1834 Tithe Applotment Book - Conwal Parish, Co Donegal


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

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Complete Index to the 1834 Tithe Applotment Book for Conwal Parish - Len

Extracts & scans from the Tithe Applotment Book - Lindel

The Tithe information on this page was collected in 1998 , when I was quite new to Donegal research

Because of that, I did not think to scan the whole page and did not note which were townland or town tithes

Basically though, the first 9 pages are alphabetical from A to S and the last three are for the town.


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I also compiled an index to the Tithe book many years ago and although they are not linked to which page they belong to (above), you can at least see who appeared in the tithes.


Surname First
Anderson, J
Annan, James
Armstrong, Anthony
Balintine, Henry
Baxter, George
Benson, Owen
Black, William
Blackwood, James
Bovaird, Alexander
Bovaird, Robert
Boviard, Alexander
Boviard, Alexander
Boyce, Henry
Boyd, Jo, Esq
Boyd, Wm, Rev
Boyle, Daniel
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Samuel
Buchanon, Alexander
C?, Hugh
Chambers, F
Chambers, James
Chambers, Jo, Esq
Cieran, James
Clark, Samuel
Coleburn, James
Colhoun, James
Colhoun, William
Collins, Jo
Copeland, W
Corrin, Cornelius
Crawford, Charles, Esq
Crawford, James
Cunningham, Samuel
Davis, Dr
Davis, James
Davis, Matthew
Davis, Samuel
Davis, Samuel
Dermott, Jo
Dermott, Jo
Dermott, Peter
Dermott, Philip
Diver, James
Diviny, Jo
Dobson, And
Dobson, Anderson
Dobson, Jo
Dobson, Nat
Doherty, William
Donnel, Jo
Elliot, Jo
Faucett, William
Ferguson, L
Ferguson, Thomas
Fisher, William
Fletcher, Alexander
Gaily, Charles
Gaily, Joseph
Gaily, Robert
Gallaher, Anthony
Gallaher, Anthony
Gallaher, Edward
Gallaher, Jo
Gallaher, Jo
Gallaher, Joseph
Gallaher, Peter
Gallaher, Peter
Gallaher, Robert
Gallaher, William
Gamble, Robert
Gibson, Jo
Gibson, Robert
Given, Jo
Gormelly, James
Grier, George
Hagens, Jo
Hale, Samuel
Hamilton, James
Harkin, Conl
Haughey, Eliza
Haughey, Hugh
Haughey, Jo
Hay, Thomas
Heriald, Jo
Humphrey, William
Hunter, Alexander
Hunter, Doctor
Hunter, Robert
Hunter, Thomas
Johnson, James
Kenedy, Brook
Kennedy, Joe
Kerney, Henry
King, David
King, Gabriel
King, James
Langan, Jo
Lea, Robert
Leech, George
Lind, William
Lynch, Hugh
Lytle, Joseph
Mall, Samuel
Marley, ?
Marley, William
McCafferty, Hugh
McCaster, Mark
McCauley, Jo
McCeach, James
McColm, Jo
McConnel, James
McConnel, Robert
McConomy, Thomas
McConomy, Thomas
McCoscle, Samuel
McCracken, Alexander
McDaid, James
McDevitt, Danl
McDevitt, Henry
McDougle, B
McDougle, William
McElhaw, H
McElhaw, James
McElhaw, Jo
McElhiny, Robert
McElwee, Robert
McElwee, William
McFadden, Daniel
McFadden, Hugh
McGahy, James
McGeehan, James
McGeehan, James
McGettigan, Anthony
McGettigen, Rev Doctor
McGoldrick, James
McGranahan, Charles
McLeland, H
McLeland, Samuel
McMonigle, Jas
Moffatt, Robert
Morrow, Thomas
Munn, Alexander
Murray, Bridget
Murray, Edward, Esq
Murry, Jo
O'Donnel, Danl
O'Donnel, Jo
O'Hanlon, R
Patterson, Doctor
Patterson, James, Esq
Patterson, Thomas
Peoples, Letitia
Porter, Edw
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, William
Ramsey, William
Rankin, Jo
Robinson, David
Robinson, Jo
Russell, George
Russell, Samuel
Scott, Alexander
Southwell, Lord
Southwell, Lord
Spratt, Andrew
Stevenson, James
Stewart, Daniel
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Samuel
Stewart, William
Sweeny, Ambrose
Sweeny, George
Wallace, Daniel
Wallace, David
Wallace, George
Waller, Alexander
Wilkinson, Jo
Wilson, James
Wilson, Mat
Wray, William

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