
Scanlan Catherine Ballynaman
Scanlan Daniel Ballynaman
Scanlan Daniel Meenalig
Scanlan Dudley Galwolie
Scanlan Edward Clonclayagh
Scanlan Ellen Ballynaman
Scanlan Hannah Ballynaman
Scanlan James Ballynaman
Scanlan Jane Meenalig
Scanlan Michael Glashydevet
Scanlan Michael Meenalig
Scanlan Peter Ballynaman
Scanlan Peter Clonclayagh
Scanlan Robert Largnalore
Sheils Charles Stragally
Slevin Bryan Altnapaste
Slevin Daniel Ballybobaneen
Slevin Daniel Meenagrauv
Slevin James Altnapaste
Slevin James Ballybobaneen
Slevin James Cloghervaddy
Slevin Laurence Crolack
Slevin Lawrence Altnapaste
Slevin Michael Ballybobaneen
Style William H.M. Aghaveagh
Style William H.M. Cloghan Beg
Style William H.M. Cloghan More
Style William H.M. Loughsallagh
Style William H.M. Meenagrauv
Style William H.M. Stroangarrow
Sweeny Daniel Glashagh Beg
Sweeny John Clonclayagh
Sweeny John Glashagh Beg
Sweeny John Meengilcarry
Sweeny John Jr. Meengilcarry
Sweeny Patrick Stranabrattoge
Sweeny Peter Arbatt
Sweeny Rose Glashagh Beg
Temple James Meenagrauv
Temple John Meenagrauv
Temple William Meenagrauv
Tenny Patrick Meengilcarry
Thompson Alexander Largnalore
Thompson James Kiltyfergal
Thompson James Welchtown
Thompson John Altnapaste
Thompson John Corraine
Thompson John Welchtown
Thompson Robert Welchtown
Thompson William Ballynatone
Thompson William Welchtown
Timony Francis Altatraght
Timony Patrick Altatraght
Timony Penlope Altatraght
Timony Peter Cronadun
Timony Peter Letterbrick
Timony William Boultypatrick
Torish James Largnalore
Tourish Francis Kinnaderry
Ward Charles Dergroagh
Ward John Largnalore
Ward Michael Glashagh More
Ward Neal Stranabrattoge
Ward Owen Stranabrattoge
Ward Owen Jr. Stranabrattoge
Ward Patrick Stranabrattoge
Waters James Welchtown
Waters Richard Welchtown
Witter John Kiltyfergal

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