Headstone Inscriptions, Massmount, Clondavaddog, Co Donegal

(Photograph by Bernie)

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Please keep in mind that some of these headstones were hard to read and some errors may have been made

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Erected by


in memory of

His beloved wife Hanna

Who died 6th July 1888 aged 50 years

Also his daughter


Died 26th Feby 1889 aged 26 years

Also Henry BLANEY

Died 1st Jany 1892 aged 84 years


Died 22nd Decr 1913 aged 40 years

Also her husband Henry BLANEY

Died 2nd May 1916, aged 50 years

And their family

Harry BLANEY died 11th Jan 1965

Minnie BLANEY died 24th Apr 1972

Packie BLANEY died 22nd Mar 1981

Angela MARTIN died 12th Mar 1986




I n-Dil Cuimne

Niall O Blanaid

Captaoin Companac Ros-na-Cille

Oglaig na-Heireann 1917 – 1919

O/c Sluag Fanada 1ad Roinn Tuaid

Arm Publact na-Heireann 1920 – 1922

I bpriosuin Dartmoor 1921

Leas O/c Briogoid Dun-na-n-Gall Uimir

A do Arm Poblact na-Heireann 1922 – 1923

Daorad cun bais I ndrum bo 1923

Ball de Dail Eireann 1927 – 1938 & 1943 – 1948

Ball de Seanad Eireann 1938 – 1943

Cataoirleac Comairle conndae Dun-na-ngall

1945 - 1948

Deag 30ad Deiread Fogmair 1948 aois 55

A bean Ceile Ionmain, Nora

Ball de cumann na mban

D’eag 4ad Samna 1958 aois 58

Neil Terence Blaney 1922 – 1995

Teachta Dala 1948-1995 Bali den Chomhairle

Conndae 1949-1957 Aire Rialtais 1957-1970

Teachta Pairliminte na H-Eorpa 1979 – 1984

1989 – 1994 D’eag 8u La Samna 1995


Evening has come and the busy world is hushed

the fever of life is over and his work is done

In your mercy Lord give him a safe Lodging and

a holy rest and peace at last

In iothlann de go gcastar sinn



In Loving Memory of

Our dear father

Daniel BOYCE, Drumany

Who died 12th Feb 1915, aged 91 years

Also his wife Bridget BOYCE

Who died 15th April 1925, aged 81 years

And their sons

John who died 23rd Feb 1933, aged 74 years

Michael who died 12th Sept 1907 aged 35 years

Also their daughter Mary SHERIDAN

Who died 8th March 1919. aged 64 years

(more below this but hard to make out as bottom part

Of stone was being re lettered)


(small marble stone in front of above)

In Memory of

Edward Joseph BOYCE

Died 1st August 1988

Aged 67 years




In Loving Memory of

John BOYLE, Keadue

Died 30th Jan 1965

His wife Rose Ann

Died 23rd Dec 1984

His nephew James DEENEY

Died 1st April 2005

His parents

Patrick and Catherine

Stepmother Mary Ann

And Aunt Mary

Brothers James and Patrick

Died in U.S.A Pry for Them



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on the Soul of

Patrick BOYLE, Kinnalough

Who died 17th April 1917?

Aged 62 years



In Memory of


Who died 14th January 1871 Aged 19 years

Also his father


Who died 10th August 1873 Aged 67 years

Also his mother


Who died 1st January 1881

Aged 65 years

Erected by his son . in . law

Denis HERAGHTY. Pittsburgh



In Loving Memory of

Hugh HERAGHTY, Ballyhurke

Died 4th Aug 1935

Dan HERAGHTY, Ballynashannagh

Died 3rd Aug 1947



Sweet Jesus Have Mercy

On the Soul of

Bridget CARR (Shessiagh)

Died 23rd March, 1927

Aged 60 years.




In Loving Memory of

James CARR, Sessiagh

Died 18th? Aug. 1925



In Loving Memory of

James CARR, Tully

Died 26th May 1950 aged 52 yrs

His wife Annie

Died 21st July 1987 aged 77 yrs


In Loving Memory of

Our Grandparents

Michael & Cassie CARR

Also our dear mother

Bridget CONWAY

And our uncle


CURLEY (family name at bottom of headstone)



In Loving Memory of

Morgan CARR, Sessiagh

Died 30th May 1923



In Memory

Patrick CARR

Diamond, Ballyare

Died 1st Nov 1943



In Loving Memory of

Patrick CARR


His wife Mary

And Sons



In Loving Memory of

James CLINTON, Portsalon

Died 24th Jan 1987


His father Dan

His mother Sally

His sister Katie



Erected by their son

Daniel COLL of New Zealand

In Memory of his dear Father

Daniel COLL

Who died 8th June 1863?

Aged 65 years

Also his dear mother

Catherine COLL

Who died 10th March 1853

Aged 47 years

Also their son Daniel COLL

Who died at Ballycallen

June 1st 1906 aged 64 years

Catherine COLL

Died 25th Mar 1990

Aged 97 yrs


(marble slab in front of above stone)

In Memory of

Charles COLL

Who died 25th January 1891

Aged 50 years



In Loving Memory of

Agnes COYLE, Ballyheerin

Died 2nd May 1965

Stephen COYLE died 11th Sept. 1994

Nancy died 23rd July 1946

Peter died 11th May 1935

Hugh died 15th Aug 1933

John died 3rd April 1932

Barney died 22nd Dec 1928

Patrick died 10th Aug 1920



In Loving Memory of

John COYLE, Ardglass

His wife Sally

Their son John his wife

Mary and son John

Erected by McBRIDE’S, Ardglass



In Memory of


Who died 14th July 1922

Aged 38 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have Mercy on His Soul.



Erected by

Hugh DORRIAN, Rossnakill

In Memory of his Beloved Wife Ellen

Who departed this life 25th Sept 1907

Aged 38 years

Noreen DORRIAN, Rossnakill

Died 6th April 1935 aged 2 years

Her father James

Died 11th June 1968 aged 71 years

His wife Margaret

Died 17th Sept 1981 aged 76 years


Died 23rd July 1949



In Loving Memory of

James DORRIAN, The Ross

Died 11th May 1921 Aged 68 yrs

Seamus baby son of

Hugh and Mary Ann DORRIAN

Of Coolback died 1934

His wife Bridget died 17th July 1943

Their son Patrick died 25th May 1958

Aged 59 yrs

Their daughter Rose HAYES

Died 27th May 1986 Aged 83 yrs


Died 22nd Sep 1989 aged 87 yrs




Died 21st February 1930 aged 39 years



Died 30th August 1924, aged 80 years



Buried in France October 1918

Aged 26 years


Born Philadelphia

1st April 1883  Died 6 May 1956


Died 13th Sept. 1999, aged 80 years



In Loving Memory of


(nee McGREEVY)

Late of Moross and Dublin

Died 19th June 1980

And her mother




In Loving Memory

Of The

FRIEL family (Pat)




Thy Will Be Done

Sacred Heart of Jesus have

Mercy on the

Soul of

Denis FRIEL, Ballyheerin

Died 17th Oct 1975



Edward FRIEL, Ballymagowan

Died 8th July 1969 aged 65 yrs

His wife Mary Kate

Died 27th March 1981 Aged 76 years


(marble slab in front of above stone)

In Loving Memory of

My dear

Mammy and Daddy

Erected by

Their Loving Son Dermott,

Eileen and Family


R. I. P.



In Loving Memory of

Our dear grandmother


Gortnatra, Kerrykeel

Died 30th Jan 1966 aged 77 yrs

Her grand-daughters

Maureen LOGUE

Died 3rd May 1957 aged 4 ½ yrs


Died 29th May 1947 aged 3 mths

Her sister


Died 4th May 1931 aged 45 yrs

Rest in Peace

St. Martin Pry for Them



In Loving Memory of

Our dear brother Hugh FRIEL N.T.

Muineagh Ballyheerin N.S.

Died 19th June 1959 aged 55 years

Our mother Catherine FRIEL

Died 22nd Jan 1942 aged 72 yrs

Our father James FRIEL

Died 19th Feb 1925 aged 58 yrs



Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have mercy on the souls of

John FRIEL, Rossnakill

Died 16th Sept. 1958

His wife Nora

Died 8th May 1978

Their son Mick

Died 30th Dec 1997



Erected by

Michael FRIEL of Crohan

In Loving Remembrance of

His dear father James FRIEL

Who departed this life 23rd March 1894

Aged 65 years

Also his beloved son


Who departed this life 11th April 1898

Aged 9 years

And his dear beloved daughter


Who departed this life 9th Oct. 1903

Aged 17 years

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Have mercy on the soul

Of my beloved mother

Bridget FRIEL

Who departed this life 31st Jan 1913

Aged 84 years




Guid go Trocaireac

ar son Anmna

Nora Ni Frigil as Pollaid

A fuair bas 10ad la d’Eanair 1895

22 bliadna daois

Agus Anna Ni Frigil a Matair

A fuair bas

20ad la de Deiread Fogmair 1925

80 bliadna daois

Agus Sean O Frigil

Fear Ceile Anna

A fuair bas 12ad Lugnasa 1926

82 bliaona daois

Proinnsais O Frigil

A fuair bas 25ad Lugnasa 1932

57 bliadna daois

Agus a bean Sigle a fuair bas ar an

15ad Marta 1980 97 bliadna d’aois

Maire Mianain Ni Frigil

A fuair bas 18ad Deiread Fogmair 1985

A fear Ceile Emmanuel

A fuair bas 13ad Marta 1996

Go ndeana dia trocaire

Ar a Anamnaca



In Loving Memory of

Patrick FRIEL, Ballymacahey

Who died 1st January 1947 Aged 83 years


Who died 30th January 1961 Aged 81 years


Who died 19th January 1979


Who died 26th November 1981


Who died 25th November 1982



In Loving Memory of


Died 11th Aug 1954

Her brother Hugh

Died 24th Dec 1969

Also Nano LECKY

Died 21st Nov 1933


Died April 1935



In Loving Memory of


Died 29th June 1942

His wife Margaret

Died 29th Sept 1949

Their son Jonnie

Died 5th April 1900

Their daughter Marian

Died 4th April 1948

Bridget died 3rd April 1958

Her husband Edward

Died 21st Jan 1984



In Loving Memory of


Died 31st July 1951

James died 12th April 1966

Celia died 6th Sept 1968

Aged 36 yrs

James died 23rd Nov 1987



In Loving Memory of

James GIBBONS, Aughadreena

Died 25th June 1923


Died 9th Sept 1952


Died 24th May 1975


Died 27th April 1979

Baby James

Died 27th April 1936



In Loving Memory of

James GIBBONS, Glenvar

Died 25th May 1989 aged 65 years

His wife Mary

Died 22nd Nov 2004 aged 89 years

Also his parents

Edward died 7th May 1947

Elizabeth died 8th May 1963



In Memory of

Revs. Patrick and William F. GIBBONS

By their nephew


Of Chicago, U.S.A.



In Loving Memory of

John GRIFFIN, Seamount

Died 2 Aug 1931

His wife Catherine

Died 3 Sept 1956

Their son Patrick

Died 15 Feb 2001

His son & daughter

Died in infancy



Erected by


In loving memory of his Father


Died August 1878

And of his mother


Died July 1888



In Loving Memory of



Died 4th Aug 1935



Died 3rd Aug 1947



In Loving Memory of


Died 17 – 11 – 1952


Died 24 – 10 – 1981


Died 17 – 9 – 2005

Rest in Peace



In Memory Of


Of Salzburg, Austria

Accidentally drowned

At Portsalon

25th August 1906

Aged 57?years



In Loving Memory of

The KERR family

Ardglass, Portsalon



In Loving Memory of

Kathleen KELLY


Died 26th Jan 1949 aged 35 years


Joseph KELLY

Died 7th Mar., 1922 aged 12 years

Erected by her sons

Anthony and Eamonn



In Loving Memory of

Bernard KERR died 21st March 1954

Aged 82 yrs

Mary KERR died 7th March 1974

Aged 92 yrs

Rev Fr Bernard KERR P.P., Kilcar

Died 30th Jan 1973

Aged 67 yrs

Patrick KERR, Clonakilty

Died 13th Feb 1979

Aged 70 yrs


KERR, Springfield



Sacred Heart if Jesus

Have mercy on the soul of

Charles KERR of Moross

Who died 30th Jany. 1907

Aged 62 years



(this stone hard to read dates worn off)

Pray For

Charles KERR, Muineagh



Sally KERR

Died 11th July 2000

Aged 81 years



In Loving Memory of

Charlie KERR

Drum, Portsalon

Died 5th Aug. 1952

His wife Katie

Died 3rd July 1970



In Loving Memory of

James KERR, Muineagh

Died 18th August 1949

Also his son Charles

Died 25th April 1977



In Loving Memory of

John KERR, Carren

Died 28th March 1993

His brother Bernard

Died 4th Sept 1967

His brother Edward

Died 13th Jan 1969

His sister Grace

Died 16th Nov 1971

His sister

Mary Ellen (O’DONNELL)

Died 26th Sept 1985

His sister Rose Ann

Died 8th May 1989

Bridget RIDLEY

Died 8th Jan 2002



Pray For

John KERR, Muineagh

Died 1916

Philomena KERR Died 1926

Bella KERR Died 1946

Sarah KERR Died 1968



In Memory of

Margaret KERR, Umricam

Died 13th April 1943

Charles KERR Died 6th April 1951

Kathleen KERR Died 8th Nov 1973

Mary KERR Died 25th June 1978



Of your Charity Prayers

Pray for the Souls of

Patrick KERR

Died 24th Jan 1939

His wife Mary died 2nd Dec 1965

Also their three Children

George Joseph, Catherine Mary

And Bernard, Gone before them




Tog An Sagart

Padraig MacGiolla Ceara,

Duinac Mor

An leact seo i ndil-cuimne ar

A matair Cait

A d’eag 20ad Meadon Fogmair 1940

I n-aois a 95 bliadan

Ar a atair Searlus

A d’eag 3ad Bealtaine 1897

I n’aois a 62 Bliadan

Agus ar a gaolta eile ar h-adlacad gcuirp

Faoi’n fod beannuigte seo


Go ndeanaid dia trocaire orta uilig


(marble slab in front of above stone)

I nDil chuimhne

Padraig Mac Giolla Ceara

A fuair bas ar an

8u la de mhi na Samhna 2002

Aois 82 Blian

A Thiarna tabhair

suaimhneas siorrai da

anam dhilis



In Loving Memory of

Thomas KERR, Moross

Died 23rd May 1966

Also his daughter Maureen

Died 19th April 1945 aged 3 ½ yrs

Bridie KERR

Died 11th Aug 1987


(white marble slab in front of above stone)

Sarah KERR

Died 5th Aug 1940

Brian KERR

Died 11th July 1947

Annie KERR

Died 4th FEB. 1995



Erected by

Bridget LAWLOR

In memory of her husband


Who died 16th Feb 1895

Aged 56 years

Also her father Neal BLANEY

Who died Nov 1879

Also her mother mary

Who died June 1890


A precious one from us has gone

A voice we loved is stilled

A place is vacant in our home

Which never can be filled.




In Loving Memory of







Pray for the Soul of

Catherine LOGUE, Umricam

Who died 25th Nov. 1917

Also John LOGUE

Who died 11th Jan. 1919



In Loving Memory of

Dan LOGUE, Magherawarden

Died 1st Feb 1975 Aged 65 yrs

His wife Maryann

Died 17th June 1999 aged 76 yrs

Son John

Died 8th Jan 1951 aged 9 yrs

Son Daniel

Died 13th June 1960

In infancy



In Loving Memory of

Patrick LOGUE

Died Oct 1943


Died July 1945


Margaret LOGUE

Died Oct 1977

Rest in Peace



Of your Charity

Pray for the Souls of

John Roe McATEER

Doaghbeg Post Office

Died 2nd April 1923 aged 100 years

His wife Sarah

Died 28th March 1910 aged 73 years

His grandson William Joseph McATEER

Died 5th July 1941 aged 25 yrs

And other Relatives



Erected Seph 1889

By Patrick McATEER

Of U.S. America

In fond remembrance of

His dear beloved mother

Margaret McATEER

Who departed this life

12th April 1877

Aged 46 years

And 6 months

Requiescat in Pace



Erected by his Father and Mother

In Loving Memory of

Their beloved son

James Joseph McCARRON, Doagherabbin?

Who died 4th July 1926 aged 21 years

Whom God deigned to call from preparation

for the priesthood to a brighter and more

enduring ministry in his heavenly kingdom.

May His Holy Will Be Done




In Loving Memory of

Hugh McCOACH, Croaghross

Died 3rd June 1906 aged 40 yrs

His wife Mary

Died 5th Jan 1944 aged 80 yrs

Their sons

Hugh died 13th Dec 1965

John J. died 24th June 1977

His wife Rose died 28th Dec 1972

At rest in New Zealand



In Memory of


Died 16th Mar 1937

Bernard died 29th Oct 1937

Margaret died 11th Sep 1949

Catherine MARRON

Died 30th Nov 1955

James died 9th April 1956


Died 13th Nov 2000



In Loving Memory of

John McELWEE, Aughadreena

Died 2nd May 1899, aged 85 yrs

His wife Susanna (nee SWEENEY)

Died 1st Feb, 1911, aged 73 yrs

Their daughter Katie

Died 17th May 1951, aged 84 yrs

Their son Michael

Died 5th Sept 1907, aged 55 yrs

His wife Mary (nee McLAUGHLIN)

Died 8th July 1914, aged 45 yrs

Their son Daniel Joseph

Died 12th July 1925, aged 18 yrs

Their daughter Mary

Died 15th Dec 1942, aged 50 yrs

Their daughter Catherine Agnes

Died 14th Dec 1995. aged 90 yrs


Their son Michael

Died 23rd March 1996, aged 96 yrs

Their son John

Died 12th Sept 1977, aged 84 yrs

His wife Ellen (nee SWEENEY)

Died 5th Dec 1996, aged 76 yrs

Their daughter Susan Philomena

Died 28th Oct 1952, aged 8 days

Their daughter Assumpta

Died 31st May 1997, aged 46 yrs


Michael McELWEE, Umricam


Through the devine mercy of Jesus

And the refuge of the immaculate heart

Of Mary, may their souls rest in peace

St. Joseph assist the dying



In Loving Memory of

Thomas McELWEE, Dargan

Died 19th Mch 1984

His wife Rose

Died 27th Oct 1994


Also McCONIGLEYS, Ballylar


R. I. P.


Pray for the souls of

John McGETTIGAN, The Ross

Died 8th? Oct 1872 aged 67 years

His beloved wife Susanna

Died 30th Oct ? aged 77 years

And their son James

Died 28th ?? aged 78 years

(stone weathered)



In Loving Memory of



Died 29th July 1977




Who died 15th August 1870

Aged 65 years

And his sons

Neal who died 8th Dec 1894

Patrick who died 15th April 1918



Who died 21st May 1920

Erected by his daughter


Philadelphia, U.S.A.



In Loving Memory of

Patrick MARTIN

Carrowblagh, Portsalon

Died 5th April 1974 aged 63 yrs

His sons John

Died 13th August 1999 aged 45 yrs

Hugh Michael

Died 24th March 2005 aged 57 yrs



InLoving Memory of


Died 21st June 1962

His wife Alice

Died 20th February 1958

Their daughter Sadie

Died 26th August 1946 aged 10 yrs

And their baby son

Michael Joseph aged 10 months

Also their son Dan

Died 20th Nov, 2004 aged 62 yrs


(plaque in front of above stone)


Forever Loved

Rest in Peace

On Your Donegal Shore

Suzanne, Katherine & Robert



Erected by


In loving Memory of his wife

Annie Murphy

Who departed this life

14th Dec. 1918 aged 69 years

Also of his dearly loved

Daughter Rose MURPHY

Who departed this life

2nd Novr 1918 aged 24 years


Who died 2nd October 1926

Aged 76 years

(more below this HEGARTY but hard to make out

as bottom half of stone being re lettered at time of visit)



In Loving Memory of


Drumfad Upr

Died 9th July 1963

Aged 75 yrs.



(twin headstone)

In Loving Memory of



Died 11th Jan 1912 aged 73 yrs

Her husband John

Died 12th Sept 1922 aged 78 yrs

Their daughter


Died 8th Nov 1932

Aged 54 yrs


In Loving Memory of

Patrick SHIELS, Rapps

Died 6th April 1935 aged 52 yrs

His wife Annie (nee SHOVELIN)

Died 16th FEB 1958 Aged 62 yrs

Their infant daughter

Annie Teresa

Died 22nd Aug 1928

Aged 1 month


(this stone in above plot)

In Loving Memory of

Richard H. MALONEY

Infant son of

Richard & Margaret




In Loving Memory of



Who died 28th October 1934

His father Michael

His mother Bridget

Also his sister Sheila

And his brother Patrick

Peter SHIELS died 5th March 1949

Patricia SHIELS died 8th July 1984



In Loving Memory of

Charlie SHIELS

1891 – 1923


1898 – 1925

Her husband Patrick SHIELS

1890 – 1943

Also three infant children of

Patrick and 2nd wife Brigid

Rest in Peace





In Loving Memory of



Who died 14th Nov 1977

His wife Jeannie

Who died 8th Dec 1999




Dilis do Dhia is d’Eirinn

Niall O Siadhail

“An Tailliuir Rua” a fuair bas Meitheamh 1924

Finin croga gaisciuil

Chuir se crioch le cumhacht an tiarna talon

A mhac: Niall

A fuair bas ar an 15u Feabhra 1966

Complacht C Thiar Thuaidh

Oglaigh na h-Eireann 1922

“Go bhfeiceann Eire soar gan daoirse”

Anseo fosta ta:

Maire, Aodh, Cait, Padraig agus Ros Aine



Erected by his Wife

In Loving Memory of

Her husband

Patrick D.SHIELS, Tonbane

Who died 7th February 1939 aged 66 years

His father Darby SHIELS

Who died 27th February 1897 aged 69 years

His mother Nellie SHIELS

Who died 18th January 1913 aged 65 years



In Memory of

Thomas S?anley

Accidentally Drowned

August 17th 1903



Pray for the souls of



Died 22nd Jan 1917 aged 78 yrs

His wife Ellen (nee COYLE)

Died 18th April 1887 aged 49 yrs

Their son Hugh

Died 17th Mar 1973 aged 98 yrs

His wife Hannah (nee McATEER)

Died 9th Mar 1946 aged 56 yrs

Their son James Joseph

Died 12th Oct 1930 aged 3 mths

Their son Dan

Died 26th April 1997 aged 70 yrs


In Lotlann De Go Geastar Sinn



In Loving Memory of


Corry, Portsalon

Died 1st Dec 1938

His wife Julia

Died 1899

His sister Kate

Died 8th June 1933

And daughter Grace

Died 28th July 1935

His son John

Died 27th Oct 1971

And daughter Bella

Died 13th May 1978



In Loving Memory of

Francis SWEENEY.The Ross

Died 18th Dec 1974

Aged 88 years

His wife Cecelia

Died 27th Feb 1983

Aged 84 years

Their son Michael

Died 8th May 1953

Aged 22 years


Erected by the Family



In Loving Memory of

Hugh SWEENEY, Moross

Died 25th April 1917 aged 77 years

Also his wife Bridget SWEENEY

Died 11th Sept 1916 aged 71 years

Their son Patrick died 10th Feb 1958

And their daughter Kate died 9th Feb 1961

Also Hannah SWEENEY died 13th May 1966

On Their Souls Sweet Jesus Have Mercy

Erected by their son P.SWEENEY




(cant make out date/age)



Erected by

Thomas WARD, California

In Memory of his dear Parents

Bridget WARD

Who died 7th March 1882

And Charles WARD

Who died 8th Octr 1883



In Loving Memory of



Died 6th Nov 1944

His son Patrick

Died 6th July 1927

His daughters


Died 25th July 1925

Mary Ann

Died 11th Dec 1931



Lindel Buckley

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