1857 Griffith's Valuation - Parish of Lettermacaward, Co Donegal 

Heads of Households

Surname, First, Townland

Boner, Alice, Derryleconnell Far
Boner, Anne, Galwolie
Boner, Bryan, Jr., Galwolie
Boner, Bryan, Sr., Galwolie
Boner, Catherine, Cor
Boner, Charles, Galwolie
Boner, Charles, Toome
Boner, Connell, Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Connell, Jr., Galwolie
Boner, Connell, Sr., Galwolie
Boner, Cornelius, Madavagh
Boner, Cornelius (Bryan), Galwolie
Boner, Cornelius (Donnell), Galwolie
Boner, Daniel, Galwolie
Boner, Denis, Dooey
Boner, Denis, Jr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Denis, Jr., Galwolie
Boner, Denis, Sr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Denis, Sr., Galwolie
Boner, Dermod, Madavagh
Boner, Edward, Galwolie
Boner, Edward, Meenacarn
Boner, Francis, Galwolie
Boner, James, Jr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, James, Jr., Galwolie
Boner, James, Sr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, James, Sr., Galwolie
Boner, John, Derryleconnell Far
Boner, John, Derryleconnell Near
Boner, John, Derrynacarrow
Boner, John, Galwolie
Boner, John, Toome
Boner, Margaret, Jr., Galwolie
Boner, Margaret, Sr., Galwolie
Boner, Margery, Galwolie
Boner, Mary, Galwolie
Boner, Michael, Galwolie
Boner, Miles, Galwolie
Boner, Neal, Boyoughter
Boner, Owen, Galwolie
Boner, Patrick, Derryleconnell Far
Boner, Patrick, Madavagh
Boner, Patrick, Ranny
Boner, Patrick,  (Bryan), Galwolie
Boner, Patrick (Daniel), Galwolie
Boner, Patrick (James), Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Patrick (Pat), Galwolie
Boner, Patrick, Jr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Patrick, Sr., Derryleconnell Near
Boner, Sally, Galwolie
Boyle, Bridget, Toome
Boyle, Charles, Farragans
Boyle, Charles, Toome
Boyle, Charles, Jr., Dooey
Boyle, Charles, Sr., Dooey
Boyle, Cornelius, Farragans
Boyle, Daniel, Derryleconnell Far
Boyle, Daniel, Dooey
Boyle, Edward (Ned), Dooey
Boyle, Ewdard (Daniel), Dooey
Boyle, Hugh, Boyoughter
Boyle, James, Derryleconnell Far
Boyle, James, Meenacarn
Boyle, James, Jr., Dooey
Boyle, James, Sr., Dooey
Boyle, Manus, Dooey
Boyle, Manus, Farragans
Boyle, Michael, Boyoughter
Boyle, Michael, Cullion
Boyle, Owen, Toome
Boyle, Patrick, Jr., Boyoughter
Boyle, Patrick, Sr., Boyoughter
Boyle, Sarah, Dooey
Brennan, Ellen, Meenacarn
Brennan, James, Meenacarn
Brislan, Cornelius, Boyoughter
Brislan, Dermod, Madavagh
Brislan, Edward, Dooey
Brislan, Edward, Ranny
Brislan, James, Ranny
Brislan, John, Boyoughter
Brislan, Michael, Ranny
Brislan, Owen, Ranny
Brislan, Patrick, Ranny
Brislan, Patrick (John), Boyoughter
Brislan, Patrick (John), Boyoughter
Brislan, Patrick (Patrick), Boyoughter
Brislan, Patrick, Sr., Boyoughter
Byrne, Cornelius, Cor
Cahill, Matthew, Dooey
Cahill, Patrick, Meenagowan
Calvy, John, Commeen
Calvy, Patrick, Befflaght
Campbell, Anne, Commeen
Campbell, James, Commeen
Campbell, John, Ranny
Campbell, Rosanna, Befflaght
Cannon, Anthony, Sr., Dooey
Cannon, Bryan, Ranny
Cannon, Catherine, Ranny
Cannon, Connell, Dooey
Cannon, Cormack, Meenacarn
Cannon, Cormack, Jr., Meenacarn
Cannon, Cornelius, Jr., Ranny
Cannon, Cornelius, Sr., Ranny
Cannon, Darby, Derrynanaspol
Cannon, Darby, Stranasaggart
Cannon, Donnell, Ranny
Cannon, Hugh, Dooey
Cannon, Hugh, Ranny
Cannon, James, Derrynanaspol
Cannon, John, Dooey
Cannon, Manus, Jr., Ranny
Cannon, Manus, Sr., Ranny
Cannon, Margaret, Dooey
Cannon, Maurice, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
Cannon, Michael, Toome
Cannon, Neil, Dooey
Cannon, Patrick, Derrynanaspol
Cannon, Patrick, Dooey
Cannon, Patrick, Ranny
Cannon, Philip, Ranny
Cannon, Thomas, Toome
Cannon, Timothy, Jr., Dooey
Cassidy, James, Meenacarn
Coll, Francis, Longfield
Coll, James, Longfield
Coll, Morgan, Cullion
Coll, Thomas, Cullion
Conahan, John, Boyoughter
Conahan, Patrick, Jr., Boyoughter
Conahan, Patrick, Sr., Boyoughter
Conolly, Thomas, Derrynacarrow
Cunnigle, James, Derrynanaspol
Daniel, Isaac, Derrynacarrow
Dermot, Catherine, Derrynacarrow
Dermot, Edward, Derrynacarrow
Dermott, Catherine, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
Devanny, Patrick, Derryleconnell Near
Devanny, Teague, Derryleconnell Near
Devany, Cornelius, Boyoughter
Devany, Margaret, Derryleconnell Near
Devir, Patrick, Boyoughter
Dixon, Philip, Cullion
Dogherty, Mary, Derrynanaspol
Dogherty, Neal, Derrynacarrow
Dogherty, Neal, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
Doherty, John, Commeen
Duffy, Charles, Boyoughter
Duffy, Connell, Meenacarn
Duffy, Edward, Dooey
Duffy, Grace, Meenacarn
Duffy, John, Dooey
Duffy, Peter, Boyoughter
Duffy, Peter, Meenacarn
Duffy, Thomas, Befflaght
Duffy, William, Derryleconnell Near
Duffy, William, Meenacarn
Duggan, Charles, Derryleconnell Far
Dunlevy, Cormack, Cor
Dunlevy, Francis, Cullion
Dunlevy, James, Cor
Dunlevy, Patrick, Farragans
Elliott, Andrew, Farragans
Elliott, Catherine, Farragans
Elliott, Charles, Toome
Elliott, James, Farragans
Elliott, John, Farragans
Elliott, Matthew, Farragans
Elliott, Matthew, Ranny
Elliott, Simon, Farragans
Elliott, Thomas, Farragans
Gallagher, Anne, Cullion
Gallagher, Arthur, Cullion
Gallagher, Bridget, Boyoughter
Gallagher, Bridget, Jr., Boyoughter
Gallagher, Bridget, Sr., Boyoughter
Gallagher, Bryan, Derrynacarrow
Gallagher, Bryan, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
Gallagher, Catherine, Cullion
Gallagher, Charles, Jr., Ranny
Gallagher, Charles, Sr., Ranny
Gallagher, Daniel, Boyoughter
Gallagher, Daniel, Dooey
Gallagher, Danliel, Sr., Dooey
Gallagher, Denis, Befflaght
Gallagher, Ellen, Commeen
Gallagher, Francis, Cor
Gallagher, Grace, Derrynanaspol
Gallagher, Hugh, Cullion
Gallagher, Hugh, Dooey
Gallagher, Hugh, Meenagowan
Gallagher, James, Befflaght
Gallagher, James, Dooey
Gallagher, James, Meenacarn
Gallagher, John, Dooey
Gallagher, John, Farragans
Gallagher, Mary, Dooey
Gallagher, Owen, Meenagowan
Gallagher, Patrick, Dooey
Gallagher, Patrick, Jr., Ranny
Gallagher, Peter, Boyoughter
Geehan, Bridget, Derrynacarrow
Geehan, John (and Partners), Derryleconnell Near
Gillespie, Charles, Dooey
Gillespie, Owen, Jr., Derrynagrial
Gillespie, Owen, Sr., Derrynagrial
Hanlon, Andrew, Meenagowan
Hanlon, Anthony, Meenagowan
Hanlon, James, Dooey
Hanlon, Lanty, Meenagowan
Hanlon, Noble, Toome
Hanlon, Patrick, Meenagowan
Hewston, Catherine, Derryleconnell Near
Hewston, Daniel, Derryleconnell Far
Hewston, Daniel (and Partners), Derryleconnell Far
Hewston, Donnell, Derryleconnell Near
Hewston, Manus, Derryleconnell Near
Hewston, Michael, Derryleconnell Far
Kelly, Dominick, Derrynacarrow
Kelly, Dominick, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
Kelly, John, Derrynanaspol
Kelly, Owen, Derrynagrial
Kelly, Owen, Derrynanaspol
Kelly, Patrick, Derrynanaspol
Kennedy, Patrick, Ranny
Magee, Peter, Meenagowan
Malley, Bridget, Madavagh
Malley, Charles, Farragans
Malley, Daniel, Meenagowan
Malley, Donnell, Farragans
Malley, Edward, Madavagh
Malley, Francis, Farragans
Malley, Francis, Ranny
Malley, James, Boyoughter
Malley, James, Madavagh
Malley, James (Ned), Ranny
Malley, James (Pat), Ranny
Malley, John, Farragans
Malley, Manus, Ranny
Malley, Margaret, Ranny
Malley, Mary, Dooey
Malley, Michael, Farragans
Malley, Patrick, Madavagh
Malley, Patrick, Ranny
Malley, Patrick, Jr., Farragans
Malley, Winifred, Ranny
McAuley, Catherine, Derrynagrial
McAuley, Denis, Derrynagrial
McAuley, John, Derrynagrial
McBride, Bridget, Derrynanaspol
McBride, Bridget, Stranasaggart
McBride, Mary, Derrynanaspol
McBride, Mary, Stranasaggart
McCall, Connell, Dooey
McCall, George, Dooey
McCalvey, Edward, Derrynanaspol
McCalvey, Margery, Derrynanaspol
McCalvey, Patrick, Derrynanaspol
McCalvy, Edward, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, James, Derrynacarrow
McCalvy, James, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
McCalvy, John, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, Lawrence, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, Margery, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, Patrick, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, Sheelah, Derrynacarrow
McCaul, Catherine, Meenacarn
McCaul, Connell, No., 4
McClinny, Darby, Derrynacarrow
McClinny, Darby, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
McClinny, Patrick, Derrynacarrow
McCluskey, Patrick, Derryleconnell Far
McCullagh, Charles, Cullion
McCullagh, James, Cullion
McCunnigle, Dominick, Derryleconnell Near
McCunnigle, Margery, Befflaght
McCunnigle, Neal, Derrynagrial
McEldore, Cornelius, Dooey
McGee, Edward, Derryleconnell Far
McGee, Hannah, Commeen
McGee, Margaret, Farragans
McGeehan, Bridget, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Bridget, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
McGeehan, Bryan, Meenacarn
McGeehan, Charles, Boyoughter
McGeehan, Charles, Jr., Boyoughter
McGeehan, Charles, Jr., Galwolie
McGeehan, Charles, Jr., oyoughter
McGeehan, Charles, Sr., Boyoughter
McGeehan, Charles, Sr., Galwolie
McGeehan, Connell, Galwolie
McGeehan, Cornelius, Boyoughter
McGeehan, Cornelius, Derryleconnell Far
McGeehan, Daniel, Derryleconnell Far
McGeehan, Daniel, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Daniel, Derrynagrial
McGeehan, Daniel, Galwolie
McGeehan, Donnell, Madavagh
McGeehan, Edward, Jr., Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Edward, Sr., Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Honoria, Dooey
McGeehan, James, Galwolie
McGeehan, Jamese (and Partners), Galwolie
McGeehan, John, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Norah, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Owen, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, Patrick, Boyoughter
McGeehan, Patrick, Commeen
McGeehan, Patrick, Derryleconnell Far
McGeehan, Patrick, Derryleconnell Near
McGeehan, William, Commeen
McGettigan, Cecilia, Derrynacarrow
McGettigan, Edward, Dooey
McGettigan, Owen, Derryleconnell Near
McGinley, Mary, Farragans
McGinty, Michael, Derryleconnell Near
McGlynn, Darby, Commeen
McGlynn, Edward, Meenacarn
McGuire, Cecilia, Dooey
McHugh, Charles, Meenacarn
McHugh, Cornelius, Derryleconnell Far
McHugh, Dominick, Meenacarn
McHugh, James, Galwolie
McHugh, Mary, Derryleconnell Far
McHugh, Mary, Dooey
McHugh, Neal, Befflaght
McHugh, Patrick, Boyoughter
McHugh, Patrick, Derryleconnell Far
McHugh, Patrick, Jr., Meenacarn
McHugh, Patrick, Sr., Meenacarn
McIldore, James, Dooey
McIlhenny, Andrew, Derrynagrial
McMonigle, Connell, Stranasaggart
McMonigle, Cormack, Derryleconnell Far
McMonigle, Edward, Boyoughter
McMonigle, James, Derryleconnell Far
McMonigle, Manus, Boyoughter
McMonigle, Manus, Jr., Dooey
McMonigle, Manus, Sr., Dooey
McMonigle, Patrick, Ranny
McMonigle, Roger, Boyoughter
McNealis, Rosanna, Dooey
McReady, Charles, Derryleconnell Far
McReady, Hugh, Ranny
McShane, Manus, Ranny
McShane, Mary, Ranny
Menelis, Cornelius, Dooey
Molloy, Bridget, Dooey
Molloy, Charles, Jr., Boyoughter
Molloy, Charles, Sr., Boyoughter
Molloy, Cornelius, Toome
Molloy, Daniel, Toome
Molloy, Ellen, Madavagh
Molloy, James, Jr., Toome
Molloy, James, Sr., Toome
Molloy, John, Toome
Molloy, JohnJr., Boyoughter
Molloy, Nicholas, Boyoughter
Molloy, Patrick, Boyoughter
Molloy, Patrick, Galwolie
Molloy, Patrick, Toome
Molloy, Rev., Francis, Glebe
Molloy, Roger, Dooey
Molloy, Sarah, Toome
Molloy, Thomas, Boyoughter
Molloy, William, Toome
Monigle, Connell, Derrynanaspol
Morrow, Alexander, Meenagowan
Morrow, Andrew, Toome
Morrow, Catherine, Farragans
Morrow, Charles, Cullion
Morrow, Charles, Farragans
Morrow, Charles, Jr., Meenagowan
Morrow, Charles, Sr., Meenagowan
Morrow, Edom, Farragans
Morrow, Ephraim, Meenagowan
Morrow, Robert, Longfield
O'Donnell, Andrew, Derrynanaspol
O'Donnell, Andrew, Stranasaggart
O'Donnell, Anthony, Befflaght
O'Donnell, Anthony, Farragans
O'Donnell, Catherine, Madavagh
O'Donnell, Dominick, Dooey
O'Donnell, James, Commeen
O'Donnell, James, Derrynanaspol
O'Donnell, James, Galwolie
O'Donnell, James, Toome
O'Donnell, James, Jr., Madavagh
O'Donnell, James, Sr., Madavagh
O'Donnell, John, Madavagh
O'Donnell, Manus, Madavagh
O'Donnell, Mary, Derrynacarrow
O'Donnell, Mary, Derrynacarrow East or Ballinaboy
O'Donnell, Neal, Derrynacarrow
O'Donnell, Neal, Jr., Madavagh
O'Donnell, Neal, Sr., Madavagh
O'Donnell, Patrick, Meenagowan
Patten, John, Dooey
Quinn, Michael, Meenacarn
Rogers, Anne, Derrynagrial
Rogers, Anne, Dooey
Rogers, Catherine, Ranny
Rogers, John, Dooey
Rogers, Manus, Ranny
Rogers, Patrick, Dooey
Rogers, Winifred, Ranny
Russell, Margaret, Ranny
Scott, Humphrey, Toome
Scott, John, Toome
Sweeny, Daniel, Dooey
Sweeny, Denis, Dooey
Sweeny, Donnell, Cor
Sweeny, James, Cor
Sweeny, Neal, Ranny
Sweeny, Patrick, Ranny
Trimble, Alexander, Toome
Trimble, Anne, Toome
Trimble, Ellen, Farragans
Trimble, Simon, Farragans
Trimble, William, Farragans
Walsh, Charles, Derrynanaspol
Walsh, Charles, Stranasaggart
Walsh, Daniel, Galwolie
Walsh, James, Galwolie
Walsh, William, Galwolie
Ward, Cornelius, Cor
Ward, Gotty, Dooey
Ward, James, Befflaght
Ward, James, Derrynagrial
Ward, John, Galwolie
Ward, Neal, Meenagowan
Ward, Owen, Derrynanaspol
Ward, Owen, Stranasaggart
Waugh, James, Boyoughter

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