McGarvey Marriages

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Campbell Roger Glen Neil Campbell Feb 13 1904 Bridget McGarvey Cornamaddy Manus McGarvey ? Campbell / Julia Ferry
Coyle Owen  widower Sheskinbeg Owen Coyle Jan 25 1881 Mary  McGinley Gola Island Teague McGinley Charles Ferry / Alice Gallagher
Diver John Carrickmagarvey Jeremiah Diver ( decd ) Apr 7 1903 Mary  McGarvey Lunnaigh Patrick McGarvey John Diver / Mary O'Donnell
Donovan James  29 Derryfad Daniel Donovan Feb 24 1903 Catherine McGarvey  25 Creena James McGarvey Frank / Annie O'Donnell
Ferry  John 40 Kildarragh Miles Ferry Feb 2 1876 Mary  McGarvey 38 Derryreel John McGarvey Giles Ferry & Mary McFadden
Gallagher Andrew  24 Stranabrewey Hugh Gallagher ( decd ) Feb 11 1879 Catherine  McGarvey  20 Stranabrewey Wiliam McGarvey ( living ) John McGinley / Ellen Gallagher
Gallagher Bernard Claggan Hugh Gallagher Jan 10 1906 Ellen McGarvey Parkmore Charles McGarvey Tom McGinley / Mary McGee
McFadden Edward Bunaninver Mortimer McFadden Feb 9 1902 Grace  McGarvey Lunnaigh William McGarvey Shane McFadden / Mary McGarvey
McFadden John Corveen James McFadden Feb 27 1881 Mary  McGarvey Carrick McCafferty Patrick McGarvey John Coyle / Mary Gallagher
McFadden John Derryreel Michael McFadden Feb 22 1906 Cassie McGarvey Derryreel James McGarvey Thomas McFadden / Bridget McGarvey
McFadden Neil Roshine Edward McFadden Feb 3 1902 Hannah McGarvey Derryreel John McGarvey Mickey / Ellen Doherty
McGarvey Charles  27 Parkmore James McGarvey Jan 4 1883 Mary Anne McGinley Parkmore Peter McGinley Patrick Ferry / ? Ferry
McGarvey Cormack Oldtown Hugh McGarvey Jul 13 1877 Mary  Brogan Meenderry John Brogan Patrick Brogan & Patrick McCafferty
McGarvey Daniel Derryreel Shane McGarvey Jan 25 1880 Hannah McFadden Derryreel Patrick McFadden Manus McGarvey / Mary McFadden
McGarvey Ferdinand Ray Edward McGarvey Feb 7 1875 Madge  Boyle Ray William Boyle Patrick McGarvey & Kate McFadden
McGarvey Hugh  24 Middletown Hugh McGarvey Feb 3 1897 Mary  19 Carroll Magheraclogher Daniel Carroll Maurice Coll / Unity Carroll
McGarvey Jack Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Feb 25 1872 Hanna Sweeney Innismeane Neil Sweeney ( decd ) Hugh McBride & Kate O'Donnell
McGarvey James Magheralosk William McGarvey Feb 11 1907 Ellen Diver Gola Island Charles Diver Joseph Doherty / Mary O'Donnell
McGarvey James Carrickmagarvey Patrick McGarvey Feb 7 1910 Annabella Diver Lunnaigh Teague Diver John / Bridget McBride
McGarvey John Derryreel Shan McGarvey Feb 12 1871 Catherine McFadden Derryreel Patrick McFadden Patrick McNulty & Manasses McGarvey
McGarvey John Corveen Edward McGarvey Feb 11 1902 Brigid Gallagher Corveen John Gallagher Charles / Hannah McFadden
McGarvey John Middletown Hugh McGarvey Feb 13 1904 Nancy Gallagher Middletown Owen Gallagher Edward McFadden / Maggie Bonar
McGarvey John Lunnaigh William McGarvey Feb 17 1906 Cecilia  Gillespie Stranabrooey Hugh Gillespie William McGarvey / Kate Gillespie
McGarvey Michael Shroohan Francis McGarvey Feb 11 1871 Margaret McFadden Cashel - Hill Hugh McFadden ( decd ) James Boyle & Mary McFadden
McGarvey Michael Corveen Edward McGarvey Feb 18 1906 Madge  McFadden Corveen Manus McFadden John Sweeney / Maggie McFadden
McGarvey Neal Loughanure Patrick McGarvey Feb 21 1884 Mary McGarvey Ballindraite William McGarvey ( decd ) John Gallagher / Fanny McGee
McGarvey Owen Magheralosk William McGarvey Jan 24 1907 Una McGinley Gola Island Teague McGinley Patrick Gallagher / Hannah McGinley
McGarvey Patrick Ballindrate William McGarvey Oct 15 1877 Brigid Gallagher Cotteen Doalty Gallagher ( decd ) Anthony Doherty & Catherine Doogan
McGarvey Patrick Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Feb 17 1885 Bridget McHugh Brinlack John McHugh John / Anne McHugh
McGarvey Patrick Carrickmcgarvey Hugh McGarvey ( decd ) Oct 13 1903 Fanny Curran Carrick McCafferty Philip Curran Hugh McGarvey / Maggie Curran
McGarvey Philip Lunnaigh Hugh McGarvey Feb 4 1883 Catherine  McHugh Derrybeg Michael McHugh James Harkin / Sarah Gallagher
McGarvey William Magheralosk James McGarvey ( decd ) Jan 26 1872 Margaret McBride Ballindraite Owen Mcbride Maurice Sweeney & Margaret McBride
McGarvey  Edward Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Feb 18 1879 Sophia  Gallagher Brinlack Mick Gallagher ( decd ) John Kearney / Patrick Mulligan
McGarvey  John 40 Lunnaigh Hugh McGarvey Feb 12 1883 Catherine Gallagher Lunnaigh Cornelius Gallagher Owen McCafferty / Nancy Mulligan
McGarvey  Shane Oldtown Hugh McGarvey Dec 23 1871 Kate  McMonagle Oldtown John McMonagle Edward McMonagle & Bridget Gilgar
McGinley Neil widower Derryreal James McGinley Feb 13 1870 Bridget McGarvey Derryreel Shane McGarvey Charles McClafferty & Mary McGarvey
McHugh Charles Brinlack John McHugh Feb 5 1907 Bridget McGarvey Brinlack John McGarvey John McHugh / Kate O'Donnell
McHugh Cormack Brinlack John McHugh Feb 17 1885 Norah  McGarvey Brinlack Hugh McGarvey Owen / Kate McHugh
O'Brien James Meenacladdy Michael O'Brien ( decd ) Dec 27 1907 Mary  McGarvey Brinlack Edward McGarvey Joseph O'Brien / Grace Gallagher
O'Donnell  Anthony Cronaguige Daniel O'Donnell Feb 9 1908 Sarah McGarvey Loughanure Neal McGarvey Michael O'Donnell / Madgey McCarron
O'Donnell  Denis 32 Innismeane Michael O'Donnell Feb 12 1874 Catherine McGarvey 23 Lunnaigh Patrick McGarvey Patrick O'Donnell & Catherine McGarvey
O'Donnell  Patrick Innismeane Daniel O'Donnell Feb 22 1886 Agnes McGarvey Lunnaigh Patrick McGarvey Hugh Gallagher / Nelly Boyle


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