Kilteevoge Marriages 1855-1880

(158 Entries)

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Important Notes:

1. This is not a complete listing - it is what I can read of what I have.

2. The original register pages are very hard to read in places - sort of like left-handed chicken scratch, if you can imagine what that looks like! I have done my best to transcribe these entries but if you can identify an ancestor in this index, please request a scan of the original, so you can check it for yourself.

3. Surnames are given as recorded in most cases - note Harron could be Herin, McGlynn for McGlin, Burn for Byrne and so on.

4. Townland names are also given as recorded unless their modern spelling can be easily identified - some I am not sure of. Examples are Letterhilley = Stroangarrow, Garvoyne = Garvan?

5. Where there is a ? it means I cannot read the entry - where there is just a blank space, nothing was recorded

6. Please scroll to the right to see the full details of the witnesses to the marriages

Date Groom Townland Bride Townland Witnesses
1859 19 Feb Bonar Daniel Boltifree Bonar Catherine Ballykergan Mickey Bonar and James Harron
1860 16 Feb Bonar Daniel Boltifree Bonar Fanny Stranabrattoge Neil McGilway and Michael Bonar
1871 20 Feb Bonar William Ballykergan McGlin Anne Ballykergan James McGlin and Hugh Coyle
1856 1 Jun Boner James Ballykergan Bonar Catherine Bindoo Charles Boner and Boddy Boner
1878 4 Mar Boner John Cashel McMenamin Mary Ballykergan James Quin and John McMenamin
1877 8 Feb Bonnar Frank   McMenamin Margaret Bindoo John Bonnar and Charles Bonnar
1877 10 Feb Bonner Francis   McMenamin Bridget Bindoo John McMenamin and Charles McMenamin
1876 23 Feb Boyce Connell   Doherty Bridget   Peter Shiels and John Coyle
1856 17 Jan Boyce James Stragally McGlin Mary Corraine Darby McCLoole and Shane McKelvy
1856 29 Jan Boyce John Aghaveagh McLaughlin Hanna Aghaveagh James McCrudden and Neil Boyce
1878 30 Jan Boyle Jack   Mcglin Anne   Patrick McNamee
1878 5 Mar Brown Michael   McGinty Mary Gortiness Philip Brown and John McGinty, Brockagh
1860 27 Nov Brown Thomas ? Harkin Ellen Clonclayagh ? Scanlin and Pat Harkin
1856 5 Feb Bustard Peter Tawnawilly Quin Rose Gawoyne John Gallagher and Michael Gallagher
1855 24 Nov Byrne Hugh Letterkillew McCormick Catherine (widow) ? Paddy Browne and James McMenamin
1861 22 Jan C? William Glashagh Gallagher Mary Cronadun Hugh McNamee and Pat McNamee
1856 1 Jun Callaghan James Tawnawilly Gallagher Mary Kilraine John McGlin and James McGlin
1878 Jan 30 Carolin Charles Tonduff Carolin Ellen Tonduff Patrick Carolin and James Carolin
1880 26 Sep Carr Maurice   Kelly Ellen (Catherine?) Cloghan Beg Edward Mulherin and Catherine Mulherin
1859 8 Jan Cawlins Francis Glenswilly McNamee Catherine Galwally Michael McGinty and Hugh McCormick
1878 23 Feb Coyle John   McCloon? Ellen Meenagrauv ? Martin and Anne Mc?oone
1856 5 Jul Coyle Owen Glashagh Beg Gallagher Anne Clonclayagh Hugh Coyle and John O'Donnell
1872 14 Jan Daly James  Curraghomongan McMenamin Catherine Corraine John McMenamin and James McMenamin
1859 25 Nov Devaney? Patrick Lettershambo Rowan Anne Ballybo James Harron and Michael Rowan
1877 13 Feb Devir William   McNamee Bridget Ardbatt Pat McNamee and Pat marley
1856 30 Jan Doherty Bryan Inishkeel Conahan Catherine Garvan Peter McNulty and John Harron
1860 29 Jan Doherty Denis Stranorlar Ward Mary Ballynatone Ellen Slevin and Mary Doherty
1871 24 Jan Doherty James Crowlack Duffy Ann Crowlack James Duffy and John Breslin
1857 19 Feb Doherty Michael Gowoyne Boyle Mary Garwoyne Jack Boyle and Mick Gallagher
1871 25 Oct Doherty Michael Boultypatrick McCormick Mary Boultypatrick Margaret Herne and Unity McNamee?
1878 25 Feb Doherty Peter   Boner Margaret Ballykergan Michael Huston and Bridget Haran
1870 5 May Duffy Edward Meenagolan Sweeney Sarah Glashagh Beg Edward Sweeney and George McElwain
1856 5 Feb Duffy Hugh Inishkeel McGlin Anne Clonclayagh Daniel McGlin and Peter LS?
1861 3 Feb Duffy Michael Meenanamph McNamee Catherine Meenashrone Michael McNamee and Anne Duffy
1856 5 Feb Duffy Thomas Raphoe Sweeney Margaret Glashagh Beg William McMenamin and William McLaghlin
1857 8 Jan Durning Patrick Killymard Marley Susan Aghaveagh John McGorlick and Pat Marley
1856 26 Apr Foy John Kinnaderry Quin Eliza Meenahorna William Coyle and Mary Coyle
1878 11 May Gallagher James   Harkin Mary   Framcis Harkin and Winifred McGee
1877 4 Feb Gallagher James   Moy Bridget   Neil Moy and Andrew Martin?
1857 28 Nov Gallagher John Kilrean Boyle Anne Leitrim? John ? And John ?
1880 13 Nov Gallagher John   Carlin Winifred   John Gallagher and ? Doherty
1860 20 Feb Gallagher John Glenswilly Harkin Mary Altatraght John Tunny and Neil McGilway
1880 9 Feb Gallagher John   Quinn Magy Boltifree Peter Devir and Laurence Gallagher
1859 17 Nov Gallagher Manus Kilraine McMonagle Catherine ? Neil McGilway and Mary Quin
1858 14 Jan Gallagher Owen Gartan McGlin Anne Letterbrick Daniel McGlin and James McGlin
1877 8 Feb Gallagher Patrick   Hughes Bridget Letterbrick Peter McGee and Dan Doherty
1871 14 Feb Gallagher Peter Inishkeel McMenamin Catherine Letterbrick Charles McMenamin and Patrick McMenamin
1857 12 Feb Gallana Patrick Stranorlar McGinty Margaret Corraine John McGlin and Grace Doherty
1857 24 Feb Gallin Matt Donaghmore McCrudden Biddy Aghaveagh John Gallin and George Mc?
1880 15 Apr Gillespy Thomas   Martin Sara? Lettershamboe Laurence McC? And Grace? Martin
1856 4 Feb Golden Patrick Killymard Logue Sheila Letterhillen Michael Bogan and James Harron
1880 9 Feb Green Francis   McGlin Bridget Boltifree John McGlin and Teague Sweeney
1876 27 Feb Hanagan Francis   Moy Biddy   Neil McGlinchy? And John McGlin
1876 17 Feb Harkin John   Doherty Ann Altatraght Dan Harkin and John Timoney
1855 28 Nov Harkin John Altatraght Harron Ellen Ballykergan Daniel Harkin and Hugh Harkin
1876 31 Oct Harkin John Cloghan Beg McGlynn Anne Ballykergan James O'Donnell and Michael Harkin
1870 2 Jun Harkin Patrick Brockagh McGinty Anne Brockagh James O'Donnell and Margaret O'Donnell
1858 Jan 14 Harkin Peter Kilrean Houston Catherine Stranabrattoge John Harron and Thomas Harron
1856 28 Jan Harron James Inishkeel Bresland Biddy Glashagh Beg Charles Mulloy and Edward Breland
1876 13 Feb Harron James   Gallagher Ellen Ballykergan Patrick Gallagher and Mary Gallagher
1857 18 Jan Harron James  Ballykergan Bonar Anne Ballykergan Charles McGlin and James McGlin
1878 5 Mar Herin James Litterhill? Devir Margaret Litterhill? John Huston and James Devir, Ballykergan
1872 Feb  Kennedy Manus ? Kelly Ellen Letterbrick Pat Kennedy and ? Kelly
1878 1? Jan Marley Andrew   McCrudden? Mary   Patrick McNamee and Mary McNamee
1857 9 Feb Marley Francis Clonclayagh Devir Catherine Garvoyen Pat McGlin and John Gallagher
1859 8 Feb McA? Michael Ballyboe Bonar Mary Boltifree James Bonar and Danil Harkin
1857 19 Feb McBrearty James Corraines Bresland Mary Aghaveagh Charles McBrearty and William Cair?
1855 11 Dec McBrearty John Corraines McLaughlin Biddy Aghaveagh Charles McBrearty and Patrick McLaughlin 
1859 22 Feb McCafferty William Stranorlar Doherty Anne Lettershamboe Daniel Early and C? Doherty
1860 20 Feb McCoole Patrick Kinnaderry McMenamin Anne Tonduff John Callion and Hugh Gallagher
1856 17 Jan McCormick John Brockagh McCawley Anne Cloghan Beg John McGlin and Biddy Doherty
1857 26 Nov McCormick Michael Corleck McGinty Rose Gortiness John McGinty and Mary McGinty
1855 22 Nov McCormick Peter Stranabrattog Harron Mary Ballykergan Francis McCormick and John Flaherty
1878 10 Oct McCromick Francis   Doherty Mary   James McCormick and Dan Gallagher
1878 14 Feb McCromick James   Temple Eliza   Michael Gallagher and James McMenamin
1878 4 Mar McCrudden Denis Aghaveagh Huston Mary Aghaveagh Edward? McCrudden and Connell McCarron
1858 23 Dec McDade Edward Glenswilly Gallagher Margaret Galwally Tully Gallagher and Charles Mulloy
1855 8 Nov McDermott John Corlecky McKenna Catherine Ballynatone Patrick Foy and John McKenna
1860 18 Feb McDevit Patrick Inishkeel McGlinn Grace Letterbrick John McGlin and Owen McGlin
1877 11 Feb McDevitt Michael   Huston Margaret Fintown? Maurice Sweeney and Cormick McDevitt
1877 24 Jan McElwaine Cornelius   McKelvey Mary   Charles McMenamin and Patrick Sweeney
1876 29 Feb McGarrigle Patrick   McGinley A? Glashydevet Rev McDevitt and Margaret Herran
1880 8 Feb McGee? B?   Boner Catherine Ballykergan John McGlin and James Coyle
1871 19 Feb McGee? James Ballykergan Brown Catherine Ballykergan Patrick McMenamin and Anne Brown
1877 13 Feb McGinley James   Gallagher Grace ? Neil McMenamin and John Ward
1857 22 Feb McGinty John Lettershanbo McGeehan Mary/Majy Lettershanboe Michael McCoole and James McGeehan
1870 20 May McGinty Michael Letterhillen Byrne Catherine Letterhillen Michael Harron and Biddy McGee
1876 13 Feb McGinty Patrick   Boner Susan Bindoo Frank Boner and Ellen Boner
1859 8 Feb McGinty Patrick ?boy Bradley Catherine Kilraine Daniel McGlin and John McGlin
1876 6 Feb McGinty Patrick Gortiness Doherty Biddy   Patrick McGinty and Mary McGinty
1880 27 Sep McGinty Patrick Cl? McGee Catherine Cloghan Beg Condy ? And Mary McMenamin
1870 26 May McGinty Patrick Drumderrydonan Scanlan Sarah Ballynaman Bridget Doherty and Ann Scanlan
1857 23 Feb McGlin Bartly Clonclayagh McNamee Mary Cronadun Pat McGlin and Charles McNamee
1878 24 Nov McGlin Dominick Letterbrick Sweeney Grace Arbatt Michael McMonagle and Catherine McNamee
1856 4 Feb McGlin Hugh Inishkeel McGlin Fanny Meenlahany Hugh McGlin and Daniel McGlin
1876 28 Feb McGlin Hugh Letterbrick McNamee Mary Arbatt Neil O'Donnell and John McNamee
1877 10 Feb McGlin James   Foy Margaret Garvan Neil Moy and Teague G?
1857 1 Feb McGlin John Mooneennahasragh Moy Mary Kilraine Rose McGlin and Daniel Early
1857 22 Jan McGlin Patrick ? McGlin Anne Meenlahany Denis McGlin and Bridget McGlin
1857 23 Feb McGlin Patt Letterbrick McNamee Biddy Meenalig Andy Marley and Hugh Harron
1856 27 Jan McGlin William Ballykergan Harron Mary Ballykergan Daniel Gallagher and Francis Harron
1860 25 Oct McGlinn Charles Letterbrick McGlinchy Anne? Letterbrick Mary Moy and Neil McGilway
1859 18 Oct McGlinn James Inishkeel McGlinn Roseanne Mooneennahasragh Jack McGlin and Conel O'Donel
1877 27 Aug McGlinn Maurice Meengilcarry McGilway Mary Meengilcarry James McGlin and Patk McGilway
1860 Jun 10 McGlinn William Ballykergan Devir Margaret Ballykergan Denis? McCrudden and Unity McMenamin
1858 25 Nov McGlynn Conel Inishkeel Harron Rose Ardbatt John McGlynn nd William Boyce
1856 31 Jan McGorlick John Stranorlar McGlin Ellen Ballykergan Pat McAuley and James McGlin
1860 16 Feb McHugh Michael ? Gallagher Mary Clonclayagh ? Coyle and Daniel Coyle
1883 27 Jan McHugh Charles Derryleconnel Far Moy Mary Glashagh Beg William O'Donnell and Grace Moy
1855 30 Nov McLaughlin Conel Lettermacaward Boner Hannah (widow) Stranabrattoge Hugh Quin and Mary McNulty
1857 23 Feb McLaughlin James near S? Martin Margaret Milt? Michael Martin and Dan Martin
1878 5 May McMenamin Daniel   Marley/Hardy? Catherine   Edward McG? And Patrick Carolin
1856 15 Apr McMenamin Denis Letterkenny Martin Margaret Welshtown Peter Martin and Daniel Martin
1857 3 Mar McMenamin James T? Slevin Mary Meenagrauv Mick Bogan and James Slevin
1857 22 Jan McMenamin John Tonduff Boyce Margaret Cloghan More Patrick Mc? And Daniel Early
1859 6 Feb McMenamin John Lshamboe Deveny Biddy Lshamboe Patt Devenny and James Harron
1878 26 Feb McMenamin John   Maguire Mary Tonduff John Rowan and Margaret Maguire
1858 Jan 19 McMenamin John T? McCrudden Biddy Aghaveagh George McSwine and James Harron
1871 18 Feb McMenamin Michael Cappry Byrne ? Ballykergan Patrick McMenamin and Bartly McDevitt
1880 25 Nov McMenamin Michael   Slevin ? Ballybobaneen John McGinty and John ?
1856 5 Feb McMenamin Peter Currain McGinty Anne Chamberstown Michael McGinty and Mick McMenamin
1877 4 Feb McMenamin Peter? Convoy McMenamin Mary   Manus McMenamin and Conel McMenamin
1861 24 Jan McMonagle Conel Svt in Letter? Duffy Mary Binmore John Boyce and Neil McGilway
1870 21 May McMonagle Cornelius Bunna? McGlinchy Margaret Bunna? Neil McGlincy and Pat/Cat McGlinchy
1871 16 Feb McMonagle Patrick Aghaveagh McGlinchy? Mary Falgown? John Gallagher and James Foy
1857 25 Jan McNamee Condy Galwaly McGlin Mary Letterbrick Susan McNamee and Pat McNamee
1877 17 May McNamee James   Boyle Mary   Hugh McNamee and Catherine McGlinn
1877 30 Jan McNamee Patrick   McGlynn Anne   William McGlinchy and James McGlynn
1861 12 Jan McNamee Patrick Letterbrick McNamee Anne Galwally Charles McNamee and John McNamee
1856 3 Feb McOliffe Patrick Cloghan (Police Bk) McCoole Mary Ballyboe Manus McCoole and Anne McCoole
1877 23 Jan Molloy Anthony Glenties Boyle Anne Reelin Bridge George McGee, Ballybofey and Neil McAloon, Glenties
1877 8 Feb Moy Edward   Harron Mary Garvan Andrew Marley and Neil Moy
1857 15 Feb Mulherin William Ardlahan Boyce Mary Aghaveagh Mary McBrearty and Biddy McBrearty
1856 17 Apr Murray Charles Letterkenny McGlinchy Susan Stranabrattoge Peter McGlinchy and Patrick McGlinchy
1856 24 Apr Murray Patrick Brockagh Marley Biddy Clonclayagh William McMenamin and Bell Carlin
1857 28 Nov O'Neil James Lettershanbo Garvey? Catherine Lettershanboe James O'Neil snr and John Gallagher
1859 25 Nov P? John Stranorlar McCoole Roseanne Welshtown James Duffy and Neil McGilway
1870 3 Jun Patton Thomas Corleck McCool Mary Welshtown Teague McGee and Thomas McCool
1857 3 Jun Patton Thomas Donaghmore McCoole Mary Kinnaderry James Haron and Hugh McGilway
1871 1 Oct Patton William ? McMenamin Mary   Peter Doherty and Isabella McGinty
1860 11 Feb Quinn Edward Binmore Harkin Ellen Altatraght Darby McCoole and John Boyce
1856 12 Apr Quinn Francis Boltifree Bradley Biddy Stranabrattoge Daniel Early and Pat Harkin
1878 23 Feb Quinn Patrick   Boner Anne Boltifree James Boner and Patrick McNamee
1858 27 Nov Quinn Patrick Meenalig McNamee Anne Letterbrick Andy Hughes and John McNamee
1858 20 Dec Roan? Michael Ballyboe Patton Margaret Lettershamboe Peter McCoole and Andy Mooney
1860 20 Feb Scanlin Andrew Ballynaman Harron Mary Kiltyfergal James McGlin and ?
1857 17 Feb Scanlin James Meenalig Gallagher Biddy Gawoyne Michael Gallagher and Pat McGlinchy
1856 2 Feb Sheil Charles Letterhillen Foy Anne Gawoyne Darby McCoole and Sally Murphy
1878 4 May Sweeney Michael Fintown? Moy Anne Glashagh ? And Edward Moy
1855 22 Nov Sweeney Peter Svt in Ballykergan McMenamin Mary Svt in Ballykergan John O'Donnell and Catherine McMenamin
1878 Jan 28 Temple James Cash? McMenamin Anabella Cash? James Temple and John McMenamin
1860 May 17 Timoney James Altatraght Conahan Biddy Crolack Mary Houston and Mary Devir
1878 18 May Torish Francis   Maxwell Annabella   Hannah Maxwell and Mary Torish
1880 11 Apr Tourish Michael   Boner Catherine ? John Gallagher and Mick McNamee
1856 27 Jan Tunny Peter Donaghmore Hannigan Mary Lettershanboe Neil McMenamin and John O'Donnell
1877 4 Feb Ward Denis Glenswilly Kelly Anne   John Ward, Glenswilly and James Kelly
1871 12 Feb Ward Michael Glashagh Marley Mary Cronadun Manus McD? And John Gallagher
1878 Mar 2 Ward Michael Glashagh More Moy Biddy Glashagh More William Campbell and wife
1876 13 Feb Ward Thomas Convoy Doherty Biddy Ballybo John Ward and Owen Ward


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