Tithe Applotment Book for the Parish of Lettermacaward, Co Donegal

Signed 2nd April 1834 by Roger O'Beirne, Commissioner

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Surname, First, Townland
Boner, Michael, Toome
Boner, Pat, Toome
Boyle, Charles, Dooey
Boyle, Charles, Farragans
Boyle, Charles, Toome
Boyle, Condy, Boyoughter
Boyle, Conel, Farragans
Boyle, Daniel, jnr, Dooey
Boyle, Edward, Dooey
Boyle, Edward, Dooey
Boyle, Fa?, Derrynagrial
Boyle, Hugh, Boyoughter
Boyle, Hugh, Dooey
Boyle, James, Dooey
Boyle, James, Far Derryleconnell
Boyle, John, Boyoughter
Boyle, Manus, Dooey
Boyle, Manus, Farragans
Boyle, Michael, Boyoughter
Brannen, Daniel, Meenacarn
Brisland, Darby, jnr, Madavaugh
Brisland, Darby, snr, Madavaugh
Brisland, James, Derrylough
Brisland, John, Boyoughter
Brisland, Michael, Ranny
Brisland, Owen, Derrylough
Brisland, Pat, Boyoughter
Brisland, Widow, Ranny
Brisland, Widow, Derrylough
Byrne, Cornelius, Corr
Campbell, James, Commeen
Campbell, Pat, Near Derryleconnell
Cannon, Andrew, Dooey
Cannon, Connel, Dooey
Cannon, Cormick, Dooey
Cannon, Darby, Derrylough
Cannon, Hugh, Dooey
Cannon, James, Toome
Cannon, John, Dooey
Cannon, Manus, Dooey
Cannon, Maurice, Derrynagrial
Cannon, Nocker, Derrylough
Cannon, Pat, Dooey
Cannon, Pat, Derrylough
Cannon, Phil, Derrylough
Cannon, Susan, Derrynanaspol
Cannon, Thomas, Derrylough
Cannon, Thomas, Derrylough
Cassidy, Owen, Meenacarn
Cassidy, Pat, Boyoughter
Cole, Francis, Mullagh or Longfield
Cole, James, jun, Mullagh or Longfield
Cole, James, snr, Mullagh or Longfield
Cole, Thomas, Cullion
Conohan, Charles, Boyoughter
Conohan, James, Boyoughter
Conohan, John, Boyoughter
Conohan, Pat, Boyoughter
Conohan, Rose, Boyoughter
Crampsey, Bryan, Boyoughter
Crampsey, Con?, Galwolie
Crampsey, Cornelius, Galwolie
Crampsey, Daniel, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, Dennis, Dooey
Crampsey, Dennis, Galwolie
Crampsey, E, Boyoughter
Crampsey, James, Boyoughter
Crampsey, James, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, James, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, James, Galwolie
Crampsey, John, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, Miles, Galwolie
Crampsey, Neal, Boyoughter
Crampsey, Owen, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, Owen, Ballinacurry
Crampsey, Owen, Galwolie
Crampsey, Pat, Madavaugh
Crampsey, Pat, Galwolie
Crampsey, Pat, Galwolie
Crampsey, Widow, Galwolie
Crampsy, Bryan, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Bryan, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Charles, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Conel, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Conel, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Conel, Near Derryleconnell
Crampsy, Denis, Near Derryleconnell
Crampsy, James, Near Derryleconnell
Crampsy, John, Derryhenny
Crampsy, John B, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Owen, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Pat, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Pat, Derryhenny
Crampsy, Pat, Near Derryleconnell
Crampsy, Rose, Derryhenny
Deehan, Denis, Cullion
Devanny, Neal, Near Derryleconnell
Devanny, Pat, Near Derryleconnell
Devanny, Pat, Near Derryleconnell
Diver, Mary, Derryhenny
Diver, Widow, Boyoughter
Dogherty, Bryan, Boyoughter
Dogherty, Neal, Derrynacarrow
Donlevy, Anthony, Cullion
Donlevy, Francis, Corr
Donlevy, James, Corr
Donlevy, Pat, Farragans
Donlevy, Thomas, Cullion
Duffy, Charles, Meenacarn
Duffy, Hugh, Toome
Duffy, John, Boyoughter
Duffy, John, Dooey
Duffy, Peter, Boyoughter
Duffy, Peter, Meenacarn
Duffy, Thomas, Boyoughter
Duffy, Widow, Meenacarn
Duffy, Widow, Meenacarn
Duffy, Widow, Meenacarn
Duffy, William, Near Derryleconnell
Dugan, Charles, junFar Derryleconnell
Elliott, Andrew, jnr Farragans
Elliott, Andrew, snr Farragans
Elliott, Charles, Farragans
Elliott, Charles, Toome
Elliott, John, Farragans
Elliott, John, Farragans
Elliott, Simon, Farragans
Elliott, Simon, jnr, Farragans
Elliott, Simon, snr, Farragans
Foster, Andrew, Toome
Foster, Arthur, Toome
Fury, Andrew, Farragans
Galaher, Daniel, Boyoughter
Galaher, Daniel, Corr
Galaher, Hu Manus, Cullion
Galaher, Hugh, Corr
Galaher, Hugh, snr, Cullion
Galaher, John, Corr
Galaher, John, Meenacarn
Galaher, Manus, Cullion
Galaher, Phil, Ranny
Galaher, Widow, Meenacarn
Gallaher, Arthur, Cullion
Gallaher, Charles, Dooey
Gallaher, Charles, Dooey
Gallaher, Charles, Cullion
Gallaher, Condy, Cullion
Gallaher, Daniel, Dooey
Gallaher, Daniel, Dooey
Gallaher, Daniel, Dooey
Gallaher, Daniel, Near Derryleconnell
Gallaher, Hugh, Dooey
Gallaher, Hugh, Jnr, Cullion
Gallaher, James, Cullion
Gallaher, James, Meenacarn
Gallaher, John, Corr
Gallaher, John, Farragans
Gallaher, John, Toome
Gallaher, Owen, Derrylough
Gallaher, Owen, Meenagowan
Gallaher, Pat, Dooey
Gallaher, Pat, Farragans
Gallaher, Pat, Ranny
Gallaher, Peter, Boyoughter
Gallaher, Peter, Dooey
Gallaher, Widow, Ranny
Gallaspey, Charles, Derrynagrial
Gallaspey, Owen, Derrynagrial
Gilespie, Charles, Derrynanaspol
Hanlon, Anthony, Meenagowan
Hanlon, James, Meenagowan
Hanlon, Pat, Meenagowan
Hanlon, Pat, Meenagowan
Hanlon, Widow A, Meenagowan
Kelly, Cornelius, Ranny
Kelly, Daniel, Ranny
Kelly, James, Ranny
Kelly, John, Derrynanaspol
Kelly, Manus, Ranny
Kelly, Owen, Derrynanaspol
Kelly, Pat, Ranny
Kelly, Pat, Toome
Kelly, Pat, Derrynanaspol
Kelly, Simon, Far Derryleconnell
Kennedy, Pat, Boyoughter
Kilpatrick, James, Rev Glebe
Langan, John, Madavaugh
Lyons, Andrew, Meenagowan
Malley, Charles, Farragans
Malley, Daniel, Farragans
Malley, James, Farragans
Malley, Patrick, Farragans
Malley, Teague, Farragans
Malley, William, Farragans
Malloy, Manus, Toome
Malloy, Pat, Toome
Marra, Andrew, Farragans
McAden, James, Ranny
McAlvy, Edward, Derrynanaspol
McAlvy, Owen, Derrynanaspol
McAlvy, Samuel, Stranasaggart
McAready, Grace, Far Derryleconnell
McAready, Hugh, Ranny
McAready, Thomas, Far Derryleconnell
McAward, Conel, Corr
McAward, James, Commeen
McAward, Widow, Derrynagrial
McCaferty, John, Farragans
McCahill, Connel, Dooey
McCahill, Mathew, Dooey
McCalvy, Edward, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, James, Befflaght
McCalvy, James, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, John, Stranasaggart
McCalvy, Laurence, Derrynacarrow
McCawley, Denis, Derrynagrial
McCawley, James, jun, Derrynagrial
McCullagh, Charles, Cullion
McCullagh, John, Corr
McDermott, Owen, Derrynacarrow
McDiver, Bryan, Dooey
McGee, Peter, Meenagowan
McGee, Thomas, Farragans
McGeehan, Bryan, Madavaugh
McGeehan, Charles, Boyoughter
McGeehan, Connel, Boyoughter
McGeehan, Cornelius, Far Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Daniel, Ballinacurry
McGeehan, Daniel, Derrynagrial
McGeehan, Daniel, Near Derry leconnell
McGeehan, Daniel, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Denis, Commeen
McGeehan, Edward, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Edward, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Edward, jun Boyoughter
McGeehan, Edward, snr Boyoughter
McGeehan, James, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Nocher, Ballinacurry
McGeehan, Owen, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Owen, Near Derryleconnell
McGeehan, Teague, Ballinacurry
McGeehan, William, Derrynagrial
McGettigan, Edward, Dooey
McGettigan, Eleanor, Derrynacarrow
McGettigan, James, Corr
McGettigan, James, Commeen
McGettigan, Owen, Derrynagrial
McGettigan, Patrick, Near Derry leconnell
McGuire, Hugh, Derryhenny
McHugh, Cornelius, Dooey
McHugh, Peter, Far Derryleconnell
McIlheany, Darby, Derrynacarrow
McIlheany, Neal, Derrynacarrow
McIlheany, Pat, Derrynacarrow
McIlheny, Andrew, Derrynacarrow
McIlheny, Widow, Derrynagrial
McKew, Conel, Meenacarn
McKew, Cornelius, Dooey
McKew, Dominick, Meenacarn
McKew, Neal, Far Derryleconnell
McKew, Pat, Dooey
McKew, Pat, Galwolie
McKew, Peter, Meenacarn
McKew, Widow, Meenacarn
McLoghlin, Daniel, Near Derryleconnell
McLoghlin, Grace, Far Derryleconnell
McLoghlin, Michael, Far Derryleconnell
McLoghlin, Shela, Derrynacarrow
McMonigle, Catherine, Near Derryleconnell
McMonigle, Charles, Dooey
McMonigle, Edward, Boyoughter
McMonigle, Edward, Derrynanaspol
McMonigle, Francis, Commeen
McMonigle, John, Commeen
McMonigle, Manus, Dooey
McMonigle, Manus, Derrynanaspol
McMonigle, Michael, Near Derryleconnell
McMonigle, Patrick, Boyoughter
McMonigle, Patrick, Far Derryleconnell
McShane, James, Ranny
Meeley, Edward, Madavaugh
Meely, James, Madavaugh
Meely, Pat, jnr, Madavaugh
Meely, Pat, snr, Madavaugh
Mennealis, Margaret, Madavaugh
Minnealis, Connel, Dooey
Minnealis, Thomas, Dooey
Molloy, Charles, Boyoughter
Molloy, Conel, Boyoughter
Molloy, Conel, Toome
Molloy, Cormick, Boyoughter
Molloy, E, Boyoughter
Molloy*, Edward, Boyoughter
Molloy, John, Boyoughter
Molloy, John, Ballinacurry
Molloy, John, Dooey
Molloy, John, Near Derryleconnell
Molloy, John, jun, Toome
Molloy, Pat, Boyoughter
Molloy, Phelim, Ballinacurry
Molloy, Phil, Toome
Molloy, Phil, Meenagowan
Molloy, William, Meenagowan
Morrow, Andrew, Meenagowan
Morrow, Aphram, Mullagh or Longfield
Morrow, Charles, Meenagowan
Morrow, Effy, Meenagowan
Mulloy, Connel, Dooey
Mulloy, Francis, Dooey
Mulloy, James, Galwolie
O'Boyle, Daniel, jnr, Dooey
O'Donel, Daniel, Madavaugh
O'Donel, Hugh, Madavaugh
O'Donel, James, Madavaugh
O'Donel, John, Madavaugh
O'Donel, Pat, Madavaugh
O'Donel, Roger, Madavaugh
O'Donel, Widow, Madavaugh
O'Donell, Charles, Galwolie
O'Donell, James, Derrynacarrow
O'Donell, Mary, Derrylough
O'Donell, Neal, Derrynacarrow
O'Donell, Neal, Derrynacarrow
O'Donell, Widow, Stranasaggart
O'Donell, Widow, Stranasaggart
O'Donell, Widow, Derrynanaspol
Quinn, Michael, Meenacarn
Rogers, Edward, Ranny
Rogers, John, Dooey
Rogers, Manus, Dooey
Rogers, Manus, Dooey
Rogers, Manus, Ranny
Rogers, Phil, Dooey
Russell, Widow, Ranny
Scott, John, Toome
Sweeny, Dan, Corr
Sweeny, Edward, Dooey
Sweeny, James, Toome
Sweeny, John, Dooey
Sweeny, Widow, Corr
Trimble, Alexander, Toome
Trimble, George, Toome
Trimble, John, Farragans
Trimble, Robert, Toome
Trimble, Simon, Farragans
Trimble, William, Farragans
Tunny, Pat, Derrynanaspol
Walsh, James, Derryhenny
Ward, Cornelius, Befflaght
Ward, John, Galwolie
Ward, Manus, Befflaght
Ward, Owen, Far Derryleconnell

Extra Information:

Edward Mulloy, Boyoughter, 1841:

Edward, head, 53

Annie (Nancy), wife, 40

Mary, daughter, 13

Nancy, daughter, 12

Veble, ?, 9

Manus, son, 7

Bridgit, daughter, 5


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