Lag Churchyard Headstone Inscriptions, Clonca, Co Donegal

(Photograph submitted by Barbara)

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From The Journal of Irish Memorials Association 1898

& the late Dr RS Young, Culdaff House




Erected to the Memory of

Joseph Moore Binns

Who died 18 Jun 1873 aged 74 years

Also Rebecca Binns, his sister

Who died 18 Jan 1875

Also the infant daughter of William & Elizabeth Binns

Also Marshall Binns

Who died 18 Feb 1878 aged 32 years



Erected by John Boggs

To the Memory of his Uncle

Henry Boggs

Who departed this life Feb 8 1831 aged 85 years



In Memory of

Mary Boggs

Wife of George Platt

Born 22 Jul 1814 died 7 Jun 1841



Here lyeth the remains of

Ninian Boggs

Who departed this life Feb 12 1800 aged 56

Also his wife

Lily Boggs

Who departed this life Dec 18 1812 aged 65 years

Also their son


Who departed this life Aug 29 1836 aged 63 years



In Memory of

John Britten of Brae

Who died 10 Jan 1878 aged 92 years

And of Charlotte, his wife

Who died 20 Oct 1876 aged 70 years



In Memory of

James Colhoun, Drimgroey

Born Apr 1768 died 7 Jul 1869

Also Sarah, his wife

Born Jan 1809 died 22 May 1860

And of Rebecca, their daughter

Wife of John Colhoun, Ballanagh

Born 8 Dec 1839 died 18 Jul 1868



Here lieth entombed the remains of

Ann Crow

Who departed this life 25 Dec 1792 aged 82 (62?)




Here lyeth the body of

Daniel O'Dogharty Esq

Who departed this lfe 4 Feb 1715

Memonto Mori

(Death's head and crossed bones)



Over this inscription is a shield and crest, both nearly illegible. The crest is probably a hand and dagger; on shield there is a stag trippant and in base 3 mullets.

This Daniel O'Dougharty was a Major in King James II's army, and after the Battle of the Boyne, settled down at Keenagh.

His property was squandered by his descendants who, some fifty years ago, were in receipt of 10 pounds per an. from Lord Donegall

on the strength of two documents proving their direct lineal descent from the 'Great O'Dogherty.' One of these was carried off to America by the man to whom it was mortgaged;

and the other, being in the pocket of an overcoat worn in a boat on a very stormy day, was left there while the coat was being dried,

and was found to be utterly destroyed. Captain Hart endeavoured to regain this pension for Cahir O'Doherty in vain. The family are now poor fishermen living not far from Malin Head



To the Memory of

William Duncan

Who departed this life 13 Apr 1830 aged 79 years

Also his wife

Elizabeth Duncan

Who died 15 Jan 1834 aged 80 years

And their son George Duncan

Who departed this life 7 Nov 1865 aged 66 years

Also his wife Martha Ann Duncan

Who died 24 Jul 1889 aged 74 years

And their daughter Elizabeth Jane

Who died 26 Oct 1870 aged 29 years



(The arms over this inscription are a sword in chief and in base 3 bells on a shield)

Here lyeth the body of

Margaret English

Wife of Patrick Porter

Who departed this life 30 Jul 1713



In Memory of

William Fulton

Who died Mar 1817 aged 80 years

And of his wife

Martha Fulton

Who died Mar 1842 aged 70 years



Here lyeth the body of

Margaret Hart aged 81 years

Wife to Jonathan Bines

Who Died Feb 16 1719

Also Jonathan Bines

Who departed this life 26 Oct 1722



The Binns family, Dr Young states, lived at Oakville, just outside Carndonagh




Here lie the remains of

Alexander Henderson

Who departed this life 10 Mar 1801 aged 88 years



In Loving Remembrance of

Mary Jane

Wife of William Maguiness

Who fell asleep 19 Apr 1868 aged 58 years

Also their daughters who God took -

Elizabeth, 9 Sep 1846 aged 10 years

And Sarah Anne, 30 Mar 1857 aged 18 year

And William Maguiness

Who joined his loved ones 29 May 1861 aged 63 years

Also of Rebecca

Eldest daughter of the above William & Mary Jane Maguiness

Died 30 Jan 1881 aged 46 years



In Memory of

Thomas McIntire

Who departed this life 28 Feb 1861

Also Rebecca, his wife

Died 8 Sep 1847

And Rebecca, daughter of the above

Died 9 Jun 1847

And of her sister Catherine

Died 18 Sep 1876

Also Thomas, son of the above

Died 17 Dec 1885

Also Annie McIntire, daughter of the above

Who died 3 Oct 1894



To the Memory of the

Reverend John Montgomery

Who died Mar 18 1749 aged 45 years

Also of his son

Stewart Montgomery

Who died Oct 1 1770 aged 31 years

Also of his daughters Jane, Mary, and Bell Montgomery

As also of his second son

John Montgomery

Who died 7 Sep 1821 aged 76 years



In Memory of Mary Starret

Who died Apr 30 1833 aged 68 years

This stone is erected by the family at Malin Hall

With whom she lived for many years

A good and faithful servant



Erected to the Memory of

Hamilton Stewart of Knockamany

Who died 6 Jun 1886 aged 95 years

Also his beloved wife

Anne Stewart

Who died 21 Apr 1879 aged 80 years



Here lyeth the body of ye

Reverend Mr David Walker

Who departed this life Jul 25 1766 aged 59 years



To perpetuate the Memory of the

Reverend David Walker

Who departed this life on 8 Jul 1783 aged 44 years



To the Memory of

William Young

Who died Mar 18 1783 aged 62 years

Also of his wife

Elizabeth Young

Who died Sep 6 1793 aged 70 years

Also of his daughter

Mary Young

Who died Apr 2 1805 aged 54 years

As also of his son

Thomas Young

Late Sergeant of the 6th Dragoons

Who died Mar 12 1813 aged 56 years

Also rest the remains of

James Young

Captain of the 8th RVR

Who departed this life 3 Feb 1830 aged 73 years

'At home, abroad, in peace, in war, his God did him defend;

preserved him through life's Pilgrimage safe to his journey's end.'



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