1833 Tithe Applotment Book - Kilteevoge Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Kilteevoge, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.



ARNOLD Anthony Kiltyfergal
ARNOLD George, Jun. Kiltyfergal
ARNOLD George, Sen. Kiltyfergal
ARNOLD James Corleckey
ARNOLD James Kiltyfergal
ARNOLD Lanty Kiltyfergal
ARNOLD Mathew Kiltyfergal
BERN [BYRNE] James Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
BERN [BYRNE] John Dergroagh
BIRN [BYRNE] John & Son Ballykerigan
BLACKBURN David Kiltyfergal
BLACKBURN Robert Kiltyfergal
BOGAN Michael Carrickmahon (alias Tieveneyhaane)
BOGAN Michael Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
BONER Daniel Ballykerigan
BONER Daniel Boultyfree
BONER James Ballykerigan
BONER John Boultyfree
BONER Patrick Ballykerigan
BONER William Boultyfree
BOYCE Dominick Meenahorna
BOYCE Dominick Mooneennshasragh
BOYCE James Meenahorna
BOYCE John Stragully
BOYCE John, Jun. Aughavey
BOYCE Neil Aughavey
BOYCE Patrick Aughavey
BOYLE Edward Garvoyne [Garvan]
BOYLE John Garvoyne [Garvan]
BOYLE John Stranabrattoage
BOYLE Michael Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
BOYLE Widow Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
BOYLE Widow Stranabrattoage
BRADLEY Henery Garvoyne [Garvan]
BRADLEY John Croanadun
BRADLEY John Garvoyne [Garvan]
BRADLEY Owen Garvoyne [Garvan]
BRADLY Samuel & Co. Corraine
BRESLAN Connell Glashabeg
BRESLAN Widow Crolack
BRISLAND William Dergroagh
BROWN Michael Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
BROWNE Catherine Altlaghan
BROWNE Hugh Kinnaderry
BROWNE James Ballykerigan
BROWNE James Crolack
BROWNE James Stroanagarrow
BROWNE John Altlaghan
BROWNE Michael Stroanagarrow
BROWNE Patrick Ballybotemple
BROWNE Peter Crolack
BROWNE Peter Toneduff
BROWNE Simon Altlaghan
BROWNE William Brockagh
BYRNE Michael Ballykerigan
CALLAGHAN Charles Stragully
CAMPBELL Thomas Ballinatone
CAMPBELLS James Glashabeg
CARLAN James Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
CARLAN Michael Kilreane
CAROLAN Nola? Galwally [Galwolie]
CAROLAN Patrick Galwally [Galwolie]
CAROLAN Widow Galwally [Galwolie]
CHAMBERS Joseph Corleckey
CHAMBERS Mr. Corleckey
CONAGHAN James Dergroagh
COYLE Owen Glashamore
COYLE Owen Kilreane
COYLE Patt. Kilreane
COYLE Rose Garvoyne [Garvan]
CRAMPSEY Francis Bendoo[Bindoo]
CRAMPSEY Michael Bendoo[Bindoo]
CRAMPSEY Roger Bendoo[Bindoo]
CREIG Alexander Altlaghan
CREIG Patrick Altlaghan
CULLEN Bryan Kinnaderry
CUNNYNGHAM Charles Letterbrick
CUNNYNGHAM Robert Bendoo[Bindoo]
CUNNYNGHAM William Bendoo[Bindoo]
DEVLAGHAN? Dennis Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
DERMOTT Charles Kiltyfergal
DERMOTT James Kiltyfergal
DEVANY Patrick Stranabrattoage
DEVER Hugh Ballykerigan
DEVER James Ballykerigan
DOHERTY Bryan Corraine
DOHERTY Condy Stroanagarrow
DOHERTY Daniel Ballynaman
DOHERTY Daniel Cummin (Commeen)
DOHERTY Denis Drumdderrydonan
DOHERTY James Corraine
DOHERTY James Stragully
DOHERTY James Stroanagarrow
DOHERTY John Corraine
DOHERTY Neal Cummin (Commeen)
DOHERTY Neal Drumdderrydonan
DOHERTY Patrick Garvoyne [Garvan]
DOHERTY Patt. Stragully
DOHERTY Patt. Stroanagarrow
DOHERTY Thomas Corraine
DONALDSON Samuel Walshtown (Welchtown)
DUFFEY [..?] Stranabrattoage
DUFFEY Darby Galwally [Galwolie]
DUFFEY James Corraine
DUFFEY John Meenasroane
DUFFY Roger Corraine
FERGUSON Andrew Corleckey
FOY Hugh Magheryclough
GALLAGHER Colum Boultyfree
GALLAGHER Daniel Letterbrick
GALLAGHER Daniel Ballykerigan
GALLAGHER Daniel, Jun. Galwally [Galwolie]
GALLAGHER Daniel Kinnaderry
GALLAGHER Daniel, Sen. Galwally [Galwolie]
GALLAGHER Dennis Stragully
GALLAGHER Dominick Croanadun
GALLAGHER Frances Kilreane
GALLAGHER Hugh Kilreane
GALLAGHER James Altlaghan
GALLAGHER James Boultyfree
GALLAGHER James Croanadun
GALLAGHER James Meenanamph
GALLAGHER James Toneduff
GALLAGHER John Letterbrick
GALLAGHER John Ballykerigan
GALLAGHER John Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
GALLAGHER John Croanadun
GALLAGHER John Kilreane
GALLAGHER Manus Garvoyne [Garvan]
GALLAGHER Manus Kilreane
GALLAGHER Patrick Ballykerigan
GALLAGHER Patrick Garvoyne [Garvan]
GALLAGHER Widow Altlaghan
GALLAGHER Widow Ballykerigan
GILDEA Hugh Brockagh
GILDEA Patrick Brockagh
GREEN Francis Kilreane
GREENS Teague Garvoyne [Garvan]
GRIFFITH Charles Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
GRIFFITH Erith? Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
GRIFFITH Evans Altnapaste
GRIFFITH Francis Altnapaste
GRIFFITH James Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
GRIFFITH James, Jun. Altnapaste
GRIFFITH James, Sen. Altnapaste
GRIFFITH John (Lowry) Altnapaste
GRIFFITH John Altnapaste
GRIFFITH Lowry Altnapaste
GRIFFITH Thomas Altnapaste
GRIFFITH Thomas Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
GRIFFITH William Altnapaste
HANIGAN Neal Brockagh
HANNIGAN James Kinnaderry
HANNIGAN Owen Brockagh
HANNIGAN Patt. Galwally [Galwolie]
HARDY William Walshtown (Welchtown)
HARKAN Charles Boultypatrick
HARKIN Charles Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
HARKIN Edward Cloghanbeg
HARKIN James Altatraught
HARKIN John & Co. Gortness
HARKIN John Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
HARKIN Owen, Jun. Altatraught
HARKIN Owen, Sen. Altatraught
HERRANE[HERRON/ HARRAN] Hugh Stranabrattoage
HERRANE[HERRON/ HARRAN] John Stranabrattoage
HERRANE[HERRON/ HARRAN] Thomas Garvoyne [Garvan]
HERRIRAN[HERRON/ HARRAN] Bryan Garvoyne [Garvan]
HERRIRAN[HERRON/ HARRAN] Bryan Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
HERRIRAN[HERRON/ HARRAN] Hugh Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
HERRIRAN[HERRON/ HARRAN] James & Co. Croanakerney (Part of Ballykergan)
HUGHES James Menagilcarry
HUME Charles Kiltyfergal
HUME David Corleckey
HUME Gordon Corleckey
HUME Hamilton Walshtown (Welchtown)
HUME John Kiltyfergal
HUME John Walshtown (Welchtown)
HUME Widow Mary Kiltyfergal
HUMES Andrew Stranabrattoage
HUMES Charles Thompson’s Toneduff
HUMES David Thompson’s Toneduff
HUMES James Corleckey
HUMES Patrick Kiltyfergal
HUMES William Cloghanmore
IRWIN Robert Meenagrauv
KEE William Meenagrauv
KELLY Charles Glashabeg
KELLY Frances Letterbrick
KELLY James Cloghanbeg
KELLY James Letterbrick
KELLY Neal Croanadun
KELLY Widow Garvoyne [Garvan]
KENNEDY William Croanadun
KERRIGAN Thomas Ballybotemple
KEY Charles, Jun. Meenagrauv
KEY Charles, Sen. Meenagrauv
KEY George Meenagrauv
KEY James Meenagrauv
KEY John Meenagrauv
KEY Samuel Meenagrauv
KEY Thomas Meenagrauv
LAIRD James Corraine
LEEPER Adam Ballinatone
LEEPER Andrew Walshtown (Welchtown)
LEEPER Francis Walshtown (Welchtown)
LEEPER James Altnapaste
LEEPER James Ballinatone
LEEPER Thomas Ballinatone
LOGUE Bartly Stroanagarrow
LOGUE Bryan Stroanagarrow
LOGUE Henery Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
LOGUE Hugh Corraine
LOGUE Michael Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
LOGUE Patt. Stroanagarrow
MARLEY Andrew Altlaghan
MARLEY Francis Kilreane
MARLEY James Aughavey
MARLEY John Gortness
MARLEY Neal Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
MARLEY Patrick Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
MARLEY Patrick Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh]
MARTIN John Walshtown (Welchtown)
MARTIN Michael Kinnaderry
MARTIN Patt. & Co. Menagilcarry
MARTIN Widow Ballinatone
McALOON Neal Crolack
McANULTY James Cummin (Commeen)
McATAGHLEN Edward Aughavey
McATAGHLIN   James Brockagh
McATAGHLIN Arthur Stranabrattoage
McATAGHLIN Catherine & Sons Galwally [Galwolie]
McATAGHLIN Denis Lough Sallagh
McATAGHLIN John Lough Sallagh
McATAGHLIN Michael Brockagh
McATAGHLIN Patrick Stranabrattoage
McAULEY John Cloghanbeg
McBREARTY John Corraine
McBREARTY Mathew Corraine
McBREARTY Michael Corraine
McBREARTY Patt. Corraine
McCALWE...? James Stranabrattoage
McCOOL Andrew Cloghanmore
McCOOL Charles Corraine
McCOOL Darby Stragully
McCOOL James Altatraught
McCOOL James, Jun. Kinnaderry
McCOOL James, Sen. Kinnaderry
McCOOL Patrick Corraine
McCOOL Patt. Ballynaman
McCORMACK James Cloghanbeg
McCORMICK Francis Stranabrattoage
McCORMICK James & Co. Brockagh
McCREADY Andrew Kinnaderry
McCREARY Archibald Altnapaste
McCREARY Charles Altnapaste
McCREARY Charles Corleckey
McCREARY Evan Corleckey
McCREARY Hannagh  Altnapaste
McCREARY Henery Corleckey
McCREARY James Altnapaste
McCREARY James Corleckey
McCREARY Nugent Altnapaste
McCREARY William Corleckey
McCRUDDEN John & Co. Corraine
McCRUDDEN Owen Aughavey
McCRUDDEN Patrick Corraine
McGARRIGLE Michael Ballybotemple
McGEE George Cummin (Commeen)
McGEE James Ballinatone
McGEE John Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
McGEE William Ballykerigan
McGEE William Cloghanbeg
McGILLAWAY Michael Menagilcarry
McGILLAWAY Owen Kinnaderry
McGILLAWAY Owen Menagilcarry
McGINLEY Hugh Drumdderrydonan
McGINLEY James Drumdderrydonan
McGINLEY Mary & Sons Drumdderrydonan
McGINLEY Owen & Co. Toneduff
McGINLEY Widow Elizabeth & Sons Falgarrow
McGINLY Edward Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
McGINLY Edward Stranabrattoage
McGINLY James Garvoyne [Garvan]
McGINLY John Glassydavett [Glashydevet]
McGINLY Neal Glassydavett [Glashydevet]
McGINLY Widow Glassydavett [Glashydevet]
McGINTY Connell Benmore [Binmore]
McGINTY Edward Ballykerigan
McGINTY Hugh Benmore [Binmore]
McGINTY Hugh Brockagh
McGINTY James Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
McGINTY John Gortness
McGINTY John Thompson’s Toneduff
McGINTY Neal Benmore [Binmore]
McGINTY Owen Ballykerigan
McGINTY Owen Boultyfree
McGINTY Owen Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
McGINTY Patrick Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
McGINTY Patrick Gortness
McGINTY Patrick Toneduff
McGINTY Patt. Letterkillea (alias Stroangibragh)
McGINTY Rown Ballykerigan
McGINTY Widow Crolack
McGLIN Charles Menagilcarry
McGLIN Daniel Letterbrick
McGLIN Daniel Menagilcarry
McGLIN Darby Garvoyne [Garvan]
McGLIN Darby Garvoyne [Garvan]
McGLIN Denis Ballykerigan
McGLIN Dominick Ballykerigan
McGLIN Dominick Letterbrick
McGLIN Hugh Letterbrick
McGLIN James & Co. Menagilcarry
McGLIN James Ballykerigan
McGLIN James Glashamore
McGLIN James Kilreane
McGLIN John Letterbrick
McGLIN John (1) Kilreane
McGLIN John (2) Kilreane
McGLIN John Ballykerigan
McGLIN John Galwally [Galwolie]
McGLIN Manus Garvoyne [Garvan]
McGLIN Owen Letterbrick
McGLIN Owen, Jun. Menagilcarry
McGLIN Owen, Sen. Menagilcarry
McGLIN Patrick Garvoyne [Garvan]
McGLIN Patrick Menagilcarry
McGLIN Peter & Co. Kilreane
McGLIN Peter Ballykerigan
McGLIN William Ballykerigan
McGLINN Bartly. Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh]
McGLINN Charles Letterbrick
McGLINN Daniel Boultyfree
McGLINN Daniel Cummin (Commeen)
McGLINN Daniel Kilreane
McGLINN Darby Cummin (Commeen)
McGLINN Hugh Menagilcarry
McGLINN James & Co. Croanakerney (Part of Ballykergan)
McGLINN James Thompson’s Toneduff
McGLINN John Bane Thompson’s Toneduff
McGLINN John Cummin (Commeen)
McGLINN Owen Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
McGLINN Patt. Letterbrick
McGLINN Widow Cummin (Commeen)
McGLINSHEY Peter Meenanamph
McGLINSHEY Peter Tullytrasna
McGLINSHY Daniel Letterbrick
McGLINSHY Neal Bunadrisroan
McGLINSHY Patrick Letterbrick
McGLINSHY Patrick Bunadrisroan
McGLINSHY Peter Letterbrick
McGLINSHY Peter Bunadrisroan
McGLUSKEY Peter Stranabraad
McGLUSKY Peter Cullagh
McGOWAN James Aughavey
McGUIRE Denis & Co. Toneduff
McH..CE? Patrick Stroanagarrow
McH..CE? Richard Stroanagarrow
McHUGH Charles Aughavey
McHUGH John Brockagh
McILHINNEY James Ardbatt
McILHINNEY John Walshtown (Welchtown)
McILWEE Mary Ballykerigan
McLAUGHLIN Daniel Brockagh
McLAUGHLIN Edward Cloghanbeg
McLAUGHLIN Patrick Brockagh
McLINSHY John Letterbrick
McLINSHY Neal Galwally [Galwolie]
McLINSHY Peter Meenbogue
McLOUGHLIN Patt. Aughavey
McMENAMON Daniel Corraine
McMENAMON Hugh & Co. Minaware
McMENAMON Hugh Ballykerigan
McMENAMON Hugh Thompson’s Toneduff
McMENAMON John & Co. Glashamore
McMENAMON Patrick Corleckey
McMENAMON Patrick Meenagrauv
McMENEMEN Michael Bendoo [Bindoo]
McMENEMEN Patrick Bendoo[Bindoo]
McMENEMON John Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
McMENEMON Michael Altlaghan
McMENIMON Patt. Toneduff
McMONIGLE Edward Glashamore
McMONIGLE James Menagilcarry
McNAMEE Charles Ardbatt
McNAMEE Charles Galwally [Galwolie]
McNAMEE Charles, Jun. Galwally [Galwolie]
McNAMEE Connell Meenasroane
McNAMEE Connell Galwally [Galwolie]
McNAMEE Cormac Ardbatt
McNAMEE Edward Brockagh
McNAMEE John Meenasroane
McNAMEE John Ardbatt
McNAMEE John Galwally [Galwolie]
McNAMEE John Meenalig
McNAMEE Manus Letterbrick
McNAMEE Maurice Ardbatt
McNAMEE Terence Croanadun
McNAMEY Darby Ardbatt
McNAMEY Denis Ardbatt
McPHAY Patt. Cummin (Commeen)
McSWINE John Stranabrattoage
MOORE Widow Bendoo[Bindoo]
MORROW George Altnapaste
MORROW James Altnapaste
MOY Francis Glashabeg
MOY Hugh Glashabeg
MOY John Glashabeg
MOY Neal Glashabeg
MOY Patrick Garvoyne [Garvan]
MULHERN Ann Altlaghan
MULHERN Charles Altlaghan
MULHERN James Altlaghan
MULHERN James Stragully
MULHERN Neal  Altlaghan
O’DONNELL Connell Cloghanbeg
O’DONNELL Dominick Letterbrick
O’DONNELL Dominick Brockagh
O’DONNELL Hugh Cloghanbeg
O’DONNELL Patrick Glashamore
O’DONNELL Roger Letterbrick
ORR Samuel Brockagh
PATTEN George Corleckey
PATTEN George Meenagrauv
PATTEN Hugh Meenagrauv
PATTEN James Corleckey
PATTEN James, Jun. Corleckey
PATTEN James, Sen. Corleckey
PATTEN John Corleckey
PATTEN John, Jun. Corleckey
PATTEN Patrick Meenagrauv
PATTEN Thomas Corleckey
PATTEN William Corleckey
POLLOCK Joseph Ballinatone
QUIN Cormack Meenasroane
QUIN Daniel Garvoyne [Garvan]
QUIN Darby Meenalig
QUIN James Cummin (Commeen)
QUIN John Benmore [Binmore]
QUIN Patrick Garvoyne [Garvan]
QUIN Widow Stranabrattoage
QUINN Daniel Stranabrattoage
QUINN Hugh Glassydavett [Glashydevet]
QUINN Michael Boultyfree
QUINN Michael Garvoyne [Garvan]
QUINN Widow Francis Stranabrattoage
RAMSEY James Stranabrattoage
RAMSEY Rev. Thomas Glebe
ROESE/ ROWAN? Patrick Ballybotemple
ROWAN Thomas Kinnaderry
ROWEN Owen Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
SCANLAN [..?] Galwally [Galwolie]
SCANLAN Andrew Ballynaman
SCANLAN Andrew Ballynaman
SCANLAN Daniel Meenalig
SCANLAN Dolty Galwally [Galwolie]
SCANLAN James Ballynaman
SCANLAN John Meenalig
SCANLAN John, Sen. Meenalig
SCANLAN Patrick Ballynaman
SCANLAN Peter Ballynaman
SCANLAN Widow Ballynaman
SCANLAN Widow Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
SHIELS Charles Stragully
SLEVINE Daniel Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
SLEVINE James Ballyboebanney [Ballybobaneen]
SPROUL Mr. C. Brockagh
SPROULE Mr Charles Cloghanbeg
SPROULE Mr. C. Lettershambo
SPROULE Mr. Charles Cloghanmore
STYLE Charles Aughavey
STYLE Charles, Esq. Derrignalore (alias Largnalore)
STYLE Sir C. Cloghanmore
STYLES Sir C., Bart Gortness
SWEENEY John Galwally [Galwolie]
SWEENEY John Menagilcarry
SWEENEY Miles Stranabraad
SWEENEY Widow Cloncleagh [Clonclayagh
SWEENY Daniel Glashabeg
TEMPLE James Meenagrauv
TEMPLE William Meenagrauv
THOMPSON James Walshtown (Welchtown)
THOMPSON John Walshtown (Welchtown)
THOMPSON Mr. Corraine
THOMPSON Robert Walshtown (Welchtown)
THOMPSON Thomas Walshtown (Welchtown)
THOMPSON William Ballinatone
THOMPSON William Walshtown (Welchtown)
TIMMONEY James Boultypatrick
TIMMONEY Michael Boultypatrick
TIMMONEY Patrick Altatraught
TIMMONEY Patrick Glashabeg
TIMMONEY Peter  Altatraught
TIMMONEY Peter Croanadun
TUMMENY Peter Letterbrick
TENNEY ? Owen Menagilcarry
WALLACE Widow Glassydavett [Glashydevet]
WARD Patrick Boultyfree
WITTER James (Gorey) Walshtown (Welchtown)
WITTER James Kiltyfergal
WITTER James Walshtown (Welchtown)
WITTER Richard Walshtown (Welchtown)
WITTER William Ballybotemple


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