Names Of Protestant Householders In The Parish Of Leck, Co Donegal 1766


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ALLEN, John, Knockbrack

ALLEN, Widow, Ardaganna

ALLISON, John, Lismonaghan

ALLISON, Widow, Leck, Allen

ATKINS, Andrew, Ballyconnaly

BALLENTINE, Alex., Drumore

BEVARD, James, Lismonaghan

BEVARD, Thomas, Lismonaghan

BEVARD, Wm., Lismonaghan

BILLSLAND, Alex., Lisbellian

BLACK, David, Glenoughly

BLAIR, Thomas, Lurgybrack

BOURKE, Eden, Lismonaghan

BOWLEN, John, Lisbellian

BROWN, John, Drumore

BROWN, Robt., Drumerdagh

BROWN, Robt., Fersalmore

BROWN, Wm., Drummany

CATHER, David, Dubalugh

CHAMBERS, Daniel, Mr., Corr

CHAMBERS, James, Corr

CLANDINNING, Thomas, Drummany

CLARK, Edward, Pluck

CLARKE, Oliver, Ballyconnaly

COCHRAN, Robert, Cullin

COLHOUN, Widow, Drummany

COLHOUN, Wm., Cullin

CORRELL, Robert, Curranagh-Gay

COULTER, Wm., Ballyconnaly

CRAIG, John, Pluck

CRAWFORD, Richard, Curranagh Glebe

CROAN, John, Ardaganna

CUNNINGHAM, Widow, Oughliard

CUNNINGHAM, Widow, Scrably

DAVISON, John, Trimra

DENNING, Joseph, Drumore

DIERMOND, Alex., Fersalmore

DIERMOND, John, Fersalmore

FERGUSON, Robert, Maghribue

FERGUSON, Wm., Maghribue

FILSON, Robert, Maghribue

FLETCHER, Alex., Knockbrack

FLETCHER, John, Lurgy

FLETCHER, Robert, Lurgy

FLETCHER, Wm., Lurgy

FORBES, Wm., Ballyconnaly

FORSYTHE, Robert, Drumore

FRAME, Widow, Lurgy

FULSAN, Widow, Drumerdagh

GARVILL, Wm., Lurgybrack

GIVIN, George, Glenoughly

GRAHAM, Hugh, Drumerdagh

GRAHAM, James, Drumerdagh

GRAHAM, Richard, Maghribue

GRAHAM, Wm., Curranagh-Gay

GRAHAMS, James, Old Town

GRAHAMS, Mathew, Old Town

GRAY, Joseph, Oughliard

GRAY, Mathew, Oughliard

GREEN, Robert, Raan

GREEN, Stephen, Lismonaghan

HAMILTON, George, Ballyconnaly

HANAGAN, Philip, Creeve Smith

HANAGAN, Wm., Creeve Smith

HARRISON, Francis, Old Town

HARRISON, Robt., Old Town

HARRISON, Wm., Old Town

HAY, Joseph, Curranagh Glebe

HAY, Widow, Curranagh-Gay

HILL, John, Drumore

HOLADAY, Hugh, Lismonaghan

HOOD, John, Curranagh-Gay

HOOD, Wm., Curranagh-Gay

HORNER, Joseph, Corr

HUNTER, James, Old Town

HUNTER, Joseph, Ballyconnaly

HUNTER, Wm., Curranagh-Gay

HUTCHISON, John, Lisbellian

HUTCHISON, Wm., Lisbellian

JAMISON, John, Curranagh Glebe

JAMISON, Robert, Lismonaghan

JENKINS, Heywood, The, Rev.

JENKINS, Wm., Drumerdagh

KENEDY, James, Creeve Smith

KILLEN, Thomas, Glenoughly

KING, James, Drummany

KING, James, Oughliard

KING, John, Lisbellian

KING, Mathew, Oughliard

KING, Widow, Oughliard

KING, Wm., Oughliard

KIRKWOOD, John, Trimra

LAIRD, John, Curranagh Glebe

LEATCH, Oliver, Cullin

LECKY, Robert, Oughliard

LEETCH, Widow, Lisbellian

LOCKHART, Robert, Creeve Smith

LOVE, Thos., Lisbellian

LUCAS, Wm., Ardaganna

LUCAS, Wm., Curranagh Glebe


McCLAIN, John, Oughliard

McCLINTOCK, Samuel, Lurgy

McCLINTOCK, Samuel, Lurgy

McCLURE, Thomas, Lismonaghan

McCLURE, Wm., Scrably

McCOY, James, Maghribue

McCOY, John, Maghribue

McCREA, Samuel, Oughliard

McGEEHAN, James, Cullin

McILHENNY, Charles, Cullin

McILHENNY, James, Fersalmore

McILHENNY, John, Trimra

McILHENNY, John, Rossbracken

McILHENNY, Saml., Oughliard

McILHENNY, Wm., Glenoughly

McILHENY, Widow, Drummany

McKEAG, James, Pluck

McKEAG, Wm., Pluck

McKINNEY, Hugh, Glenoughly

McKINNEY, John, Glenoughly

McKINNY, Henry, Knockbrack

McKINNY, Wm., Knockbrack

McNUTT, John, Fersalmore

MARTEN, John, Lismonaghan

MARTEN, Nathan, Oughliard

MARTIN, James, Trimra

MERCER, Alex., Ardahee

MILLER, John, Curranagh-Gay

MILLER, Joseph, Curranagh-Gay

MILLER, Wm., Old, Town

MILLS, Thomas, Drummany

MITCHELL, James, Curranagh Glebe

MONTGOMERY, Alex., Rossbracken

MONTGOMERY, Hugh, Drumerdagh

MONTGOMERY, James, Dubalugh

MOORE, Richard, Curranagh Glebe

MOORE, Richard, Glenoughly

MOORE, Samuel, Lurgy

MOORE, Widow, Leck, Allen

MOORE, Wm., Lurgy

MOORE, Wm., Lurgy

PARK, David, Drumerdagh

PATTERSON, James, Dubalugh

PATTERSON, John, Old Town

PEARSON, Henry, Old Town

PEARSON, Henry, Old Town

PEARSON, Wm., Lismonaghan

PEEPLES, James, Curranagh Glebe

PEOPLES, John, Drumerdagh

PEOPLES, Robt., Drumerdagh

PEOPLES, Widow, Lisbellian

RAMSAY, James, Creeve Smith

RANKIN, And., Curranagh-Gay

RANKIN, Rich., Curranagh-Gay

REAGH, Archibald, Knockbrack

ROSE, James, Curranagh-Gay

RUSSELL, James, Raan

RUSSELL, John, Raan

RUSSELL, John, Drummany

SCOT, Michael, Dubalugh

SCOTT, Wm., Scrably

SMILEY, James, Corr

SMILY, Widow, Maghribue

STEEN, Nathan, Drumerdagh

STEPHENSON, John, Maghribue

STEPHENSON, John, Drumerdagh

STEPHENSON, Robt., Drumore

STEVENSON, Hugh, Rossbracken

STEWART, George, Lismonaghan

STEWART, John, Maghribue

STEWART, Joseph, Lismonaghan

STEWART, Wm., Knockbrack

STEWART, Wm., Maghribue



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