Civil Marriage Registrations 1865 - 1870

Registrar's District of Letterkenny

These marriages were submitted by Cass, transcribed by Lindel, and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Alphabetical by Groom Surname


These 163 marriage registrations represent about 70% of the registrations between 1866 and the end of the first quarter of 1870 - there are some gaps, but not many.

I have done my best to transcribe these without error and to enter the standard spellings for the townland names, adding the parishes to the entries as well.

Some of the entries are very hard to read, so it is best that, if you can identify a marriage being one belonging to your family,

you email me and I will then send you a scan of the registration for you to look at for yourself. Email me with the date and the names of the bride and groom.


Date Groom Age Condition Profession Residence Father Profession Bride Age Condition Profession Residence Father Profession Witness 1 Witness 2 Church District
29 Oct 1868 Alexander, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Clashygowan, Taughboyne Alexander, David Farmer Rankin, Anne Jane Full Spinster   Drumnahough, Conwal Rankin, John Farmer Gamble, James Rankin, Joseph Letterkenny Conwal
4 Mar 1869 Algoe, Charles Full Bachelor farmer Faugher, Clondahorky Algoe, Thomas Farmer Rankin, Rebecca Full Spinster   Strahurly, Leck Rankin, David Farmer Clarke, Anne McElhiney, Robert Letterkenny Conwal
5 Jan 1869 Anderson, Alexander Full Bachelor Blacksmith Kinnalargy, Mevagh Anderson, Robert Blacksmith McFee, Eliza Full Spinster   Curraghlea, Conwal McFee, James Farmer McFee, Samuel Kinneer, James A Letterkenny Conwal
4 Jan 1870 Anderson, Charles Full Bachelor Farmer Cabra, Conwal Anderson, Robert Farmer Baxter, Elizabeth Full Spinster   Cabra, Conwal Baxter, William Farmer Baxter, Matthew McKnight, Thomas Conwal Conwal
7 Apr 1868 Anderson, John Full Bachelor Farmer Church Hill, Gartan Anderson, John Labourer McFeeters, Anne 19 Spinster   Terargus, Conwal McFeeters, William Farmer Fleming, John McFeeters, John Gartan Gartan
22 Nov 1866 Baird, Henry Full Bachelor Labourer Drumnahoagh? Baird, William Labourer McGarvey, Margaret Full Spinster   Stranorlar McGarvey, Hugh Labourer Bovaird, Henry Porter, Thomas Aghanunshin Aghanunshin
10 Feb 1870 Barnhill, William Full Bachelor Farmer Ballylawn, Raymoghy Barnhill, John Farmer Crowe, Mary Full Spinster   Mondooey, Raymoghy Crowe, James Farmer Noble, Samuel Barnhill, John Errity Raymoghy
23 Feb 1865 Baxter, Alexander Full Bachelor Farmer Magheracorran, Convoy Baxter, Patrick Farmer Malseed, Margaret Full Spinster   Glendoen, Conwal Malseed, Anthony Farmer Malseed, Joseph Baxter, David Letterkenny Conwal
17 May 1867 Baxter, John Full Bachelor Clerk? Letterkenny, Conwal Baxter, George Farmer Patterson, Rebecca Anne Full Spinster   Ballyboe, Letterkenny Patterson, William Porter Maxwell, S E Malseed, Eliza J Letterkenny Letterkenny
4 Jun 1867 Birney, Robert 22 Bachelor Carpenter Letterkenny, Conwal Birney, James Carpenter Heron, Biddy Full Spinster Servant Letterkenny, Conwal Heron, Frank Labourer Maxwell, S E Davis, James Letterkenny Letterkenny
26 Jan 1865 Black, Joseph 27 Bachelor Farmer Church Hill Black, William Farmer O'Donnell, Jane 21 Spinster School ? Church Hill O'Donnell, Johnston S School Teacher Black, James O'Donnell, George Gartan Gartan
11 Jun 1868 Borrows, George Full Bachelor Farmer Dromore, Kilmacrenan Borrows, George Farmer Gregg, Elizabeth Minor Spinster   Ballaghderg? Gregg, Robert Farmer Campbell, Robert A Campbell, Robert? Letterkenny Conwal
3 Mar 1870 Bovaird, James Full Bachelor Farmer Whitehill Bovaird, William Farmer McKean, Catherine Full Spinster   Dromore, Conwal McKean, John Farmer Neely, John McCallum, William Trenta Conwal
15 Apr 1868 Bovaird, William H Minor Bachelor Farmer Ballybolauder, Conwal Bovaird, James Farmer Buchanan, Jane 23 Spinster   Sokar, Kilmacrenan Buchanan, William Farmer Buchanan, Robert Morgan, John Trenta Conwal
24 Oct 1866 Boyle, Peter 21 Bachelor Farmer Stralongford, Convoy Boyle, John Farmer Crumley, Mary Full Spinster   Killymasney, Conwal Crumley, Andrew Farmer O'Donnell, John Boyle, John Letterkenny Letterkenny
25 Oct 1866 Brown, Hugh 30 Bachelor Farmer Lenalea, Conwal Brown, Daniel Farmer McGinley, Anne Full Spinster   Altinierin, Kilmacrenan McGinley, Charles Farmer Doherty, Patrick McDevitt, Magy Letterkenny Letterkenny
1 Aug 1867 Brown, Robert Full Bachelor Farmer Bunnagee, Leck Brown, James Farmer Wylie, Mary Anne Full Spinster   Carrygally, Leck Wylie, Allan Farmer Wylie, Allan Buchanan, Robert Letterkenny Conwal
16 Jan 1868 Campbell, Isaac Full Bachelor Farmer Drean, Raymoghy Campbell, James Farmer Barnhill, Maria Full Spinster   Ballylawn, Ramoghy Barnhill, John Farmer Barnhill, William Millar, Joshua Errity Raymoghy
25 Feb 1868 Carbury, James 40 Bachelor Farmer Killymasny, Conwal Carbury, Cormack Farmer McDaid, Mary 20 Spinster   Ballybeg McDaid, Charles Farmer Fullerton, Stephen Carbury, Anne Conwal Church Hill
16 Nov 1868 Carr, William Full Bachelor Labourer Letterkenny, Conwal Carr, Robert Labourer Wilson, Mary Anne Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Wilson, Alexander Labourer Carr, Robert Parker, William Conwal Conwal
3 Mar 1870 Clarke, Charles Full Bachelor Farmer Roughan, Conwal Clarke, George Farmer Russell, Anne Jane Full Spinster   Letterleague, Conwal Russell, David Farmer Clarke, William Clarke, Rebecca Conwal Conwal
24 Dec 1868 Clarke, John Full Widower Farmer Galdonagh, Raymoghy Clarke, John Farmer Gibson, Prudence Full Spinster   Carnamogagh, Conwal Gibson, John Farmer Clarke, Margaret S Stevenson, John Letterkenny Conwal
21 Feb 1865 Clarke, Robert Alex Full Bachelor Farmer Carricknamart, Raymoughy Clarke, John Farmer McConnell, Catherine Full Spinster   Drumcarn, Raymoghy McConnell, John Farmer Peoples, Wm McFadden, JA Manorcunningham Raymoghy
27 May 1869 Coal, William John 23 Bachelor Labourer Ballylawn, Raymoghy Coal, Patrick Labourer Ferry, Ellen 21 Spinster Servant Ballybegly, All Saints Ferry, Daniel Labourer Ball, J Benson, David Raymoghy Raymoghy
21 Jan 1868 Colhoun, John Full Bachelor Farmer Maghera Beg, Raymoghy Colhoun, Matthew Farmer Magill, Jane Anne Full Spinster   Maghera Beg, Raymoghy Magill, John Farmer Rogers, John C Magill, Martha Manorcunningham Raymoghy
1 Jul 1866 Coyle, Maurice 30 Bachelor Farmer Newtown Tully Coyle, John Farmer McDermott, Susan Full Widow   Dooballagh, Leck McMenamin, John Farmer McMenamin, James Gallagher, Catherine Letterkenny Letterkenny
2 Apr 1868 Crowe, William Full Bachelor farmer Mondooey, Raymoghy Crowe, Joseph Farmer Lecky, Jane Full Spinster   Drean, Raymoghy Lecky, John Farmer Clarke, Rabert Jack, Andrew Errity Raymoghy
25 Jan 1869 Cullen, Damiel 25 Bachelor Labourer Ballyboe, Raymoghy Cullen, Maurice Labourer Friel, Catherine 20 Spinster Servant Drumoghill, Raymoghy Friel, Charles Labourer Boyle, Patrick Friel, Bridget Raymoghy Manorcunningham
15 Nov 1866 Cunningham, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Tullybogly, Raymoghy Cunningham, Robert Farmer Patterson, Jane Full Spinster   Mondooey, Raymoghy Patterson, William Farmer Kincaid, William Kincais, Maggy Manorcunningham Raymoghy
10 Sep 1866 Davis, John 25 Bachelor Merchant Ramelton, Aughnish Davis, William Farmer Anderson, Mary 22 Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Anderson, James Cabinet Maker Davis, James Maxwell, Sarah E Registrar Office Letterkenny
27 Jul 1869 Davison, Robert Full Bachelor Farmer Magheranan, Aghanunshin Davison, William Farmer McBea, Eliza Full Spinster   Magheranan, Aghanunshin McBea, Thomas Farmer Glass, James Elliott, Samuel Letterkenny Conwal
14 May 1868 Devenny, William Full Widower Labourer Galdonagh, Raymoghy Devenny, ? Labourer Park, Margaret Full Spinster Servant Monclink, Raymoghy Park, James Labourer Helferty, Denis Guthrie, William Raymoghy Raymoghy
23 Nov 1869 Dillon, Daniel Full Bachelor Shoemaker Galdonagh, Raymoghy Dillon, James Labourer McGarvey, Mary Full Spinster   The Glen McGarvey, Patrick Labourer Wallace, Robert Roulston, James Manorcunningham Raymoghy
21 Jan 1867 Diver, John 25 Bachelor Farmer Stackarnagh, Conwal Diver, John Farmer McDade, Mary 22 Spinster   Ballynakilly, Conwal McDade, John Blacksmith/Farmer ?, Bernard McDade, Mary Conwal Church Hill
24 Sep 1867 Doherty, James 23 Bachelor Labourer Balleeghan, Raymoghy Doherty, Edward Carpenter McAteer, Sarah 20 Spinster Housekeeper ? McAteer, Thomas Labourer Curran, Catherine Gallagher, Catherine Drumoghill Manorcunningham
24 Feb 1865 Doherty, Richard 27 Bachelor Farmer Killymasny, Conwal Doherty, James Farmer McDevitt, Margaret Full Spinster   Procklis, Conwal McDevitt, Bernard/Bryan Farmer Herald, Daniel Harkin, Magy Letterkenny Letterkenny
20 Sep 1866 Duncan, Moses Full Bachelor Labourer Magheraboy, Leck Duncan, William Farmer McLaughlin, Eliza Full Spinster   Aghlehard, Leck McLaughlin, John Labourer Fletcher, Robert Caskie, Samuel Errity Raymoghy
9 Feb 1869 Dwyer, Thomas 29 Bachelor Agriculturist Drumbollogue, Conwal Dwyer, William Farmer Rein?, Ann 25 Spinster   Glenveagh Rein?, William Farmer Hewston, James Wilson, James Registrar Office Letterkenny
11 Jan 1870 Elliott, David Full Bachelor Labourer Glendooen, Conwal Elliott, Stephen Farmer Mowbray, Jane Full Spinster   Windy Hall, Conwal Mowbray, Benjamin Labourer Mowbray, William McCreery, Ellen Conwal Conwal
29 Jan 1867 Elliott, James Minor Bachelor Labourer Killyclug, Conwal Elliott, Robert Labourer Chambers, Elizabeth Minor Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Chambers, William Mason Chambers, David Kelso, Samuel Conwal Conwal
4 Jul 1867 Flynn, William Edward Full Bachelor Physician Carrigart, Mevagh Flynn, Daniel Clergyman Jack, Annie Minor Spinster   Trenta Manse Jack, Sampson Clergyman Gallagher, Edward McClean, David Trenta Conwal
5 Aug 1869 Forsyth, John 41 Bachelor Farmer Moneyhaughly, Raymoghy Forsyth, John Farmer Meehan, Sarah 32 Spinster   Tirharon, Raymoghy Meehan, Neal Farmer Graham, William Harkin, Biddy Registrar Office Letterkenny
17 Jan 1867 Gailey, Andrew Full Widower Farmer Tullygay, Conwal Gailey, Daniel Farmer McElhinny, Anne Full Spinster   Rossbrackan, Leck McElhinny, James Farmer McElhinny, Robert Colhoun, Margaret Manorcunningham Raymoghy
Feb 1867 Gallagher, Charles 30 Bachelor Farmer Drum? Gallagher, Daniel   Curran, Elizabeth 25 Spinster   Stackarnagh, Conwal Curran, Bernard   Curran, Bernard Curran, Rose Conwal Church Hill
15 Dec 1867 Gallagher, Edward 25 Bachelor Servant ? Gallagher, Charles Labourer McBride, Biddy 22 Spinster Servant ? McBride, Michael Carpenter Martin, Mary Gallagher, Catherine Drumoghill Manorcunningham
31 Jan 1868 Gallagher, John 20 Bachelor Farm Svt Errity, Raymoghy Gallagher, Toal Baker McIlwane, Rose 20 Spinster Farm Svt Errity, Raymoghy McIlwane, Michael Labourer Rutherford, John K?, Thomas Drumoghill Raymoghy
19 Sep 1866 Gallagher, Neal 57 Widower Grooms Hand Ballynakillly, Conwal Gallagher, Owen Farmer Conaghan, Rose 45 Spinster Dealer Procklis, Conwal Conaghan, Patrick Cottier Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Ellen Conwal Church Hill
26 Feb 1867 Gallagher, Patrick 27 Bachelor Farmer Tirargus Gallagher, Patrick Farmer Doherty, Mary Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Doherty, Patrick Farmer Kane, Patrick Doherty, Anne Letterkenny Letterkenny
7 Dec 1869 Gibson, James Full Bachelor Farmer Coolboy, Conwal Gibson, William Farmer Kennedy, Susan Full Widow   Coolboy, Conwal McIlwaine, Albert Farmer Russell, William Clarke, Rebecca Anne Conwal Conwal
6 Jul 1866 Glass, George Full Bachelor Servant Lisnenan, Conwal Glass, John Pensioner Elliott, Eleanor Full Spinster   Glendoen Elliot, Stephen Farmer Scholes, Charles McFarrell, Robert Conwal Conwal
21 Jan 1869 Glinn, George Full Bachelor Farmer Gortree, All Saints Glinn, Andrew Farmer McKinly, Catherine Full Spinster   Ballylawn, Ramoghy McKinly, James Farmer Gallaher, James Porter, Robert Errity Raymoghy
13 Sep 1866 Glinn/McGlinn, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Carnamogagh Upper, Conwal Glinn/McGlinn, Samuel Farmer Ramsey, Rose Anne Full Spinster   Kiltoy, Aghanunshin Ramsey, Crawford Farmer Beatty, William Beatty, James Letterkenny Conwal
18 Feb 1868 Gordon, James Full Bachelor Labourer Treantagh, Conwal Gordon, William Labourer Buchanan, Jane Full Spinster   Treantagh, Conwal Buchanan, Alexander Labourer Jack, Mary Russell, Robert Conwal Conwal
10 Feb 1870 Guthrie, James Alex Full Bachelor Farmer Mondooey, Raymoghy Guthrie, Samuel farmer Noble, Jane Full Spinster   Castledowey, Raymoghy Noble, Samuel Farmer McKinlay, Robert Lecky, John Errity Raymoghy
Dec 1868 Hamilton, William Full Bachelor Labourer Moneyhaughly, Raymoghy Hamilton, William Farmer Eccles, Isabella Full Spinster   Veagh, Raymoghy Eccles, James Farmer Hamilton, Martha Hamilton, Samuel Manorcunningham Raymoghy
8 Jan 1867 Haran, Hugh Full Bachelor ? Gweedore Haran, Owen Farmer Chambers, Mary Jane Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Chambers, William Mason Chambers, David Teas, James Conwal Conwal
28 Feb 1867 Harron, Neal 29? Bachelor Farmer Glenaboghil, Inishkeel? Harron, Connell Farmer McGeehan, Mary Full Spinster   Meenatimea? McGeehan, James Farmer McGeehan, Patrick McGeehan, James Letterkenny Letterkenny
2 Feb 1865 Hegarty, John Full Bachelor Farmer's son Cabra, Conwal Hegarty, Matthew Farmer Malseed, Ellen Full Spinster   Drumanaught, Conwal Malseed, Anthony Farmer Malseed, Joseph McCloskey, James Letterkenny Conwal
2 Dec 1867 Hegarty, John 27 Bachelor farmer Burndale Hegarty, William Farmer Quin, Rose 22 Spinster Servant Seacor, Conwal Quin, Patrick Farmer Kenedy, John Kenedy, Rose Conwal Church Hill
20 Dec 1866 Henderson, James Full Widower Farmer Trimragh, Leck Henderson, Joseph Farmer Montgomery, Catherine Full Spinster   Trimragh, Leck Montgomery, James Farmer Montgomery, John Pollack, John Letterkenny Conwal
8 Mar 1867 Heraghty 22 Bachelor Blacksmith Letterkenny, Conwal Heraghty, John Blacksmith Connaaghan, Mary Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Connaghan, Neal Slater Armstrong, William McDaid, Bridget Anne Letterkenny Letterkenny
26 Oct 1866 Hilferty, John 30 Bachelor Labourer Milltown Hilferty, Edward Farmer Ward, Mary Full Spinster   Milltown Ward, Henry Labourer McDevitt, Connel Armstrong, Sarah Letterkenny Letterkenny
5 Oct 1868 Hogan, Michael Full Bachelor Servant Lunatic Asylum Hogan, James Labourer Russell, Isabella Full Spinster Servant Lunatic Asylum Russell, Joseph Labourer McElhinny, John Kydd, Isabella Conwal Conwal
14 Feb 1867 James, Henry Full Bachelor Farmer Cabra Brooke, Conwal James, henry Farmer McKnight, Margaret Full Spinster   Cabra Glebe, Conwal McKnight, John Farmer McKnight, Thomas James, Eliza Conwal Conwal
4 Apr 1867 Kee, William Full Bachelor Farmer Creeve Smith, Leck Kee, John Farmer Dobson, Hannah Full Spinster   Letterleague, Conwal Dobson, Anderson Farmer Dobson, Oliver Boal, John Letterkenny Conwal
4 Feb 1868 Kelly, William 28 Bachelor Farmer Roshin, Conwal Kelly, William Farmer Goban, Susan 22 Spinster   Keeloges, Conwal Goban, William Farmer McConnellogue, John Goban, Catherine Conwal Church Hill
23 Apr 1867 Kelso, Thomas Full Bachelor Carpenter Killyclug, Conwal Kelso, Thomas Farmer McBeth, Eliza Anne Full Spinster   Cloghra McBeth, David Farmer Hunter, Samuel McBeth, David Trenta Conwal
2 Feb 1869 Kerr, Smith Full Bachelor Servant Dunduffsfort, Raymoghy Kerr, James Labourer Kerr, Eliza 24 Spinster Servant Ryelands, Raymoghy Kerr, William Labourer Ball, J Glenn, John Raymoghy Raymoghy
12 Aug 1867 Killen, James Full Bachelor Contractor Moneymore, Raymoghy Killen, Robert Farmer Gardiner, Margaret Full Spinster   Moneymore, Raymoghy Gardiner, James Farmer Doherty, Edward Campbell, Isaac Errity Raymoghy
28 May 1867 Lecky, Alexander Full Bachelor Shoemaker Tully Lecky, Thomas Farmer Stewart, Margaret Full Spinster   Knockbrack, Leck Stewart, William Farmer Allen, Robert Braceland, Hannah Manorcunningham Raymoghy
4 Jun 1867 Little, John Full Bachelor Constabulary Glenties Little, William Farmer Noble, Elizabeth Full Spinster   Drumoghill, Raymoghy Noble, James Farmer Beattie, Robert Montgomery, William jnr Errity Raymoghy
24 Feb 1865 MacKay, Robert Full Bachelor Labourer Letterkenny, Conwal MacKay, John Carpenter Jameson, Catherine Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Jameson, S? Labourer Bovaird, James Grier, Samuel Letterkenny Conwal
15 Oct 1868 Mairs, John Full Bachelor Farmer Ray Mairs, John Farmer Moore, Florinda? Full Spinster   Aghlehard, Leck Moore, David Farmer Montgomery, William jnr Moore, David Manorcunningham Raymoghy
15 Jan 1869 Malseed, Stewart Full Bachelor Farmer Ardrumman, Aghanunshin Malseed, Stewart Farmer McElhinney, Elizabeth Full Spinster   Roughpark, Aghanunshin McElhinney, Alexander Farmer McElhinney, James McElhinney, William Letterkenny Conwal
12 Nov 1868 Malseed, William Full Bachelor farmer Glendooen, Conwal Malseed, Anthony Farmer Faulkner, Anne Full Spinster   Glendooen, Conwal Faulkner, George Labourer Storey, Matthew Starret, Rebecca Letterkenny Conwal
19 Sep 1867 Martin, Thomas Full Widower farmer Breaghy, Conwal Martin, Robert Farmer Birnie, Catherine Full Spinster   Ballyboencurragh, Aghanunshin Birnie, Samuel Carpenter Philem, Charles McConnell, Alex Letterkenny Conwal
22 Nov 1866 Mason, George Full Bachelor Farmer Castleblagh, Raymoghy Mason, William Farmer Clarke, Sarah Anne Full Spinster   Glenmaquin Lower, Raphoe Clarke, James Farmer McGirr, Robert Clarke, Thomas A Errity Raymoghy
4 Mar 1867 McAnulty, Henry 26 Bachelor Servant Trimragh, Leck McAnulty, Aaron Labourer Walsh, Margaret 22 Spinster Servant Moneymore, Raymoghy Walsh, William Labourer Pollock, James Hunter, William Errity Raymoghy
26 Oct 1869 McCarron, Daniel 28 Bachelor Farmer Moneymore, Raymoghy McCarron, Neil Farmer Gallagher, Roseanna 25 Spinster   Moneymore, Raymoghy Gallagher, Patrick Farmer Sheils, Patrick Dougherty, Edward Drumoghill Manorcunningham
15 Jan 1865 McCay, Edward 35 Single Shoemaker Letterkenny, Conwal McCay, Patrick Shoemaker Kelly, Rose 22 Single Farmer's dau Kilpheak, Conwal Kelly, Edward Farmer Kelly, Charles Kelly, Mary Glenswilly Church Hill
9 Mar 1865 McClelland, Matthew Full Bachelor Farmer Ballyboeglencar, Conwal McClelland, Samuel Farmer Gailey, Sarah Full Spinster   Tullygay, Conwal Gailey, Samuel/Daniel Farmer Gailey, Andrew Buchanan, Mary Letterkenny Conwal
5 Jan 1865 McClintock, Joseph Full Bachelor Farmer Treantaghmucklagh, Taughboyne McClintock, Joseph Farmer Noble, Sarah Ann Full Spinster   Castledowey, Raymoghy Noble, Robert Farmer Noble, Samuel Forrest, James Letterkenny Conwal
17 Jan 1865 McDade (McDevitt), John 27 Bachelor Cattle Dealer Glenkeeragh, Conwal McDade (McDevitt), Michael Farmer Ward, Catherine Full Spinster   Conwal Ward, Charles Farmer Ward, John M?, Connel Letterkenny Letterkenny
3 Nov 1868 McDade, Patrick 19 Bachelor Labourer Maghera Beg, Raymoghy McDade, Charles Farmer Carlin, Mary 19 Spinster Servant Kingcraigy, Raymoghy Carlin, Michael Farmer Devenny, Charles McCafferty, Ellen Drumoghill Raymoghy
3 Feb 1868 McDaid, Daniel 48 Bachelor Farmer Meencarrick, Conwal McDaid, Daniel Farmer McDaid, Mary 34 Spinster   Carrick, Conwal McDaid, Gilbraith Farmer McDaid, Charles McDaid, Bridget Conwal Church Hill
23 Feb 1868 McDaid, Edward 28 Widower Farmer Drumenan, Conwal McDaid, Patrick Farmer Curran, Mary 30 Spinster   Blackfalls Curran, William Farmer Kenedy, Charles Kenedy, Anne Conwal Church Hill
26 Feb 1867 McDaid, John 30 Bachelor Servant Legnahoory, Kilmacrenan McDaid, Charles Farmer Heraghty, Maryanne 21 Spinster Servant Legnahoory, Kilmacrenan Heraghty, John Farmer McDaid, Charles McDaid, John Kilmacrenan Church Hill
6 Apr 1869 McDermott, Bernard 20 Bachelor Farmer Rossgeir, Clonleigh McDermott, Francis Farmer Harkin, Mary Anne 18 Spinster   Ballyconnelly Harkin, Daniel Farmer Harkin, James McDermott, Mary Conwal Church Hill
26 Feb 1867 McDevitt, Patrick 28 Bachelor Farmer E? McDevitt, Charles Farmer McFadden, Rose 20 Spinster   Craghy, Conwal McFadden, James Farmer McDevitt, Charles McDevitt, Winifred Conwal Church Hill
16 Feb 1865 McDevitt, William 21 Bachelor Baker Newtowncunningham McDevitt, Neal Farmer Doherty, Anne Jane Full Spinster Shop Keeper Newtowncunningham Doherty, Charles Labourer Kennedy, William Kennedy, Martha Drumoghill Manorcunningham
23 Jan 1868 McElhiney, Robert Full Bachelor Farmer Rossbrackan, Leck McElhiney, James Farmer Cheatly, Annie Full Spinster   Dromore, Conwal Cheatly, Patterson Farmer Buchanan, Matthew Wasson, John Letterkenny Conwal
30 Nov 1866 McFadden, James Full Bachelor SGT Constabulary Carrigart, Mevagh McFadden, Hugh Farmer Scott, Eliza Anne Full Widow Publican Letterkenny, Conwal McConnell, John Farmer Coulter, James Graham, Annie Letterkenny Conwal
Jan 1868 McGeehan, John 30 Bachelor Farmer Fintown McGeehan, James Farmer McDevitt, Catherine 22 Spinster   Meencarrick McDevitt, Denis Farmer McGeehan, Denis McGeehan, Catherine Conwal Church Hill
23 Feb 1865 McGinley, John 47 Bachelor Farmer Altinierin, Conwal McGinley, Michael Farmer McMenamin, Mary 32 Spinster   Carrickalangan, Conwal McMenamin, James Farmer McGinley, Charles McGinley, James Letterkenny Letterkenny
4 May 1867 McGinty, Thomas 18 Bachelor Labourer Galdonagh, Raymoghy McGinty, Thomas Labourer McFadden, Ellen 25 Spinster Housekeeper Galdonagh, Raymoghy McFadden, Manus Labourer Gallagher, Francy Martin, Mary Drumoghill Manorcunningham
5 Feb 1867 McGlinchy, Francis 40 Bachelor Farmer ? McFGlinchy, John Farmer Gallagher, Anne 30 Spinster   Meencarrick Gallagher, Daniel Farmer Gallagher, Hugh Gallagher, Patrick Conwal Church Hill
3 Mar 1867 McGolrick 30     Mullaghfin, Convoy McGolrick, Denis Farmer Harry/Harvey, Mary 22           Harry/Harvey, James McGolrick, Sarah Letterkenny Letterkenny
5 Feb 1867 McGrenra, William 40 Bachelor Farmer Cabra Glebe, Conwal McGrenra, William Farmer Gallagher, Cecilia 24 Spinster   Drumnashammar, Conwal Gallagher, Daniel Farmer Gallagher, Daniel Gallagher, Mary Conwal Church Hill
14 Feb 1867 McLaughlin, Daniel 23 Bachelor Baker Race End, Letterkenny McLaughlin, John Gardiner Helferty, Mary Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Helferty, James Labourer Diver, John Diver, Magy Letterkenny Letterkenny
31 Jan 1867 McLaughlin, Jeremiah 30 Bachelor Labourer Rossbrackan, Leck McLaughlin, William Labourer Keatly, Anne 25 Spinster Housekeeper Manorcunningham, Raymoghy Keatly, Abraham Caretaker Cullion, Bernard Cullion, Daniel Drumoghill Manorcunningham
24 Dec 1867 McNamee, Charles 38 Widower Farmer Carrickalangan, Conwal McNamee, William Farmer Gallagher, Mary 21 Spinster Servant Carrickalangan, Conwal Virgilius Gallagher Farmer Houston, Hugh Moyce, Frances Conwal Church Hill
15 Nov 1866 Meehan, Daniel 30 Bachelor Servant Corkey, Raymoghy Meehan, William Farm Caretaker Sheils, Sarah 20 Spinster Housekeeper Corkey, Raymoghy Sheils, James Carpenter Martin, Mary Gallagher, Catherine Drumoghill Manorcunningham
Jun? 1868 Merrick, Robert Full Bachelor Labourer Windyhall, Conwal Merrick, William Weaver James, Margaret Anne Full Spinster   Glencar, Conwal James, William Labourer Stevenson, Richard Strain, Charles Conwal Conwal
20 Sep 1867 Millar, James Full Bachelor Asylum warder Asylum, Letterkenny Millar, John Farmer Starrett, Blanche Full Spinster   Carna?gah Starrett, Thomas Farmer Glass, William Logan, Thomas Conwal Conwal
24 Oct 1867 Millar, Joshua Full Bachelor Farmer Rossbrackan, Leck Millar, William Farmer Campbell, Eliza Jane Full Spinster   Drean, Raymoghy Campbell, James Farmer Clarke, David Millar, David Errity Raymoghy
2 Feb 1870 Millar, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Drumanaught, Conwal Millar, George Farmer Irwin, Eliza Full Spinster   Kirkneedy, Conwal Irwin, Alexander Farmer Irwin, William Millar, George Letterkenny Conwal
13 Jun 1867 Miller, Henry Full Bachelor Teacher Letterkenny, Conwal Miller, Andrew Farmer Nixon, Anne Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Nixon, John Farmer Moore, Joseph Robinson, John Letterkenny Conwal
8 Oct 1864 Mills, Alewxander 21 Bachelor Servant Bal? Mills, Alexander Labourer Kerr, Margaret 22 Spinster Servant Moneymore, Raymoghy Kerr, William Labourer Armers, Robert Stevenson, Samuel Raymoghy Raymoghy
3 Feb 1870 Montgomery, David 16 Bachelor Labourer Moneymore, Raymoghy Montgomery, David farmer Walker, Matilda Full Spinster Servant Moneymore, Raymoghy Walker, Robert Labourer Ball, J Walker, Robert Raymoghy Raymoghy
24 Dec 1867 Moore, John Full Widower Farmer Cashel, Kilmacrenan Moore, M? Farmer Peoples, Mary Full Spinster Servant Carrowtrasna, Gartan Peoples, James Farmer McKnight, Thomas King, Alexander Gartan Gartan
28 Oct 1869 Moore, Robert Full Bachelor Farmer Aghlehard, Leck Moore, David Farmer McKinney, Margaret Full Spinster   Knockbrack, Leck McKinney, Matthew Farmer Moore, David Moore, Margaret Letterkenny Conwal
20 Aug 1867 Mowbray, Thomas Full Bachelor Keeper in Asylum Letterkenny, Conwal Mowbray, Benjamin Labourer McCleary, Margaret Jane Full Spinster Keeper in Asylum Letterkenny, Conwal McCleary, Thomas Labourer Broderick, Mary A Millar, James Letterkenny Conwal
25 Dec 1869 Munn, Thomas Full Bachelor Farmer Coolboy, Conwal Munn, Alexander Farmer Buchanan, Margaret Full Spinster Farm Svt Coolboy, Conwal Buchanan, Ambrose Labourer Buchanan, Isabella Elliott, Mary Conwal Conwal
26 Aug 1866 Murray, Edward 55 Widower Farmer Cloncarney, Conwal Murray, Neal Farmer Kelly, Margaret 45 Spinster Servant Tullychullion, Conwal Kelly, Patrick Farmer Bradley, Jane Huston, Hugh Conwal Church Hill
2 Dec 1869 Murray, Gilly 40 Bachelor Farmer Drumbarnet, Raymoghy Murray, Daniel Farmer Cullen, Mary 30 Spinster   Lisclamerty, Raymoghy Cullen, William Farmer McShane, John McGinley, Cecilia Drumoghill Manorcunningham
17 Mar 1870 Neely, Matthew Full Bachelor Farmer Cloncarney, Conwal Neely, Daniel Farmer Neely, Matty Full Spinster   Cloncarney, Conwal Neely, Moses Farmer Morgan, David Neely, John Trenta Conwal
11 Mar 1869 Neely, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Cloncarney, Conwal Neely, Daniel Farmer Delap, Mary Full Spinster   Terargus, Conwal Delap, William Farmer Delap, John Neely, Matthew Trenta Conwal
29 Nov 1866 Noble, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Drumaghill, Raymoghy Noble, James Farmer Clarke, Isabella Full Spinster   Carricknamart, Raymoghy Clarke, Samuel Farmer Cunningham, R Cunningham, F Errity Raymoghy
17 Nov 1866 O'Donnell, James 22 Bachelor Servant Rahan O'Donnell, Hugh Farmer Keelan, Rose Full Spinster Servant Rahan Keelan, Feargal Labourer Devenny, John Keelan, Margaret Letterkenny Letterkenny
25 Jan 1867 O'Donnell, James 22 Bachelor Farmer Dromore, Conwal O'Donnell, John Farmer McCafferty, Catherine 21 Spinster Servant Dromore, Conwal McCafferty, Patrick Farmer Kennedy, Charles Kennedy, Alexander Conwal Church Hill
17 May 1866 O'Donnell, John 27 Bachelor Farmer Augulllies, Templecrone O'Donnell, John Farmer Gallagher, Fanny 18 Spinster   Stramore Upper, Gartan Gallagher, Hugh Farmer Duddy, Charles Ward, Hannah Letterkenny Letterkenny
9 Jan 1865 O'Donnell, William 24 Bachelor Labourer Sallaghagrane, Conwal O'Donnell, William Labourer Kennedy, Mary Full Spinster   Letterkenny, Conwal Kennedy, John Butcher Kennedy, Edward Kennedy, Margaret Letterkenny Letterkenny
17 Mar 1868 Patterson, James Full Bachelor Butcher Letterkenny, Conwal Patterson, Joseph Butcher Lawson, Eliza Mary Full Spinster   Drumardagh, Leck Lawson, Matthew Farmer Brown, John Kinneer, James A Letterkenny Conwal
15 Mar 1867 Proctor, James Full Bachelor Servant Milltown near Londonderry Proctor, Robert Labourer Smyth, Margaret 22 Spinster Servant Meenawilligan, Gartan Smyth, William Farmer Maxwell, S E McElhinny, Elizabeth Letterkenny Letterkenny
21 Mar 1867 Ramsay, James 30 Bachelor Contractor Maylin, Raymoghy Ramsay, Archibald Labourer Duncan, Elizabeth 24 Spinster   Maylin, Raymoghy Duncan, John Labourer Shannon, James Leckey, William Errity Raymoghy
27 Dec 1866 Rankin, Thomas Full Bachelor Farmer Drumnahough Rankin, John Farmer Russell, Mary Full Spinster   Ballybolauder, Conwal Russell, John Farmer Buchanan, David Rankin, Joseph Trenta Conwal
11 May 1869 Rippey, James Full Bachelor Labourer Woodhill, Raymoghy Rippey, Andrew Labourer Stewart, Eliza Full Spinster   Doorabble, Raphoe Stewart, William Labourer McDermott, Mary Mulrain, John Errity Raymoghy
1 Jul 1867 Robinson, Archibald Full Bachelor Farmer Teankeel, Conwal Robinson, Archibald Carpenter Rankin, Eliza Jane Full Spinster   Treankeel, Conwal Rankin, George Farmer Russell, Robert Tease, Mary Trenta Conwal
26 Oct 1868 Rogers, James 21 Bachelor Labourer Maghera Beg, Raymoghy Rogers, Francis Farmer Cannon, Catherine 32 Spinster   Maghera Beg, Raymoghy Curran, Neal Farmer Crampsey, William Crampsey, Bridget Drumoghill Raymoghy
18 Dec 1866 Russell, Andrew Full Bachelor Faremr Cavan Upper, Donaghmore Russell, James Farmer Campbell, Rebecca 19 Spinster   Mondooey, Raymoghy Campbell, James Farmer Wilson, Charles Russell, Joseph Errity Raymoghy
10 Jan 1868 Russell, John 28 Bachelor Smith Whitehill Russell, Matthew ? Dermot, Eleanor 24 Spinster Servant Whitehill Dermot, Patrick Farmer Callaghan, William O'Donnell, Sarah Kilmacrenan Church Hill
29 Jan 1867 Russell, Samuel Full Bachelor Farmer Ballybol? Russell, John Farmer Logan, Jane Full Widow   Rathdonnell, Kilmacrenan Buchanan, Robert Farmer Bovaird, William H Buchanan, David Trenta Conwal
17 Nov 1868 Russell, William Full Bachelor Servant Drum? Russell, John Farmer McClelland, Sarah Full Spinster Servant Drum McClelland, John Labourer Burne, John Porter, John Raymoghy Raymoghy
24 Dec 1866 Sadlier, George Full Bachelor Constable Letterkenny, Conwal Sadlier, William Constable McClea, Sarah Full Spinster   Crislaghkeel, Fahan Upper McClea, William Farmer Hurst, Thomas Coulter, Isabella Conwal Conwal
4 Feb 1868 Sawyers, Alexander Full Bachelor Labourer Letterkenny, Conwal Sawyers, Alexander Labourer Malseed, Sarah Jane Full Spinster   Glendooen, Conwal Malseed, Anthony Farmer Malseed, William Elliott, Esther Letterkenny Conwal
29 Aug 1867 Scott, James William Full Bachelor Gardener C?Castle, Galway Scott, John Farmer Mercer, Elizabeth Jane Full Spinster   Ballymacool, Conwal Mercer, James ? Mercer, John Williams, David Letterkenny Conwal
7 Mar 1867 Scott, John Full Bachelor Farmer Lismonaghan, Leck Scott, Samuel Farmer Boyle, Jane Full Spinster   Cornagill, Aghanunshin Boyle, Joseph Farmer Boyle, Joseph Kelso, John Letterkenny Conwal
17 Jan 1865 Sheil/Steel, Roger 25 Bachelor Labourer Errity, Raymoghy Shiel/Steel, James Labourer McG?, Catherine 17 Spinster   ? Place? McG?, Brian Labourer McEntyre, Thomas McAteer, Patrick Registrar Office Letterkenny
24 Dec 1868 Smith, James Full Bachelor Farmer Meenawilligan, Gartan Smith, Matthew Farmer Stewart, Mary Full Spinster   Claggan, Gartan Stewart, James Farmer Stewart, William Long, George Gartan Gartan
19 Jul 1866 Stevenson, Alexander